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Gamespot's Reviews.

Well, this will be an interesting thing to talk about. I fully trust Gamespot's reviews most of the time, usually they are accurate. But they are not perfect, we all know that. Now if you look around, you will notice that some games are underrated or overrated. I want comments on this; tell me if you agree with these scores Gamespot gave...

Duke Nukem 3D-8.8

Deus Ex-8.2

Doom 3-8.5

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3-10



Soul Caliber II-8.5(underrated)

Kingdom Hearts-8.4

I could go on and on my friends...so you see, around 80% of the reviews here on Gamespot can be trusted. The rest are either overrated or underrated, but that doesn’t mean Gamespot is a bad reviewer :D . I think GS is the best. Agree? Disagree?