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Three year Gamespot anniversairy!

Sorry I haven't been on this for ageeesssss. I've been at uni and have had many other more important commitments to deal with. May start getting back into this though despite the fact I left my PS3 at home. Just felt like celebrating my three year anniversairy as a Gamespot member.
Happy Days!!! :) :) :)


A very Happy Easter to you all here on Gamespot! Haven't indulged into any chocolate asyet having given up cake, biscuits and chocolate for Lent and having dropped 2 jeans sizes in the process. I won't scoff them all and end up poorly in my bed throughout the nice weather and many bank holidays we've been having. It's certainly helped my revision as I have my A2 exams in the summer and with PSN down due to the 'hackitivists' I'm not really distracted to avoid revision at the moment.

Hope you all enjoy your Easter bank holidayyy! :) :) :)


2 Year Anniversary

Hello Gamespotters!! Sorry I've been a bit of ghost since my last post, I've had important A2 exams over the winter so I haven't had much time to keep blogging. I decided to get it back on track as today marks my 2 years asa Gamespot member.

As I mentioned I had exams which went well, 2 Psychology exams(! resit) and an English coursework resit.I get the results on March 5th so fingers crossed, touchwood etc.

On the gaming front I managed to reach 300 trophies on my PSN. Haven't bought any new games at all butI've been blending a bit with FIFA, Blur and DiRT2. I'm getting Football Manager 2011this weekso I'll probably be playing that for a bit.

I've watched a few films for the first time over the winter period. These include Double Jeopardy, Fatal Attraction, Fever Pitch, The Hurt Locker and Frost/Nixon. I'm very pleased to have enjoyed all of those films, I haven't been to the cinema during Oscar season which sounds like a sin asI haven't seen Kings Speech, 127 Hours, Social NetworkorBlack Swan all of which are fighting for preciousawards such as Baftas, Golden Globes and Oscarsbut I'm seeing True Grit tonight. It's recived high critical acclaim so I've high expectations.

Music-wise I've got into The Klaxons, Arctic Monkeys and Two Door Cinema Club, great listening, I recommend them all. :)

On the telly I rewatcheda couple of TV series including BBC's Party Animals and State Of Play. I've also been watching Episodes which is very satrical and I'm enjoying it and I also watched the first episode of Mad Dogs which is interesting and a lot different which is nice because there are so many panel shows, teen programmes and soaps that Mad Dogs although slightly blokey (which I don't mind, being a bloke n'all) is actually quite refreshing to watch.

Anyway I hope you all had a good Valentines Day and have had a great 2011 so far.


And Our Top Story Today - it's snowing (Movember '10 update)

I am aware it's December but here is my November blog.

Had a pretty sound month, celebrated Bonfire Night on the 5th with fireworks as you do :)

On the school front, I've had 3 uni offers from Northampton, Keele and Canterbury to do Psychology and Criminology(and I got rejected by Lincoln) just one reply to go and then I can enlist my firm choice and insurance choice. Thinking Keele and Canterbury at the moment. I celebrated Children In Need by dressing up (it's a school thing) me and 9 other friends came as the Fellowship Of The Ring for which I came in as Sam the hobbit. Was pretty cool, we did a 5 a sidefootball tournament (The Pudsey Cup) in the afternoon instead of lessons and considering I was the only half decent player we won 2, lost 2 and drew 1 meaning we just missed out on the knockout stages but we were pretty chuffed considering we beat some good teams. Thought the Children In Need programme was a bit naff as usual not nearly as good as Comic Relief or Sports Relief.

And yes as the title suggests it snowed at the back end of November and into December. 6 inches currently!! We've had like a week off school which is always good particularly when you love the snow.

On the gaming front, I've just been playing FIFA really. Not won any PSN trophies all month which is a bit bad but I have racked up some online points. (I don't play COD incase your asking why FIFA?)

Wish you well!!


Proud To Wear Red (October '10 update - have a read!)

Hello readers! Autumn is bedding into season and trees are 'stripping off'.

I chose to post my monthly blog today as Liverpool FC won the court case against American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett and so now the club can be sold and we will surely avoid administration. I'm very proud to wear red today after weeks of shame following a disastrous season. This is exactly what we need to kick start the season starting with the Merseyside derby against Everton on Sunday. :) Watched the England game last night - one word, dire!!! no creativity and we could easily has lost to a country with 650k inhabitants. Grrr

Bought FIFA11 today for £25 (BARGAIN!!) thinks it is a step up fromk FIFA10, feels a lot more physical now and the gameplay is great. Gave it a 9 on here- will post my review of it shortly. Been playing a lot obviously :)

School wise I handed my UCAS application in yesterday, really glad top get it out of the way and I can now concentrate on getting the grades for university. Not much to smile about with the rise in tuition fees however. :( Got a few parties over half term which I am looking forward to. :)

Nothing much else to report really - except a welcome back to the Chilean miners :) See you all around


Crunchy Leaves season is back (September '10 update)

I did the weekly shop with my dad this week. It was dark at 7pm, the ground was littered with leaves and we found that ASDA were advertising mince pies and Christmas crackers. So summer is offically over right? :(

So the Autumn season is bang in and many retailers are thinking ahead to the big old Xmas rush already and September's been alright down my neck of the woods.I'm back for my final year at school before university in late 2011 which means I'm going through the whole UCAS application process at the moment, which I'm due to hand in next week. I'm also a peer listener for the first years of my secondary school so I'm answering any questions they have and helping them settle in, which is great. :)

My club Liverpool FC have had a disappointing month, we haven't won a league game throughout the month, we were knocked out by 3rd tier side Northampton on penalties in the Carling Cup, which was a disaster(as an understatement) though we're doing fine in the Europa league, it's Champions League qualification again that we badly crave and we will struggle to do that playing as we are.

I bought F1 2010 yesterday for £25(trade in offer took £15 off priceat Gamestation) and I'm enjoying it. I feel a lot more engrossed in the game than I did with previous titles and the racing and overall gamplay is immense though there are a few things lacking like crash damage on career mode, no safety car etc. but overall I gave it an 8.0.

Nothing else really to report, hope you've had a great week and I wish you all well :)

British Holidays Are Great (August '10 update)

Hello Gamespotters! Hope you've all had a good summer so far. Lots has happened over the summer for me so far.

Our familywent on holiday in Sussex to housesit for my aunt and uncle who went abroad for the summer. It's a lovely cottage overlooking a reservoir, which is a really lovely view for any keen photographer (like me :) ) We had various days out to the coast (Eastbourne, Brighton) which was cool, weather was good throughout. We then went to Norfolk on the way back staying at a B&B and went to the coast again.

We came back thinking what a lovely holiday we had in coalition with a recent statement by the Prime Minister himself David Cameron asking the British population to spend the summer days in Britain with various destinations and days out in a bid to get the UK back up there amongst the top tourist destinations (which will bring in lots of money) and we think yeah we did have a good holiday and we couldn't afford a big one abroad this year so settling closer to home was a great idea.

Elsewhere I'm a level 20 on here now, which is a bonus!! Yay!!! Metal Slime!! I've been listening to The National's'High Violet'David Gray's 'Foundling' and Caitlin Roses's 'Own Side Now' which areall new albums and more importantlygreat albums. My iPod could barely contain it's excitement. :)

I also saw Inception, which I thought was a brilliant film arguably Di Caprio's best since Titanic. The plot was good and I loved the sequences in the dreamand a decent stint of action too.I also found all the characters decent, they all had likeable personalities. I also saw Salt, which was basically an intense actionfilm with Angelina Jolie asa female Bourne (my cup of tea):) the story was a bit weak in some places especially theWhite House scene but I enjoyed it. I reccomend both!!

Liverpool kicked off their leagueseason with a 1-1 draw with Arsenal, which I thought was a sound result regardless of the fact Reina gifted them an equalizer and the fact Joe Cole got sent off on his debut but we cancelled out Arsenal and David Ngog scored a smashing goal. Full marks to Blackpool on their opening game (4-0 over Wigan) :)

Nothing much to report on my PS3 pastimes. I've been playing FIFA 10, Blurand Uncharted 2 as usual. Mostly online.

Hope you're well and I wish you a happy 'rest of the summer' :)


Have I been here before? (have a read BIG UPDATE!!)

Hello fellow Gamespotters!I hope you're alright and recovering nicely from post World Cup hang overs. I was one of the millions who sat down to enjoy a World Cup final. I was disappointed. The game was dirty, the yellow card count speaks for itself and there was little goalmouth action. Even the drone of Vuvuzela's gradually faded over the 120 minutes. I was supporting Holland unless I was prepared to dishonour my family name and I have to say Holland should have won the game and Robben should definitely have nailed both of those 1 on 1's he had. That been said there were no players who stood out apart from Iniesta the scorer who was arguably the best player. There isn't really anything for me to remember the World Cup 2010 final by. This was my 4th World Cup that I watched. I remember the Ronaldo controvesy in the 1998 final, I remember Ronaldo's redemption to become a world beater by scoring both goals in the 2002 final, I remember Zidane's headbutt on Materazzi in the 2006 final but what do I have to remember the 2010 final by? Nothing really. I'm not slating the whole tournament, I thought an African World Cup was overdue, South Africa produced a fine World Cup and I will remember it. My player of the tournament has to be David Villa, without him Spain would not have even reached the quarter final. His goals were as important as anyones and he showed why Barcelona paid £35m for him this summer. My young player of the tournament has to be Mezut Ozil, he blossomed in South Africa and showed how lethal a player he can be.

Moving away from the football pitch, I have been on various university open days across the UK to Canterbury, Lincoln, Bangor, York and Keele hoping to study Psychology as a joint honours degree. So far all unis in their own right have been really promising, Lincoln and Canterbury are the frontrunners at the moment but we wiill have to see in 12 months time. I also earned my 200th trophy on PSN, which is always a worthy milestone. As always if anyone wants to play me on FIFA, Uncharted 2, Blur etc. I'm always open for a challenge (PSN: Zellerellez). I'm saving up for FIFA 11, F1 2010 and GT5, which come outin the autumn, I really look forward to playing them. I'm also on the lookout for a new phone (check my posting history for the topic I posted to help me choose!!) at the moment it's between the Samsung Genio slide and the Sony Ericsson Elm. I'm looking for a fairly cheap contract which gives me good tariff at the same time.

Moving onto something more personal, something I've had before (hence the topic title), I again let a girl at schoolI fancied slip through my fingers. I asked her out kind of but she didn't take the hint, before I could ask her out properly and expose my feelings. Someone got to her first and now they're happily going out (which I'm happy for) and we're still really good friends which is not a bad consolation so my friends keep telling me. I break up for summer at the end of this week so it looks like I'll sit out this summer single yet again. If anyone has any advice for me to use in the future that has worked for them, I'd welcome it because I need some!

Have a good day!! :)xx

Roy Hodgson appointed new Liverpool manager


Roy Hodgson has been named Liverpool's new manager after signing a three-year contract with the Anfield club.

Hodgson will oversee the club's first day of pre-season training on Thursday before being unveiled to the media.

"This is the biggest job in club football and I'm honoured to be taking on Britain's most successful football club," Hodgson told the club's website.

The 62-year-old joins from Fulham, where he took charge in December 2007 and guided to the Europa Cup final.

Hodgson succeeds Rafael Benitez, who left Liverpool by mutual consent at the start of June and is now manager of European champions Inter Milan.


I'm very pleased with the appointment of Roy Hodgson. As a Liverpool fan I wanted a British manager having endured 12 years of foreign eras (not that they did not produce happy memories) and top of my list was King Kenny Dalglish- someone who understands Liverpool, has already been manager there and has huge respect from every Liverpool fan.Nevertheless Roy Hodgson was second on my list and his wealth of experience and notable success will be vital for Liverpool's future. I hope he can indulge in the youth talentwe have, having not produced a playersince thelikes of Gerrard, Fowler and Owen came through. We have promising youngsters in Pacheco, Amoo, Kelly all of whom I believe would handle thePremier League well.

What I would love from Roy's first season (whilst being realistic at the same time)would be a 4th place and a trophy. It's vital that we make an instant return to the Champions League after next season andalso get some silverware along the way with the triumphs of Istanbul 05 and Cardiff 06only vivid memories.

I also hope Gillett and Hicks sell the club for what it's worth and not for what they want. A supposed £800m valuation is a lot of tosh and we should be accepting offers in the £450m-£500m range.

All thebest Roy! Makeus proud to wear Red!