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first impressions part 2

hello gamespot :)

i finished God of War this weekend so have now started ico, i have played about 4 hours so far and it keeps getting better. I wasnt blown away by it at the start but im really enjoying it now and cant seem to put it down. so far, so good :)

God of War was great, much enjoyed. i have a review up for it so if you get the time to read it that would be much appreciated, i also reviewed assassins creed as i finished that the other day, so if you get the time :P

another profile change, i dont know who she is or what she is from, i just had to make a banner with it because it looked so good :lol: there is a header to match aswel.

thanks for reading my short update :lol:, i will keep you upto date with ico in my next blog :)