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damn scratches

So just out of sheer boredom I'm in my local gamestation and I decide to pick up DoA2 and Code Veronica for the dreamcast simply because I'm getting them both for a fiver. Now I get home and spend a happy 2 hours playing DoA2, hey i'm not that good at it but it's still fun. Then I put in Code veroinca... it won't read. I take it out give it a good clean and put it back in, still wont read. After a few more attempts i've finally given up and you know what, I'm damn disappointed. So I went on ebay and ordered a scratch repair kit thing, I've never used one before but damn it I want to play that game and I ain't taking it back to the store to change it for... well I didn't see anything else there that was good.

So I should get my kit on Tuesday and hopefully I will be able to play it then, if not I might cry.