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    @jgarbuz: Im sorry but you went way to far, I liked it very much and finished it but it not the "best piece of entertainment ever created" its not the best acted and its not the best written, its a 9/...

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    @rapt0rs: such a dumb smartass reply, you know exactly what he was referring to. Adding a storage device was not it and is not the same as the storage drive.

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    what is the big deal about remastered? lets start with the fact that they only remastered a few games and considering there is no backwards compatibility I fail to see the issue. I did not play GoW 3...

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    I don't really know who this is. the only time I heard about him is the last time Gamespot had an article about him. but a fan girl/boy(RAMPAGEJACKSON) of his keeps saying he is going to be one of th...

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