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going places in BF2...

i know you might be getting bored of the Bf2 posts but i promise as soon as i get a new game ill start posting about that.

now i have most of the basic infantry badges (only engineer and anti tank to get) i started going for the other badges. for the airbourne badge its 10 seconds in a round in a parachute. easy. take a heli to the top of the world and jump out. got that easy.

for the badges, medals and ribbons in BF2 its harder to specifically work on one badge but just keep in mind what badge you want nd try and do more of that thing in a round.

like i got my medic badge by going round for half the round as assault and picking up a medic kit by accident in the middle of a firefight and just got lucky.

the engie badge is a booger. having a shotgun in BF2 is like the equivilent of just throwing bbs round in airsoft. you dont have the range  or the power to kill anything in medium to shortish range. to kill some it takes two shots point blank with a shotgun. it just takes the mikey.

but in other news i owned the 10th best player in the game 3 times in a round. probably because i got lucky or because of his extremely high ping (how fast his PC was going) which just to say, ping is a bad thing to have (lots of it is bad).

in other news i finally got enough money to last me to march in my gaming life! i have enough money to buy all the games i want up til march. small victory but a victory none the less.