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Went to Six Flags: Magic Mountain AGAIN!!!

Ok so this is like two or three years from my last Six flags trip and this year it was on Thanksgiving so there were hardly any people there, go figure, is everyone at home eating!?

I woke up at 5AM and was picked up by three friends (that I don't even know that well) and we met with 5 other firends (didn't know them much either) at someones house and left to six flags in two cars at 6 in the morning. Leaving from San Diego it took about 3 hours but we did stop at a restaurant for about an hour and ate waffles...and good waffles they were.If I didn't have to listen to Fallout Boy or Metro Station I would say the ride was enjoyable.

The park opened at 1030 and we were there at the front of the gates,...it wasn't difficult. When we got there we quickly found other people we knew and met up with some other groups of friends that came from San Diego as well. Throughout the day are humble group of nine people at one point reached over thirty friends, both locals and out of town. There were more people we knew but I think that was the most in the same place at one point. No, I didn't take pictures, someone else did but if I get my hands on the copies I will try to post them.

Our group semi-leader Ivan (our driver too) was able to keep us pretty organized amidst the very frequent friend encounters. Our objective of course was to ride all the rides. We met that goal minus a few rides like Deja Vu and Superman because they were closed for the day. The lines were very short and for most rides we were able to stay on them a few times. We went towards Goliath first because everyone runs to X2 since its new upgrades - It has gigantic flamethrowers that go off during the ride!!! There is also something very special that happened during X2 but I will save that for another time cause it is completely off the subject but it has got me really excited.

Anyways, Afterwards our group and a few others went out to eat at the local Denny's (only place open on thanksgiving where they serve you.) and just talked and instead of eating waffles I had French Toast. 

The ride home wasn't very interesting, Ivan threatened that if we didn't stay awake to keep him from getting sleepy he would open all the windows. None of us wanted that but we all fell asleep anyways. We arrived home with all windows thankfully still up and I crashed on my bed knowing that was one of the best days on my life, though I probably said the same thing about the last trip too.


Xam'd Review

I just recently watched the first two episodes of this new anime because I was curious as to what type of anime could possibly make a debut on the Playstation Network. I watched it in HD and much to my surprise it exceed my already high expectations, at least the first episode did. The second episode while still good, felt weird with many things going on at once and I thought the animation quality dropped a little compared to the first episode.

I was impressed with the characters thankfully due to the amazing animation and good dialogue. The main character, Akiyuki, is a pretty normal guy due to having good parents (That doesn't happen very often in Anime). They are however going through a divorce which has added a nice touch to the show. I'm sure it will be more important down the line.

Akiyuki has two friends that go to the same school. The first is a girl named Haru and the other is a guy whose name I can't remember. Both these friends do some kind of martial arts training, Haru being the better of the two. GIRL POWER, lol.

The first episode is meant to be somewhat mysterious so I want spoil anything. The bottom line is: The first episode is really good, but the series is a bit geared more towards the male crowd, but not by much. I'll keep track of this show as best I can to see if its worth watching all the way through.

Six Flags: Magic Mountain

I went to Six Flags: Magic Mountain on November 12 so it took me a while to write about it. I'll try to sum most of it up.

It was a typical Saturday morning except I was awake at three o'clock in the morning getting ready for the three times postponed trip to Six Flags: Magic Mountain. I went with my 2 years younger sister along with 22 other people ( I almost knew everyone there). We split up into five car groups and left for our 3 hour road trip at 6:00 A.M.we went to the Six Flags near Los Angeles. Each car group had a communicator so we messed around with that for like the first twenty minutes of the road trip. I really didn't like the car group I was in because they weren't any of my close friends (actually I wasn't able to bring my friends cause they were scared of roller coasters or had SixFlagsaphobia) anyways, I also couldn't talk to them much because of the extremely loud screaming rock music that a four-teen-year old and a twenty-six-year old seemed to enjoy. Well I lasted those three hours and made it to Six Flags with my full hearing ability, miraculously.

We finally arrived at about 10:00 A.M. due to various stops at fast-food restaurants and bathroom breaks. When we get there we notice that vast amounts of people are already here and probably half of them were on school/club field trips. Well to move things on a bit faster I'll just say that I rode about 6 rides, X (Xperience the Xtreme), Goliath, Viper, Colossus, Spin-Out, and Buccaneer swing. The best ride was of course X but I had to wait in line for 4 HOURS:evil:!!! Believe it, the ride was scheduled for maintenance on that day (who knows why they would do that on a Saturday) so it was already a long wait as it was before it broke down while we were in line. I was with about ten other people that I was more familiar with so that the wait wasn't that bad, but no ride, I repeat NO ride is worth a 4 hour wait...the ride lasted about 30 seconds.

At about 9:00 P.M. we left and all went to Carl's Jr. cause Wendy's was packed! Then we went to fill up on gas, and made a few rest stops along the way. It was the same story in the car going back home as it was going to Six Flags, more loud music. Regardless I was able to catch some z's and get back home at about 1:30 A.M. I know I sounded negative but I still had a good time, though it could have been better. I do have pictures but the ones with me in them look bad...go figure.

If you read that whole thing...wow.

Went driving......again.

Well I got to drive around with my dad once again. This time was not so pleasant. We didn't start off by going on 25 mph streets, instead we got on a 40-50 mph two-lane street. I still am not sure if I'm ready to make lane changes yet so I just stayed in my lane. Now my dad is talking the whole telling me of course how to drive, but then he winds up telling me like 2 seconds before we get to a light to take a right. I make the right turn but then he suddenly tells me to pullover, I'm on a pretty busy street so I'm a bit worried that if I'm gonna pullover I should do it quickly.........I went too quickly and wound up hitting the curb and not too long ago my dad was saying that the number one rule is don't hit anything. We pulled over next to a hardware store cause my dad needed to buy some roofing parts, it would of been considerate to tell me beforehand but Noooooo, telling me to suddenly pullover is more his style. That was the only bad part of the driving, once we started driving again it was ok. Well on our way back home I got to go on the freeway.........but then I had to get off cause our exit was next. I was petrified to go on the freeway because then I would have to merge with other cars, but luckily they all moved to the other lanes. We got home after our 40 minutes of driving and now I'm sitting in front of the computer typing this thing up.

My dad says that we are going to go driving again tomorrow because the more practice the better I will get, just like in a video game..........grrr I wish I could tell him that real driving is nothing like driving in a video game. Yeah so I guess I had a good day so far.

Bonfire at the Beach.

Yesturday I went to a small gathering of friends at the beach. The people hosting the bonfire said they got to the beach at 6:00 A.M!! It was a good day to go because we are having like a massive heat stroke with temperatures in the high 90s, I know many people live in other parts of the world where they experience that kind of weather everyday; but here its like that once a week in the entire year. Anyways, I didn't go swimming our even get near the water I just play volleyball most of the time and eat hamburgers and chicken under the tent. As it got late it became to dark to play volleyball so people got the fire going to roast marshmallows. Heh, istead of marshmallows I was roasting a piece of chicken and poeple were saying "Hey thats no marshmallow!" Yeah things were going really good until about 9:10 when a fight broke out among some other people at the beach ( probably High school or college age, cause there was a lot of curseing). At first they were closer to the shore but then they got close to our little area and then thats when we all decided that our party was over. The fight did stop but you never know when someone might come back with guns. People did call the police but it took them about 10-15 minutes to get there and the police in that area hardly do anything ( this is Coranado Island......did I spell that right?). Yeah I had a great time but the fight kinda left us all on a bad note.

I'm on the road now.

Well today was the second time I got to be behind the wheel and of course someone 25 years of age or older has to accompany you, in this case my dad. Fortunatly I didn't hit anything and only one person honked at me:D. The fastest I went was forty mph so no I didn't go on the freeway, it'll probably be a while till I get on the freeway cause most people in southern California drive like maniacs. I'm still getting use to the "controls", my dad tried to illastrate the idea of learning the controls to a racing game.......thats a bad anology, cause the other day I was playing Burnout 3.....and I crash like 10 times per race. My dad told me that I'm doing pretty good. Although I know I need to work on making the ride smoother for my passengers, got to work on thouse k-turns and I need a lot of work in pulling into my own driveway. I may be still in one piece but I still have a long ways to go till I get my license; just 49 hours and 30 minutes of driving to go!

Jak X Demo

I just got the Jak X demo yesturday I it is very very impressive, before I got the demo I was playing Makai kingdom but now its like I forget I even have Makai Kingdom. Back to the demo, its strange how addicted I am to it; there are only four modes to choose from but I can just keep playing them except for the death race mode which is the least interesting unless you have two players. The music certainly doesn't detract from the game at all, I guess for a game this fast requires fast paced music. And let me tell you this game is really fast because your turbo boost meter is almost always full. There are still some things that confuse me in this game, like how exactly do you get dark eco for your car and what exactly do all these weapons do. The races can be as intense as the death matches....it is quite difficult to win a race without blowing up at least once. This game comes out October 25, 2005 and you can bet I will do everything in power to get this game that very day.

Free Money!?

This morning I was walking with a friend on a street when all of a sudden my friend stops me and turns my attention to the ground behind a parked car. The item on the ground was a twenty dollar bill!! We try to decide what to do with it, since there is no way to decide who it previously belonged to, we ring the doorbell of the closest house in hopes of finding the person that owns the parked car that was next to the money. Because maybe somebody dropped the money when they were getting out of the car. No one is home so I try to give the twenty dollar bill to my friend because he saw it first, but he tells me that I was the one that picked it up and therefore should keep the money. Well in the end I got to keep the money but I think it was because I was younger than my friend. So I was very fortunate today to be there at the time.....I'm twenty bucks closer to getting a PSP!!!

Summer Life

I've got a full summer ahead of me and I have no idea what to do. Usually my older brother comes to visit me but not this time which is bad news for me because how am I going to get my game (Jak and Daxter) back now? I sure hope he mails it to me. I'm not going to summer school and I don't have a job.........yet. I've been trying to get a job at a bakery that is close to my house so that I'll have a surplus of money to buy a PSP and maybe some new PS2 games. All the good games seem to be coming out this fall which is after school starts, typical huh? Although, there is one game that looks really good......well I shouldn't say looks good considering that the game is in 2D with 3D backgrounds; the game is called Makai Kingdom but it doesn't come out till the middle of July which isn't soon enough. This may be the worst summer ever with no new games, no summer school, no trips to Six Flags, no job, nobody visiting, no nothing. Thats what my summer is gonna be like.

A "Break" from video games.

the day is going well and my seventh period class got canceled due to construction problems and water pipes broken, so I decide to hang out with a friend and go to 7/11 to get some food and then return to school to take the bus which arrives after seventh period. Well good times don't last even if its the start of your Spring Break. Anyways, When getting back to school I saw the buses leaving and immediately run after them, while running i made a too sharp a turn and slide to my fall and landed on my left hand which wasn't able to stop my fall; so the right side of my head hit the cement floor real hard. The buses are diving away and knowing this I quickly get up and sprint to the bus. I'm running at the side of the bus untill the bus is held up at a traffic light. I look through the door and the driver yells through closed doors " I can't pick you up!". The bus drives away and I slowly (while catching my breadth) walk back to my friend toward the school.

My friend feels really bad that he made me miss the bus so he offers to give me a ride home if my mom would let him. She says its ok. So I get home looking like I was in a fight. I tell my mom what happened, then she does the whole mom thing and makes my lay down and gets the ice and blanket. The result is my left hand was somewhat twisted at the wrist, the right side of my hip took a hard hit which makes me walk a little unevenm, I'll probably have a scar over my right eyebrow, my right thumb and right knee were bleeding I pretty sure those will heal quickly.

The ironic thing about this whole scenario is that I was wearing a T-shirt that said "Lucky Dog", and on the back it said " Life is good". I am currently unable to play videogames which is the worst part about this. I just hope nothing severe happened to my left wrist.

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