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Kingdom Hearts Review

Hello gamespot.

I finished kingdom hearts yesterday and tbh wasnt all that impressed, now dont get me wrong its not a bad game and was good enough to make me want to play KH2 but i dont think its as good as what i've heard, i scored it at a 7.5 and think thats a fair score, if you get the time to read it then thats much appreciated.

I have now started valkyrie profile 2 and so far its been great, alot different to what i was expecting but really good so far, glad i saved it till last :lol:

my shadow of the colossus problem still hasnt been sorted out because i cant get an address to send it too. i sent the guy a msg through ebay and he didnt reply so i sent him another and got a reply on my email from a different email address to what i had previously recieved with a house address to send it too but i didnt get a msg on my ebay ? confused ? :lol: i dont really know what to do about that at the moment, any advice would be much appreciated.