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Brothers engagement

Well i still haven't finished my project and it's due in tomorrow guess it's going to be a late night for me.

 But that is no longer my biggest worry, on friday it is my little brothers engagement party. Now i'm not to thrilled about this as he is only 19 but as everyone else seems to be happy about this I suppose I shouldn't kick up dust. I also barely know the girl as I haven't been living at home for 4 years now so i'm not exactly a huge part of my brothers life which I suppose makes me feel even more weird about it. My mum has pritty much invited the whole extended family to this thing and my brotehrs girlfriend also has a large family, in fact there is so much people going to be there they have hired out an entire club for the night. Now I personally haven't spoken to any of my extended family in years, add that to the fact that I know none of her family and this party is looking like the last place in the world I want to be but as it's my little brother I have to go.

Well guess I'l just have to get really really drunk

Stupid Report

Well this probably wont be the most interesting of blogs but I feel I should write something.

Well at the moment i'm stuggling to write up my final year project "Optical properties of plant leafs", I have done all the practical I just can't write the thing. Two weeks I have sat in front of a computer and I've written less than a page, it's got to be in my next wednesday so I really should get it done. I suppose I will end up pulling a few all-nighters when it comes closer to deadline day and get it finished. The worst thing about is that about three weeks after I hand it in I have a viva on my report with three different lecturers on the panel so even when I have finsihed writting it up I still have to be thinking about bloody leafs.

Well I can comfort myself with the fact that in two months I will never have to set foot in uni again. 

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