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Romancing SEGA: Based on a true story I made up

A doorbell rings. I take off the HAZ-MAT gloves I use to feed glowing sticks of energy to my Chao and answer the door.

SEGA: "Hey, baby, I'm back."

Me: "I told you never to come back here, SEGA. You've hurt me too much for me to ever trust you again."

SEGA: "Aw come on, baby. We had some good times. I know you still play the Genesis. And what about those hours we spent on our little Chao in Adventure 2?"

Me: "You've changed. Every time you get some new idea, I let you in, thinking maybe THIS time, it'll be another Adventure or the classic games. But then you... you hurt me every time. I'm through with it."

SEGA: "This time's different, I swear. I got rid of people, hired some new people--fresh ideas are flowing! Check out the gameplay video from Sonic Colors."

Me: "If I do, will you promise to leave?"

SEGA: "If you still want me to."

[1:38 minutes later] Me: "That... that was amazing. I don't know what to say, SEGA. No werehogs, no swords, new mechanics that look like they could actually fit into gameplay..."

SEGA: "Come back, baby. I still got a few more years left in me."

Me: "I'm scared."

SEGA: "I know, shhh. I won't let you down ever again."

Me: "This is your last shot, SEGA. If you hurt me again, you won't see me or your Chao ever again."

SEGA: "Haha yeah, right. Like you'll ever stop buying anything with a Sonic label on it."

Me: "What was that?"

SEGA: "Nothin', baby. Just watch the colors."

Mirror Mirror on PS3... YOU'RE AWESOME

Aight, If you own a PS3 (or, fine, a 360), download the demo for Mirror's Edge. It will blow. You. Away. I can't waitfor that game! Ah it's so cool.

What else... oh, Sonic Unleashed is still looking cool. And I'm still not sold on the "werehog" levels, but whatever. Even if they suck, so long as the Sonic levels are as good as they look, I'll be happy.

I was right before about GTA IV, by the way. A fine game I suppose, but just not me. I haven't played it in forever, and I think I'm going to trade it in toward Mirror's Edge (on the 13th!!). Oh well, least I tried it.

New games I have are... hm... I haven't bought much because I'm saving for Mirror's Edge, Sonic Unleashed, and probably Little Big Planet. I guess since last I talked to you I got BioShock for PS3 and Sonic Chronicles. I have not had a chance to play BioShock yet, but I'm really surprised about Chronicles. I bought it mostly for the free keychains GameSpot was giving out, but it's actually a pretty cool little game. All the characters are true to life, and the battle system is sorta like EBA (which I'm awesome at).

Alright, that's enough from me. DOWNLOAD MIRROR'S EDGE

Stitching Synonyms

Another level, another enigmatic name. Abstruse, esoteric, even. Maybe even recondite, bleary, cloudy, dim, faint, foggy, fuzzy, hazy, indefinite, indistinct, indistinguishable, shadowy, unclear, uncertain, undefined, undetermined, vague, impenetrable, incomprehensible, inexplicable, eerie, uncanny, weird, impalpable, inappreciable, intangible, invisible, unanswerable, unknowable, baffling, bewildering, confounding, confusing, mystifying, perplexing, puzzling, unfathomable, difficult, complex, complicated, or obtuse.

Aaaaaanyway, you know what I hope? I hope the new Star Ocean game comes out for PS3. Star Ocean: Till The End of Time was one of my favorite games of that genre. That and Grandia III. They both had just such a wide expanseive feel. The musical score and story of both games were just fantastic, and both also had unique battle systems. I liked SO:TTEOT's (that's a link to my review of it that I wrote a long time ago) gameplay better, but Grandia had just such memorable music.

Oh,also, I got Grand Theft Auto IV. Pretty fun so far. Not exactly my kind of game, but it got such great reviews, I couldn't helpp trying it out.

... I used the word 'such' a lot just now.

Alive and Unleashed Layton

Just puttin' up an update to let anyone who wants to know that I'm alive.

If you like puzzles even a little bit, go to the store and pick up Professor Layton and the Curious Village for the DS. VERY fun game. I just beat the story mode, and so now I'm working on the extra puzzles, plus, every week you can download more puzzles online.

Also, case you couldn't tell by my recent icon and banner change, I am cautiously excited about Sonic Unleashed, coming out soon. SEGA is using a new Hedgehog Engine designed for this game. Looks sweet.

The Glaive

Hey, I got Dark Sector for PS3. It's fun and very brutal and freaks the hell outa me. I mean, it's not scary neccasarily, but the music and sound effects are great, and when you're walking in a dark, mist filled graveyard, or a pitch black run-down mansion, you start getting pretty freaked out with the little pitter-patter of mutant feet in the next room or just out of sight in the mist.

Anyway, yeah, it's fun.


Pronunciation: \ˌpa-rə-ˈmē-sh(ē-)əm, -sē-əm\

Function: noun Inflected Form(s): plural par·a·me·cia \-sh(ē-)ə, -sē-ə\ also par·a·me·ciums

Etymology: New Latin, from Greek paramēkēs oblong, from para- + mēkos length; akin to Greek makros long - more at meagerDate: 1752

: any of a genus (Paramecium) of ciliate chiefly freshwater protozoans that have an elongate body rounded at the anterior end and an oblique funnel-shaped buccal groove bearing the mouth at the extremity

Terrific. Terrific.

Almost forgot: I got Brawl, it's awesome, give me you friend code, I'll give you mine, play me sometime.


I got Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games for Christmas, and boy are my arms tired. No seriously, that game is a workout. It's really fun, though. I dunno why GS didn't like it that much.

Oh, and I also got Sonic Rush Adventure, which is also very fun.

EDIT: Oh hey, I didn't even notice. I grew another level. Neat.