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Its My Birthday/New Computer

Well I didn't get to level 30 in a year but im almost done 27 maybe with a bit more daily gamespoting il make it to 30 by late summer.I got a new gaming computer and razar naga gaming mouse so il be playing way more games than usual. I havnt been gaming as much since I stoped subscribeing to live but thats all over now.Well im going to enjoy my day play some games and celebrate the night ahead. Recommend me some good games for a 6gb ram laptop with a dual radeon graphics card. cheap steam games are probably what il get.

Happy St.Patrick's Day Gamespot.

Yep that's right, its that great time of the year again. A time when McDonalds sells horrible tasting green milkshakes to remind you their name is Irish, short guys dress in green overalls and parade down the street with pots of gold and rainbows and everyone becomes an alcoholic. Although some of you may not know the story of how St.Patricks day came to be.Its the anniversary of the death of the patron saint of Ireland, St.Patrick. He was known throughout all of Ireland and everyone drank as a way to get over his death...I guess that they had such a good time they decided to do that every year.

Those Irish sure know how to throw a party. One of my Irish gaming buddies gave me this idea. We invented a new drinking game called "Beer-thesda" every time I see a glitch in Skyrim (This can be played with any Bethesda game). You have to take a shot... we have been playing for an hour and I think I might be winning? We still got 1 bottle of green patron to finish off. I let him take the controller so I could post this blog and get my Gamespot level up :P

Later we may go to the park and look for a four leaf clover, because "honestly todays the best day to look."(Drunk logic) If I was ever going to find one again it would be today, I threw away my old one because I was 6 and an idiot after awhile it went yellow and brown and was dying so I thought it was out of magic and threw it away... LOL. Anybody else got some fun ideas for drinking games or have a St.Patricks Day story to tell. Leave a comment.

The Raptr Union needs a leader

As you may know I am the leader of The Raptr Union. Its a union with great potential here at Gamespot but I let it die. I just do not have the time to try and restart the union so I have decided to give my position as leader away.Send me a message if you are interested and why and I will pick my favorite on the 9th of July.

YEAH Level 26

I havnt been on this Gamespot as much as id like to be so ive made it my sole mission to get to level 30 before my birthday(If thats possible)

Top 10 Ways The World Will End In 2012. #10


As you can see by this horrifiying video courtosay of Youtube, We should be very very afraid of bears carrying bow staffs. Now normally if you saw a bear you would run away and possibly live to tell the tale over a beer to some women your trying to impress. But its commen knowledge that you cant outrun Ninja Bears (Thank you Wikipedia)Now that the Black Bear & Panda Bear population is rising thanks to PETA(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) they will have to be taken care of in zoos and parks. If one of them sees the Ninja Bear video they will try to learn his skills. Soon they will realize that with those skills they can break out of there zoo's and parks and conqur mankind. Aftercalculations ive done with a broken calculator the Black Bear/Panda population of 3000000 will surpass mans population of6,697,254,041 in a matter of 2 years. Thats 2012, The mayans where right. Obviosly the only way we can survive is to start learning Kung-Foo.

Facebook Status

My buddy told me I always had a funny facebook status so I decided to write them down here and spread the word. Remember that my name is shown before most of these so some wont make sense unless you imagine my name before the sentence.

Why is it that everyone I know is suddenly into reading? Books are the poor man's internet.

is not worried about aliens conquering humanity.

Thinks that turtles would be faster if they didnt have to carry a shell.

The PSN Crashed, man am I glad to own a 360 :P

I just got a toy helicoptor my friend told me lets get this puppy in the air. I said puppys can't fly........ at least mine couldn't.

Is not sure what to do with all the plastic wrapping from the Earth Day presents I got.

Just realized a banana kind of looks like a #$@! (I had to sensor it use your imaginations)

Spent the day at the Museum of Natural History. Nothing came to life.

Just realized I get 89% of my daily calories between the hours of 11pm-1am. Thanks Doritos.

Apparently the music industry is honoring people tonight. I didn't realize there still was a music industry.

After watching Futurama I realized that scracth and sniff lotto tickets would be the best invention since toast

Just heard the funniest thing ever " A good way to alleviate boredom/not break the law on an airplane: Yell "EVERYTHING'S FINE!!!"

I think the word abbreviation is to long considering what it means.

Someone just ruined the ending to the movie I already saw. :(

If it weren't for Nintendo back in 1985, we probably wouldn't have video games today. Regardless, I think the Wii sucks.

Who needs a Bangkok Passport? I got 3

Got up way to early and before i do anything i go to facebook

The Big List

Here is a list of the following achivements I am going to try to get. Although now I cant try getting them now because I got carpal tunnel syndrom after writing all of this. I am also Going to make a * for the ones ive gotten. Last update 05-09-2010

Achievement List

Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

Man Of The People *
Bird On The Ground *
Look Sharp *
Deep and Hard *
Your Show Sucks
The Ultimatum
Eyes and Ears

Left 4 Dead

Survive No Mercy Campaign
Spinal Tap
Dead Stop
Witch Hunter
Toll Collector
Dead Baron
Clean Kill
Double Jump
Chain Smoker
Stand Tall
Field Medic
Akimbo Assassin
Helping Hand
Do Not Disturb
Big Drag
Barf Bagged
What Are You Trying To Prove
Zombie Henocidest

Kung Foo Panda

Level 8 100%
Level 4 100%
Master Of All

Halo 3

Marathon Man
Killing Frenzy
Steppin Razor
We're in for some Chop
Mongoose Mowdown
Maybe Next Time Buddy
Zombie Repeller
Delicious Brains
Road Rage
Two For One
Have Fun Respawning
Vidmaster Challange Annual
Save This Film

Gears Of War 2

One Night Stand
Open Relationship
Organ Grinder
Back to Basic
Crowd Control
Takes a Licking
Said The Spider to the Fly
Pack Rat
Rookie Gear
Crossed Swords
Artist of war
Friends with Benefits
Pound of Flesh
Suicide Missionary
Beat the Meatflag
Seriously 2.0


You're Sponsered
South American Tourist
European Toruist
Asthetiker Event Winner
Absinthe Event Winner
The Bandit
Method Event Winner
Snowboard Magazine Event Winner
Huck Magazine Event Winner
Youve Become A Legend
Tour Guide
Youve Become a Phenomenon
Rider Of The Year

Assassins Creed 2
No Hitter

Guitar Hero Aerosmith

Get It Up
Aint That a B***H
Movin Out
When I needed You
Big Ones
Same Old Song and Dance
My first Your Face
Dont Get Mad, Get Even
Soul Saver
What It Takes

Battlefield Bad Company 1

Catch The Bad Moment
Dog Owner
Staying Alive
Be the Best
Never Used a Door
On Top Of Thw World
Darwins Parachute
With My Devil Dogs
Check My Grill
Clean Sweep
Gold Digger

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Look Ma Two Hands *
Drive By *
Ghost *
Honor Roll
Star 69


Theres No "I" in team
Fully Loaded
Ding Champion

Prince Of Persia

Concubine Special
Light Seeds Gatherer
Warrior Special
Precious Time
Light Seeds Accumulator
Royal Palace Runner
City Of Light Runner
Ruined Citadel Runner
Vale Runner
Light Seeds Protector
Sword Master

Dragon Age Origins


Game Room

My First Game
My First Mascot
My First Medal
Too Cool for my score
my first challange
medal collector
medal variety
the player
80s skilled
level up
double trouble
my first win
geame beater
Arcade Junkie
My blisters have blisters
Retro Addict
level 5
Arcade Hustler
Retro Expert
The new old schooler
Medal Enthusiast
Challange Cheif
Challange Master
Arcade Shark
Level 8
machine not man
matchstick eyes

Battlefield Bad Company 2

Battlefield Expert
Award Addictied
Engineer Expert
Assault Expret
Medic Expert
The Dentist
Careful Guidence
Combat Service Support
Multiplayer Elite
Mission... Accomplished
Pistol Man
Complete Blackout
Et Tu Brute

Grand Theft Auto 4

Retail Therapy
Half Million
Team Player
Gobble Gobble
Rolled Over
Chain Reaction
Cleaned The Mean Streets
Finish Him
You Got The Message
No More Strangers
Top Of The food Chain
Genetically Superior
Dare Devil
Taking It for the team
Auf Widersehen Petrovic

Help Wanted

Hey guys. As you may or may not know I am on an achievements run. I need help getting some achievements on the following games and id be willing to help you to. Call Of Duty Modern Warefare 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2,Gears of War 2 and Halo 3.

The Race Has Begun

Out of some crazy obsenion with Gamerscore I have decided to go on an achevements run like no other. Currently my Achevement percentage is 51.1% I plan on getting it to 75% by the end of the year. That may seem like its can be easily done but remember that im going to get new games which will make the total percentage go down with every new one I play and it will stay down untill I get enough unlocked on those games. Feel free to drop by my page and see how my progress is doing. Well now im off to waste my life see you in a few years when im done playing.

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