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Back again after 6 years!

Hello everybody, it's been a while! I decided to return to Gamespot after 6 years, because I miss the forums and the people in here, maybe write some reviews and so on.

Don't read my past posts, I was very young back then. :p

Good day to you all!

I'm back

Hello, Sorry, I didn't log in for a while. I'll tell you what happened: I was watching some videos on youtube and then I lost the internet connection. Some guys from the telephone service were repairing some cables, but there wasn't any problem! I couldn't surf the net in 9 days! I was going nuts! Luckily they repaired it today.

Good Luck, Have a Good day!

Level 10!!!

Hello friends, how are you? Well, I've reached level 10 so I can upload videos. Maybe I'll put music videos, I don't know.

Let's do a party!!! :P

Good luck to all, have a good day ;)!

A question...

Hello friends! What's up? I have a question:

Should I change my theme? If yes, give me some ideas for a new theme.

Regards, Good Luck ;)!

PD: I have to study because I have a geography test tomorrow :(.

I have been tagged. Five things you don't know about me.

Hello friends, I have been tagged by PLZKLLME0080, so i'm going to tell you 5 things about me.

1-My friends say that I'm the most nervous person they have ever knew.

2-I'm the leader of my team at the gym classes There are 5 teams and I'm the leader of team 5.

3-I can play the piano, the guitar and the bass guitar.

4-I used to have karate lessons.

5-I've never had a pet:(,it doesn't mean I don't like pets.

Hope you have a good day, friends! ;)