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christmas bargain bin

hi guys :)

how are you all ?, today i took a trip to my local gamestore and found myself standing alone in the ps2 section with some really cheap games, so i picked up

: Rogue Galaxy

: Atelier Iris 2 : The Azoth of destiny

: capcom fighting jam

: snk vs capcom

: capcom classics collection volume 1

: capcom classics collection volume 2

: beyond good and evil

: kingdom hearts 2

: grand theft auto vice city stories

capcom classics were good buys with a few gems on each including the original street fighter, street fighter II, strider, 1941, bionic commando, final fight, ghosts n goblins and more. have started playing rogue galaxy and so far its great, will probably review a few of them when im done.

i got promoted to leader status in the snes rpg union and echo graphics but i dont actually want either as i dont have enough time so if anyone wants to take charge of either of them just let me know.

have a good christmas :D

has it been that long.

hi people :)

its been over two months now since i made a new blog and tbh i've not really had anything to blog about :p. i havent been on the site as much as i used to but i have been coming on once a day to check all your blogs (even if i didnt comment i have been reading them, honest :P )

played through quite a few games but havent had enough time to review them, just finished shadow of the colossus 100% and getting to the secret garden took alot of time (it wasnt worth it :lol: )

alot of games coming out at the moment so im sure you'll all be busy over the next couple of months, well, enjoy it :)

missing in action

hello gamespoters.

some of you may have noticed that i've been MIA for a few months. I havent had enough time to check blog posts or unions due to work, i still wont be on as much for a few more months but i do check my pm's everyday so if you need to contact me then do it there :). i did get removed from a couple of friends lists during this time of absence which i was kinda suprised at because i've known a few of these people for such a long time (the others i dont really care about :P) but havent had any demotions yet :lol:.

i need to thank cashman for the awesome gift, thanks cash :P

short and sweet i know. speak soon peps :D

Kingdom Hearts Review

Hello gamespot.

I finished kingdom hearts yesterday and tbh wasnt all that impressed, now dont get me wrong its not a bad game and was good enough to make me want to play KH2 but i dont think its as good as what i've heard, i scored it at a 7.5 and think thats a fair score, if you get the time to read it then thats much appreciated.

I have now started valkyrie profile 2 and so far its been great, alot different to what i was expecting but really good so far, glad i saved it till last :lol:

my shadow of the colossus problem still hasnt been sorted out because i cant get an address to send it too. i sent the guy a msg through ebay and he didnt reply so i sent him another and got a reply on my email from a different email address to what i had previously recieved with a house address to send it too but i didnt get a msg on my ebay ? confused ? :lol: i dont really know what to do about that at the moment, any advice would be much appreciated.

shadow of the colossus : bad update

Im so angry right now, this game was exspensive, everyone says how good the game is and i agree it is great so i spent more than i normally would. i have been playing the game for about five hours give or take, i think im on the 12 colossus and it keeps crashing and then reseting itself. its not like i can take the game back because it was of ebay.

To carry on playing this excellent game i will have to again overpay for a game that i already have. For obvious reasons i dont want to do this. played God of war great game no problems, played Ico great game no problems, played shadow of the colossus great game and it does this !!!!! i really cant believe it,

At least i have the box to look at because that more than makes up for it :roll:

First impressions part 3

hello :)

Today i finished ICO, i thought that was a great game, cant say i have really played anything like it before. it has my recommendation anyway. I have made a review so anyone that reads it, you have my thanks :)

i made first impressions 1 and 2 i thought i should do 3 :lol: shadow of the colossus seems great so far and well worth the money i payed for it, i think im hooked :P i cant think of another game like it, it just seems so good. the graphics are beautiful and the music is great, i think it might even make it to one of my favourite game lists if it stays this good :shock:

for any requesters that i havent reply'd to, im trying my best but have so many to do and dont like letting people down, i might ask a couple of designer friends if they could help out.

thanks for all the comments on the last blog about the new banner. much appreciated :)


first impressions part 2

hello gamespot :)

i finished God of War this weekend so have now started ico, i have played about 4 hours so far and it keeps getting better. I wasnt blown away by it at the start but im really enjoying it now and cant seem to put it down. so far, so good :)

God of War was great, much enjoyed. i have a review up for it so if you get the time to read it that would be much appreciated, i also reviewed assassins creed as i finished that the other day, so if you get the time :P

another profile change, i dont know who she is or what she is from, i just had to make a banner with it because it looked so good :lol: there is a header to match aswel.

thanks for reading my short update :lol:, i will keep you upto date with ico in my next blog :)

first impressions

Hello gamespot :D

First impressions : God of war.

i played about five or six hours so far and this game seems like the real deal, im really enjoying it, i had a big smile on my face when i turned it on because it was that good, it takes alot for a game to do that. the combat in it is great, it reminds me of warrior within only better, my only complaint is i hate respawning, you kill whats there there and then another seven come out of the ground gggrrrrr :P

First impressions : Kingdom hearts.

kingdom hearts seems good from what iv seen, i only played an hour or so just to check it worked and it looked quite good, im looking forward to playing it some more but wont be playing this or valkyrie before i finish god of war, ico or shadow of the colossus.

First impressions : Valkyrie profile 2.

WOW !!! i just watched the opening cut scene to (again) check it was working, this game looks amazing, its been the number one game on my wish list for about six months and its nice that it looks as good as i was hoping.

haven't tested any of the others yet, god of war has been keeping me occupied :P i did finish assassins creed before gow, i thought that was an awesome game. i can see what people mean by its repetitiveness but i still really enjoyed it, a review should be up in a couple of days.

also i have about seven banners, a couple of headers and a few sigs to make so if you are waiting on something i will try and get it done soon but i have alot to get through so it might take some time.

thanks :D

crossing of my wish list

hello gamespot :)

today has been quite good for me gaming - wise. i bought five new games off ebay, i have been wanting most of them for a while so i went abit crazy :P

the first is valkyrie profile 2 : silmeria. i have wanted this game for a long time now and was probably my most wanted game on my wishlist, its an rpg made by square - enix, looks like my kind of game so im looking forward to playing it.

the second game i bought is ico, i think it looks great, it was one of the more exspensive games but its the limited edition with the art cards and stuff.

number 3 is god of war, alot of people have played this game and all seem to love it, this has also been on my wishlist for some time so im glad i have finaly picked it up.

the 4th game is kingdom hearts, i think i will be playing this first. alot of final fantasy fans tell me how good it is and i see good reviews everywhere.

and the last game was the most exspensive, i think it looks great. i watched 5_LD_5's vid the other day and thought i just have to get it, its been on my wishlist for too long (like all the others) so i had to pick it up. this is also the limited edition with the art cards and stuff.

quite excited about finally being able to play these, ( i hope they come soon :P ) i have assassins creed to play while im waiting though so all is good :D

thanks for reading, im sure i will review the games once i beat them.

also here is my latest sig, cnc if you want :D

cleared friends list + bday + gfx

hi :D

i cleaned my friends list the other day as i only get about 20 comments on my blog and for over 200 people on my friends list thats not very good. so about half have gone, i will probably edit some more aswell.

i was also thinking i would do a series of blogs about ''the games that started it all'' it will be about my favourite old-school games, the games that started my addiction :P

its also my 20th birthday today incase anyone is intrested :P


my latest gfx