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My thoughts on the NBA Draft and the bulls/heat

okay so its been a while since I've done a blog so I thought I might go ahead and fire one up. I finished up with my engineering physics class today, it was a beyotch(Is that considered a bad word??) and I am looking forward to the rest of the summer. I never appreciated how smart you have to be to be a teacher until now. Seriously, I had no idea that you could do so much stuff with a few equations. Anyways the NBA draft took place today and I have to say I was disappointed due to the lack of "excitement" in it. Well, if you haven't heard about it, the draft pretty much went how everyone predicted it..thereby making it boring. The bulls picked Rose with the first pick, Heat got beas"t"ley with the 2nd pick and the Timberwolves got O.J. Mayo with the third pick. It is funny in a sense because the bulls had the 2nd pick in the draft 2 years ago, they had the 9th pick last year and this year the 1st pick. The ironic part is that they really weren't bad during any of these seasons(made the playoffs both those years), this season they just fell outta rhythm . In a sense they are also the most unlucky team...2 years ago that draft had in my mind one of the shallowest lineup..I mean there was no clear number one or number two, and the bulls ended up with Thomas, after they traded Aldridge(Dont know what paxon was thinking). Last year you had Oden, the best center prospect since Dwight Howard. If they had gotten the 1st pick in the draft last year we wouldn't even be talking about the bulls as a lottery team. They would have gotten Oden and things would been good in the windy city. Anyway I guess it is no use talking about what if's. So here we go in the space on a year, a team that had been hyped up to be an NBA Championship Contender is standing on the verge of complete dismantlement. As it so happens in the world of Proffessional sports, people get terribly greedy. Both Gordon and Luol Deng got greedy and didn't accept their multi multi million dollar contract extensions and as Karma/fate would have it they both regressed. Kirk Hinrich wined about the money that he was being offered before finally accepting it(11 miilion a year) and he had an absolute nightmare of a season. Off all the bulls players on the roster right now he is probably the most likley to be traded, along with Gordon. You know what, I am not in the least bit worried or unhappy about the prospect of losing these greedy pathetic millionaires. The bond that I felt with these guys is gone, Gordon has proved that he cannot defend worth a darn, Deng is just plain greedy and the funny thing was he was actually a guy I liked a lot. I guess only the future will tell what will happen to this once proud franchise. I think their choice of Derek Rose was the absolute best for the franchise, he is the prototypical leader, one who is an all-star caliber player. The players(Deng and Gordon) have fallen out of touch with reality, over estimating their value and I think the price they will pay is to be run out of town. .

People look at the Heat and they see a franchise in trouble but I think they are much better off than people give them credit. I mean they have Wade and In Marion and now beasley they have two terrific rebounders and scorers. Boston proved that you dont necessarily need a all star point guard to win a championship and in that sense the heat are fine. They are a little on the small side(wade is 6-5, marion and Beasley are 6-7..6-8 ) and they dont necessarily have a big big man. So yeah here we go again, hopefully we will see the rise of these franchises again. It is always fun to see a new team win every year..I got bored of seeing the spurs win the championship every year..they are like the NBA version of the patriots.

So anyway when I stated off this blog I was expecting it to be much much shorter but lol seems like i got a little bit carried away. Anyway gimme your thoughts.

GTA 4 impressions

I got the game Tuesday night and I've probably played it for like over 10 hours since then only stopping to go to school and eat and get a little sleep, this game is that good. So yeah, this game certainly met its hype. Rockstar has really improved upon the original formula especially with the Fighting and cover system. In the previous GTA games I actually felt a little apprehensive about getting into firefights because of the terrible controls..I would get shot to pieces pretty soon and I would have to keep replaying the missions over and over again but in this game it is as close to prefect as you can get. Firefights are actually fun and will infact make you want for more. The aiming system takes a little while to get used to but it is solid. The story so far is also pretty good(comparable to Vice city) and I have to say that this is one of the funniest games I have played. Unlike the characters in San andreas I actually like the characters in this one. Some of them are freaking funny as heck(Bruice lol) and like gamespot said they will make you form a "bond" with them. I haven't takled the multiplayer yet cause the single player is that compeling. There is so much to do here..everything from strip clubs, bars, Girlfriends and the internet is available in this game. The graphics are also pretty solid in this is no longer an eye sore like the other games. That said the graphics aren't GEOW like either..they mainly use lighting to spruce it up.

The only problem is the vehicle controls are hard...they do not want to turn and will spin out easily but with some practice you can get good at it. In that sense it is much more realistic than other GTA's. So yeah thats it for now..if anyone was on the fence about getting this game I urge you to go out there and get it..that is if you are 17 or older haha.

On an other note I was looking at the sales figures(the one that was on gamespot from the UK) and I was actually surprised to see that the 360 version sold more than the PS3 version. I was actually kinda worried that microsoft wasn't putting people on note that GTA4 which has been primarily a ps game was comming to xbox but it seems they knew what they were doing. So people get out there and get yourself a copy of GTA if you haven't already. You wont be disappointed.

Red rings of death....nooo not now!!!!!

well people...its happened to me too...and I was so close to finishing halo 3 tooo....F***!!! I am trying the towel trick to buy me some time but I guess I have to eventually send in my shi&box to get fixed. Does anyone know how long it is going to take for it to get fixed. Also, when you send in your 360 for repair do you also need to send in the receipt? I am asking cause I got mine off ebay so i am not sure how that works. Also, is it true that you get like 3 free games or something like that?

I just got Bioshock and damn it's good!!

Like the topic title says, I got Bioshock.. last night actually and started playing it at like 9 in the morning today and oh my god it is incredible. I was not expecting this game to be soo good and it is soo much fun. Without giving away too much, I am about 1/3rd finished( just finished the garden part)..this game is soo much fun. The genetic powers are kick ass and the whole research and upgrade part is so well integrated. I am going to hold off giving a full review until I finish the game. I highly recommend that everybody who has means to play this game, to buy it.

There be a lot of games

Oh man it has beena longgg time since I have posted frequently on this blog thingy..a lot of things have happened. A lot of people have died, harry potter is over(*sniff*), The new generation of consoles is out, Halo 2 was not what I expected it to be, I actually got into a good college for engr.(*surprise of my life*), gamespot changed their review system for the worse, we moved into a new house......yada yada yada, one thing that has not changed is video games..they are getting better and better.

I just kinda want to look at some of the games that I plan on looking into(buying/renting for the most part). I have a 360 and a PC.

What a lineup huh... These few months will be a real feast for gamers.

These are the games that I want/ Intrested in

Halo 3..ofcourse, not much more is needed other than it better be better than the crap that Halo 2's single player was. I expect Legendary to be actually PLAYABLE and fun like in Halo 1, not the Shi* they had in Halo 2

assassins creed....although I am completely not sure about how the gameplay mechanics are going to be worked out. Will probably rent it first

Mass effect...Is Bioware F'n serious, this game looks like it could define the RPG genre

Bio shock...although I am on the fence about this game..sure the gameplay looks extremely smooth and innovative but I wonder how *balanced* it is going to be. Also, something about this game just scares the living s&&& out of me. In a bad way

COD4 ..for sure, always been a COD fan, glad to see it moving out the MG-42 setting and into the M-16 age.

Two worlds seems like an intresting game , might give it a look if I have any money what so ever left over.

GAMES I WISH TO SEE IN THE NEAR FUTURE/ announced and unannounced

KOTOR 3....Please Please Please be making this game..KOTOR 1 was one of the best games I have ever played in my life

DIABLO 3....As you could probably tell by my diablo 3 emblem I am one of those people still hoping that Blizzard finally gets around to making D-3

Starcraft 2....I am soaking up all the info about this baby..not leaving one rock unturned.

GOW 2....yes yes I own a 360

Perfect dark zero 2 or whatever they wanna call it...any chance of them making another one???

Fable 2.....Heard some good stuff about the first one...before it came out. This one is supposed to deliever on the promises of peter molyneux.

Well yeah that's about it.

The new review system

It has been a long time since I have posted a journal but I feel that I need to say something about the new rating system that is in place. If you have been following my posting history you will see that I am opposed to the new rating system that Gamespot has put forth. I feel that the new rating system that is in place will be incapable of rating games with the same accuracy as the earlier system which if I am not mistaken went by a .1 scale as opposed to the .5 scale that this new system goes by. As a result the scores for the games will be rounded up or down. I feel that there is a huge difference between a 8.3 and 8.7 and a 8.8 or a 9.2. I don't understand what made Gamespot change their rating system.
Also, another thing that I do not like about this new rating system is that it doesn't base scores on the five aspects of the game anymore (Gameplay, Graphics, e.t.c). I actually liked comparing the different games based on their values in these unique aspects. The old rating actually helped me make an informed decision about the game I was getting.
However, this new rating system completely does away with it, instead Gamespot now gives us little icons and I don't understand what half of them are. I have absolutely no idea why Gamespot is doing this; I feel that they are taking a huge step backward by going with this review system. I guess I will find a secondary review source, one which gives me my fill of bars and numbers like the one the old G-spot used to.

I wonder

I wonder if killzone lives up to the hype as the "halo killer".

I guess not.


yay, Rome total war rocks!!! 9.1 from gamespot, oohooo!!!!