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yet another rant...this time about anything i can think of.

right first off id like to say happy new year to everyone (the massive two people who actaully read my blogs) and like to tell you that christmas is the biggest contributor of suicides around the world so if you made it this far, there's always next christmas.

id like to start on the topic of difficulty settings in games of recent. ive played kane and lynch, COD4, R6:V, Frontlines demo and a few others and noticed an extreme difference in difficulty settings. back in gears the difficulty settings were just right. easy for just a quick run through and insane for, well, insane people. but it was do-able none the less. now though, devs seem to think that jesus might want to play a few of these games himself and the difficulty settings are a bit low. so in COD4 recruit is a bit easy with you dying a few times here and there and progressing upto a level chuck norris would sweat to complete. i tryed to complete "charlie dont surf" on veteren and got to the TV station where i noticed that it is impossible. i was constantly throwing grenades back, prone on the floor so to take cover and then being killed by a grenade that i had been throwing backwards and forewards like a tennis match. now ive completed a few missions onveteren that i know were do-able but the rest are physically impossible unless you are god. kane and lynch is hard even on asprin difficulty and that's the lowest one! R6:V is alright but the NPCs somehow know where you are exactly as soon as you get into the level, there they are patrolling away from you, you stick your head out to pistol them BOW!! they take your head off. ? . settings need to be varied and not all tuned to different shades of chuck norris.

my second swipe at the games industry isrelease dates. i admit, some games do need to be polished up before they go on sale but ive played a few demos where i couldnt seewhy they were being released in 2009 rather than next year. we all should know bynow that the reason they do this is to gain publicity so to sell more. but this has been taken to extremes in cases. take STALKERfor example. 5 years of development. 5 YEARS. they had to redesign the engine twice because they were still using DX7 when they started. and even after that it was filled with bugs. thats also aother thing that falls under this section. why to devs release buggy games when they've spent so long developing it? they have people they pay to play these games and find the bugs, then beta testers playing the actual game people will buy and tell them to send in thier reports on bugs and glitches. so why then do games need patches to fix bugs? they should be making new content to keep the game going, not do a half arsed job of patcching it then saying "hell with this, lets just make another game". the only game i can think of to this day that i havent had to patch is HL2 but that patches it automatically so it doesnt bother me but downloading 8 patches in oe day for all my games was a bit boring. even the X360 games have automatic patches but whats always confused me is that it disconnects from XBL then downloads the update? how can it download stuff if it isnt connected to the internet? so why does it cut you off mid sentence in chat just to install an update. surly it should give the choice before installing, maybe you dont want to? but then of course your the player, and companies like microsoft dont care about your needs unless your intending to buy one. once youve got it, they dont give a flying hoot. which brings me onto the next part. service.

microsoft are the worst of the lot, with nintendo the best. i once rang up nintendo about my gameboy ages ago (things might have changed since then) and they said "sure no problem, we'll get you a new one rightaway" i was only asking how i make the screen brighter. sony are a bit either way. my PS2 acted up so they discussed it with me and i got a repair out of it because they said that the lifetime garentee was still valid (?). then there's microsoft. word of advice. if your X360 gives you the ring of death and its still in warentee, give it a go. if not, then throw your old one off a bridge along with a petrol bomb (take the game out first) and go into a store and buy one with a store warantee. microsoft are really tight. they will never give you a new one, only repair and ring of death is the only way you can get a repair. if you get three red rings. turn it off and back on again and that should cure it. the best thing you can do is ring up microsoft and cream down the phonee at the indian guy "F*** YOU!!" and go to argos to get a new one. remember the store garantee.

microsoft need to sort it out. we pay £300 for the box, £50 for extras and £40 for XBL and they still wont give us a damn new one. it has the best online service by far, owing to the fact you have to pay for it but the service is appauling. a bit like mercades.

and finally my last rant is at the UK governemt. i hate you all. have a happy new year.

online gaming in general is like blowing man not gey!

this is another general rant (wow im really a depressed sort of guy) about online gaming in general including xbl and PC gaming.

because ive played all my games down to a bloody stump or they were already too stubby and too bloody to play anyway, i have been downloading a few demo on XBL and have now been playing GRAW2 multiplayer and noticed how all my other games seemballs in comparasion. Gears is becoming a circle of join annex gridlock or canals, be hosted or constantly chainsaw glitched then get kicked for firing my shotgun instead of chainsawing every last person, rejoin another annex gridlock or canals and reapeat.

medal of honour airbourne i really wanted to play because a new patch came out of it and everyone said this was the icing on top of the cake so i tryed to join an online match. 10 PEOPLE ONLINE!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHH! *proceeds to rip intestines out of nearest hobo and chew them*

okay, so thats my two games the dropped soap in prision shower trick so i proceeded to download some demos off XBL. now my connection isnt some chinese 10000000GB dowload speed but it isnt bad but still it took me a whole day to download 1.6GB of the burnout paradise demo.

played all the new demos and can safely say Gamespot got the score wrong for kane and lynch. it should be about 8 or 8.5 as it sint average at all, its pretty good.

though GRAW 2 is my most played demo ever. the campaign multiplayer is my idea of simulation perfection. not too complex but still delivers the goods with a stupidly big selection of weapons and each specificly catered to its class. though lots of people do spam the grenadier's semi auto grenade launcher (as i did when i played first time) but i dont see why. the marksman's SR-25 SD is far superior as you can take people out from a distance, the silenced pistol slots people from up close and greandes do damage.

anyway, back to my rant about the online gaming. onPC the only game i play now is BF2 as i got back into it after i cleaned the immenserubbish out of my hard drive and de-fragged it all i could playit again and realised that the good old days of BF2 were soo much better. i have also been playing Armed assault as i was thinking of buying it. THINK AGAIN! the difficulty setting is either generally sort of easy with the CPU taking some ridiculous shots over the map now and again or supidly hard by where the CPU actually has satnav guided bullets which are like HE armour pieceing rockets doused in gasoline and anthrax and have small nuclear devices attached to them as well and also have x-ray vision so they can see you where ever you are. a difficulty setting i like to call the brick wall setting.

so can wait for christmas and my COD4 and HDTV........HASH D!!!!!!!!!!

assassin's creed..."stick them with the pointy end"hehehe

i do not yet own a copy of assassin's creed but i have played it and have assassinated the second templar so i have a brief overall understanding of the gameplay and the shiny things so this is sort of a lite-review before my main review after christmas.

story - not going to give too much away but the story is set in the future, not in the past and you are playing altair through the genetic memory of his decendant which shows that he is supposed to live as he has decendants so if he dies in the game then i'll know it's half-baked.

gameplay- the ideas seem to be based on counters for combat and an oversensitive alert meter that goes bananas every time you let go of the low profile button. at the start its fun when you have everything but when it all gets taken away it gets alot harder and where the point im at with a resonable amount of health back and the ability to counter is the point where the murderous difficulty gets downgraded to 'challenging'.

assassinations are obviously the hardest part of the game as they are the bosses but other parts of the gameplay get in the way when you are about to do a hit. take beggars for example. i was trying the first boss and got into a perfect position behind him and a beggar came along and got in my way, at which point he turned round and stabbed me 80 times. repeat, and it puts me in the most awkard position which results again in my death so i restarted and it was a cake walk when i horrifically murdered the begger (because noone cares about beggars).

the levels are HUGE. not just huge...HUGE!!!!!!

too big infact. the 'kingdom' level is a sort of mid level which you use to get from city to city. its the most stupidest idea this game has. its pointless. its only job is to get you killed......and a few high points.

other than that, my time with the game was a happy one. im still getting COD 4 though.

Team Fortress 2 connection issues

this seems to keep happening so im going to state this this now. Team fortress 2 seems to be pretty dodgy above 8 players. this may just be me but when i went into most 8 player games it was fine so it may just be when people with crap connections make 16 players games and think they can handle it.

only niggle with orange box so far, half-life saga is obviously brilliant, portal is fun and addictive and team fortress two is alot of fun even if it has only 5 maps that are playable and the connection issues described above. achievements are not anything you have to go out of your way to do apart from the odd one or two. the annoying 2 point achievement is going to bug me until i can get the vorticough one to even out my score again.

Halo 3 review - because the mods keep deleting it.

right, firstly id like to troll the mods for being biased and annoying about my halo 3 review. ive wasted upto 3-4 hours writing and rewriting a review for halo 3 but because they are blatantly deleting my review because it black marks thier holy game i refuse to write in thier proper review section. mods, if you delete this one from my own personal blog i will be sending some nasty emails your way and i mean IT! freedom of speech may not be law in America but it is here in England so i will not have my opinion twisted because of your blindness. *sighs* i have to release my anger and frustration somehow

right now onto the review. and because the mods think that anything related to halo 3 contains spoilers, ive got to put this in here...


WARNING SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

keep reading if you want spoil the whole 5cm depth of storyline!

there, now i can finally get to the point.

halo 3 is the worst game i have so far played on the 360.

graphics are good but nothing special and its not the party piece of the game. singleplayer is too same-y and id rather spend 30p and get the original halo as it was so much better. the whole "american macho saving the universe" is wearing a little thin. i would have liked it if you had like a team or at least someone who comes with you. the Arbiter is a step towards this but he does nothing in game if he's CPU controlled.

Co-Op is useless with four people as apart from screwing your NAT settings and your entire home network, it also means that the person with the slowest connection seems to always be the host. with three it's not so bad but four is useless. difficulty settings are a bit too high for my liking as legendary in the other halos was at least do-able on your own but in this one you need at least two-three friends (because four player dont work) to even get close to beating it. i couldnt be bothered with using the mystic skull as it was damn hard on legendar to begin with.

now we get to the online multiplayer. training was a very good idea, its the party piece i was talking about earlier. pitting new players against new players to get you used to the game and it was a very good connection whoever you played with. proper online was abismal. matchamking system does not work, pitting new players against lvl 50? connections were mostly average but low average. gears of war got much better connections. obviously cheaters and unfair players a bountiful in any halo game and this one is no different.

overall nothing special and a waste of a good £40 which could have been spent on other things.

Conan/ Stranglehold Review

Firstly, Conan.

summary: cool, gory. nice moves and fun, but damn is it hard at the end!...

Conan is a hack and slash game but filled with naked women and LOTS of gore. its set back in olde ye times with dragons, giant squids and skantly dressed chicks.

gameplay is fantastic. you ca nnever get old of the steps of hell or demons desent moves. the parry is simple and deadly when done correctly, even the sub-bosses can fall to a single parry. the good thing though is the gore, and there's LOTS of it. you get to cleave people in twain for christ's sake! just download the demo and see for yourself, words cannot describe how gory it is.

graphics are good, even in non-HD, nuff said.

acting is a bit cheesy, but so was the movie.

thats all the good bits out the way, now onto the single bad part. its HARD. VERY HARD. hard to the point of ni on impossible. i wanted to snap the disc in half and crucify it but then i remembered it wasnt mine to crucify. its okay upto the giant squid, where it gets a little tricky but its do-able, but the next boss on from that....nah, no chance. he takes almost no damage from heavy hits, takes off a quarter of your health with each hit, hits you every half second and has a move in which he ties you up and you have to mash the B button (yes, this game has button mashing sequences) and if you dont do it in time..lops your head clean off, restart from the beginning. so far after 30 tries i have managed to get his health down to 3/4 full, thats it. good game but will never be completed.


Summary: entertaining for the first 10 minutes, then just gets boring.

thats all there is to say really. the graphics are good, the destructible environments are cool but thats it. too boring after 10 minutes. multiplayer is rubbish and too rushed.

rant about the gaming world

hello all.

i was just contemplating the meanind of life when i thourhgt of a few things i would like to say the the empty blackness that is the internet.

firstly, this so-called "leet" speak. its okay if its just lightly prinkled on a message like "woah, that was pwnage" but this utter gibberish that basement dwellers come out with like "ZOMG!!11!! I teh uber 1337!!!!111!!" when actually speaking over VoIP to someone is just utter crap. why? why cant you just say, HA! i blew your head off!" or something that doesnt include any leet seak at all. all your saying to people is "yes, i have no life, i have no job, im 9 years old, i will never have a girlfriend, i will live with my parents until im 50 years old"

 next, the competition between consoles. fair enough, there has to be variety, but why do people have to say idiotic things like "you own a PS3, therefore you are a spoilt brat and i will kill you for it" just because they havent got one? and i think consoles are becoming a serious health hazard ever time a next gen series of consoles come out. granted only 1-2 people were injured by them dropping PS2's ontheir foots when they came out, but why to people shoot other people just to get in line for a PS3? or why do people shoot the person infront of them just because he cant wait? its just ludocris!

and on the subject of the consoles, whats the point in the "" team? granted, destroying a brand new ipod in front of the cashier is funny and so is setting fire to a 360 when its been out for a while, but asking for someone to give them their PS3, only to have it taken into the middle of the road and sledgehammered, is taking things too far. why? ive seen one of the team make a kid cry because he was one of the first to be told they had run out of stock. the guys have just taken a limited stock item and destroyed it in front of everyone, and how many people in the queue thorught it was amusing? only the people a the very front of the queue thought it was because they were garanteed their PS3, but the other 1500 people didnt. if the team had waited in the line like everyone else with thier own money (and not been stingy and greedy by telling everyone to give them it) then they might have thought about what they were doing, but they are idiots so they didnt.

next, the online services of XBL and PS3 network. why do each of them offer the exact same service (being able to play games, chat to mates, download demos, games and movies) yet XBL charge upto £40 for the same damn thing? why? do microsoft have to go through some sort of overly complicated quantum beacons linked to a sub space transmitter to beam the data over the massive 20 yards to the relay station? why does it cost so much yet the PS3 network is free? which is why i am annoyed at mircosoft because i i now want a PS3 because it will cost me less in the long run to buy a PS3 over a 360.

the 360 has already cost my in excess of £400 so £25 more and i could have bought a PS3 anyway. so microsoft needs to get thier act together and sort it out before XBL just becomes second place

and lastly, whats happened to the PS3 sales that were supposed to soar out of control? we were shown pictures of the american launch of people getting bottled or shot so people could get PS3s and little kids screaming because they didnt bring the right amount of money.....yet, in england, i can go into my local ASDA and theres stacks of them just lying around. on the release date, ASDA got 8 consoles and could not sell a single one, then the next batch arrived which put the total at 17 and the first one they sold was just yesterday whic hwas eventually returned as the customer didnt like it. yet apparently, the sales are still rising massively.

overall, i think the gaming world as it is needs a bit of sorting out, like actually putting proper age restrictions on games like GoW so the 8 years olds cant play them as only today did i get on a match full of people under 10 years of age (im 17 by the way) so age needs to be sorted out.

microsoft also needs to start paying attention to the complaints that are filed against people. i know once in a while people get complaints for no reason but if one person get 15 complaints a day, then surely somethings up? 

IVE GOT Live!!!!!!!

YES!! ive finally got it!

i "persuaded" my dad to get the cable out of the garage (as in, pointed a .357 in his face and asked politely) and now im on live!

unfornunatly, my 1 month free trial ends very soon and im still a fiver away from the £35 i need to get it. and believe me, in these times for me a penny is a major profit.

still, ive got the curb stomp and execution awards on GoW so im not doing too bad.

one of my freinds has bought a PS3 as well so ive got to go and test it at some point to tell you lot whati think of it once ive played it, and not what ive heard and seen about it.


i got that much further to bliss. i now have a 360 and am doing my best to get live. but ive hit a snag. my dad has a 30m ethernet cable in the garage and would more than do for my gaming needs. but he doesnt want cable trailing through the house so he is urging me to buy a wireless adapter (you know the ones that cost £50) of which i do not have the money for, let alone the Live subscription. so he's asking me to waste £50 to buy waht i would call a ploy when hes got a perfectly good solution already. and to confirm this. he is not paying for ANY of this, it has to be 100% my money and he only donated about £30 on my 360, which i only paid £220 for anyway (ebay) so im completely skint and i REALLY want to be online with GoW so its only a metter of time, time of which i dont have as my month free gold trial has just been activated around a friends house. so the clock is ticking, but its behind a blastproof door so i cant get to it, unless i get the codes. does anyone get the context?

yet another BF2 update

engineer badge obtained!!!!! basic one mind you, but it is the badge none the less.

this was a BEATCH to get. had a K/D ratio of 1kill to every 5 deaths after the round but boy was it fun.

i just thought if i legged it in there and just went crazy i would get the badge (hence the high K/D ratio) and it worked....sort of.

also getting SF whenever it decides to show up from (which can take its time) but ive heard that it pretty much sucks your PC dry in terms of CPU power so i might have to send it back but unlikely.

on other news, DAMN does supreme commander look good. when the demo comes out im going to do any and all things necessary to get it. i was going to wait for the next issue of PCGAMER but thats the day before the actual game comes out so im stuck in a sort of limbo of taking the risk and saving myself £6 or play it safe and wait a while so to see if it works on my pc as ive heard its supposed to be for dual core pcs. my pc is not a dual core pc.

on the note of dual core, ive now seen what i think is the biggest jump in tech for pcs so far. but this has developed problems.

because pcs are now dual, and even quad cores this means that gaming companies are instantly utilising this new magic and converting all of thier developing games. good i heard you say, but theres one big flaw. people cant just up and buy the latest and greatest  whenever they feel like it. it cost money, and money is what kills new games. take for example supreme commander, it uses dual core to its full potential and even the PCGAMERs monster PC (a dual core 3.0GHz and SLi 7600GTs (2 of them) was struggling when the big fights broke out. so you see where im coming from? games demand the best of the best. people cant afford to get the best of the best. there has to be a comprimise somewhere along the line where developers gradually start using new technology so that peoples PCs dont go out of date as soon as they buy them. my PCs only 4 months old (2.8GHz AMD 64 3800+, Nvidia 7600GT, 1 GB RAM) and its already becoming obsalete. when does it stop?