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Sony conference impressions and beginning of the end for british game makers?

i know this is abit late in coming but ive had to watch through the sony conference again to get refreshed on what happened after a night of heavy boozing.

and damn did sony steal the show.not only did they show more core games than both other conferences combined, but also might just have shown that Move might become successful. now i scoffed when i saw microsofts pathetic excuse to jump on the motion control casual bandwagon, but i definatly shut up when i saw Move in action.

When the Wii detects your movements its kind of in a lazy way. Kinect just doesnt work and will most likely never get true support from serious games. Move on the other hand follows the controller to the millimeter. when he was playing that golf game (i¬¬) it wasnt like wii sports "on rails". where he was putting the controller, it was replicated on screen. this shows that it can be used as motion controls should be used, to let you do what you want to, not what the confines of the game tells you to do.

killzone 3 looked pretty cool and its going to have Move support. that will be interesting to see how an FPS works with the Move controller.

and twisted metal was announced. slap me thrice and hand me to me mama! this game was AWESOME. i hope they can properly replicate the old series to a good degree then i'll be as happy as an ork in fungus.

okay so the E3 report is over now, my american brethren can go on thier way now unless you really want to read the next bit.

well, the so-called "Emergancy budget" was shown yesterday and two things annoyed me.

20% VAT. thats annoying. so something that cost £35 will now be £36, £200 will now be £240 etc etc.

this is annoying since it now have to give the government more tax on something ive bought with my money that i got taxed for earning.

the second thing is that the gaming industry here is having its tax breaks removed. way to go, now they'll just move out of the country and probably end up in america. way to lose more money.

the rest of it was pretty much what most of us tax payers were thinking. blame it on the benefit spongers and banks.

nothing too drastic and some of it i was shocked wasnt already in place. like disabled people gaing disability allowance but without having to go to a doctor for an examination to determine they are indeed disabiled in some way. that'll be fixed in 2013.

overall, the budget was pretty much necessary. and people have been complaining "this isnt the government we voted for". well, we sort of did. enough dimwits voted labour to stop the tories gaining enough seats to overtake the lib dems and gain prominance which we all know was going to happen. so now we have a tory/lib dem coalition which i think is better. rather than one party dictating what it wants, we have the double team so one can say "thats pretty stupid" or "yeah that will work, we'll vote it in" rather than everyone voting against everyone just because they belong to different parties.

damn i hate politics.