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I haven't been on in ages...

I've been busy, but in the time that I haven't been on I've gotten a DS! The top two games I have are Metroid Prime Hunters and Advance Wars Dark Conflict. Howdy to all of my old friends! ^^

ZeromusUltima: A mix of Old School FF and some bad Italian

Yes my username is weird but have you ever stopped to think that maybye...just maybye... YOU are weird? Well anyway If you can guess which FF game I got Zeromus off feel free to comment. As for the Italian(Ultima-Ultimate)... It just sounds cool I guess. FF is my favourite RPG series. It's way better than Dragon Quest: Cursed King or whatever. Well anyway, now people know the origin of my name.8)

Final Fantasy XII:Best PS2 game ever?

Final Fantasy XII:The game that made FF fans and new comers alike experience a new level of RPGing. The game that brought Final Fantasy back to the top.(After X-2,that was hard to pull off). I think that Final Fantasy 12 is not just the best RPG ever,I think it's the best PS2 game ever.I mean it's a recipe for success in every possible way. Excellent graphics,(Three thumbs up! I mean WOW! Full PS2 graphics engine potential at it's best here!),great story and memorable characters. It's also pretty hard,but that's normally forgotten in the lush environments and the fearsome(and sometimes weird) enemies. The main story took me 94hours to finish and I hve played FFI,II,IV,X and X-2 and those were easy compared to XII.The characters are memorable and you will find yourself never having to use your reserve party.I just stuck with one party.If you must know my characters levels are:Vaan is lvl 59,Fran:lvl 58,Ashe:lvl58. AND the other party:Balthier:lvl18,Basch:lvl11 and Penelo:lvl12.Can you guess which party I use?It's a no brainer.Now back to the story.It's an epic story with some complicated words.Not recommended for kids under 12. The story is well set out with numerous plot twists.Just when you think yo've got the story set,BAM! A new twist whacks you in the face. The graphics and gameplay are definatly the best parts of FFXII.Best PS2 game ever made?It's pretty close if it isn't.

God of War or Cod of War?

The God of War franchise has been a popular series ever since God of War 1 on the PS2. I am a diehard God of War fan and have finished both games.The first i finished on God mode and i also finished the second one on Titan mode.It was SO hard.Anyway,I don't have a PSP (yet) but I wonder if Chains of Olympus really stands up to the quality of the other two best selling games. I mean I've seen various screenshots and they look pretty cool but the game doesn't have that something that the other God of War games have. I mean the game still looks totally awesome and I'm sure any other God of War fan would agree,but I just don't think it lives up to the other games in the series. I think that the game would have better suited the PS2 or 3 because the PSP just has too short a battery life to live up to the hours of gameplay the game demands. I would still buy the game anyway because let's face it,there's nothing quite like God of War right? So is God of War:Chains of Olympus a God of War or a Cod of War? I guess that's something you will have to judge for yourself.