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damn scratches

So just out of sheer boredom I'm in my local gamestation and I decide to pick up DoA2 and Code Veronica for the dreamcast simply because I'm getting them both for a fiver. Now I get home and spend a happy 2 hours playing DoA2, hey i'm not that good at it but it's still fun. Then I put in Code veroinca... it won't read. I take it out give it a good clean and put it back in, still wont read. After a few more attempts i've finally given up and you know what, I'm damn disappointed. So I went on ebay and ordered a scratch repair kit thing, I've never used one before but damn it I want to play that game and I ain't taking it back to the store to change it for... well I didn't see anything else there that was good.

So I should get my kit on Tuesday and hopefully I will be able to play it then, if not I might cry.

New Year Woo!

Well I've almost finished packing as I'm off to Inverness for new year tomorrow and this is also going to be the first time my wii has been out the house since I got it, yup as soon as my mates heard I had a wii the begging began "please bring it up, come on I want to see zelda, a feee can of tennents for you if you bring it up..." well you get the gist and after that generous offer (I love my tennents me) I caved and I'm taking my wii up. Though I doubt we will play it a huge amount because as good as the wii is it can't replace going down the pub with my mates at new year and catching up with all the people I haven't seen in ages.

my wrist hurts

Well I've had Super monkeyball banana blitz for 3 days now and my wrist is bloody killing me. I am enjoying the game even though it does have a few niggling little flaws* but the single player mode definately isn't suitable for long play sessions, constantly twisting my wrist back and forward just ain't... comfortable. It has also alongside zelda shown me how much I want 1080 on the wii,by the way thats snowboarding not high def graphics.

*no retry option on minigames, having to hold down the button for the pause menu to come up, alwyas having to enter my name in the highscore section, it not saving high scores when more than 1 person is playing minigames and the whole idea of boss fights.

Yes I am loving the wii

So I've had my wii for 5 days now and i'm still stoked that I managed to get one. On launch I got zelda to go with my wii sports and well as much as I love zelda TP I haven't had a huge amount of time to play it but what I have been able to dedicate some time to is the bowling in wii sports, took a while but I got my pro status and yes I do dream of one day bowling the perfect game. Hell i even did a little dance when i hit a 6,7,10 split.

I also just picked up yesterday wii play, now sure it's only what £5 ($10 yes the dollar is tanking right now) more than the controller on it's own but some of those games are damned addictive. So basically it's a nice package to pick up if you want/need another wiimote well that is if you can find it, oh yes and it does come with those suddenly all important star points for the european comsumer.

Damn Parcel Force

Well I was one of the lucky few that got a pre-order of a wii from amazon uk and up until now i was feeling pritty darn pleased about that. Yes I did say up until now because according to the track your order section parcel force wont get me my wii till saturday a whole day after launch! Now I know it's only one more day but after amazon insisted we did not have to use the most expensive delivery option to get it on launch day... well of course I would of happily paid a bit more for delivery to insure that it was here tommorrow but when they said we didn't have to well I though there was no point wasting money.

I mean it's not as if I live in the middle of nowhere either well unless you count Scotland as the middle of nowhere... Damn it I want my wii.

aww crap I'm 23

Yeah I'm getting old and it sucks but that still didn't stop a bouncer chasing after me to see my ID today, thats like the first time I have been IDed (it's a word) in at least 3 years. Probbably should tkae it as a complement but i still wanted to punch that bloody bouncer but at the same time I don't want to be old(er) arghhh so conflicted now where is my damn Wii.


This may sound kinda strange but i'm kinda uncomfertable about the whole pre-ordering thing. I personally would rather they just had a bunch on release day for you to q for and websites couldn't take orders either not until release day it sure would make all that queing more worthwhile instead of "man I just qued for 3 weeks and I got myself a wii pre-ordered ticket!" to "I got a Wii and i only had to murder 7 people who were ahead of me in the line to get it!". Sure it's never going to happen but if I had a game store it's what I would definately do, big sign we have wiis they are going on sale on the 8th (i'm in the UK) and no i'm not having pre-orders it's first come first served and if you get mugged trying to get out of the store with your wii well remmember my wise words wisdom ; On no account ever ever get mugged cause you lose all your money and you get beaten up and that just sucks.

old school tag

My old school tag has gone! I haven't got rid of any of my NES games so hvae they raised the bar? Do I have to go by more games to get my tag back or is it just a temorary glitch? Or have they decided to get rid of the tag alltogether? Well i will be buying more NES games regardless, what can i say I'm addicted, and I will be back here again so if it is a glitch or I need more games I guess I'l find out soon enough.
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