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on wednesday I went to eb games. I bought 3 games and spent a grand total of $205

no rpg love

Whats with the psp? theres a lack of rpg games. I'm talking about real rpgs not action rpgs. right now theres only 2 real rpgs out on the psp,legend of heros and popolocrois. Thats dissapointing, i would expect much more from the psp considering ps2 has lots. We need some good rpgs for psp.

to import or not to import

I really want to get tales of eternia for psp, but it doesn't look like it will come to NA. I could import the euro version, but i've never imported a game before and I don't know any good sites for importing. I really wonder if i should import it, is it worth it?

looks like it will be a good year for games

there are some good games that are out right now. also there are lots of good games coming out later this year. i just can't wait for some of the big titles coming out later this year. i want to get FXII, even though the battle system is a bit weird. i think rogue galaxy looks awsome. i hope it comes to NA.
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