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Mario Has no skill

Mario may have All around Power, Speeed, and jump not to mention his annoying Cape.:evil:

But his Final Smash is lame it is so easy to dodge. and if you do get hit by it it will do about 35% of Damage.:lol:

Why Mario why are so evil:evil: Luigi your brother is now the king of second of second bannans.:shock:

And why do save peach over and over again you should know that bowser would just kidnapp her again just let her go.:?

If mario was smart even though he isn't he would tell peach to stop getting kidnapped. if she can fight Bowser in brawl why dosen't she fight in other games:?


Which do you like better.

Look at each pair And tell me which you like best.










Now I gave you the options now you tell me which ones you like best.


Funny Brawl pics 4

My computer is a little better So I will work extra fast on my blogs

Now look at these funny brawl pics.


A Rather Disturbing Dance.




Lazer vision


I Love Ice Cream!

I hope you like them.


I hate My computer.

I hate my computer:x

For some reason every time I post a blog with an image on it my computer dies out on me.:cry:

I have so many blogs in mind but I can't post them why:question:

I also made a movie but Gamespot won't let me upload it.

I wanna speed things up for my 100th blog.

My computer won't even let me go on Gamespot most of the time:x

Why computer why I hate you:x

I am having a feeling of hitting it with a hammer:twisted:

O well we are planing on getting it fixed but there is also the hammer:twisted:

See you later:(


Paper Mario Extravaganza

This is a mixture of all paper Mario PPics Wallpaper and Vids. I hope you like it.

First off all look at this paper Mario Mii. It looks exacty like paper mario.:o

Now let's reviwe the 3 paper mario games.

Since we got Paper mario 1 off the Wii we've noticed that Paper mario 1 and the thousand year door have almost the same idea like Peach event, Badgs, partners, Star colecting, and star abilities.:o

And now for Wallpaper.:)

Look at what I found Paper Mario DS look:shock:

If only they were real:(

Now the main Characters of Paper Mario:)

And Now last but not least vids.




I hope you like it:)

- Zelphaz

Things That do not make sense.

These are some SSBB images with stories I don't understand:question:

Why do Characters capture Zelda.

Ahhh not again:x

Why does Toon Link Surender easily Without a fight.

I surender:shock:

How did Ike get into this mess.

Help me:(

Why is it that Mario Final Smash is so easy to doge.

Ahhh I can't get a lock:evil:

Why doees Pikachu like to stand on peoples head.

Get off my head:evil:

I hope one of you can answer these Questions forme that would be a bigg help.


Kirby hates Irony.

Kirby likes to eat everything even Mario. By the way I'm happey he is eating mario he he he.

But kirby hates to be someone eles lunch.

wow that was very filling:D


I am planing a surprise

For My 100 blog I am planing a surpise I may tell one or two people but rest of you will have to find out:)

But remember it's a secret:question: