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That Bastard......But i would like to make some changes.

It looks like some dickhead came to my profile and didnt recomend like all of my reviews on my front page. Now the reviews are my personal opinion and i wouldnt change them, but i did overrate a couple games. Ill just say the ones on the front page. The one i deffitnly overrated is God of War. Dont ask why i gave it a 10 but i just beat it and i wanted to share how great of a game it was. If i could re-rate it i would give it like a 9.6. Now a game that looks overrated is Pac-Man. Now maybe if i could rate it again i would rate it a little lower but the fact is that it was and still is a great game, perhaps the best arcade game. If we were in 1981 when Pac-Man 1st came out and i gave it a 9.3 outta 10 i think many plp would agree with me or say that i was under rateing it, but times have changed and its not more that it probably deserves a 9.3gameplay wise, but more like that the fun it gives and how it revolutionized gameing as we know it today. And the final game that you might think ive over rated on my front page is Hitman Blood Money. Now I even think the game dosent deserve a 9.1 like i gave it but it has been one of the most enjoyable games ive played on my 360 so just for that in my eyes it is not overrated.

Top 3 favorite games

I gave this alota thought but i think ive come to a fair conclusion for my top 3 games of all time.

#3- this one was probably the toughest. I had to choose from San Andreas, Oblivion, and Gears of War but i choose San Andreas. I know many people wouldnt even put this in their top 10 but i just had a lota fun with this game. It has a good story, perhaps the best as far as GTA games go. And despite auto-aim which for the most part i hate it still works at well. And the missions arnt quite that challengiling but some are and their for the most part great fun.

#2- This one i thought was pritty simple. I choose Resident Evil 4. Now i didnt play this game until like january but when i started i couldnt put it down. It's challeinging, fun, and the story is kick ass. It has sooo much replay value because most people wanna beat operation Ada to unlock the chicago typewriter and then play throught the game until they get the 1,000,000 gold or w/e it is to buy the kick ass gun. I havnt done that yet just because i only played through it once and a half only because im waiting for the Wii Edition to come out in like 3 weeks.

#1- DRUMROLE PLEASE.................................THE LEGEND OF ZELDA OCERINA OF TIME. This one was hands down. It's probably the best game ever. It has a big area to rome around, GREAT STORY, good gameplay, challenging, and just flat out awsome. It has alota extra things to do like get pieces of heart, play games to get like  bigger arrow quivers, and a bunch of other stuff. If u wanna know anything else about it just read my review on the game.

Now this list might perhaps change except for number one because i havnt played either god of war game yet but as of now this is it.

SWEET im getting the Halo 3 zune!!!!

YES:D. i went to gamestop wednesday and reserved the Halo 3 Zune. So now im gunna be one of the 20,000 that has one starting june 15th.:lol: But i do have a 30gb video ipod so ill have to figure out what to do with it.;)

Summer Games

Well first off id like to say that the halo 3 beta that was issued on crackdown was released a day aftert it was sposed to be out but because of the inconvince they extended the time of the beta from may 16th to june 6th to it is now may 17th through june 10th. Which i thought was kind of them:D.

So now onto subject. The Darkness, Overlord, and Bioshock all come out for the 360 this summer(but bioshock comes out in very late summer) and possiably Shadowrun wil be good. So thats like 3 games for the 360 this summer and 4 by the very end. It probably wont be as good as last summer because i got all the games that came out and summer and the games that came out within the 360's time period so far. Then on September 25th which is like a month after summer ends Halo3 comes out. So its not technacly a summer release but its sorta close.:)

Now to Wii games or should i say Game. Resident Evil 4 Wii edition is the only game i know of that will be good for the Wii thats comming out this summer. There maybe others but ill look into that later. So like all the big titles every1 is looking forward to like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy, and Project H.A.M.M.E.R. as far as i know dont have a release date which is pritty much a gurrentee that they wont be out in the next 2 to 3 months.:(

Then there are the games that have allready been out that i will buy and beat. They will include: The Legend of Zelda The Windwaker, Final Fantasy VII(possiably), Final Fantasy X(also just possiably), God of War, God of War 2, Kingdom Hearts, and Kingdom Hearts 2(hopefully) So yeah a full road ahead as i have mentioned in many blogs. And yes im pritty much just writing these blogs for myself as a reminder and its nice to get my percentage up so i can level up on my GAMESPOT account.

Damn Bungie

I waited 7hours of long boring school to come home and play the Halo 3 beta because i was one of the elite to purchase Crackdown on its release date and i got my ticket to play it on May, 16th, 2007. Well its finally that day and now they delay it. I heard only 24 hours but they can never be exact on these sorta things. So im very pissed, very bored, adn very tired. And i owe it all to Bungie. :x

1 year aniversity for me and my 360 comming up

Boy how time flys. It seems like just yesterday i was staying up till 6am playing Oblivion or Hitman or one of the many games i played on my 360 last summer. I must say that my 360 gave me one of the best summers ever!:D But now on June 1st(my birthday and last day of school:D) it will be exactly one year since i had it. Me and my one friend I previously knew over Xbox Live back on the Xbox days would be in a privite chat on the 360 from about 6pm to 6am the next morning. 12hours with my buddy playing 360 games non stop. You people reading this probably dont know what i experienced feels like but its flipping sweet. Im not sure that this summer could quite match up to last summer which makes me sad:cry:. But at least i have thoose memories from last summer. So on June 1st it will most likely be a pritty emotional day for me to try to soak in the fact that thoose memories wont happen again in my new summer. But on that day June 1st to celebrate our aniversery i might try and put some of my birthday cake into the disc tray to celebrate the time we had with each other and the time to come.

P.S. I probably wont put birthday cake in the disc tray cuz i dont know how my 360 will digest it.

Need some SNES games

When i sell my PSP soon i am planing on buying some SNES games off ebay. I know ill get A Link to The Past and DK Country 2 but i dont know what other games i should look into. I have Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and Sim City. So if anyone has any good SNES games to recomend plz comment and tell me.

Television shows

So pritty much i just wanna level up and i dont know what i wanna blog about, so im gunna write a blog about what i watch on TV. I like to watch Family Guy, Futurerama, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Seinfield, The King of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond, Full Metal Alchemist, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtels(old show from 80's and 90's only on DVD). So yeah some diversity there, Comedy to Anime to old action cartoon. Im not one who is all about the Anime but Full Metal Alchemist kicks ass, and i like TMNT because i grew up with it and i still think its a cool show. All the other ones are comedys/sitcoms cuz i mean who dosent like to laugh? So why dont you leave a comment and tell me if u watch the same shows or diffrent shows and name them. Nothing to do with video games on a video game site but im pritty sure ur % gose up when u comment(allmost positive).

My birthday is comming up

Yes my birthday will be one big day. It's on June 1st which as of now is over a month away. June 1st is my last day of school but i will not be there on that day because it's the day of my brothers graduation(he gose to a diffrent school). So my birthday will be a great way to kick off my summer which im looking foward to. For my birthday present i want a Nindendo DS lite. It's unfortunite that my birthday is a day after MY last day of skool because in my Music class its mostly just free time so my friends all play mario kart DS on wify and have races which is so fun, but atleast they let me do a few races. But for the games i think ill get Pokemon Diamond, Metroid Hunters, and Mario Kart DS. I also eventualy want to get a castlevania game and the Zelda game when it comes out. I have a PSP which i think sucks. It's not that the PSP sucks, it's that it dosent have any good games for it. I personaly think the PSP has more potential then the DS because of graphics and what not but what with the touch screen and all the games the DS is a much better system from what i can see. So if any1 reading this can recomend me for any other DS games i should get other than the ones i mentioned i will greatly appreciate it.

Zelda games

I love zelda games. Its my favorite game series. And the series has my favorite game ever Ocerina of Time. Even though i only beat Ocerina of Time for my first time ever just a few days ago I call it the best game ever. I grew up and watched my brother play OOT alot when i was in elementry school. I didnt try video games too much when i was a kid becasue i felt like I couldnt beat them and were too hard. Now I' friggen addicted. I have beat OOT and Twilight Princess which are both in my top favorite video games ever. So now i will go back and try to beat Majoras Mask, Windwaker, A Link to the Past, and maybe The Legend of Zelda for the NES(but i think the cartrage has something wrong with it). I will atempt this jorney from about next week through the summer, but i dont know if i have a lot of time between friends comeing over, golf, and viacation. But i hope to beat atleast majoras mask and windwaker. Now i know my name is Zelda_Maniac and I've only beat 2 zeldas, but i have played each Zelda a little and have watched them be played and playing them myself i love them because they're long, challinging at times, and have great, cool stories. So soon i will begin my journey that will continue into the whole summer and at the end of summer i will write another blog and share with people who view my file the story of my summer.
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