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The Great Uncle that never was

Yesterday I found out that Great Uncle, Colin, died. More imporantly though, I only actually found out about Colin with that very information...

My nan was on the phone with his wife and soon after she then rested her arms on the dinner table and had one of those serious tones on her voice.
She explained how she had another brother called Colin, not a half or step brother, full blood relation.

Hes the oldest of my Nan and her siblings but at that time her dad, and my great Granddad, wanted a girl. Soo he then opted to just hand him over to some friends because again, he didn't want a boy and the friends also were unable to conceive a child.

According to my nan though, they never knew how to raise a child so well and thus he was never shown much love growing up. They fed him, clothed him and all that but the affection you need growing through the first stages of childhood was missing.

Even as a child too, my nan and her siblings knew of Colin, they knew he was there brother. They weren't permitted to see him though and nethier Colin or my nan ever appeared at each others birthdays or other family events.
Apparently such occurences was common in those days too...people just handing over their kid to someone else like a pet they just didn't like the look of.

Truthfully though, I wasn't saddened by the news, I mean of course hes still just a stranger to me and will always stay that way too.
I'm more soo pretty pissed at why the hell, all this time, my nan still just carryed on with her dad. They still spoke to each other like a loving father and daughter would. She explains to me how even as an adult, Colin was plagued with depression and was usually on meds and sorts throughout.

And now he dies at the age of 61. From a massive heart attack my nan said. I asked about the Funeral and she said she will attend, though franklyI feel its a lil too late toonly juststart getting involved in his life...when he doesn't have one.

I might join too, not because of him being family but because even without relation, he was a broken man who had to live life knowing his parents didn't want him. Blood relation or not, its just too damn cruel.

So yeah, bad things happen in the world, hardly news to anyone. But still just thought I'd give rise to such an event in my life.

Holy Jerusalem theres boobs everywere!!

---Hold it in dammit, jesus think of the other players!!

Sadly though its the saggy, sweaty man-boob variety.

Yes as everyone playing Uncharted 2's ever amazing multiplayer will know, Thanksgiving has left most with more than a bloated gut. In celebration, Naughty Dog decided to hold an event during the weekend to which you earn double the cash (exp) for your matchs. And to help go with the Thanksgiving theme, they decided to thrown in Nathan Drake and Zoran Lazarevic after themselves too having a wee too many turkeys for dinner.

While that event is temporary just for the weekend, was has been added for good is a new map titled ''The Fort'' Which is actually a re-mastered version of one Uncharted: Drakes Fortunes many firefighting enviroments. Looking back now it shows just how improved the graphics really got between the two games.

---Don't judge me! I deserve a snack or two after a hard days defying the laws of realism!

Now its all fun and fat running around as a ballooned Nate+Zoran, but i would of still prefered to just have each character bloated up as such. Having a whole team of Drakes vs Zorans is just a lil too silly for my tastes, frankly a doughnut Elena would surely get more laughs out of me 8).

---That was once a swimming pool before tubsy tripped over his own feet flab

The new level, The Fort, is definatley a sweet addition just for the nostalgia factor, especially with a notable plane that happens to fly above after so long in the level.
But its definatley no myprefered $tyle of playwith its very long linear battleground in the centre of it.
What did surprise me is that The Fort was also added to the survival+Gold Rush coop missions. I've actually already completed them both :P but there admittedly one of the easiest out of the now 6 enviroments to play in.

My main gripe is....still no Sully????? Camon its from the original freakin game!! I don't remember Chloe dragging her rhino ass during that game...

---Christ....j....just give me a sec...and a pie

So yeah, my uncharted 2 infestation of my blogs continue :P

So consider this a noticefor anyone whohasn'trealised what there missing out on, or otherwise just enjoy the captions :P

*WARNING* Even more Uncharted 2 fetish talk

Uncharted 2 really has been the game of the month..s for me. I've still got my now-playing list pretty stacked but they've all been set aside for Uncharted 2 for the most part. I still haven't completed Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, still haven't even played Trine yet, have at least completed Borderlands and fortunatly I'm far from finished with it 8).

But Uncharted 2 has been everywere.

For starters, I wanna thank Sezzilla for the suuuuweeeeet Victor ''Goddamn'' Sullivan theme :D.

Then I've also got my bragging rights with concern to the coop portians of Uncharted 2. Two of the objective mode levels have been beaten on Crushing mode. And anyone whos had the frustration of playing through on said difficulty on coop will know how much ofa feat it really is :P. I duoed Nepal with Sezzilla but The Village level we admittedly needed some backup, to which ironically was given to us in the form of my 12 year old brother. We freakin sailed through it and i gotta say, for a 12 year old hes certaintly showing some promise with his gamage skill 8).

TheDonz999...I picked that out for him :P

Still on multiplayer, I also got to rank 41, which is nothing special but still its been a long haul just to get that far. Frankly its hard to imagine me getting to maximum level with consideration to how much exp i need just at the ranks in the 40s let alone the 50s. And with not even any trophies to gain from it, it seems like a sort of empty challenge to go for.
The multiplayer at that hass been getting a lil stale as of late, I still enjoy a quick skirmish of matchs on competitive but once I get The Sanctuary level crushed, there'll be little incentive for me to head back to any of the coop levels.

TheDonz999 has also been enjoying the game alot, multiplayer+single player, to which i'm so glad since of how hard it is to find a non-GTA game for him to enjoy >=/.

I'm also pretty close to Uncharted 2's platinum too, but i've actually been keeping mysef from it just to avoid that sense of closure gaining the platinum can give you. I'll get it eventually, least i like to think so, and my lil brothers already getting close himself too :D.

So yeah, as if the many blogs I've had dedicated to Uncharted 2 alone haven't given the impression, but Uncharted 2=GOTY for me most definatley and I can easily see it nabbing plenty of others at that.

Its the best game the ps3 has to offer and with its strong praise and sales, a sequel to make it a trilogy is surely in the minds of the developers.

Until then theres still the DLC. To which some will arrive before the end of the year at that. Its been confirmed as simple stuff like maps, characters and the like for multiplayer, but any reason to bring me back into the addictive competitive streaks is easily enough 8).

Allritey, ass-kissery end.

5 songs that always bring a smile to my face.

Or least...the closest to a smile i can get :evil:....:P

Not in any particular order so it doesn't work on a scale of like number 1 stretching my smile across to my ears while number 5 leaves me with a slight smirk.

1. Charles and Eddie, Would I lie to you baby?

2. Boston, More than a feeling.

3. Robert Palmer, Addicted to Love.

4. ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) Don't Bring Me Down.

5. Madness, Our House.

Their all c.lassics of course, our generation of music is mostly filled with deppresive and superficial tripe afterall :P

And yah, random blog for sure and not something i'm usually accustomed to...but **** it, we all need to smile sometime and if anyone isn't atm well listen to these 5 to hopefully force one out of you. 8)

How Taggtastic...

Yah been tagged, list 10 facts about myself, though of course who knows just how factual they really are.

1. I suck at fighting games but still like to play them,considert hat my service to the gaming make people feel better through winning. 8)

2.As a kid, around 9-10, I used to walk around all robotic like because i was trying to mimic the animations from the early RE games. My mum was so concerned/confused she took me to a doctor over it O.o

3. I've found that all of my favourite classic game franchises have only gone downhill since the current gen of games with the ps3+360.

4. Deafness>Blindness....I dunno, if anyone were to possibly ask what i'd prefer....theres yah answer.

5. Even though i'm a very skilled at being miserable bastard, I am also an optimist concerning some matters.

6. Username is named after the classic comedy quote A-cha-cha-cha. I don't quite know who was the original inventor of the phrase but I've heard it countless times parodied.

7. I believe I have some potential to be a stand-up comedian but I still lack the courage.

8. Voice acting is a career i'm dead-set on trying out before I die.

9. I'm very easily annoyed when it comes to anime. Besides a notable few, anime in general just has the knack to really get under my skin.

10. When I was around 11, I used to play the original Dead Or Alive in training mode just to watch the boobs bounce @.@

As always, I tagg noone...besides Mel Gibson...if he happens to have a GS profile. :o

I'll take my Soul's to go please.

I done it!! I freakin butt-raped the cruel entity that is Demon's Souls for all its I completed it, but i'm not talking about the initial playthrough, no thats old that I didn't feel deserved a bragging I completed the new game+. Which like most free-form RPG's is basically playing through again with your classic character just with the difficulty raked up by a few 100 notchs.

And I completed it :D:D:D My Priest bless his soul (shameless pun intended...), and sooo many others, braved through and managed to conquer over one of 2009s possibily most toughest gaming achievments 8).

Truthfully I am rather proud of myself, with the starting playthrough of the game being regarded as unforgivingly difficult on its own, actually besting the considerably tougher 2nd playthrough I'd say has really raised my gaming ego just a slight :P

As for pictures or it didn't happen, well theres not really any way to prove it :( besides just going by my word, to which is hardly enough for most but ****** it. I know what I accompolished and thats enough :lol:

Next, the platinum trophy :twisted:

Just what type of name is Yummylee anyway???....

Yeah as mentioned in the previous blog, I've come across a less than desirable number of ***s, ****s, ****ed up *****ers and the ever growing number of ********************ing *********** during my playtime on Uncharted 2's competitive multiplayer.

Recently though during a deathmatch I had a run in with one that really stood out for me though. It was your typical whino looking for some excuse to make himself feel better over his utter ownage. I was always killin the d0uche because...well he sucked and I don't...and everytime i'd hear a drone or sigh and then he'd even say ina mocking tone ''Just what type of name is Yummylee anyway??..''

I don't exactly know why but that one really flew right up to my face and spat at me. Maybe it was a slight insecurity of being judged based on a name, maybe I was a lil fed up of constantly having to put up with the blistering ass-pirates who'd always resort to some childish comments if they happen to die a few 100 times.

Whatever the reason i was pissed =/ Soon after I sent him an email titled ''Yummylee says Hi'':

''Hey jerk off, Yummylee is the name i picked because i wanted to, its also the name of the one who ****in whipped your team all over''

I first thought that was the end of it, i was hoping i made the pretensious twit guilty or least embarresed to get told by someone with sucha ''silly'' PS-ID. Didn't get any answer for a day and i sent that mesage literally seconds after the match with him ended, so i'd like to think he was just lost for words instead of instantly turning off his ps3 for a whole day after the match.

Day after, I wake up, put on Borderlands annnd around an hour in i receive the notice of a message reply, with the title no surprise to being called ''Yummylee says hi''
I was honestly pretty surprised, actually forgot about it at first and was tryin to wonder wtf was my name doing in a message topic :P.
Anywhoo he sent back:

''yummylee sounds g@y end of story'' yeeeeeah.

So i sent him back

''Lmao what are you 15?? your just a butthurt pr1ck who sucks at uncharted 2, end of story...''

Now i could tell he was stubborn enough to reply annnd so he did...with

''27 you had a good round big deal? it doesnt change the fact yummylee is g@y''

This seriously become more ofa joke, i mean at first i was insulted, now i was realising whatta waste of oxygen this prat is. Soo i sent back:

''oh man, your a ****in riot, 27?? My bad so your an immature butthurt pr1ck then....and doesn't change the ''fact''?? wow your opinion is equal to a legitimate fact??? christ thats quite an ego you've got there''

That was around 12 hours ago sooo i'm almost certain its been buried with me as the victor :twisted: not like i really truimphed over anything like..but still...least its given me some starting experience since i imagine i'll be havin alot of convos like that, with the people i'm finding over uncharted 2..:roll:

So yeah the point of this? to show off? not so much but theres definatley some of it there in my motivation :P But more so just to shed light on the people i'm always unlucky enough to find myself going up against on Uncharted 2
I mean so many people still dont have headsets...and the ones that do happen to be douches like this?? For shame :(

Try and Crush MEEEEE will you??

Uncharted 2, easily one of my favourite games of the year and without a doubt one of the best multiplayer packages I've come across. Not like its all too unique or reinvents any such aspects, but **** its still brilliant what with it being around Uncharted 2's smooth and swift gameplay.

The competitive I've gone through pretty frequently, sometimes with friends more often just with random matchmaking. Admittedly its more fun to win a match with some comradare :P but playing with complete strangers can be just as fun. Especially speaking for the headsetted teams....I'm not so used to multiplayer gameplay overall, least not of the competitive matchmaking stuff. I've played through some of course but not to the extent of U2. To that note, it did come asa surprise to learn how many annoying as **** hicks and ''gangstas'' seem to pollute the PSN.

Sooo many times have i heard people praising each other ''Nice one doooog''or taunting with''Or how you like me know b1tch''....and then when you get a sweet kill against them your a ''f4ggot''...:lol: I mean wow, i never knew that was still going on, it was annoying as you can imagine, plus those american hick accents can never sound pleasing to the ears to begin with, but now i always like to have all players unmuted just so i can then hear the frustration those dumbass inbred asswipes feel when I shotgun them in their face!! :twisted: Yeah with that said its much more facepalming to lose against sucha moronic lot but itsa price worth paying just to make them squeal in their funny lil voices.

Cooperative at least has always been good fun because i'm always playing with people I know.
Truthfully i'd like to admit i do excell pretty well in the coop portions, even so much as to duoing the Nepal level on crushing. I don't have the proof but my partner in glory Sezzilla does 8).

Most people I play with lack a headset so decent communication is pretty defunctant but we always seem to know how to react when playing anywhoo, shoot theguy whos choking me....all you need to know :lol:

Only problem with it is, I don't know enough people who play it :evil: I've got about 5 people tops but can never get them altogether at the same time. So you an uncharted 2 multiplayer fellow addictive then I need yah! :lol:

Shame theres no clan system available, but who knows if Uncharted 2 can stay as popular as it is some updates may come around. I mean theres at least DLC ready for release before the end of the year so who knows what else they might have planned.

Thats what I cal legitimate stealth @.@

The Saboteur.

---I've found me my new desktop screensaver right here8)

Admittedly its a game that actually looks to have been around previews, interviews and forums for a good while but me personally only just managed to give it a look, a quick look rather :P

I suppose i was sort of pushed away from the $tyle it was showing off, it sort of resembled some depression era Commandos esque title. Not some Irish Creed mixed with abit of Hitman and 3rd person shooting in their too.
And its being released in December?!? Development for 2 years?!? Well best that way since the anticipation i've now got can be quenched alot of quicker rather than had i found out all i knew now months before.

This is most definatley a game i'm very much interested in, with its solid, fast paced 3rd person shooting to its stealth abilities similair to the Hitman games to even platforming that looks reminiscent of inFAMOUS just with the main character now with a burning pile of cole up his ass...seriously the flimsly looking animations look to be the only downside to this very promising package. And the $tyle to which initially plagued my interest is now one its selling points. Dreery and incredibly atmosphere, it resembles a noir movie.

Finally to top it all Irish protagonist....awesome 8).

Too many games, too much time...the right amount of money

2009 has, and still is, being an absolute fantastic year for games. Most people feel it hasn't topped 2008 because of GTA4 and MGS4 but for me there hardly matching the titles that have been releases thus far.

Especially concerning the past couple of months where i'm literally swamped in awesome gamage...with plenty of time to play them all...and with enough spare cash to afford it all...almost sounds too good to be true, and well it is because once i'm finally pushed into looking for work and my free time is cut into lil snippets of each day, life certaintly won't be the same anymore. That said i'm definatley not going to take for granted the sweet supply of new games i've got lined up on my playlist 8).

Uncharted 2....theres a reason for its unanimous praise and thats because its an absolute gem of a game that deserves every high score its recieved. Its a game that every ps3 owner needs to own that is for certain.
Whats more on yeah this weekend I advise everyone who owns uncharted 2 to definatley have it inserted for some sweet experience deals and of course to possibily headshot a few of the developers themselves. :twisted:

Demon's Souls....This one wouldn't of been part of the list if it hadn't be for a recommendation for browsing ebay for a copy. Currently unavailable for the UK, and for who knows how long, I was fortunatly able to get me a £52 purchase from ebay. Its higher than the UK's already over-priced retail prices but with a game like Demon's souls its certaintly worth the extra price for me to have it sooner than later. Plus it even came with its OST so that was another noice bonus to justify its price.

Ninja Gaiden 2 sigma.....Its far from what I was expecting gameplay wise, its fun, frantic and very fast paced but christ is that camera a total ***** to control =/. And thats not just acting as an excuse for its difficulty either, I seriously feel the camera and how awrkward it can really make the battles, ruins the games. Its still a fun hack n slash and with its Sigma Iteration its notorious difficulty has seriously been trimmed down some, but with still giving a decent challenge....just sometimes for the wrong reasons. Plus its one of the few of its kind to feature coop play, so until a new DMC game can bring some of that too this is definatley my hack n slash for this year.

GTA4: The Ballad of Gay Tony...GTA4 was certaintly one of my most dissapointing titles of 2008, but it was still a very well polished game and one that has lasted me till now infact. TBoGT however just totally gives the game a very bright coat of paint with its amazing selection of new weapons, cars and in general a much more fun take on GTA4's already stable gunplay and driving. Some of the best DLC u can find and is still infact a very sweet purchase to which your definatley getting more than your moneys worth.

Trine....I downloaded this a few days ago just for its coop and also its rather beautiful looking enviroments, truth be told though I haven't played on it yet :P Too focused on the rest of the pack but it'll get its turn soon enough.

Borderlands....Same as Trine, however this hasn't arrived from my order yet. I'm already pretty packed with my games but adding borderlands coop based 30+ hour gameplay, november is certaintly gonna be a fun month 8) And thats even disregarding dragon age origins @.@

So yeah there what i've got on my gameplay platter at this moment and will probably still have before the years up, now to milk these past months freedom for all their worth :lol:

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