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I've been playing this game and I'm up to the medical center. This game is really fun. The crafting is simple but that's fine because it works for me. I've been playing videogames since I was like 8 years old on the NES and I haven't been scared by a game in a long time, but I got killed from the alien out of nowhere and honestly, it scared the shit out of me and I actually screamed - first time in a while.

It's kind of cool how for once in a video game you aren't a super powerful badass who can just kill everything but just some chick sneaking around and trying to stay alive.

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I've spent 15 minutes in the graveyard next to the Abbey and I can't find the wakestone shard. All websites I've looked at simply state "It's in the graveyard next to a grace". Can anyone give more specific directions to it or post a picture of where it is.


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Thanks guys, I'll check those out sometime. Really appreciate it!

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I haven't had a computer for 6 years but I'm finally going to have one that can actually play games.

I've had an xbox 360 the last few years but I haven't really kept up with gaming. Now that I am going to have a computer and the xbox 360 is going the way of the dinosaur, I was wondering what some good games are on the PC? I am mostly into single player RPG's - the last computer game I played was Gothic 3, and I like games similar to Skyrim or Two Worlds II, but I am also interested in a limited amount of MMORPG's - used to play Everquest. I also occasionally play FPS like Halo and Battlefield.

I've been looking at kingdom come deliverance but that doesn't come out for another year. I was just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of some good games that are fun. I've been reading online but there is a ton of stuff out there and it is hard to narrow it down at all.