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APB, realtime worlds and internet superiority syndrome......

Hi all.

its been a while since my last post about E3 (yeah, i don't have alot of time to write stuff that much) so i thought i might give my views on two things this week.

First up is APB and realtime worlds going bust.

Its sad to hear that a favourite developer is going under, because crackdown was an unloved classic. my reasoning for that was that it got lumbered with the halo 3 beta which while increasing its sales massively and giving realtime worlds the profits to get going as a company, generally meant it was thrown away once the halo fanboys had got thier mitts on the beta card and no one really played it.

APB was meant to be this fantastic game that would revolutionise gaming forever, instead they made a poor excuse of a game, that was never fixed or patched and had only a quarter of the stuff they said it was going to have. they tried to copy WoW, when what they should have been making a GTA MMO with the traditional "gangs vs cops" of the 1930's but in the 21st century. anyway that flopped.

now realtime worlds is drained because they poured all thier time and money into a defunct game that no one played. strange then that they made crackdown 2 with the leftovers and made a better game than APB by miles.

obviously that suffered a case of "halo-beta revenge" so no one played it. anyway, i wave goodbye to a good developer and i hope the staff get jobs in a better managed place.

anyway, now onto my rage space.

this is a case that if you've ever been on the internet forums at large or generally anywhere where people meet on the web with no case of actual ID, you will have encountered it.

it is a disease i have named "internet superiority syndrome".

this is where someone, could be anyone, thinks that they are higher than the other users on the webspace. i must admit, i have had this disease before. what is really nasty about it is that you could have it without noticing it.

my bought of this was on the good old hate generator of WoW. i once vowed never to play this game so long as i had my sanity. well i broke that vow (or lost my sanity, its hard to tell :P) and started it up. well I'm in a dungeon (here comes the case study) and i got really angry at the tank and healer for a) not generating enough threat and b) not healing anyone other than the tank so while im encased in ice so i didn't die i txt-shouted the healer to beep beep heal me, even though most of the party, including the tank were at low health and healer had only enough mana to heal one of us. he chose the tank, i died but they eventually won that encounter and then revived me. of course i was having an eppy fit at the healer for not healing me to which i got the surprisingly calm reply of "if i healed you we would have lost and all had to revive, id rather stay in the dungeon and revive everyone than having to respawn". i then noticed i had a bought of ISS and swiftly apologised.

while this may not seem that bad (and it probably wasnt) its most common and serious breeding grounds are the forums.

its easy to see, just go into a MW2 or Halo3 forum (don't forget your NBC suit) and take a look at the topics. i guarantee you will see a case of ISS.

for example, i was recently looking at the hawx 2 forums. in one particular thread, a user called another user who happened to be an armed forces fighter pilot "a disgrace". now i think you can see whats wrong with that. typical armchair ISS. obviously this is one example out of many but i can tell you now that its not just down to heated debate. some people have this any time they go near a computer.

one of my friends (who shall remain anon for the purpose of remaining a friend) who i skype alot with is who i would call a hard-mode whore. he sees any difficulty below the hardest mode as "casual". so obviously he's an elitist. but he suffers boughts of ISS almost every half hour.

but i played W@W zombies mode a few nights ago and he immediately called me a casual. didn't care that i reached level 25 on Der riese with 8 different P'a'Ped weapons (higher than my previous best of 20 with 2 P'a'Ped weapons), it was casual because it was call of duty. but it would have been fine if it had just been left there. but no, its constant throughout the night. every night. he thinks he deserves all the good loot in WoW because.....just because. he always runs off in co-op games and then blames us when he dies because we were supposed to be "protecting" him. in multiplayer matches with ****restrictions he believes he should have the limited ****because "he can play it better". and even when i have to come off at midnight to go to work in the morning, its the "casual" again.

i know he does not actually mean it, he says it out of reflex. but some people out there do mean it.

even worse types of ISS are the "know-it-alls". the people that believe what they say is right, no one else can be, even if they know what they are saying is wrong.

the cause of ISS is anonymity. because there is no retribution, no one bothers to think before they type. and the first thing that comes to mind is generally your true self thinking to your rules and boundaries. this is generally linked with lack of information and general ignorance.

the cure? getting rid of anonimity would be great, but its way too risky in terms of ID fraud and even would cause murder (imagine posting in a rage thread if your real name and address were part of your profile, i doubt the raging would go on for very long) if it got that heated.

In my own opinion, i don't think we'll ever cure this so long as people are sitting on either sides of a screen on either sides of the planet and talking in a big group.

if anyone wants to comment on ISS or any cases you've seen recently (yes, including yourself :P) then feel free.