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Resigned My Leadership! Good day to you all!

I am going to be in costa rica for 3 weeks and will not have any internet access. I am stepping down for about 4 weeks. I am going to let delta commando reform this union and do as he wishes. I leave it all up to him. Give him all the respect in the world, he deserves it! Delta Commando will be considered the vice leader for the lifetime of this union. If I am ever inactive he will be the leader and take my place. Farewell see you in august! Delta Commando wants to reform this union and I will give him his wish.

My Union

I know that since I am the leader I am supposed to control the union but I like to give my officers more power and I let the officers steer the union ideological direction not just me? Is that a bad thing?

I got Xbox 360!!!!

HOLY GUCAMOLE i got myself an Xbox 360. Oh Snapple!!! I got it from using the you really should go to that website and check it every 5 minutes. It was gone so fast. I got it in the nick of time!!! I got the super duper premium bundle for $949. I can't wait for it!!!

NO Images!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EVERYthing looks so bland!!!! Why don't they even have the gamespot hosted stuff like smillies and the gamespot hosted icons. That is so stupid. I am pretty sure that Gamespot isn't going to put a virus in thier images. [smile should be here -----> :) ] If you didn't see the smilie than I am still mad!!!

Join the Hustlers!!!

I have just formed a new union called the Hustlers. It is a great all genre union. Please join my posting a comment here and I will send you an invite.
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