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School Registry and all

Well it's that time of year when summers going away and you gotta wake up at 7 am, look like your on drugs, get fitted, dressed, and ready for school, its sad how only 2 weeks remain, but registry is soon :D oh great :| but not to worry, school will pass time for HALO 3, so don't be sad, theres 2 years left for me of highschool and settling down here i come. Well enjoy the rest of your summer, have fun, halo 3....... :)

Sinking To A New Time Low

Yup Gamespot staff did it again. They make a contest with Pie or Cake and you vote, get the emblem and then it disappears for ever?? like wtf??

It's what people say Temporary emblem just like the Turkey Emblem? Why make an emblem and then just remove it completely a few months later?? Whats the point??

I would like my cake emblem,and my turkey emblem returned, If no then thats fine, if the cake or pie emblem is still around for a few days, I will like it to my profile, I don't care.

A few warnings saying the emblems are temporary would be nice Gamespot. :twisted:

Report Card Troubles!!!

One of my marks is bugging me :@ and it's my social mark.

Here I will explain

Before the final exam I had a 69% overall.

After the final exam I had a 49% as the final mark for the exam.

My mark dramatically dropped from 69% - 55% that 14 whole %

So I'm here asking you if that is what I should have fallen or should I have fallen a less amount of %. I think I should have fallen at least 5-9 precent, not 14%. I think my teacher is out to get me or is racist!

So help is needed!

104 years old!

Well not some statue or some event but my great grandma is 104 years old.  Yup it's true and I cannot believe it aswell.  I just learned about this after my mom told me her mothers mother( or my moms grandma I think) was in the hospital because she was sick.  But now they had released her and she's back to being healthy.  I wonder how long she will live.  I hope that maybe she lives to be 115 or so.  Maybe close to guiness world records as oldest female.  

Well on other notes.

Fable :  I have beaten it at last after messing around in the game and doing some other stuff *wink wink* Ive beaten the game 2 ways. 1 - Throwing away jacks mask and 2 - Keeping jacks mask.

Halo 2 : Been playign the game non stop so it might eb the reason I am not online.

Unions  : Please dont send me any requests, I really dont like it how when I log in i notice 45 messages and all are union invites.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY VALENTlNES DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well all I wanted to do is wich everyone a happy V day.

Wether or not you are with your loved one.  i hope you become happy and enjoy the day.  For those that are not with someone I say .....  Your not alone.

Well this does not mea we are sad and lonely but we haven't found the correct person. 


L3v3l 28 : Bionic Commando

Well without being active and stuff I have finally leveled up to Level 28 Bionic Commmando.   

Alrighgt I 1 + up level yeah>

Well not much is going on except Level 28, yeah :)

Life Update

Well not much has been happening but somewhat of excitement throughout owning some noobs at halo 2.

1 - I have finally finished all bu 1 coarse Final exam.  My math which awaits within the next semester(Febuary) and then its hopefully uip to either naything 70+ and im good.  I think I did not do well on my Social exam which had confused me so much so I decided to guess on like 26 questions.

2 - Been keeping up with my very very rusty skills in Photoshop so I began slowly and slowly to work on it.  The image or so called " Navigation Bar" Located just above this blog post was one of my newest sigs or things made.  I know its alright at least a 7.2/10 but I think it could be improved on.

3 - been playing to much Halo 2 lately.  i think I'm an addict..........Nah! :)

4 - Well i have been watching alot of new or so called new movies that I have not seen and I am pretty disappointed in some, the trailer looks awesome but then once you are right into the movie it starts to suck!

Well thats not really an update on my life but just some things going on.   Tune in some other time for some maybe better and stronger words in my life.

Till then, Good Bye all!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year. Thats right, as 2006 ends a new chapter in our lives opens and the year of 2007 begins to reveal its hidden paths into our future. What will happen in 2007? Well stay tuned to find out.

Well how I celebrated new years was well i went to a party, drank a few beers and then after some chicken it went down hill but I wasn't even close to drunk until that chicken, no i did not get a hangover so thats good news :D. I did manage to see some very beautiful women at the party, especialy trhis blonde that wore this tight little mini-scirt. Well anyway! lol so what was your new years like?

Fable : Damn I Screwed Up!

Well I've been playing fable alot recently and man its fun.  i have baught a house already, and I have already gone totaly evil and everytime I try to do something good i **** it up!.

Like This one time i was walking in Oakvale when I saw this kid and he said " You smell bad", hey I couldnt help i but lock on and punch the kid int he face. 

So i try to do good deeds but screw it up!, Well i have to keep playing and then update you on my gameplay and my statistics!

Best & Worst of 2006 Rigged: Plausable!

Well its been bugging me on how lately everyhting like Spike Tv's game Awards, and now The Gamespot Best & Worst 2006 awards can be rigged. All I do not understand is how can a game containing 50% of the votes or highest voters lose the title to a game with 13 % of votes like wtf is going on.

Some downlaodable content like the award for Special Achievment awards is messe dup! Like how can Super Mario 64 lose to UNO even though SM64 had over 45% of the votes and Uno almost had 20% like how is it possible. Could it be that the Gamespot staff's favorite game that they as a staff agreed on did not gain all the votes so they decided to rigg it and make it so their game wins? is it true? i dont know but it just seems a bit weird for a game with more votes and a higher precentage lose to one not even near half of votes or precentage.

Examples :

Tomb Raider: Legend saw the return of the series originator, Crystal Dynamics, as the developer of the game. The work shows in the way Legend returns the series to its action adventure roots by creating a series of stages that essentially feel like large playgrounds in which to showcase Lara's exciting abilities. The game packs a lot of fun moments into a relatively short experience, and while it doesn't quite achieve greatness, it stands head and shoulders above the last several Tomb Raider games, which is exactly what makes it the most improved sequel of the year.

Precentage : 33%
Votes : 714
Award : Most Improved Sequel


If you want to get technical, you can say that this game is the sequel to Final Fantasy XI, which was an interesting experiment but certainly didn't live up to its pedigree. Final Fantasy XII took the series back to its console role-playing roots while reinventing the combat system and wrapping it all up in a lengthy, engaging story.

Precentage : 36%
Votes : 788
Lost ; Do no understand how its possible.

Example # 2 :


If the amazingly grotesque sound of a vile Locust soldier being chainsawed to death doesn't get your blood pumping, you clearly have some kind of serious medical condition and should seek help immediately.

Precentage : 50%
Votes : 1, 240


Dead Rising

No game has ever wielded more instruments of zombie destruction, and through some incredible effects work, those instruments of death became even more enjoyable to use

Precentage : 18%
Votes : 479
Awarded : Best Sound Effects!

I do not anyhow understand how its possible for a game of 18% to defeat one of 50%, for me theres only 2 answers:

1 : The voting system of the ballots for each catageory was misunderstood and counted wrong.

-Possibly but it wouldnt take a rocket scientist to figure out the precentage and who should win

-Why would the system glitche on such an important role of awards for the long running gamespot site?

2 : The awards were fixed or rigged so that either the voters votes did not matter or were discarded and taken toward something else that the GS staff had hoped would win.

-strongly agree due to huge facts of having my vote not matter even though my fav game recieved a higher precentage by 32%.

- i do not think that the gamespot staff would sink this low into picking games that could posisble suck and win for thier own plessure

-it could be true but why take the time and effort into making these awards if you are only going to rigg them and have the preciese voters votes discarded fromt he "allowed-section"

Well this is my Rant and Theory of what happens toward the Special Achievements Award. i wouldnt be suprised if the same had happened for the other 3 catageories.

Well time to wait and see if the Dubios Honors Awards are the same, and if they are then a pattern has occured and possibly made my theory of having the staff rigg the so called "Election" of this game style voting. So watch out, your vote may not count in the next election.

If you have any questions or comments please advise them below!

"Hi. The winners being displayed are GameSpot's choices for the awards that were decided well before the voting even began. The reader voting (and thus, the percentages you're seeing) are completely separate from those awards. We'll be presenting the reader's choices based on those votes in January." - Jeff

If the gamespot staff had picked these awards then what fun is it into having the Gamespot Users vote toward the awards due and not of what the gamespot staff thought. It wouldnt be called Gamespot Awards but Gamespot Staffs Picks Not Yours! I now see it when the video's show results of the picks from the staff but a bit of a warning or heads up would have been nice and not one week before the things started, they could have stated themselve's into telling us users that the winners picked would be theirs and not ours. Which would save me and other users of asking questions about the precentage and all.

The dubious awards have ended and a new era of WTF has emerged!

Most worst use of Advertisement in a game was prettyg ood yet the precentage was messed up! I do understand of what Jeff had stated but how come the news f saying that "The follwoing winners were picked from Gamespot Staff, your vote will be issued on the Readers Choice Awards." Clearly I did not find anything close to relating of what I have said. Well lets continue on.

Worst voice Casting was won by Spyro : A New Beggining had a great and pretty well fit voice actors but I just don't understand of what the Staff was thinking when they picked the game. It would be better to have the staff show their precentage of who disliked which game and who liked which so that the users of Gamespot do not get irrated and wonder what is this site going to! It wouldn't be fair to us users to see our precentage and not theirs, like not everyone can agree on one game.

Got questions or comments? List them below!