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worlds largest game collection ? part 1

ok so i thought i would show off my game collection ...... here it is

yeah right :P ....

i was looking for pictures on google and stumbled across a page that i thought would interest everone here at gamespot, is this the worlds largest collection ? or just another crazy gamer who puts his money where his hobby is ....the man who owns this collection asked the website who host the pics to be known as videogamecollector ( or vgc for short )so he will be refered to that here aswell ..... in a small interview which i will cover in my next blog because i cant fit it all in :Phe seemed quite level headed and didnt want to talk aboutthe collection much, however he did answer the questions and we now know just a little bit about this mysterious man :P .....

make sure to check part 2 of the blog for more pics ( there is 15 in total ) and the interview from the man ( vgc )himself ..

click on the pics for full view .....

mana ...

inactive mana

hello people.

im sure alot of you have noticed that i havent been here for a while. i do still love gs and would be here everyday if i could but at the mo my pc is not feeling very well. so i need to get it fixed before i return to normall and with a bit of luck that wont be long now.

on another note i have been occupided with my games, i bought dragon quest : journey of the cursed king, star ocean : till the end of time, final fantasy X2 ( finally ), tomb raider legend, and im waiting for advent children to arive.

i made a new sig kind of quick the other day because my old one has been up way to long.

you can rate it if you want, c and c is always welcome :D


i changed my banner again .... you can quite see it all because of the tabs but you can click on this one if you want to see it all .... i changed my avy aswell .... you can rate them if you want or just let me know what you think :D

long time no blog

firstly to anyone who has made a request i am sorry, i have fallen far behind in my requests and have a ton to do ..... if you did make one then please resend it to me and i will get it done as soon as possible .........

also i have missed quite alot of blogs in the past couple of weeks but i should be back to normal now with a load of coments for you all :D 

on another note i have changed my avy again so you will have to get used to this one now :P but i like it ......

once again sorry to all requsters


avatar in a bottle emblem

w00t yeah i got a new emblem so im pretty happy now :D ...... im not quite sure if any of mine got accepted but i have had a quick look and one of the ff avys looks really similar to one i made so i will have to check again ..... anyway here is the emblem

Sailing the seas of artistry.
This person helped others spice up their forum posts by designing avatars for GameSpot's community. No matter which bottle ye open, there's a treasure in every one!

ps3 launch

here in england the ps3 will be officially for sale at 12.00 tonight, people have been waiting outside shops since last night so they are sure to get one ........ if you ask me i think its rediculas and i refuse to pay silly prices ....... the ps3 is guarented to come down in price over the next couple of years and i will pick it up then ..... i think it will be a great system but with the 360 and wii out for cheaper i think i know where my money lies for the moment .....

i suppose its ok for some people who earn £450 a day but for us average joes or us people who have to pay for these things ourselves i think its fair to say the ps3 is just to exspensive for us ...... the 360 does catch my eye though and i think i will buy one as soon as i can .....

i have been a big fan of the ps1 and ps2, im sure one day i will be a big fan of the ps3 but as for now its just too exspensive and launch day now meens nothing to me