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28 Weeks Later

I have returned from the theaters having seen the sequel to the great 28 Days Later.  If you're planning on seeing the film, don't bother reading the short recap of the film below.  Just skip down to the words END.


28 Weeks Later takes place, well, 28 weeks after the infection breaks out.  Much of London has been quarantined thanks to US forces.  They are taking in survivors and have somewhere in the number of 15,000 people living within the city.  The movie follows a family more or less.  The father escaped a house in a cottage after it's attacked by the infected and he is forced to flee while his wife is left in the house with the infected attacking.

He later finds his son and daughter, who sneak out of the safe walls of London to go back to their home outside the city.  They find their mother there who was persumed to be dead.  The US forces bring her back to London where they run tests on her.  Seems that she has been infected but something is causing the infection to not turn her into a blood-thirsty monster.  Note: she has two different eye colors and so does her son.

Anyway, all heck breaks loose when the husband finds out his wife is actually alive.  He goes to her, while she's still strapped to the testing table and kisses her.. thus.. spreading the infection to himself.  Yea, not good.  It isn't long before the civilians are being attacked and turned into infected and the US forces are left with no choice but to kill everyone, infected or not.  I'll stop here leaving you all on the edge of your seats so you'll go see the movie.


Overall I thought this was a fantastic film and better than the original in every way.  The acting, the visuals, the infected, were all better than in the first film.  If you saw 28 Days Later you simply must see this sequel.  There's quite a bit of action and a crapload of gore!  Whoo!  The ending though is.. eh.. not what you would hope for.  28 Years Later maybe? I sure hope so.

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Update with balls.

Weekly Top Artists (April 26-May 6) RyFryy's Profile Page

I was wondering if anyone knows a site or maybe even a store that sells foosballs. Just the balls. We recently acquired a foosball table with zero balls. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, I got some wicked deals at Best Buy this week and I feel like bragging.. maybe even collar poppin'. I finally picked up Clerks 2 and for a smackin' $9. I also got Soundgarden's wicked 'Badmotorfinger' and Steely Dan's grooving 'Aja' albums for $6 each. Werd.

Just a few more days of school left before this semester is over. GAWD YES. Later.

Jesus of Jelly Beans

I just found the Jesus of Jelly Beans.

Dr. Pepper Jelly Beans. Yes, it's real and they're freakin' DE-LIC-IOUS. Follow this link, buy some, and say hello to Heaven.
I've heard some rather interesting things in the movie department as of late. For starters, Darren Aronofsky (director of Requiem for a Dream, Pi, and The Fountain) is working on a screenplay about Noah.. Noah's Ark. Having seen pretty much all his films, I can't even begin to imagine how insane that would be.

The third Mortal Kombat is scheduled to be in theaters by October, although there is like no information about it really.. other than "Kombatant's fight in the tournament blah blah blah."

And lastly, there's going to be a 300.. 2. Aside from the fact there's nothing they can do that would be historical accurate to support a 120 minute film because nothing happened after the events at the battle of Thermopylae, Frank Miller said he will not let another one of his comic book adaptations be made in to a film unless he's directing it.
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Three strikes you're out? Third times the charm?

Suspension #3 served.

Hi. Just wanted to let everyone know why I wasn't around to post in threads, reply to blogs, and approve submissions. I was suspended for a week from the forums. Unfortunately this site is more riddled with bugs than a World of Warcraft player's pimpled faced, so I also wasn't able to add/edit guides or access my Editor's Queue.

Anyone curious as to what I did? Good. A question was asked, 'what is spam' and I kindly replied to the user with 'a delicious pre-cooked meat made in Austin, Minnesota.'


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It's been three days, right?

So I can blog about Year Zero again. Well, I have lots of cool **** to tell you about.

So the CD itself is a thermo-chrome disc. What this means if that it is heat-sensitive. When I first opened the case and examined the CD, it was all dark, pure black. After listening to it on the ride home, I took it out and realized the CD was now white with binary code across it.


Crazy, huh? The binary sequence translates into 'exterminal.net,' leading to a website sharing the same URL. It's a crazy site and I'm sure some of the LOST fans here will like how much it resembles some of the technology seen on that show.

Some other crazy stuff is the United States Bureau of Morality. Ever heard of it? Of course not, it isn't real. On the back of the CD case, there is an extra in-lay that reads the following:

Consuming or spreading this material may be deemed subversive by the United States Bureau Of Morality. If you or someone you know has engaged in subversive acts or thoughts, call:

When the number is called, a recording of a woman from the USBM warns the callers that they are "implicitly pleading guilty to the consumption of anti-American media and have been flagged as potential militants." More crazy stuff!

Lastly, in the album liner, if one looks closely at the title "Another Version of the Truth" just to the left a much fainter "http://" can be seen. Inputing this as well as ".com" at the end leads to this faux USBM site. When the mouse is clicked and dragged across the image, a new image appears behind the first. If one clicks on "Another Version of the Truth" in the revealed image, it takes one to a faux message board with apocalyptic subjects and mentions of 'The Presence.'

So yea.. now you know about the secrets of this album. Also, I got pre-sale tickets on TOOL's concert here in Minnesota, which I mentioned before. Yay!

I promise..

I promise this is the last Year Zero blog.. for at least 3 more days. :P

Year Zero is.. in my opinion.. the 'true' return of Nine Inch Nails. I know they released With Teeth in 2005 and as much as I loved that album.. it just wasn't the same Nine Inch Nails I thought of when listening to The Fragile or The Downward Spiral. This new album though, it has the old-school vibe to it. It just sounds like Nine Inch Nails should sound. It makes me scream like a school girl when ever they break in to an insane electronic breakdown for two minutes. It makes me appreciate Trent Reznor as THE MAN.

The album and case are awesome. I laughed so hard when I first opened it. You see the disc itself and a man's arm holding the 'Holy Bible' on the left inside cover. You flip the other inside cover over and it's another man's arm holding a very large SMG. The booklet contains all the lyrics as well.


I consider myself your friend. So, has a friend, I am telling you to buy this amazing album. No thanks are necessary.

Midnight Munchies and some reminders.

Tonight's Midnight Munchies was pretty rowdy. I grabbed just about anything that was lying around.

  1. Bag of Cheetos
  2. Oatmeal Cookies
  3. Hostess Twinkie
  4. Snack Pack Pudding
  5. Sugar Donut
  6. Glass of Milk
  7. Fritos Corn Chips

Your reminders are that Nine Inch Nail's new album, Year Zero, will be out in 15 minutes.. assuming you live in the Central timezone. If you live on the East coast, it's already out and you should be listening to it now. West coast.. too bad.

Be sure to check out this weeks episode of South Park, titled 'Night of the Living Homeless.' It's the last episode of this run so don't miss it.

The new Masters of Horror DVD, Family, comes out tomorrow as well. Remember, buying the MoH DVDs will help with a 3rd season!


Word of the Day

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Person / Persons who are always happy, and tend to not to stray to typical 'emo' trends. In fact, they find the idea quite repulsive. Thus, the emotion that they convey is always glee.

June 26th

Just a quick blog before I get some sleep.

This was posted on TOOL's site the other day:

June 26 - St. Paul, MN @ Xcel Center


Featured for something..

..but it wasn't the Community Spotlight.

So I'm at work doing my thing and I get a text message from Drew that says I'm the featured community director on TV.com. I says, '..what?'

So yea, it turns out, under the Videos tab at the top of the site, they have a place for members who uploaded vidoes featured there. Basically the community spotlight but just for videos. Pretty rowdy, right? I started to upload more videos I made (most of which are on YouTube) in an attempt to get them seen by more people. Still wish I would get some spotlight action from the overall community.. but eh, this is pretty wicked too.


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Feeling fantastic after the successful completion of a particularly macho feat.

  • Following his fifth keg of beer, Kevin ripped the horn off of his pet narwhal, and then nailed his porn-star girlfriend for hours. Subsequently, he felt mantastic.

Other than that.. Sopranos chat and emblem. Yea. Neato.

Oh yea! Easter. Hope everyone had fun. My family hides eggs every year (I'm the lucky one who gets to hide them) and for the first time this year.. they put money in the eggs. This got everyone pretty rowdy. 68 eggs in total and they found 65. Not bad. I'll hide 'em better next year.

And lastly.. I just wanted to share this amazing YouTube video with you guys. It's made using clips from all the Silent Hill games. The Silent Hill movie came out last year, receiving pretty weak reviews, but I loved it. For anyone that didn't understand the film, it's ok, it was made for the fans of the games. Hopefully by watching this video you'll get a better understanding of the Silent Hill universe. Enjoy this masterpiece.

Silent Asylum (Reprise)