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This may sound kinda strange but i'm kinda uncomfertable about the whole pre-ordering thing. I personally would rather they just had a bunch on release day for you to q for and websites couldn't take orders either not until release day it sure would make all that queing more worthwhile instead of "man I just qued for 3 weeks and I got myself a wii pre-ordered ticket!" to "I got a Wii and i only had to murder 7 people who were ahead of me in the line to get it!". Sure it's never going to happen but if I had a game store it's what I would definately do, big sign we have wiis they are going on sale on the 8th (i'm in the UK) and no i'm not having pre-orders it's first come first served and if you get mugged trying to get out of the store with your wii well remmember my wise words wisdom ; On no account ever ever get mugged cause you lose all your money and you get beaten up and that just sucks.