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Black Prophecy Closed beta, thoughts on Black ops and where COD series is going

Hi there fellow carbon-units!

i thought that while im downloading more Black Prophecy patches ill take some time to write a quick blog (because you know how "quick" my blogs are by now) about a few things that i have been mulling over in the run up to christmas.

first off is my participation in the Black Prophecy Closed Beta.

BP is a space combat MMO that was dug up during a skype conversation a while back. from what it looked like on the screens and such it seemed like almost perfection to me. an MMO freelancer game with an EVE online feel to it. so i signed myself up to what i thought was going to be another APB. interesting concept that was going to be marred by poor impelmentation.

when i got my invite i installed the client (which came as an install file of a few KB, with some .Bin files that were a few GB each, which didnt exactly fill me with hope when they havent made a proper installation system yet) and installed all the updates since its release.

while im under a non-disclosure agreement (apparently, i dont remember signing anything with my signature as most legal documents require) so i cannot talk about the game in detail, i strongly advise to sign up *digs up website* follow the beta invitation. its just so good.

and it's going to be F2P, which is like more cake to go with the mountains of cake this game gives already.

now, onto Black Ops.

a few things i want to say to anyone who plays on multiplayer.

first off, please use something other than RCXDs.

this is not saying they are bad, i just want to see someone else actually use something else as their starting killstreak.

i have already played 6 games today and not one person apart from myself had UAVs or Counter UAVs at any point. even a care package has about a 60% chance of giving you either of these things. they also give a good %age of the RCXD.

one game i actually saw a group of RCXDs driving around in a cluster. i do not want to see that ever again. not only would i see that as a cheap tactic, but its not necessary to have more than 2 people on a team with RCXD. at least 2 people need UAVs to have a clue where the other team is.

and i also note the lack of people with blackbirds. this is a killstreak that actually tracks the enemies down and essentially gives you x ray vision. yet again i seem to be the only person putting those up.

next up is splitscreeners. why the hell are there so many of you? i wont go into the fact that you essentialy have a walking gun camera on another part of your screen, or that it sometimes puts split screeners on seperate teams, but just why is there consistantly 1 or more of them in every game i play. this is not so much out of hate as it is curiosity.

and lastly is to anyone over prestige 5. you cheaters. how in gods name have you played this game enough to get past 5? no life? no sleep? do you relieve yourself into that ever-so-handy bucket you incorperated into your seat? are you fed through IV? you honestly cant expect me to play with a prestige 7 on the other team. if i see anyone past 5 i generally just quit. im not playing with people like that.

anyway rant over, you can unplug your ears now.