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I don't know what's wrong with me

videogames are one of my passions, I have been playing them since I was 5.

but I feel like that magic is vanished, something got broken.

I just can't enjoy many games anymore, beautiful games even. I lose interest easily. And yes, I tired to follow some advice, like to spend periods without gaming.. well that didn't help.

Let's take for example a game that I bought recently.. Castlevania Lords of Shadow. I got the game cause I couldn't wait to play it.. now I find myself struggling to go on with the game, lugging myself throughout the game.

A game that once I'd eat up in one bite, now is just a task to do, cause I hate spending money on things that I won't fully utilize.

so while I'm gaming, I often feel like playing something I'm too old for.

say welcome to my new ps3 slim 120 gb

It was a good deal, I craved for one, had to get one. found a local guy who sold it for cheap..yesterday I got a call from him, but it was his mom. "my son is too little", she said. "we have 8 other guys wanting to get my son's ps3, you're the closest to my place, but some people are willing to get it from farer places, so if you want it you gotta give us a confirmation and get it asap.", she added. "oh, thanks for letting me know, I'm coming over now!" so I got in the car and just drove to the place before someone else "stole" it, couldn't take that risk, the price was very good, ps3 + resistance 2 for a reasonable 190 euros, which in american dollars would be something like 245. the console is one year old, still under warrenty for another year and of course I got the receipt.

I couldn't help asking the guy, a 13 year old boy, why he'd sell it.. it's so unusual that a guy his age does that, I suspected that it was his mom that "forced" him to sell it, but he was actually very excited to get the money, maybe the little man has something in his mind to do with that money. Anyway he continues telling me that he found a new hobby, goes to the room and comes back with a plastic gun.. "uh uh is that your new hobby?", I ask. "yes, it's so fun to shoot at each other", he replies.

Well, he also had Assassin's Creed Brotherhood together with the ps3, but he wouldn't give it to me if I didn't add at least 35 more euros. KEEP IT.

So now I own both the 360 and PS3 and my first impressions on the ps3 are the following:

- the ps3 gives you the feeling you own some serious device, less toy-ish than the 360.

- navigating on the xmb made me think that the 360 dashboard is dramatically much better than the ps3's menu, but I like the fact that you can add themes, wallpapers and such, there's so much personalization going on on the ps3's menu options, while on the 360 everything is pretty much unchangeable.

- bluray: they say it doesn't help graphics, but it certainly does help to put more data in it, therefore it's a better, more resilient support. also getting extra content in games like Batman Arkham Asylum or Dead Space 2 is more than welcome for me. And devs like Carmack and Rockstar had to say something about the limitation on dvd9, so maybe we should finally acknowledge that bluray is actually useful, also for gaming.

- controller: I still prefer the 360 controller, despite having the worst d-pad ever.

- free online. finally I can make use of a feature for free and with a web browser included! I hated the fact that I had to pay to play on the 360.

- updates: that's what irritated me the most. before getting to actually play Resistance 2, I had to do the frimware update first, then install the game and then the worst part a huge update of the game. updates are much faster on the 360, and that's a +1 for Microsoft. definitely.

- multimedia: best console ever when it comes to it, there's really no context here, the 360 loses big time. the ps3 supports a lot of multimedia formats, including DIVX!! the only little hassle I had with it was that I had to format my usb pendrive in FAT32. oh well not a big deal after all.

- quality materials: I got a xbox 360 Jasper, dunno about the slim, but having put my hands on both the 360 and PS3, this latter just feels more qualitative, while the 360 feels more like a toy #2

- disc tray: and the ps3 wins again here, the 360's disc tray feels like something old. although this is not an important thing, but what about disc scratching? I'm still remembering when I accidentally hit my 360 and heard that horrible sound, which then I realized was the console eating the disc for breakfast. this won't happen on the ps3.. it's not like people are stupid to move their console while playing a game, but this certainly falls under the "ps3 has higher qualitative materials" argument.

- system as a gaming machine only: I only tried Resistance 2 for now, but the long install times irked me so much that I can't think about the ps3 being a better gaming machine than the 360, so when it comes to gaming only, I'd say the 360 takes the crown, but that's where I'll find compromise to accept the ps3's flaws....which I'll now explain in the next line

- exclusive games: if it wasn't for exclusive games I'd not buy consoles, I play on my fair gaming rig and my multiplats fix goes there, because the Pc is the best platform. for me. I'm liking that Sony is giving a good focus on first party exclusives and it shows in some amazing titles like Uncharted serie, LBP, etc. I'm not going to lie, I was a 360 supporter this gen, until I opened my eyes and saw that Microsoft was no more doing something that I could be happy for. I just got disappointments over disappointmens in the last few years, hoping for new exclusives and fresh new Ip's, big announcements at E3 and such. nothing of the sort, while Sony and also Nintendo kept announcing stuff that actually caught my interest. Alan Wake was the only 360 exclusive that I enjoyed in 2010 and it was a truly amazing game for me, a game that Microsoft seemed not to care about at all, because there was Halo Reach on the horizon, their main focus, where they could get lots of sales from and lots of live gold subscribers, yes Halo Reach alone is for many the reason to pay the xbox live fees, even if they hike them up to $60 per year. there must be something so addicting about that game.. and Microsoft is actually so smart, those people go where the money is at, like the other companies after all, just Microsoft thinks entirely, thoroughly, dramatically, ONLY about it.

so, games are what define a console, right? for me are the exclusive games that do define a console, reason why I'm giving PS3 the edge on my personal 360 Vs Ps3 war.

yay, I blogged it!