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crossing of my wish list

hello gamespot :)

today has been quite good for me gaming - wise. i bought five new games off ebay, i have been wanting most of them for a while so i went abit crazy :P

the first is valkyrie profile 2 : silmeria. i have wanted this game for a long time now and was probably my most wanted game on my wishlist, its an rpg made by square - enix, looks like my kind of game so im looking forward to playing it.

the second game i bought is ico, i think it looks great, it was one of the more exspensive games but its the limited edition with the art cards and stuff.

number 3 is god of war, alot of people have played this game and all seem to love it, this has also been on my wishlist for some time so im glad i have finaly picked it up.

the 4th game is kingdom hearts, i think i will be playing this first. alot of final fantasy fans tell me how good it is and i see good reviews everywhere.

and the last game was the most exspensive, i think it looks great. i watched 5_LD_5's vid the other day and thought i just have to get it, its been on my wishlist for too long (like all the others) so i had to pick it up. this is also the limited edition with the art cards and stuff.

quite excited about finally being able to play these, ( i hope they come soon :P ) i have assassins creed to play while im waiting though so all is good :D

thanks for reading, im sure i will review the games once i beat them.

also here is my latest sig, cnc if you want :D