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My my my, how time flies.....

6th June 2011.

The last time i posted here. i cant believe that amount of time has passed since i last spewed forth my opinion onto the web.

and now that i'm here, what to talk about?

well, final year of my course. going reasonably smoothly, just need to crack on with it and shake off the new year holiday feel.

and alas, my love of games is lost.

not completely mind you, that'll never happen. i talk about my loyalty to the gaming scene.

because i sat back one day and asked. "what truely honourable and like-able games developers or publishers are still left in the world?".

the list that i got back was damn small.

Steam was on there, pretty much a given and i dont think i need to explain why (if you seriously do, ask and i'll post a reply).

Relic, as they have made alot of my favourite games (pretty much all games they have made are in my favourites) and are pretty good at keeping thier games fresh. i recently got back homeworld 2 and the community is still as numerous as when i lost the disc.

the problem with that one is that Relic is owned by THQ, who were going to be in the favourites apart from thier business practise of late in making absurd amounts of DLC and charging pretty steep prices for it (DoW2:Retribution for the most part).

the developers of Sword of the Stars has recently went into this list considering they admit to releasing an unfinished game due to reasons outside thier control, and are patching the game fairly frequently, and has currently been patched to a playable state. i consider these guys to be the best developer around. they release a broken game. but rather than taking the general "LALALALA its not broken LALALALA" approach that some developers do *COUGH*BIOWARE*COUGH*, they blogged that it was a broken game at release, apologised profusely for it, and then spent pretty much most of thier waking hours adding in all the stuff that was meant to be at release. i wish more devs would be this honest about the games they make.

so thats Valve, Relic and Kerberos.

Dice, again, was going to go on for BF3 but from the sheer amount of screw-ups, vagueness about post-release development and thier complete and utter silence on another patch to fix the game to a playable state for many people, i have to resign them to the EA naughty corner.


at this point i run out of companies to remember.

3 companies, out of hundereds.

and i would like you to stick up your favourite developer in the comments, and i will almost certainly (so long as its not a obscure indie dev, i dont count those, or already deceased) be able to find something wrong with said company.

This seriously depresses me as i look back on the last year on gaming and towards the grimness of the future of increasingly "re-used" game designs.

this year there is almost nothing i am looking forward to.

-Guild Wars 2. i liked guild wars 1 ALOT. i am deliberatly not looking at stuff for GW2 until closer the time so i dont hype myself up too much.

-Planetside 2. this may not even come out this year but with a closed beta "soon" im guessing they might just make the christmas holiday. i aint holding back on this one though. i'm trying to gather all the info i can get.

other than these two games, i am completely at a loss for what to get.

ME3 has gone off the list considering Bioware has now completely toppled Activision off its perch as my "Public Enemy #1" for what they have done to ME3 and other games that i am not interested in, but keep a weather eye on as an indicator of Bioware's increasingly incompetant staff load and business policies.

i feel i have got to the point in life where i cant just look that the product i'm getting.

before 2010 i couldn't care less about the companies behind the games, or the ethical and moral issues.

it's the same in tabletop gaming. Games Workshop has been on my bad side for a while for codecies and fluff that have been destroyed, namely my Tomb Kings. and the forever potent "codex creep" and "flavour of the month" armies.

maybe i'm just in a lackluster attitude at the moment as its currently 3:35am and i am denied sleep by the downloader for Star Trek Online, which recently went free-to-play (yesterday i think) that refuses to use my god-like 30MB fiber optic broadband, instead pondering on at 500kb/s.

i'll go to sleep soon, i just dont want to keep my PC on overnight. it tends to get rather moody when it's been on for more than a day. i suppose anyone would.

i'll probably wake up, look at this page and just think "what the hell are you talking about man?".