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Saying goodbye to 2010 and the COD series.

well folks, 2010 has come and gone with a few good games, plenty of mediocre ones and alot of bad ones.

i might as well get the greetings out the way so happy new year everyone, dont blow it all on booze!

now onto my thought of the day

i have finally said ou avior to that bastion of foam mouthed-ness, the COD series.

its kind of a sad moment, because i remember the original CODs (1 though 2) being something good, something that had such awesome singleplayer missions i can remember most of them clear as day. the B52 bombing mission from united offensive comes to mind almost instantly.

even the multiplayer was good, even if it was marred by connection issues and the occasional douche.

but now that i have officially cut my experience of Black Ops off, i would like to go over some of the things that have annoyed me so much since CoD4 and beyond.

first i'll start with the singleplayer.

when playing through the old CoD missions, i got the sense that i was moving through the vastness of europe and africa as all the missions connected one after another, which led to an amazing sense of pace. going back to the B52 mission from UO, after that's done and you get blown out of the sky (dont complain about spoilers, the games is too old for that) and you parachute down into occupied europe, whereby the next mission starts.

playing through Black Ops however felt like each mission was done by seperate teams of people with completely different ideas. every mission felt like it was just bolted onto the next with very little in the way of masking the transition. same with COD4, MW2 and even so with W@W to a lesser extent.

but the game breaker for me was that none of the missions were memerable. i can remember loads of missions from the first 2 games, but only a few missions stick out from the others. COD4 had the AC-130, the nuke and pripyat. W@W had the "enemy at the gates" sniping mission. MW2 had the the sniping/sneaking parts and the nuke/emp. but this leaves about 70% of the missions being drab fillers between the jewels.

and i suspect it will be the same for any other cod game. this makes me sad as it just seems to me like they're just churning out the same game over and over and by chance making a decent level.

next up is multiplayer. this is where i have serious concerns not only with the game, but the console community as a whole in the shooter genre.

now you'll get annoying players wherever you go, thats just life. but there seems to be an unhealthy amount of them contained to the cod series. put it this way, if "douchery" was a virus, WHO would have shut down XBL by now.

almost every game we went into, there was always no-scoping, bunny hopping, dolphin diving, aim-botting, controller-modding, douche-tacular hurp-durps (cus a stronger word would get me ban-hammered) almost without fail.

take for example last night (the final night as it were), 2 games a piece on MW2 and BO. MW2 was wasteland and terminal, BO was jungle and launch.

MW2 on wasteland was just horrific, noob tubers with OMA constantly, claymores everywhere, mentally retarded team mates running into obvious kill zones and shooting everywhere. final straw was getting no-scoped across the map by someone facing the other way with the intervention (this was all on killcam) with no UAV who had just finished rapid firing a FAL (obvious modded controller). next map.

terminal, was pretty much an instant leave when the other team had 3000 more points, a chopper gunner, a harrier, sentry guns all over the place, constant noob tubing (again) with OMA, and no scoping sniper rifles with 100% accuracy.

so that was MW2 being sold today.

Black Ops was supposed to be a healthy escape.

on jungle, was blatently lag-switched the whole game (full connection upto the point i tried to kill a certain player, lag all over the place then im dead, killcam shows him with perfect connection turning around and headshotting me while im standing still) and getting sick and tired of having to use nothing but assault rifles because nothing else works.

launch was almost about to redeem BO for the night, saving a trip on top of the return pile, but then as usual, the camping begun. and the ever present mass of retardedness that is your team reared its ugly head and before you know it, the entire USAF was flying over dropping everything but the kitchen sink (not enough room in the bomb bays i expect).

but Black Ops has one redeeming feature, and it most certianly isnt zombie mode. its the practise mode, which is nice just to wipe some defenseless bots off the face of the planet. so while its spared itself for now, when a better co-op game comes out i'll be all over it.

so there we have it, my goodbye to the most overhyped series this side of the 21st century. good riddance.

hopefully 2011 will bring a new light to the shooter genre, but i doubt it (please space marine, release already!)