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Zenmuron666 Blog

Best wishes !!!

To all, the very best wishes and lots of gaming pleasure in 2006.
May your thumbs, eyes and mind being blown in the new year coming. :lol:

It will be a new great year with next-gen's and more games for them. Enjoy this last few days of 2005!

The Netherlands

The addiction of World of Warcraft...

First of all, as a non native English speaker please forgive me for making spelling mistakes.

The addiction has begun. Couple months ago I bought World of Warcraft. As a real console-player I never thought I would find myself playing pc-games. I was really waiting for the 360 and now it’s just standing there, but I can’t help myself. Need…to… play…World…of…Warcraft.

Of course from time to time I play some 360 games, but the time I spend behind the pc is way bigger. It’s driving my girlfriend insane and many words have been said since I started playing it.

The urge to level up and meet up with new virtual friend is so high that, even while being somewhere or doing something else, you always think…which quest am I going to do later on and will I level up today?

The funniest of all is, everywhere you go there is always a person who is also addicted. Almost everyone knows World of Warcraft. Or is it just my addiction making me feel this way? Just like when you bought a new car and everywhere you go, you see the same model :wink:

Never the less, I’m addicted.