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Clannad After Story review

I came to this anime with an open mind. I thought that clannad was ok, and i don't think i let the glowing super mega hype train of recommendations create unrealistic expectations. Yet, it seems almost like i saw a different series than everyone else did.

The story continues in the graduation year with akki baseball,violence directed at Sunohara,animal to human magic that reminds me of kanon, you know, the usual. The progression of the relationship between Nagisa, and Tomoya progresses fairly uneventfully.

Ehh. Usually i try to have a nice flowing entertaining review, but that isn't happening this time. So i'll just jump directly to criticism, and promise that the next anime review will be in the same vein as previous ones.

I could probably write a book about all the problems i have with this series.

Side stories:Filler, poor implementation

The magic: Made me realize that any drama would not have any consequences in the end. Which deflated all the drama.

Story progression: Every plot development i can think of came after they had dropped several obvious hints about exactly what they were doing next.

Relationship progression: The physical relationship development between Nagisa, and Tomoya jumped from new couple to normal married couple in a nanosecond.

In the end it all comes off as very sloppy, and uninspired .

Score: 2,6/5

1-5 scale

El cazador review

I recently rewatched el cazador de la bruja.

Total ammount of episodes: 26

Genre(according to ANN): Adventure,drama,mystery

El cazador is about a bounty hunter called Nadia. She captures a bounty called Ellis, but instead of turning her in to the authorities. She ends up helping her. All you find out early on is that she needs to go south. Guided by a mystic gemstone.

That might sound like a poor premise, but the characters are very charismatic, and some of the early episodes. Are just cute stories that have little to do with the main plot. Wich is about what Ellis is, and her trying to find clues about some of her lost memories. (not amnesia, just lost fragments)

There are people who are after them. Some just want the bounty, and others.... Have different objectives.

One of them is called L.A. Who seems to look like the male counterpart of Ellis. His weapon of choice is a giant wire(that pops out of a ring attached to his wrist) that can slice trough metal like it was butter. He is insane, and he hates humans. All he wants is to be with Ellis.

They are also followed by a guy named Ricardo. A bounty hunter that is more famour than Nadia, but his objective isn't to capture them. He has a companion named Lirio. Wich is a cute little girl that isn't his daughter, but is very important to him. (not in a Chris Hansen encounter way)

El cazador has an excellent soundtrack. One of the most elaborate i remember hearing.

The scenery is pretty interesting. Very well made backgrounds, and the characters are fairly unique. It's a bit hard to tell where this is set. It definetly isn't Japan. The closest i can think of would be America. Even if that gives a wrong impression. At times it looks like it could have been set in the old west, but then you see modern guns, and cars. There are a few locations that looks modern though. It sounds weird, but it's incorporated well.

Score: 4/5

Tacos tacos tacos :P

Side note: Still haven't been able to fix my computer problem.

Vandread review

First things first. What is a vandread? Well dread is a spaceship built primarily for combat. Van is a type of robot that serves the same purpose. The main difference is that the dread fights from a distance, and the van is usually restricted to melee comat.

When these combine they become a vandread. There is one van, and several different dreads. Different combinations create different dreads.

Oooh yeah mech power rangers, in space. That is just so super awesome that i probably don't need to say anything more to convince you to run out, and buy this!!!

Actually i would stare at you in a super awkward way if you actually did that :P

One of the most interesting aspects of this anime is the gender confusion. This is because here men, and women each have their own planet. The men, and women have been taught to think of the other gender as an enemy. This has been going on for so long that almost nobody even remembers that both men, and women originated from the same planet.

The story starts to unfold when a female pirate crew captures a spaceship from the men. There are a few men left on the ship. They become prisoners, but because of certain developments. As you would expect, they become crewmembers.

Like alot of other long space travels. This one is also features the standard "spaceship has been transported far away, and they need to get home". Fortunetly their traveling distance is far less than it has been for most others who have encountered this.

The action is pretty well done. Their presentation of the enemy does a fairly good job of aggrivating you. Even though the motivational lines for the good guys are a bit cheesy at times. A few times this actually felt like a combination of star trek, and new battlestar galactica.

After a while a few romantic developments start to appear. The main one between the main protagonist Hibiki(the van pilot), and one of the dread pilots. Nobody knows how to go about these kind of things. because of reasons stated above.

Even though the pattern is fairly standard stupid male in a harem fare.

This isn't anime that has alot of room for proper soundtrack. There are a few tunes that do stand out. They could have been better integrated in the scenes, but the effort is appreciated.

Score: 4/5 (total score for both seasons)

Great :D

BS6 review

Well it seems like i will be having regular blog updates from now on. So get used to it. Both of you! 8)

So now we have reached the bulk of this blog post. Wich is the BS6 review. Before you ask. No, it isn't the name of the most ridiculous power ranger clone ever made. It's an anime OVA called Blue submarine number 6.

The premise of this anime is fairly apocalyptic. Countless humans have faced an untimely demise at the hands of a man called Zorndyke. There is also the fact that a large quantity of habitable land has been flooded . Wich explains why a submarine would be essential in the fight for humanity's survival.

To his disposal. Zorndyke has an army of sea creatures operating some fierce machinery. There are also some huge biological monsters. Like the ones you would normally find at any self respecting mad scientist factory.

The focal point for most of the journey is a couple of pilots aboard BS6. One is young and idealistic, and the other seems like a rogue hero at first, but really isn't. There is also the "enemy" Mutio. Who does a good job of expressing alot. Without verbal communication.

Now for the technical aspects. Considering it is 10 years old. I was stunned by the visual quality. The computer animated part blend in well. My only complaint is a few lackluster explosions, and some low quality blur during movement of the drawn parts. Even though the latter was only noticeable in the last episode.

It also has a great soundtrack. One of the best that i have ever heard.With a jazzy feel that pops in at just the right time.

In conclusion this is the most full fledged story OVA that i have seen. Even though the time restrictions of the OVA are noticeable. Wich can be seen trough the untapped potential of several scenes, and junctions.

Score: 3,8/5

Now for some general stuff: I plan on making my next blog post this weekend. It will mainly be asking for comments about the banner that i'm currently working on. It will also contain some of my ideas for the future of this blog.

There was one more thing. I want to have a song in all general blogs(hint?) from now on. Why? Because i need a bit of a push to make myself look for new music. If you oppose this then just say so.


Stay tuned :)

Anime blog 1!

Now that i have been thinking of all sorts of crazy titles for this blog, and somehow ended up with a super generic one. It's finally time for another Tobli blog. *watches tumbleweed drift by*

Honestly i didn't plan on making a blog today.I just started writing about the first thing that popped into my head.

As some of you might have noticed. Anime is my favourite form of entertainment. (i have lost count of how many time i have used that sentence) Anyway the reason why it was on my mind during this time is because i have just finished a series wich is called ef- a tale of memories.

For several days, and sometimes weeks after i have watched a great/superb anime. A strong wave of euphoria surges trough me, and my surroundings. For those who have seen scrubs. It's like when dr Cox was having a very good day, and it affected the whole hospital.

I wanted to write a review. Unfortunetly ef is not suited for suitable material for someone who hasn't written any review in a while.Because it's a bit hard to decide how much info i could use without spoiling anything..

I will say how high i rated it though. I score titles between 1-5. I'm fairly lenient. So it's not that hard to get a 5.

3 = Worth watching

4 = Great

5 = Fantastic

The ammount of titles that have received a 5 in my archives is 15.

The ammount of titles that have received under 3 is 4.

Don't let those numbers deceive you. The number between 3, and 4 is very high. I think 3-3,5 is the most common score.

The four titles that scored under 3 are the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, excel saga,Kogepan, and Saishu Shiken Kujira.

The score that Ef got was 4,5/5.