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new banner, header and avy

hello gamespot :D

i have been having alot of trouble with my internet recently, sometimes i cant view images or access certain websites, photobucket being the main one. if you are waiting for a request to be completed i will finish it asap but i might need to send it you through e-mail :? it seems to have cleared up today but its not quite right.

i also changed my banner, header and avy from ff 13 to vs 13. i didnt really like the other theme so i changed it. you will have to click my ''profile'' button to see it properly.

new reviews and new sigs

hello gamespoters :D

i fiished two reviews today for tenchu : wrath of heaven and the bouncer, there not that long so if you get some time i would appreciate it if you read them :D i will probably have a few more done sometime this week aswell.

here are a few sigs i made over the past couple of days, there is more but i think these three are probably the best. you can rate if you like.

thanks :D

reason for absence

hello gamespoters :D

some of you might have noticed i havent been online for about 3 weeks, though it seems alot longer :P i wont fill you in with the boring details :P im glad to be back though :D

in my time of absence i have played through a few games,

total overdose

hitman contracts

tenchu : wrath of heaven

the bouncer

they were all cheap so i picked them up for something to play, the bouncer i have had for about a year just never really played it. it only took about an hour to finish :P

i seem to say this alot but expect reviews for them soon :D

i changed my profile just before i got cut off, it needed a change. the banner and header are abit plane but looks ok imo.

i will try and get round to all of your blogs tommorow and if you sent me a pm i will reply but i have 62 to go through so it might take some time :D

thanks :D

new sigs and games

hello gamespoters :D

i think i mentioned in a previous blog that i bought resident evil, re zero, re 4 and eternal darkness for my cube, well anyway i have been playing re4 and i think its awesome, why didnt anyone tell me how good it is :P:D finished that yesterday and am now doing the mercenary missions you unlock when you finish the game. i will probably have a review up for that next week.

i'v played a couple of hours of RE and it seems like a good remake but the other two havent been in my cube yet, anyone recommend which one to play first ? it will probably be eternal darkness though as im having a resident evil overload :lol:

i didnt do a christmas or new year blog but the holiday was quite good. what about all of you crazy cats ?

a couple of sigs here for you all to rate, i must admit im quite pleased with them :P


hello gamespoters :D

i have been playing gears of war recently, i still dont own a next gen but have been playing it with a friend, we finished it on casual and hardcore and are now playing through on insane. the game is awesome, you can expect a review soon. he showed my a bit of assassins creed aswell and that looked great but he said its repetative.

i also played the wii for the first time recently, was playing wii sports. it seemed ok, i think it would be good if there was a few of you but i was playing it on my own.

im still playing through ff12 and have been playing for about 50 hours so far and have finished all the side quests up to this point. i wont drop any spoilers but am up to giruvagen ( i dont know how to spell it :P )

here is some new sigs for you all to rate. i like the last one the best.

new sig and updates.

hey all :D

well i randomly got promoted to leader of mystic designs the other day. its only been open a couple of days but its starting to get bigger and i might stay with it for a while. i could use your help so if you are a designer then please come down :D requesters are also welcome :D

im still playing through final fantasy 12, not that far but am trying to finish it 100% so im doing all the side quests etc.

not much else to report, just another short blog. hope you all have a good weekend.

and here is my sig. im quite happy with it :D

assassins creed

i only played for a short time but what i saw was awesome. i still haven't gotten my hands on a next gen console but did play it at a friends, it reminded me of prince of persia but looked so much better.

have made a few new sigs but nothing special as im still just getting back into the swing of things. i will be uploading aload of avys soon so feel free to use them :D.

also i have two new reviews up, one for abes exoddus and the other for star ocean so if you could give them a read that would be great :D i will have alot more soon

new sigs

some new sigs, im still trying to get used to things after my long break, things are starting to come back but i still feel rusty. i have some more in my images so click the images tab if you want to see them. cnc is always welcome. thanks.



first review in a year :P

yeah its bad right :P like blace said the other day i need some new ones and i have alot of games to review so expect alot more soon. the review itselfisfor metal gear solid 2, so if you have some time check it out and let me know what you think :D

other news, i changed my avy and will prob change my banner soon aswell, i need abit of practise after not being able to use a pc for like 4 months :P so i will be back making sigs and you will prob get asked to comment on them in the near future :P

got to say thanks to you all for the kind comments on my last blog :D


anyone remember mana ?

hello people.

im now officially back for good. my pc broke months ago and i havent been able to get on gamespot, the good news is i now have a laptop so i should be here all the time :P ....... while i have been inactive i have been making my way through quite alot of games, just bought a few gamecube games and am replaying through final fantasy 12 at the mo ......

there are quite a few people who i havent spoke to beforethat started tracking me in my absence so i will make my way over to your profiles soon ......

thanks for reading my short blog:D

Mana ....