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Assassins Creed

I am beginning to think that playing three assassin's creeds in a row is a big mistake haha. At least the 3rd one is different then the other two. The other two pretty much are the same thing (running around doing missions buying buildings) The third one set in the U.S. you do not buy buildings (at least so far) you do run around and do missions though. The game seems fun so far. I am also playing NBA 2K13. I have been playing it since it came out and I love it. Its a lot of fun and if you are a basketball fan you should get it and play it asap. Well maybe wait a few months and get the new one haha. I am going to take a wait and see attitude with the new gaming systems coming out. I want to see what new games will be out before I decide which one I will be getting first. As long as they keep making xbox 360 games I am good.


Hey I had this game (fallout 3) for awhile and I did not play it. I played it and its a lot of fun.. I ran out and got the new vegas one and wow what a difference. I have never played a game with glitches that froze up over and over again. Its still a lot of fun if you can get over the fact that again its glitchy. I want to play skyrim but I will wait a bit. I hope they fix the kinect to work with less then 8 feet of space. I got it and I have around 7 7.5 but it does not work really well. It seems like a cool idea but it does not work well without space.

l.a. noooooo

I got L.a. noire and I was ready to play it!!.. I saw the ads and it seemed to be a cool idea. I saw rockstar was making it and I figured it would be even better. Then I got the game and started played it and I noticed.. its not FREE ROAMING!!. I have visions of mafia II in my mind oh no.. why why why. I feel that there is nothing wrong with the GTA style of gaming. If it works do not break it or change it but nooo they decide hey we are going to follow a linear path to the game. You go from case to case and you cannot change it up or do different cases in a different order. Pretty disappointing so far but then again I am in the beginning. Maybe it will change up and such. I am also playing dead space II. its pretty good and fun at time. Graphics are wonderful but I can see pretty much the same game as the first game. Does not mean that it is not fun though. I hope noire gets better because if it is a straight up copy of mafia II it will be a big let down. You spend a lot of time questioning people which after awhile becomes boring because even getting all the answers wrong you still solve the case. At least the game looks wonderful

Dragon time!!..

I finally solved dragon age II and I have to say I was kinda disappointed. I really expected a lot from this game. I had just gotten 2 worlds II and I stopped playing it for dragon age II. Do not get me wrong dragon age II is good lots of fun and such but its just not much better then the original. They have so much potential in this game yet they have yet to reach it. Two worlds II is not bad just kinda confusing.. haha. I am playing it and its kinda boring. Its only the beginning I know but I hope it picks up soon because I cannot see playing this game must longer. What is the deal with the kinect!!.. If you do not have 8 feet of room forget it!.. I have like 6 to 7 feet and it does not work really well. I try to play it but it just frustrates me to the point where I just give up on it. Its funny that they spent so much on this thing yet they cannot make it work if you do not have a lot of room.. They need to fix it..

Mafia II??

So I get this game the day it comes out from gamestop. As I buy it from the store the guy told me I got lucky because the game almost sold out. I expected the game to be an open world game like gta but instead I get... CHAPTERS!!.. YES CHAPTERS!!. This game is broken into chapters with really not a lot of free roaming and there are 15 of them. I love the whole noire feeling of the 20s - 40s mobsters movies and I really think they had something here but when they eliminated the free roaming it killed the game. They really could have made a great game like gta but instead they cheapened it. I have been playing the game for a few hours and I am already more then half way done with it. I could probably solve the game in 2 days if I really wanted to which is sad. They had a really good idea here but they dropped the ball. Next time make it free roaming!!..

heavy rain in NY haha..

I just finished I have to say.. its pretty disappointed. I have not bought a ps3 game in quite awhile and I really expected a lot from this game. Not to say that it is a total letdown its just that you expect more. You see all the ads for this game and then when you play it you say ok. whatever. If you get a chance to rent it definately do. You could solve it all in a day. I also started final fantasy and I am wondering.. I have played the game for 25 mins 18 mins spent watching yes videos.. I am sure the game will pick up.. I hope.. and my wii is a nice paper weight. I am using it to put my movies on. I should try to solve darksides but I want to play the final fantasy to see what all the hype is about..

Game playing..

I am still playing darksiders and its not a bad game. Very similar to zelda but there are parts of the game where it gets really boring you know. The graphics are good music non existant you know. I also got heavy rain and to be honest its not very good. The game is good and the graphics are great but the game becomes boring after awhile also. I know its supposed to be innovative but after awhile its tiring. Yes I know most games are just button pushing but this one really is just that. No running jumping just pressing buttons. No leveling up nothing so I really do not see any replay value. Once you solve the game and know the story I cannot see playing this game any more. I can see the power of the ps3 over the xbox but the game play is what the xobx has over ps3. I am not much of a ps3 game player but I can see where they can win the war. The power of the system is what it has over the xbox. They can come out with a game like this then they can come out with more games like this. Darksiders is a good game but overall it cannot compare to heavy rain. Yes I know the wii outsells both of them but I see the wii as more novelty which wears out quickly. You buy the wii play it for a bit then it gathers dust. I have the wii and I have yet to find a really good game for it. Its not very good sorry all you wii fans..

Demo heavy rain..

I jusy played the demo for heavy rain and it looks really good. The game play is a little slow to get used to but once you do the game seems really cool. The rain really adds to the feel of the game. You get to play two boards of the game which is pretty good. I saw one problem on the second board. You are starting an investigation and its pretty hard to see. The board is so dark with the rain and all it makes it very difficult to make things out. Graphics and gameplay are incredible on this game. Been playing darksiders and its very much the same as zelda. Very linear as you go from board to board picking things up. Power ups and all make the game interesting. I also got fallout 3 and dead space. They both looked good and the price was cheap so what the hell. I will get heavy rain the day it comes out because it looks really good.

Mass Effect 2

I had just gotten mass effect 2 and already I solved it. The game looks beautiful but its not very long. I did it in a few days so I guess it must be good huh. Its definately worth a buy if you have an xbox 360. I also just got the wii again. I lost the first one so I got it again. To be honest with you the system really sux. I do not know of any games for this system that is worth buying. Bunch of kids games work out games or silly games. What a rip!!. I just bought darksiders. A friend of mine told me its a good game so we shall see. I also just solved just cause also. I had it for a few months but just got around to play it. Its an ok game nothing special here. I would recommend to buy it if you can get it at a very cheap price. I might give the wii another shot or turn it intoa very expensive coaster haha..

Yeah ps3

I finally got the time to play ps3 home. It seems like a lot of fun but unless you play a lot of ps3 games there is really no way to level up I think. Playing two worlds for xbox 360 and it seems really cool. I like those medieval games where you run around hacking and slashing. I also got the beatles for wii and its a lot of fun. The only thing really is that the game does not have a lot of songs. 40 seems like a lot but before you know it its over and I do not see much replay value for this game. Graphics are ok but you really do not buy this game for graphics.

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