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The next big thing.

Something's coming.  Something bigger than Harry Potter.  Something bigger than The Lord of the Rings.  Something bigger than Eragon.  Something called Bermuda Pirates.

Bermuda Pirates is a series of novels I've been working on for the past three years.  Most of the details are still under wraps, but I'll spill some beans for you blog readers.  Bermuda Pirates takes place in the underwater world of the Bermuda Triangle, hence its name.  Like creatures?  It's in the novel.  Like swordfights?  Yup, it's in the novel.  Like mysterious villians?  Guess what--it's in the novel.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

I'm writing each and every day to further the story along, and while only the prologue is cemented in, the plot details go far past the first novel.  Keep checking this space for more sneak peaks at what's sure to be the next big phenomenon in several years.

Someone broke my cell phone. In half.

Well, yesterday my girlfriend and I were coaching two youth basketball teams, and when it was all over, my phone was in two pieces.  Someone had to have grabbed it and forced it open when my back was to the wall during our defense drill.  Furthermore, whoever did it did it on purpose; the wires are even ripped in two!!  I know it wasn't a "hate crime", since everyone my age was booted out of the gym to make room for the youth teams to practice.  That probably means it was just some punk kid that opened my phone up a bit too much.  Well, guess I know what I'll be doing soon...buying a new phone. XD

Slight XD Update

I dumped Ampharos for a male level 42 Rapidash.  He knows Flamethrower, Stomp, Solarbeam, and Sunny Day.  Ampharos was just too slow for me, and now Shiftry has a great tag partner.  The rest of my Pokemon just gained a level or two.

Back to XD

I've picked up Pokemon XD again.  Here's my team--I'll try to update regularly:

Swalot(female)--Lv. 41--Sludge, Ice Beam, Sing, Giga Drain

Shiftry(male)--Lv. 41--Giga Drain, Fake Out, Brick Break, Faint Attack

Fearow(male)--Lv. 42--Drill Peck, Pursuit, Baton Pass, Double Team

Ampharos(female)--Lv. 41--Thunder Punch, Thunder Wave, Body Slam, Heal Bell

Dewgong(male)--Lv. 42--Surf, Ice Beam, Helping Hand, Rest

Gardevoire(male)--Lv. 41--Psychic, Calm Mind, Reflect, Thunderbolt

It's been a while.

I've been so busy lately I haven't been on here that much.  Anyways, here a little update:

I beat Kingdom Hearts 2, and I reccommend it to anyone and everyone with a PS2.  It is incredible.

I've got my first girlfriend, and we've been dating for three months.  She's even into movies, video games, you name it!

I plan on finishing my book in time for Christmas--my girlfriend wants it for her present.  She said I needed some motivaton.:P

I'm competing in the Pokemon Regional Tournament in Houston on May 6th.

I won't be on much.

You've probably noticed my absence.  I've been playing some of my new Christmas games(see my now playing list), and I rarely get on the computer now, especially with school starting up again.  I just wanted to give everyone a heads up.

Going to see Narnia tonight

I'm going to go see The Chronicles of Narnia today with two of my friends.  We'll probably watch King Kong tommorrow or Friday.

And I still need to type up that Shadow review. XD

I won a Nintendo contest!

I was checking the mail today, hoping for my Shonen Jump, when I found a letter from Nintendo.  The words "has won" stuck out, so I ran into the house and tore it open.  I won a copy og Polarium for the DS!  I don't know a whole lot about it, but it'll come in sometime between 8-10 weeks from now.  Only 25 people won this...I like my luck.:D

Everyone's favorite newsman

I wrote an essay about bias in the news, and I thought this part was relevant.  Be sure to say you think this guy's an idiot after you read it.

Perhaps the most biased-filled newsman on CNN is Shepard Smith.  I just love laughing at that guy.  He always says ridiculous sayings at the worst moment.  For example, a woman presented that a radio station for dogs and cats was now on public radio, and Shepard Smith responded by saying, “Yeah, my cat’s really fat.”  The woman and Smith then went back and worth talking about his supposed thirty-pound cat.  I don’t know what’s bigger—that cat or Shepard’s head.

            Here’s another completely retarded bias, courtesy of everyone’s favorite newsman, Shepard Smith.  “Shep” covered a story about the growing interest in video game designing, and as a result many colleges offer classes in the video game designing field.  As I watched the brief clip, I thought to myself, “Hey, that sounds pretty neat.  Maybe I could do that someday.”  Before the commercial break, Smith previewed the next story:  rubbing vegetables on your skin to prevent cancer.  The brilliant man then said, “Rubbing vegetables on your skin to stop cancer?  That’s almost as stupid as getting a career in video game designing!”  I hope he knows he makes less money than video game designers. 

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