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@fanboymctroll: Honestly, ask yourself this question in 20 years ... you'll have your answer. :D The simple answer is yes, sometimes the experience exceeds the monetary expense.

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The platinum trophies are a way for me to extend playing a game I really enjoy. "I loved playing it so much, I platinumed it."

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@turtlethetaffer Thank you for starting an interesting thread. (Haven't been on in a while and needed some conversation. :) )

I'm not as certain as if there is a direct problem with this generation itself as the gaming industry has evolved to this point. (Apologizing early on not trying to correct your comment itself.) I feel your pain for the current state of gaming in general. The gaming studios are much larger businesses nowadays and are built for making money and sustaining jobs, not creating new ideas and trying to make a splash into the market. I would simply mark it up to the ugly monster of simply making money.

Does that make it right? No. What can we do about it? Not buy their games and try to laugh at these company's attempts to make a quick buck.

However, keep in mind that if you don't buy these crappy games from a certain company, your favorite titled game may have had it's last version.

I agree with @Ovirew ... many other conversations as a result of this thread. Maybe we can tackle them all. :D

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@frame_dragger How much time will be WASTED in court on this issue? Those court costs are not by the hour. The lawyers are funded by one side or the other, but there are more than just the lawyers that will be handling the case. Who pays those people's salaries? Tax payers. You need to do YOUR homework before using your condescending tone. You also understand that since your lack of respect is apparent, you are a hypocrite to think that others should respect your opinions. I shouldn't even have wasted MY time saying that, but honestly, I'm trying to do you a favor.

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When has Blizzard ever delivered on their initial release date? The game will still be good and a must buy for it's true fans.

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I'm sure that several million consumers bought this game so that they could select Adam Levine as their character ... (eyes rolling) So you didn't get paid enough 3 years ago? (eyes rolling again) Good luck in court ... thanks for wasting our tax dollars.

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Interesting conversation. Voice over is definitely not the biggest change that needs to be made though.

The game needs a little more loosely structured. It's basically baby fed to you. There's really very little 'adventure' to the game anymore. It's gottentoo linear.

They should go back to the original game and build upon its wandering and discovery. Ironically, this could be done pretty simply. Make it possible to enter every dungeon except the last one, essentially allow the game to be possibly beaten without the gadgets, but finding and using them would make things easier.

No more Big or Boss keys. Really? Who cares? The game is so linear, it's not like its hard to find anymore. What's the point? Besides, why would the boss need to locked in their own room?

Get better usage out of gadgets. They're pretty mucha single dimension device that is required to defeat the boss within the same dungeon. Have fewer, but better utilized gadgets.

Magic Wand. Seriously, you're talking the sky's the limit here. Why did it vanish in the first place? It would be similar to the masks in MM.

No more water temples. Has there ever been a good one?

Ganondorf is really Link's father. Okay, just joking here. I think another angle here from the standard theme would be nice. MM did a good job with the story line.

Have the Tri-Force actually mean something. You spend all of this time to find pieces of it and it does what? You'd be better off trying to find loose change in your couch.

If you have the motion control now, have more attacks utilizing the cursor. Step up the difficulty.

Let us play Zelda for a while for a new angle. Maybe even Ganondorf would be interesting.

Sorry, you said one thing...uh...how aboutvoice-overs? jk

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It's been a while since I've posted, but I was wondering if anyone had heard any news of Majora's Mask to be released on the Virtual Console in the near future.

Does anyone else think this game has been overlooked?

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There is no debate when both games should be played.

Depends on the genre you prefer. Galaxy won game of the year last year and has a higher rating.

I personally think the Zelda series the best genre of ALL current platforms and games, regardless of 'ratings.'

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Not to pull rank here, but the original Punchout! was a coin-op. Followed by Super Punchout!

Both fantastic sports-themed games for their time. The NES version, although fun, never had the same 'feel' as the coin-op.

The opponents had more character and style than the washed out NES version. Pizza Pasta, Piston Hurricane...names you would never forget if you played it during the era.