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New games - by idiots for idiots :)

Anyone played Aliens: Colonial Marines already? There's a scene in the beginning in which a solider is giving CPR to a fellow marine, who seems to be in a pretty bad shape. Long story short: the guy pauses the procedure, gets up and goes to a door in order to get it open for me (as if they couldn't think of a way I can do it myself). Then, like 30 seconds later, goes back to the injured marine and resumes the CPR procedure. Wtf?

I learned to live with the insulting messages "this game uses an autosave feature, when you see this sign, do not turn off your computer", but it is becoming really unbearable.

Is the average gamer really that stupid? Does anyone really turn off their comupter in the middle of a game? 

And are game developers getting to that level of stupidity? There's another scene in the game in which for no reason the protagonist loses his ability to run (he can only walk) - obviously to give enough time for the narration in the background to finish. There's a door at the end of a corridor that gets open for you as soon as the narration is over. Wouldn't it make more sense to leave the player in control of all his incredible powers (like running) and when he gets to the door, have him wait there for the narration to finish and then open the door? It's still stupid, but it's not THAT stupid.

These are just a couple of examples out of about 15 minutes of gameplay; I tend to notice such things in every second game I play. And given I enjoy less and less games that come out (this being one of the reasons), I come to the conclusion that the dumber you are, the more likely it is you will enjoy today's games.

What do you think?

Finally beaten Disciples II - after 8 years!

Yes, I started the game 8 years ago (in 2002) and have been playing occasionally a mission or two. 8 years later I managed to cover all of the 4 original campaigns :)

The game is great, especially the artwork, which should be the best I've seen in a strategy game ever.

Got my new keyboard yesterday - it's Razer Lycosa

My good old Microsoft Ergonomic Natural 4000 drank some coffee the other day and had to replace it. Bought one of those "for gamers" keyboards by Razer. The model is Lycosa and to be honest, I can't find anything special about it, except the price. Well, it glows nice in the dark and I am really fast when typing, but that's not really needed for gaming. It's somehow noisy and I don't find any real use of all those "gaming" features...

Fallout 3 and Dead Space go to the recycle bin; Far Cry 2 becomes frustrating?

Hi there. I was very depressed about the amount of time I have for playing, against the amount of interesting titles that came out in October (and a couple of them are still about to be released). But the first victims have fallen and I can breathe easier now with "just" three games to play.

The first to go was Dead Space. Too childish to me and too Doomish. Not very scary too. When you always expect something to crawl behind your back, it's not unexpected anymore, isn't it? Cutting members off monsters may be "cool" for some time, but that doesn't make a game.

Now Fallout 3 is a different story. Played the game for a while: it's obviously very good and... enormous (in any possible way of using the word). And that's exactly why I am skipping it. I really don't have the time and patience to dig in all these RPG elements. If I am about to play an RGP, I'd rather go back to my WoW account...I am also fed up with the apocalypse scenery now that I am half way through STALKER: CS.

So it's only Far Cry 2 left to play from the end-of-October-wave. I am starting to get really frustrated though. Almost every single mission sends you to the opposite corner of the map. And the map is huge. And filled with military posts, even in the river. And posts are full of soldiers. And soldiers shoot damn well, so just passing through is rarely an option. Which means you can spend up to 15 minutes just to GET to your mission objective, let alone completing it. And that means killing tons of baddies over and over again...Does anybody else hates this travelling as much as I do?

P.S. Started Red Alert 3 the other day...Very funny and original, but not much of an added value to the RTS genre...

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