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time to waste so here goes top games of 2010

wow ive posted alot over the past few weeks, must be that xmas/new year fever.

anyways since its almost manadatory these days i thought i might as well make this.

right now this isnt a numbered list, nor a bottom to top list. im just going to list what i consider to be the best games of 2010.

so here goes.

first up, Supreme Commander 2.

this game has seen me through some pretty drab times. i put this in my list of "best wind down games" as its one of thosegames you play when you've just finished some tiring raids on WoW, or a game of HoN or whatever. its nice to just comp stomp sometimes, and the style of semi-realism with some OTT sprinkled on is just great, as the first time you field an experimental (for me, the king kriptor wins over all) you just get that warm fuzzy feeling. nukes are not as game ending as TA or supcom1, but thats fine by me.

next, chaos rising.

DoW series has been a great series since 1, and DoW2:CR was a great addition. tbh, most stuff that comes from the Relic/THQ tagteam just seems to end up being gold dust one way or another. for me its added to the list of bests due to adding even more to one of my favourite series ever.

crackdown 2.

now while i dont own this anymore, and will concede that it had some flaws, its co-op experience was unrivalled in 2010.

that alone, as one of my favourite modes (co-op is always better than multiplayer, 'nuff said) earns this a spot in the list

God of War 3.

this had almost everything a single player game needs. a fantastic storyline, a really good character line, tight as a drum controls, great camera angles, awesome boss fights, wonderful gore (come on, who doesnt like a bit of arterial bleeding?) and above all, scenes of pure epicness.

mass effect 2.

sci-fi has always held a special place in my heart, space operas the closest. and to get that in a playable game, is like a dream come true. yes it has issues, yes some of the new characters are as bland as wallpaper paste, but as long as i have garrus and legion at my side, those reapers dont stand a chance.

and i know a game is going on this list when im actually tearing at the bit to find out what happens next.

finally, world of warcraft cataclysm.

this may seem a strange addition, but bear with me.

this expansion pack brought with it the things that WoW has lost over the years.

first is the insane difficulty of some dungeons. when i was playing before cata came out, all the dungeons didnt seem very hard. sure we wiped a few times (well, more than a few) but it was almost always down to lack of attention and a sense that everything was being handed out on a silver platter. not anymore. of the 3 dungeons i have been in, at least 8 runs so far have been wipes. and not to silly mistakes either. just not got enough dps, not enough healing, not enough tanking. as an arcane mage i am the god of high dps, and most of the time i felt like i was just tickling the bosses. even the mobs felt like bosses unto themselves.

the next thing it brought was some much needed discipline. before, i was getting endlessly killed by priests and rogues who were so overpowered it was beyond idiocy. priests could dot you in about 3 seconds and then run off, waiting for you to die slowly, and you would always die since they were too slippery to properly have a fight with. rogues were bordering game allowed cheating. if a rogue decided to kill you, there wasnt a damn thing you could do about it. i never knew why rogues were hated until i was ganked by one. a 3 shot kill with no level difference is what is called in my book the dev teams problem. thats not anything to do with the player, just the devs stupidity.

if you give a guy a gun in a knife fight, its blatant who is going to win.

thats all changed. priests can no longer shy away from fights as dots dont cut it anymore. rogues have been nerfed so they actually have to do some shin kicking with the person they tried to kill. i actually survived a rogue at lvl 85 as a mage. not only survived but killed, that was unheard of before hand.

the last thing is the introduction of proper quest lines. before, quests were all over the place. a quest in one area would need handing in at another, some quests required something only obtainable on another continent.

now that has all changed. the cata quests are beautifully aligned to one another. quests always lead on from one another, the questline never changing to something else before doing something important. and in dungeons, quests are all kept in the dungeons, the pop up that allows quest hand ins at the end without going to the quest giver was just genius.

so there we go, a list of what i consider the best games of 2010. there would have been an honourable mentions ist but its too early in the morning to do one (i draw the line at 2am). so i'll think about one tomorrow.