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E3 2011 - EA Conference

well, compared to the cess pool of casualitis that was the microsoft conference, EA have done what any self-respecting company SHOULD do when presenting itself at E3.

the opened up with ME3, with some storyline, some gameplay with a proper controller (no kinect rubbish) and generally gave a proper preview.

then it went onto NFS:the run. didnt pay much attention since this isnt my type of game but at least they kept to the core gamer market.

some Old republic stuff, not interested in P2P MMOs too much, and no gameplay. just the same CGI trailer from before with some new stuff in it.

then the real turnoff, EA sports. i dont know what it is about thier EA sports PR guy, but i just dont like him. anyway, right at the start they say they dont want to bring on any celebrities to plug thier games (dig at MS right there), but then proceed to bring on three Handegg players (colonials will know them as "football" players) to plug thier game. way to shoot yourself in the foot.

afterwards, the proper stuff begins. no, not the sims "have an online affair", Overstrike.

this surprisingly looked like a decent game. the humour had our irc chat in laughter (the fun kind, not the depressed kind like all the way through the MS conference) and looked to be co-op. will have to keep an eye on it in the future.

Now, the big one. BF3.

ive been waiting for this for a while so i was relieved to see i had not been waiting in vein. the visuals are astounding, the gameplay, while nothing new or unique, was solid and immersive. the new destructable terrain looked amazing, no more "smoke and the wall is gone". proper physics, chunks of masonry fall off, buildings reduce to rubble of equal mass as the original structure....the list goes on. i also loved the little digs that the PR guy kept doing against MW3. "free multiplayer", totally "free features". all in all, a good solid conference from EA. Ubisoft in an hour, time for some munchies!