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Yes I am loving the wii

So I've had my wii for 5 days now and i'm still stoked that I managed to get one. On launch I got zelda to go with my wii sports and well as much as I love zelda TP I haven't had a huge amount of time to play it but what I have been able to dedicate some time to is the bowling in wii sports, took a while but I got my pro status and yes I do dream of one day bowling the perfect game. Hell i even did a little dance when i hit a 6,7,10 split.

I also just picked up yesterday wii play, now sure it's only what £5 ($10 yes the dollar is tanking right now) more than the controller on it's own but some of those games are damned addictive. So basically it's a nice package to pick up if you want/need another wiimote well that is if you can find it, oh yes and it does come with those suddenly all important star points for the european comsumer.