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battleield 2

this is about BF2 and my first experiences with it.

when i started playing online, it wasnt that bad, i went up two ranks fairly easily and got my first unlock. being the sniper kit most often i chose the M85. BIG MISTAKE! it is sh*te frankly. i'd rather choose the stock sniper rifles anyday. kept playing and got my second unlock. the G3 SG1 (assault) and it was pretty good for CQC but id still choose the grenade launchers anyday for open areas.

my only nibble is the basic knife and medic badges. for the knife badge you need 7 kills with the knife in a round with any kit. this is imposible, i went around for 8 games with only the knife and i got the maximum of 3 each round. the pistol badge is alright, 5 kills with pistol in a round. i got upto the max of 4 in one round but it ended prematurely and i got a bit frustrated.

got the basic sniper,assault,support andspec ops badges and working on the veteren sniper badge. 50 hours as sniper kit is hard. non-stop it would take you 2 and a bit days to do that. but im not that sad. i get in about 4-5 hours a day for now because of school.

the gameplay is alright, but as usual, all the cheaters come out at night time and it is a pain to get even 4 kills.

for the medic badge im going to be getting the l89 so i can get some kills for one since the M16 and AK47 you get for the medic are pretty rubbish.