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ZombiefiedZomB Blog

All of Your Brains Belong to Me!

It has sucked not having Internet, I have missed coming here but after a long time away I finally have Internet again! I will be wreaking havoc once again on the boards and I hope you all enjoy!

I am back!

After a little break from Gamespot I am back and I will not be leaving again for a long time. I missed this place a lot! It's time to get back into the grind of things.:)

Adding games is a must for me !

Well I have yet to add all of the games that I have in my collection here to Gamespot. I only plan on adding the games that I own to my collection because I do not think that it is fair for me to have games in my collection that I do not own anymore. I regret selling a lot of my games and not to mention gaming consoles. I have been thinking about rebuying some of the older consoles that I sold and repurchase the favorite games that I enjoyed playing on them. I dont know I am just rambling so if it does not make sense I am sorry.:P

Backed up

Well I have recenly got into a wreck and flipped my car 3 times back on 8/01/2010. Also too I wont be moving into my girlfriends place untl a later date. I will discuss my wreck in another blog when I am ready. Hopefully my next blog will be a happier one.

Some good news !

It looks like I will be able to come on here more because it looks like I am about to be moving in with my girlfriend and she has highspeed Internet.:D

Nothing is guranteed so Im crossing my fingers.:D


What I've Become - Lamb of God

Blank stares from broken men
So withered from the poisons they can't remember when
There were once honest reasons.
It's all a lie, it died 100,000 miles ago.
Pretending I'm still here.
Justify what I've become, sanctify what I've become.
Amazing disgrace... (how) sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.
Better lost if this is found, best blinded never to see.
The race to save face, nothing now is what we meant it to be.
Pretending I'm still here.
It's a system now, intertwined.
Take your place in the line to be ground by the gears of the masterpiece.
Suffered consequence
It's been so long since any piece of this made any kind of sense.
You anoint the king, I'll burn everything down to ashes.
You giveth, I taketh away.
It's a system now, intertwined.
Take your place in the line to be ground by the gears of the masterpiece.

I am 1337 !

1337Hacker "Sp33k" for leet, or elite. Originating from 31337 "eleet", the UDP port used by Dead Cow Cult, a hacker group, to access Windows 95 using Back Orifice, a notorious hacking program.With this blog I made my 1337 post, so I am now 1337.8)

With this blog makes it a thousand !

I have finally reached the 1,000 posts mark here on Gamespot. This is very important to me since all of them have been quality posts and I have not spammed to get any of them. Also too I am proud to reach this milestone this quick, I have only been here for a lil bit over a month and I am already at a thousand posts. Now I need to make another 9,000 posts to have a posting party in OT.

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