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E3 2011 - Microsft "Conference"

Okay guys, so here it is, E3 2011.

and Microsoft. *sigh* oh MS, what were you thinking? that you could get away with it just because Sony had been having a bad time as of late? no, you were bad last year, but you could change. you could better your rivals.

and then Kinect happened.

i have half a mind to start up Xbox anonamyous after that shambles. you didnt even deserve a conference, just as i am not giving you a proper review.

Modern warfare 3 - multiplatform.

Future Warrior - multiplatform.

Tomb raider - multiplatform.

Kinect might as well not have been there.

Halo 4. after specifically saying that it was the end of the halo series storyline, you kick out bungie and insert another company willing to rehash your only saving grace. and that wasn't enough was it? you had to go and HD the original halo because hey, like a fly to poo.

i thought sony was done this year. nothing could excuse thier immense cock up. but microsoft oh-so kindly rolled over and died of explosive retardedness. sony, you have a chance, go out there and show them how the big boys roll. for the sake of the gaming community, you must not fail!