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Blog Cast: Humanity's End

Todoroki slides backwards inside a subway station.

Todoroki: *pant pant*

Todoroki looks forward at a shadowed creature.

Todoroki: Okay, you might have beaten the others...

Behind Todoroki, three bodies lay faint on the ground. One of the bodies has steel rods sticking through their legs.

Todoroki: But I'm not about to let you beat me!

Todoroki charges at the creature. A tendril shoots out and stabs Todoroki through the right arm.

Todoroki: *agonized scream*

The tendril tosses Todoroki to the ground, next to several disembodied fingers. Todoroki slowly looks up, as his eyes begin to close, and sees a humanoid figure walking towards him. The figure steps down on Todoroki's right arm.

Man's Voice: This arm of yours, it's what you're most proud of, right?

Todoroki tries to look at the man's face, but passes out.

Man: It's a shame. I was hoping Humanity's first line of defense would be stronger. An easy victory doesn't instill the same hopelessness that I desired.

The man grinds his heel against Todoroki's arm.

Man: Well, all that's left are the ones you chose to replace me, Onsokumaru!


Daisuke and Shinobu, both wearing kimonos, step out of an airport. Daisuke looks around.

Daisuke: He's late.

Shinobu: Now, now. He wouldn't forget when we were arriving.

Daisuke: That's what I'm worried about. I can see him barricading himself in the house and not letting us in, so he doesn't have to leave.

Shinobu smiles.

Shinobu: He's here.

Shinobu points to something. Daisuke looks where Shinobu is pointing. Power runs up, grinning goofily.

Power: Sorry! Class ran late!

Daisuke: You use that excuse too often. Summer vacation has already started. Besides, you've ditched your students for less.

Power: *sheepish chuckle* You got me.

Daisuke: *sigh* You're the one who wanted to walk back home with us.

Shinobu: So what took you?

Power: Some friends wanted to talk. Anyways...

The three start walking down the street.

Power: Your first anime's been dubbed, Daisuke! How was it?

Shinobu: *nervous chuckle*

Daisuke: *annoyed sigh* It was a complete joke. The crew was a bunch of people they hired fresh off the web, they didn't translate Genta's catchphrase, they made the WISE MASTER Shinta use modern slang like "YOLO", and the voice actors...

Shinobu: They didn't seem bad.

Daisuke: They weren't bad. But the leads were the same as all the other shows I've seen.

Power: Told ya!

Daisuke: Yeah, yeah... Oh, and the shot in the pilot, where Tetsu talks to his father?

Power: Yeah?

Daisuke: The service they were showing it on changed his father's cigarette to a sandwich.

Power: *snickers*

Daisuke: The convention wasn't good after that either. Most of the interviewers seem to relish in asking me things I didn't want to talk about. But the rest of the vacation was nice.

Power: So, what's with the robe?

Daisuke: Let's just say, I can't wait to get home.

Shinobu: Never mind that. How're Ryoko and Yosuke?

Power: They've been good. But they missed their parents.

Shinobu: Aww...

Daisuke: Who's watching them now? You didn't leave them alone, did you?

Power: No! I got someone to watch them.

Daisuke: Who?

Power: He said he wants to surprise you.

Shinobu: So, not Miyabi?

Power: Last I heard, she and the others were looking into some subway case.

Daisuke: Subway?

Power: I don't know. Todo didn't tell me much. Just that they had to look into the subway. Anyway, now that you're home, I was thinking...

Daisuke: You can't keep squatting at our place.

Power: Oh, come on, Daisuke. They're fumigating the school, so I can't stay there.

Daisuke: *groan*


Daisuke unlocks the door, and he, Shinobu and Power walk in.

Daisuke: It's nice to be home.

Daisuke and Shinobu walk into the kitchen and find a man with purple hair and a woman with red hair, both wearing suits, sitting at the table. Daisuke and Shinobu's eyes widen.

Shinobu: Laila Red...

Daisuke sneers.

Daisuke: And Franklin Fuchs.

Frank: Well, you seem to know us, but who are you?

Daisuke's right arm morphs into a sword. Shinobu pulls a kunai out of her kimono. Frank's eyes widen. Power rushes in.

Power: Whoa! Wait, Daisuke!

Power places himself between Daisuke and Frank.

Power: These two aren't our old enemies!

Shinobu lowers her arms.

Shinobu: They're not?

Daisuke: Don't listen, Shinobu! I'm sure Lai's already hypnotized him!

Lai: Only at our appointments.

Shinobu: Appointments?

Power: That's what I've been trying to tell you. You guys remember how Kaede did that little reboot of our universe years ago?

Daisuke: So? What's that going to do with these two?

Power: I've been going to see if this Lai to help unlock some of those memories. That's where I go with Eiji and the Matsumoto's every month. To another world to get my memories examined.

Daisuke: And you trust these two? Have you forgotten everything they did in our world?

Power: No worries. During my time hopping between alternate worlds, I met these two, when they were still teens, stopped an evil plan they had, set them on the right path, and even got a duel in while I was there. But that's a story for another time.

Daisuke glares at Frank, before morphing his arm back to normal.

Daisuke: Let's say I believe that. Why are they here?

Lai: Power wanted me to show you something I found in his memories, and Frank's been talking about taking me on a vacation for so long now.

Frank: She really just brought me to lug around the equipment.

Daisuke and Shinobu: Equipment?


Customers sitting around the restaurant try to eat, while loud sounds of someone eating fill the air. People look over and see a man with shaggy looking black hair, wearing a tattered and dirty cloak, tearing into a steak. People start whispering amongst themselves, as a waitress walks up to the table.

Waitress: Um, excuse me, Mr...?

Man: My name is Mimas.

Waitress: *nervous chuckle* That's a, uh, unique name.

Mimas glares at the waitress, then picks up his steak and bites into it.

Waitress: Could you please try to eat a little more quietly? You're disturbing our other customers.

Mimas glares at the waitress and stands up.

Mimas: What was that!?

The waitress takes a step back.

Mimas: Is it your job to tell me how to eat?

Waitress: No, but...

Mimas: Your job is to take my order and bring me my food. Not dictate how I eat it!

Waitress: Mr. Mimas, if you keep this up, I'll have to ask my boss to-

Mimas: Go get your boss. I can't wait to tell them how you interrupted my meal, told me how to eat, and, on top of it all, belittled my name!

The waitress runs off. Mimas smirks.

Mimas: I hope that interruption was worth your job.

Mimas looks around the restaurant. The other customers quickly return to their meals.


Power sits on the couch, with a metallic helmet on his head. Frank connects a wire to the helmet, while Daisuke, Shinobu and Lai watch.

Daisuke: So, your Frank is good with electronics too?

Lai: Yes. He actually owns a company in our world, selling whatever new devices he's been tinkering with.

Frank: You make it sound like I'm some child playing with toys.

Frank runs a wire over to the TV, then looks around. Frank looks over at Daisuke.

Frank: Mind giving me a hand here?

Daisuke: *sigh*

Daisuke walks over to Frank. Lai smiles.

Lai: You two are lucky to have each other, Shinobu.

Shinobu: Huh?

Lai: I've seen how close you and Daisuke are in Power's memories. I hate to admit it, but I wish my husband was more like yours.

Shinobu: You're married?

Shinobu smiles.

Shinobu: Congratulations!

Lai: *chuckle*

Lai frowns.

Lai: When we were younger, Frank was so passionate, so driven. That's why I fell in love with him in the first place. But... Now, he seems so distant. I'm starting to wonder if he even cares about me anymore.

Shinobu: Uh... Oh! So, what's all this stuff for anyway?

Lai: I'm glad you asked.

Lai smirks.

Lai: I can go into a person's memories and draw them out, projecting them as you would any movie or television show. Back at my office, I have a monitor built into a wall, but, I'll need to borrow your TV to display the memories here.

Shinobu: Ah.

Lai: Did you understand any of that?

Shinobu: Nope!

Lai: I should have known.

Frank leans out from behind the TV and flashes a thumbs up.

Frank: Everything's hooked up!

Daisuke and Frank crawl out from behind the TV. Daisuke walks over to Shinobu.

Daisuke: Be prepared to look away if this is a trap to brainwash us to serve them.

Lai: Oh, please. If I wanted to put you to under my control, I could just do it.

Daisuke: What!?

Power: Yeah. Lai's trained herself. Now, her powers have no limit. No need for someone to be unconscious to get in their head.

Daisuke: You're kidding me!

Power: And after he did some training of his own, Frank's now almost as strong as I am.

Daisuke: And you let them in our house?!

Frank: Look, I've been told how this universe's version of me was a dictator, and, how he killed your first child. I know I can't speak for him, but I am genuinely sorry for your loss.

Daisuke and Shinobu's eyes widen.

Daisuke: You didn't leave these two to watch Ryoko and Yosuke, did you, Power?

Power: No.

Daisuke: Then who's watching them?!

Power: You just remembered them now?

Daisuke: I found a mass murderer and an evil hypnotist waiting for me when I got home! My mind was elsewhere!

A man's voice comes from the next room.

Voice: Quiet. You'll wake the baby.

A man in a bandana, sunglasses and a flu mask walks into the room, holding a baby. Power, Daisuke, Shinobu, Lai and Frank look at the guy.

Shinobu: That voice...

Shinobu smiles.

Shinobu: Sasuke!

Shinobu runs over and hugs the guy.

Daisuke: Sasuke? You left Sasuke in charge of babysitting our kids?

Power: Yeah.

Daisuke: *groan* I think I'd rather have Frank and Lai watch them.

Sasuke: Hey, I was helping Ryoko with cleaning up her room. You could show some appreciation.

Shinobu: Oh. Frank, Lai, this is my old classmate from the Ninja Academy, Sasuke. No relation to the famous one.

Frank: We met, while we were waiting for you to come back.

Lai: Frank, don't be so rude.

Power: Y'know, I like this whole silly introduction, but this helmet is making my head sweat.

Frank: *sigh*

Frank turns the TV on, as Lai flicks a switch on the helmet.

The TV displays a jet flying through a storm.

Daisuke: I don't think it worked. It looks like a movie.

Power: Oh, sorry. This setup always reminds me of My Youth in Arcadia.

Shinobu: But you were born in America.

Daisuke facepalms.

Lai: The memories are locked away deep inside his mind. If you give me one minute...

Lai's eyes glow red. Power's eyes glaze over while many images flash on the screen. A classroom appears on the TV.


Lai, a demonic looking ninja and a shadowed figure stand against the wall.

Daisuke and Shinobu stand against the opposite wall.

The screen changes to outside the window, where Kaede floats above the ground.


Daisuke: Power told us about this before. The original version of the world, which Kaede, with some strange powers, reset, to make Power a hero.

Lai: I saw those memories too. But look carefully. He saw different people there.

Daisuke: Now that you mention it, you weren't there.

Shinobu: And that ninja is a dead ringer for Mao.

Daisuke: A.K.A Franz.

Frank looks over at Daisuke.

Frank: What about me?

Daisuke: Not you. Long story short, that ninja in the image is an old foe of ours, who reincarnated into the last major threat we fought.

Shinobu: But, why is it different than what Power told us?

Lai: That's an easy one to answer.

Lai's eyes glow. A warehouse appears on screen.


Two arms wrap around the side of the screen.

Kaede: POWER!!!

The screen changes to look at Kaede, sitting on a pile of crates, staring in horror. A light shines out, and the screen goes blank.


Power shakes his head and pulls the helmet off.

Power: *heavy panting*

Daisuke: What was all that?

Lai: From what we can put together, the True Original World.

Shinobu: True...

Daisuke: Original World?

Power: Kaede didn't just change the world once. She did it twice.

Lai: Save your breath. I can handle it for now.

Power lies across the couch.

Lai: *clears throat* As far as it seems, the events Power remembered five years ago happened twice. However, the first time with different people, and a different end result.

Power: One where I nearly died.

Lai: Originally, your little group met up with a magic-user, me, a ninja, Mao, and an agent, the shadowed figure. Those versions of us followed an old friend of Power's.

Power: The best Lai and I can figure out is this friend wanted Kaede's powers. So we were led into a trap. When I declined to give them the powers away... *shivers*

Lai: Kaede saw. She change things. She replaced all your enemies with characters from shows Power watched. After the new timeline ended in the world being reset, people like me and Mao were allowed back but, no matter what, it seems the old friend was wiped from any timeline.

Daisuke: So, who was the shadow?

Power: I was hoping you guys would know.

Daisuke: Huh?

Lai: In this timeline, Power never met the agent. He can't put a face to the person. We can't find a name either.

Power: So, any ideas?

Shinobu: Nope, sorry.

Sasuke: Huh? Sorry, I wasn't paying attention.

Frank and Lai facepalm. Daisuke rubs his chin.

Daisuke: I'm getting something... A weird Deja Vu feeling.

Power: Daisuke, it's summer. Please don't bring up Deja Vu. I still haven't recovered from Endless Eight, and that was back when we are fighting Akagi.

Daisuke's eyes widen.

Daisuke: Akagi! I saw a similar silhouette when I was first created.

Frank: Created?

Power: Daisuke is a clone, made by an old enemy of Onsokumaru's, Akagi.

Lai: Created from a hair of Power's father.

Power: GoldPsy isn't my father. Well, actually, we don't know. The blood test hasn't come back yet.

Lai: He looks like an older Power with dark brown hair and a tan.

Frank: Shouldn't we focus on the matter at hand?

Power: If Daisuke has a memory of the guy, he was probably a member of Akagi's army, and they're all in jail, or the ground.

Lai: Should I scanned Daisuke's memory to be sure?

Daisuke: No, thank you. I'd rather not have you in my head. You wouldn't be able to stand the body count.

Lai shrugs.

Lai: Suit yourself.

Power: I'm just glad there isn't some deranged villain still out there.


Mimas stands on the side of the street, holding a phone to his ear.

Mimas: I told you hiring them would give the show a boost. They encourage their fans to watch it, and you pay less.

A taxi pulls up in front of Mimas.

Mimas: Talk to you later. Yeah, my taxi just got here. I'll call you later.

Mimas presses a button on his phone, then enters the taxi. The driver turns back to look at Mimas.

Driver: Where ya headed?

Mimas: Just drive. I haven't been here in a while, so I'd like to see how the city looks.

Driver: Hey, it's your buck.

The taxi pulls off.

Driver: Any place you'd like to go after sightseeing?

Mimas: Hmm... You haven't heard of someone named Onsokumaru, have you?

Driver: Nope. Sorry. A friend of yours?

Mimas smiles softly.

Mimas: An old friend. But he died years ago.

Driver: Oh, I'm sorry.

Mimas: I heard some of his kids live here now. I was hoping to pay them a visit.

Driver: Well, is there anything distinguishing about your friend? I get a lot of customers who can't even remember their own name. I might have dropped him or his kids off sometime.

Mimas: He was a hawk.

Driver: *laugh* A hawk? Funny joke. I meant distinguishing features.

Mimas: He was a small, round, yellow sphere-shaped hawk, with short arms and bright yellow eyes. He could take humanoid form, if you want to call it that.

Driver: Look, the joke was funny at first, but I'm just trying to help you. Could you try and be a little more serious? Unless your friend worked in the monster movie, nothing like that exists.

Mimas glares at the driver.

Mimas: Monster movie?

The taxi crashes into a light post. People run over and crowd around the taxi. The sound of sirens fill the air. An ambulance pulls up. One of the taxi doors burst open as paramedics step out of the ambulance. Mimas pulls himself out of the taxi covered in blood. A paramedic runs over to Mimas.

Paramedic: Sir, please, allow me to help you to a stretcher.

Mimas pushes the paramedic away.

Mimas: I'm fine.

Mimas walks into an alley. The paramedic runs into the alley, only to find it empty.

Paramedic: Huh?


Power lies across the couch, sleeping.


Daisuke sits at a table, looking at a manuscript.

Daisuke: *sigh*

Daisuke stands up and sits down in front of a laptop.

Daisuke: I knew Akagi wasn't done ruining our lives.

Daisuke starts typing away on the laptop.


Daisuke stands before Akagi with blank, soulless eyes.

Daisuke: The mission to destroy Power was a failure.

Akagi: You've acquired new skills, however?

Daisuke's right arm morphs into a sword. Blades pop out below either side of his neck.

Akagi: Those will do well.

Daisuke: Shall I be sent back now?

Akagi: No. You may be the ultimate killing machine, and the first of the spiritless beings who will recreate this world, but you're still mortal. Rest from your fight.

Daisuke: But, wouldn't it be easier to kill them, now that their guard is down?

Akagi: It would. However, getting there will prove difficult.

Daisuke: Why?

Akagi: According to Magnesteel, they have a protective barrier around that manor. We could retrieve you from there, but we can't transport you inside it. A true enigma.

Akagi sits down at a desk and clasps his hands together.

Akagi: We were warned that Onsokumaru's chosen fighters will stop our schemes. With just Power and those ninjas left, we've nothing to worry about.

Akagi smirks.

Akagi: Not so long as we have you. Project Blog Cast. Codename, Daisuke Shimizu.

Daisuke nods his head.


Daisuke leans back in his chair.

Daisuke: I shouldn't have left any of his minions live.

The door burst open and a four-year-old girl with black hair runs in.

Little Girl: Daddy!

Daisuke spins the chair around and the girl jumps into his arms.

Daisuke: Whoa! Ryoko, have you gotten heavier since I've been gone? And shouldn't you be sleeping?

Ryoko: I had a bad dream.

Daisuke sets Ryoko on his lap.

Daisuke: Tell Daddy all about it. I'm sure it wasn't that scary.

Ryoko: Skeletons took over.

Daisuke: Uh... Uncle Power was letting you watch his DVDs again, huh?

Ryoko shakes her head.

Ryoko: I saw them on TV myself.

Daisuke: *chuckle* Is that all? Skeletons? Well, I happen to know plenty of skeletons, and you want to know something?

Ryoko: What?

Daisuke: They're really friendly.

Ryoko's eyes widen.

Ryoko: They are?

Daisuke: Of course. I mean, they have to be. If they made someone upset, they'd be... shattered.

Ryoko: *laughs*

Daisuke stands up, holding Ryoko against his chest and walks out of the room, into the hall.

Daisuke: But you don't need to worry, sweetie. If anything like that did happen, Mommy and Daddy would protect you.

Daisuke walks into a child's room and places Ryoko in a bed.

Daisuke: And Uncle Power, Aunt Miyabi, Uncle Sasuke.

Ryoko: What about Uncle Takeru and the others?

Daisuke: Of course. We just need to make a call and Uncle Eiji, Aunt Miyu and Uncle Kenji too.

Daisuke brushes hair from Ryoko's eyes.

Daisuke: You have so many people looking after you, because we all love you, Ryoko.

Ryoko: I love you too, Daddy.

Daisuke smiles.

Daisuke's Thoughts: That's right. It doesn't matter what my past was like. Thanks to Shinobu and Power, I gained a soul.

Daisuke kisses Ryoko's forehead.

Daisuke's Thoughts: And my kids prove it.

Daisuke: Good night, sweetie.

Ryoko: Night, Daddy.


Shinobu and Sasuke sit at the table. Shinobu holds a baby.

Shinobu: Don't worry, Yosuke. Mommy's back now.

Yosuke: Ba ba!

Shinobu: Oh, you're hungry. Hang on.

Sasuke's eyebrow raises.

Shinobu: Sasuke, I left his bottle in the cabinet. Could you get it?

Sasuke: *sigh*

Sasuke stands up and walks over to a cabinet.

Sasuke: I got to be honest with you, Shinobu. I never thought you'd be such a good mother.

Sasuke tosses a bottle to Shinobu, who catches it with one hand.

Shinobu: Yeah. It's really rough.

Shinobu starts feeding Yosuke from the bottle.

Sasuke's Thoughts: Rough? She makes it look easy.

Shinobu: It reminds me of when I was training to be a ninja. I know I wasn't the best, but I kept at it, and kept at it. And now, I'm balancing both my ninja and civilian lives.

Sasuke: You're definitely the best ninja I've ever met.

Shinobu: Better than Headmaster?

Sasuke: Oh yeah.

Sasuke's Thoughts: Then again, you were better than him when you were a trainee too.

Shinobu: What about you, Sasuke?

Sasuke: Hm?

Shinobu: Well, you don't have a family or major job.

Sasuke lowers his head as tears stream from under his sunglasses.

Sasuke: Working the shaved ice stand seemed good at the start of summer.

Shinobu: Uh... I didn't mean that it wasn't. But what about when summer ends? Are you going to get another seasonal career, or...

Sasuke: Actually, I was thinking of going back to the Valley of the Ninja and applying to become an instructor for some Junior ninja. Y'know, put my leadership talents to good use.

Shinobu smiles.

Shinobu: I know you'll be a great instructor.

The phone starts ringing.

Shinobu: Hm? Who could that be at this hour?

Sasuke gets up and answers the phone.

Sasuke: Hello? Shimizu residence.

Sasuke waits for a second, then turns to Shinobu.

Sasuke: It's for you.


Power's cell phone rings.

Power: *groan*

Power pulls his cell phone out of his pocket. Power opens his eyes and taps the screen.

Power: I'm trying to sleep. What's up?


Power and Shinobu's eyes widen.


Miyabi lies in a hospital bed, staring out the window. The door to the room bursts open and Shinobu runs over to Miyabi, tightly embracing her.

Shinobu: Miyabi! Are you okay?! I came as soon as I got the call! You're not hurt, are you? If you need an organ, you can have all of mine!

Miyabi: *groan* Sis, I can't breathe.

Shinobu breaks the hug and turns to leave.

Shinobu: I'll tell the doctors to give you one of my lungs then.

Miyabi: It's okay, Shinobu. My lungs are intact. It's just...

Shinobu turns around. Miyabi gazes down sadly as she pulls her hands out from under the sheet on the bed. The hands are wrapped in gauze with the fingers obviously missing. Shinobu's eyes widened in horror.

Shinobu: But... how...

Daisuke and Sasuke walk in.

Sasuke: Takeru was exactly the same way.

Daisuke: Niwa's girlfriend wasn't. Her legs have been pierced through.

Miyabi: Daisuke? Sasuke? You two are here?

Daisuke: Power's here too, but he went to talk to Niwa.

Miyabi: How are the others?

Daisuke: They should live, but it looks like they won't be fighting again. If I had to guess, Todoroki's the same way.

Daisuke leans against the wall, while Sasuke pulls a chair over to Shinobu. Shinobu sits down and holds Miyabi's hand.

Shinobu: This doesn't hurt, does it?

Miyabi shakes her head weakly.

Miyabi: Everything else does though. We were roughed up pretty badly. But it's nice to have you here, Shinobu.

Shinobu starts crying as she looks at Miyabi.

Daisuke: Sasuke, you got a blade on you?

Sasuke: Huh? I wouldn't be allowed in here with one. Why?

Daisuke's right arm morphs into a sword.

Daisuke: I don't know about the others, but Miyabi and Takeru should, at least, be able to use the part of Onsokumaru I ate to regrow their fingers.

Daisuke's arm turns back to normal. Miyabi smiles softly.

Miyabi: Thanks, Daisuke, but I'm fine.

Power walks in.

Power: Yeah. Just cut the whole thing off and get metal hands.

Power smiles goofily. Miyabi smirks back.

Miyabi: You're the only one who thinks those are cool. How's Todoroki?

Power: Alive, but asleep. And he can't use his right arm again.

Miyabi: And he was trying to become a doctor too.

Daisuke: Each one of you were crippled in ways that directly relate to how you fight. Someone did this on purpose. No way this could all be a coincidence.

Miyabi: Yeah. He told us we would lose what we prized most, so we know hopelessness.

Power: "He"?

Miyabi: *sigh* It was supposed to be business as usual. We had heard about someone attacking people at night. Some of the others went to investigate. They returned with their arms and their spinal cords broken. So, the four of us looked into things.

Power: I've been here this whole time. Why didn't you ask me for help?

Miyabi: We thought we'd be okay. We eventually found the guy we were looking for. It wasn't hard to tell him apart. Shaggy black hair and a tattered cloak. Not many Americans wandering the streets of Japan looking like that.

Daisuke turns to Power.

Daisuke: Think it's Frank?

Miyabi's eyes widen.

Miyabi: Frank?!

Power: One from an alternate world. And he just arrived today. Plus he has purple hair.

Miyabi: No. This guy looked too different. We cornered him, but he opened some portal and escaped.

Sasuke: Portal?

Sasuke looks to the side and holds his chin.

Miyabi: We followed him into the portal, but it was a trap. We ended up in the sewers. We looked around but couldn't find him. Eventually, Takeru screamed. The guy wasn't there, but some giant monster was. I couldn't see it well, but it looked quadruped, and had tendrils. Some sort of blade too, since it sliced my and Takeru's fingers off. I heard the guy again, though.

Daisuke: What did he say?

Miyabi: Just about making us lose our pride and hope. He must have returned when his pet was going to town against us.

Sasuke: Did he say anything else?

Everyone turns to look at Sasuke.

Miyabi: Uh... I can't remember. I started to pass out when he was talking. Why?

Sasuke: This is really important. Did he say anything about Onsokumaru?

Shinobu: Onsokumaru?

Miyabi: I don't remember him mentioning that old perv.

Miyabi leans back.

Sasuke: Ninjas? Blobs?

Shinobu: Sasuke, Onsokumaru was a hawk, not a blob.

Miyabi's eyes widen.

Miyabi: Yeah! He said something about not understanding why "that hawk" would protect such horrid people. We thought he was just babbling nonsense though.

Sasuke pushes his sunglasses up and covers his eyes.

Sasuke: I thought he had died.

Daisuke: What do you know about this, Sasuke?

Sasuke: It's Mimas.

Shinobu: How is it your mess?

Sasuke: Not "My mess"! Mimas. That's what he called himself. But if he's anyone's mess, he's Onsokumaru's.

Power: Quit beating around the bush, Sasuke.

Sasuke: *sigh* Sorry. It's just a lot to have to remember.

Daisuke: We're not dealing with another demon ninja, like Mao, are we?

Sasuke: I wish. Mao was a piece of cake compared to Mimas.

Shinobu: So, who is he, Sasuke?

Sasuke looks at Power, then turns to the window.

Sasuke: Onsokumaru's original Chosen One.

Everyone else's eyes widen.

Miyabi: Wait, when you say "Chosen One", you mean...

Sasuke: Yes. The one Onsokumaru picked to defeat Akagi and Magnesteel.

Power: But, I was the one Onsokumaru picked.

Sasuke: You were the replacement. GoldPsy suggested you to Onsokumaru, after Mimas.

Shinobu: But how do you know all this?

Sasuke: Onsokumaru told me about it. One of the perks of being class president. Let's see... It would have been 18 years now.


Mimas, age 16, attacks a training dummy, while Onsokumaru sits on a cushion, watching and eating a bag of chips.

Sasuke (V.O.): I don't know much about how they met, only that Mimas was apparently a farmhand before Onsokumaru offered to train him.

Power (V.O.): It's always the farm boy. ...Ow!

Daisuke (V.O.): Quiet.

Sasuke (V.O.): Onsokumaru was never the best teacher, but he was committed to training Mimas. So...


Mimas and a demonic imp stand across from each other. Onsokumaru floats down and lands Mimas' shoulder.

Imp: Hm! So, the Ninja Council can't even afford to pay another ninja to come after me.

Onsokumaru: Is that why you betrayed us? Because Akagi pays better?

Imp: That, and the free dental.

Mimas: A heartless demon like yourself would care more about money than the world.

Onsokumaru: Actually, their hearts are their weak points. Just like humans.

Mimas: Go for the heart then. Got it.

Mimas nods. The Imp charges forward. Mimas holds out his hand. The Imp reaches for Mimas' head, as claws shoot out of his fingers.

The Imp's eyes dim, as Mimas pulls back his hand, now with his fingertips soaked in green blood.

Imp: Pretty... good...

The Imp falls to the ground. Mimas stares at his blood-soaked hand in horror.

Mimas: Did I...

Onsokumaru pats Mimas on the back of his head.

Onsokumaru: It'll get easier. Remember, in a battle to the death, you have to kill to survive.

Mimas swings his hand forward, shaking off the blood.

Mimas: Right!

Sasuke (V.O.): Onsokumaru had been training him for years before I was one of his students. So I can't say how it happened, but...


Mimas stares at a wall, with an unimpressed look on his face.

Mimas: This? This is our secret weapon?

Onsokumaru flies over and pats the wall.

Onsokumaru: It's not the wall, but what's inside of it. Magnesteel tried to kill this couple. With the help of a friend, I sealed the two in a pocket dimension. If we can't beat him, they will.

Mimas: The last hope for Humanity, residing inside a wall. That sounds boss!

Onsokumaru: Totally.

Onsokumaru holds out an egg.

Onsokumaru: And this is how you release them.

Mimas picks up the egg.

Mimas: Thanks. I was starving.

Mimas bites into the egg.

Mimas: Ow!

Mimas spits the egg, and part of a tooth, out.

Onsokumaru: It's not for eating. That's the Egg of GoldPsy. Hold it in the palm of your hand.

Mimas shrugs and holds the egg up. The egg disappears. Mimas' eyes widen.

Mimas: Where'd it go!?

Onsokumaru: The egg is gone. It's powers are inside you.

Mimas: Powers?

Onsokumaru: We may need to pull these two out, or escape a battle. You can now create portals to other places. It's also handy for escaping the bathhouse if you get caught.

Mimas: How does it work?

Onsokumaru: It won't in here. The pocket dimension is too strong. But all you need to do is think of a place and will the portal into existence.

Mimas: Can we go test it out!?

Mimas smiles widely. Onsokumaru smiles gently.

Onsokumaru: Sure.

Sasuke (V.O.): Mimas was given the ability to open portals.

Power (V.O.): Like my arrows?

Sasuke (V.O.): Yep! He was a great choice, seemingly.


Surrounded by broken robots, Mimas tears into a robot's arm, then swings around and kicks another robot in half.

Mimas: *pant*

A robot slowly crawls across the floor. Another robot looks at it and nods. The second robot reaches up and covers Mimas' eyes. The first robot crawls out of the lab, as Mimas flips the other robot over his shoulder.

Mimas: Any more of you still active?

Robot: P-Pl-Pl-Pl....

Mimas looks down and sees a robot gripping his leg. Mimas kicks the robot.

Robot: Please sp-spare the othe-her-herzzz....

Mimas stomps on the robot's head, shattering it.

Mimas: I prefer to do this my way. *chuckle*

A portal opens under Mimas. Mimas sinks into the portal.


Onsokumaru and the Sasuke Ninja Clan sit around reading magazines. A portal opens on the floor and Mimas rises through it. The ninjas leap away in shock. Mimas smirks.

Mimas: Operation: Drillbrain has been completed, sir.

The ninjas jump over to Mimas.

Ninja: That was so cool!

Ninja: How do you do that?

Sasuke: Can I have your autograph?

Mimas: Those lifeless machines never stood a chance.

Onsokumaru: You destroyed them all, right?

Mimas: Naturally.

Onsokumaru: Good. I wouldn't want one coming back for revenge.

Mimas: Lifeless machines, Onsokumaru. They don't have the capacity for revenge. Now, can I bask in the glory of my victory a little more? It's not like you let me tell anyone at school or online.

Onsokumaru: If the general public knew, there would be mass panic. Don't get me wrong, I know the feeling. I'd have girls lining up to call me "Legendary Hero Onsokumaru", then they'd... *perverted laugh*

Mimas and the Ninjas sweatdrop.

Onsokumaru: *clears throat* But, then people would freak out, knowing the world could end.

Mimas: We could just use our status as heroes to calm the chaos.

Onsokumaru: It wouldn't be so easy. Heck, countries all over the world would be fighting each other, because someone would use the fear of the end of the world to their advantage.

Mimas: Really?

Onsokumaru: That, or Magnesteel would get all the babes himself. You know how attractive the bad boy image is.

Miyabi (V.O.): Why does that not surprise me?

Power (V.O.): He told me it's because anime would become documentaries if I told anybody. And I didn't even wanna.

Daisuke (V.O.): So far, Mimas sounds like he would have been an ally to us, not attack the kids. What happened?

Sasuke (V.O.): Actually, you did, Daisuke.


Mimas leans against the wall, while Onsokumaru holds a clipboard.

Onsokumaru: This is a big one. We have intel that Akagi and Magnesteel have developed an ultimate weapon. I don't know what their plan with it is, but it needs to be destroyed.

Mimas: So, I finally get to face our enemies personally.

Onsokumaru: Be careful. Akagi's just a normal human, personality and plan aside, but Magnesteel is something else. Whether he's human or another species, he has strange powers.

Mimas: Whatever he's got doesn't compare to me.

A portal opens behind Mimas. Mimas turns to walk into the portal.

Onsokumaru: Wait, Mimas!

Mimas turns to look at Onsokumaru.

Onsokumaru: If things get too rough, come back immediately.

Mimas: Right!

Mimas walks through the portal.


Mimas runs through a hallway. Two soldiers chase after Mimas, firing guns at him. Mimas falls to the ground. The soldiers step over to Mimas' body. One leans down to check Mimas' pulse. Mimas' eyes open and he grabs the soldier's arm.


Mimas dusts himself off as he walks through a door.

Mimas: Akagi should train his guards better.

Mimas walks up to another door. Mimas holds up his hand.

A portal appears in front of Mimas. Mimas walks through the portal.

Mimas: Only way to travel.

Mimas looks around the new room. Mimas spots a glass tank against a wall, filled green fluid.

Mimas: This looks like...

Mimas walks over to the tank and presses his face against the glass. A teenage boy stares at Mimas with lifeless eyes. Magnesteel appears, looming behind Mimas.

Magnesteel: Magnificent, isn't it?

Mimas' eyes widen. Mimas looks back at Magnesteel.

Magnesteel: He may need better security, but Akagi outshone my expectations.

Magnesteel walks over to the tank and places his hand on it.

Magnesteel: While I was experimenting with the Space-Time Continuum, I found the DNA of the ultimate lifeform. I gave that DNA to Akagi, and he cloned it. What you're seeing is not merely a clone of that being though. Akagi increased its desire to kill. His name is Daisuke, and he's the ultimate killing machine.


Sasuke leans out the window.

Sasuke: Mimas changed after that mission... I never saw a single wound on Mimas, even when he was soaked in his enemy's blood. But that mission made Mimas question everything.

Sasuke leans in and closes the window.

Sasuke: Mimas didn't come back for several days after returning from Akagi's lair that day. When he finally did, he told Onsokumaru he was quitting. "What point is there in fighting to save Humanity when they'll create a creature just to serve as their weapon!" He said that and left. Why did he turn up now though?

Miyabi: I have a better question. Why didn't you tell us sooner?!

Sasuke: I didn't think I'd need to when Onsokumaru was alive, and I was sailing across the world on a kite when he died!

Shinobu: Now, now. All that matters is we know who did this. All we have to do is find him and arrest him.

Miyabi: Be careful, Sis! This guy is different than anybody we ever fought before. Then there's that creature...

Power: Hey, we're the strongest fighters in the world.

Daisuke: When I get home, I'll see if Akagi had any info on the guy in his database.

Miyabi: You heard Sasuke though! The guy never had a scratch on him.

Daisuke cracks his knuckles.

Daisuke: That just means he's unaccustomed to pain.

Sasuke: Oh! Now I see what Onsokumaru meant.

Shinobu: Meant by what, Sasuke?

Sasuke: After Mimas quit, Onsokumaru was worried about putting anybody else through that ordeal. But he said you guys could handle it because you're all...

Power: Awesome?

Daisuke: Strong?

Shinobu: Brave?

Sasuke: Idiots.

Power face vaults, while Daisuke face palms.

Sasuke: He said the problem with Mimas was that he thought too much. But you kids would just be ready for any fight.

Miyabi: Yeah, that sounds like something he'd say.

Power: Well, there goes any good memories I had of Onsokumaru.

Daisuke: To think I saw him as a father.

Sasuke: Well, if it helps, he followed that up with something you might wanna hear.


Onsokumaru: You know something though, Sasuke? They may be anime-obsessed, lovesick and incompetent, but they're good kids. I never had any kids of my own, but the Blog Cast will remain the only good I put into this world, so I'm fine with them being my legacy.


Power smiles, Daisuke smirks and Shinobu starts to tear up.

Miyabi: That idiot... *chuckle*


Mimas stands in a tree, glaring at the group through the window.


Power, Daisuke, Shinobu and Sasuke walk in. Miyu and Kenji walk up.

Kenji: Welcome back.

Daisuke: Thanks for watching Ryoko and Yosuke.

Miyu: No problem, Daisuke. Buuuut...

Miyu looks at Power and smirks.

Miyu: I expect some sort of compensation for bringing Laila Red and Frank to this world.

Power: I'll let you two come with me and my class on our next summer trip.

Miyu: No need.

Miyu holds up a pair of earrings.

Miyu: I'll accept these.

Power: Ah! Miyu! Those are supposed to be a gift for Daisuke and Shinobu's anniversary.

Daisuke crosses his arms.

Daisuke: You got Shinobu and I earrings! Potara earrings at that?

Power: Well, I was at a convention awhile back, and they were selling them, and...

Daisuke: Don't say the "C" word.

Kenji: Your vacation didn't go well?

Daisuke: *groan*

Shinobu: Uh, so, hey, where's Zabefa?

Miyu and Kenji: Passed out drunk in our hotel room.

Power: That rabbit never could hold his alcohol.

Daisuke: Anyway, I need to get to my laptop. I won't be able to sleep soundly until I find out what Akagi knew about Mimas.

Kenji: Mimas? Saturn's moon?

Power: Brew up a pot of coffee, Kengo. It's a long story.

Sasuke: *yawn* You guys can tell it, right? I'm dead tired.

Shinobu: Sure, Sasuke. Thanks for everything.

Sasuke: No problem, Shinobu. I'll come over tomorrow to watch the kids again.

Shinobu and Sasuke high five. Sasuke walks out of the house and Shinobu closes the door behind him.

Sasuke: Whew, what a day. At least I can go back to my apartment and tell my Chi-Chi body pillow all about it.

Mimas drops down in front of Sasuke.

Mimas: I see you haven't changed since I left.

Sasuke steps back.

Sasuke: Mimas.

Mimas: Consider yourself lucky. Unlike those third rate nobodies at the hospital, your death will be swift.

Sasuke pulls out a kunai.

Sasuke: Why?

Mimas: I can't have you spilling any more information about me. It's as simple as that.

Sasuke: No. Why did you attack Miyabi and the others?

Mimas: They're the defenders of Humanity.

Sasuke: So, you're jealous of them for taking your spot?

Mimas: How ignorant. I quit that job so Humanity wouldn't have a defender. They don't deserve one.

Sasuke: What?!

Mimas: I realized, when I was sent to destroy that ultimate weapon. It was a human, Akagi, who was using a clone, an artificial being, as a weapon.

Sasuke: And?

Mimas: And so, Humanity must end.

Sasuke: Because one Human did something wrong?

Mimas: Not one. When I worked for Onsokumaru, he had me kill plenty of creatures. You know how Humans are. If those creatures ever tried to enter into the surface world, they'd be killed on sight. Just look at how Humans portray them in Monster Movies. Even that term. "Monster". I already had to behead a can driver tonight for that.

Sasuke: So, you plan to kill all Humans?

Mimas: Exactly.

Sasuke: Then why didn't you finish Miyabi off?

Mimas: I want her, and the others, to suffer. So I took their ability to harm from them. You Humans shouldn't be using Magic Scrolls anyway. They were developed by Ninja Imps.

Sasuke: How do you feel about kunai!

Sasuke throws the kunai at Mimas, hitting him in the eye.

Mimas: AH!!!

Sasuke turns and runs to the door of the Shimizu household. Sasuke pounds on the door.

Sasuke: Shinobu! He's here! SHINOBU!

Mimas pulls the kunai out of his eye. Blood drips out of Mimas' eye socket.


Power, Miyu and Kenji sit at a table, as Shinobu places cups in front of them.

Kenji: Thanks.

Miyu: Your predecessor? And he attacked the Second Generation Blog Cast members?

Power: Yeah.

Kenji: Any ideas where to find the guy?

Shinobu: He's supposed to still be in the city. Besides that, we're clueless.

Kenji: So, we'll have to search the areas he was seen, see if we can find any clues to where he's hiding out...

Miyu: Or Power can give GoldPsy a call.

Power: I never told you? After the Franz incident, GoldPsy retried from fighting. He's pushing 50. He's tired of fighting. If I called him about it, he'd probably feel the need to help, and I don't wanna force him out of retirement.

Miyu: *sigh* I guess I can understand that. Besides, you're starting to look just like him. It would get confusing.

Power: You think?

Miyu: Yeah. One good tan, and the only difference would be your hair and eye colors.

Power: That's the main difference! If dark hair and eyes are the only thing keeping me from looking like him... I'm getting old!

Power lies his head on the table and pouts.

*glass shattering*

Power lifts his head up and turns to the living room.

Power, Shinobu, Miyu and Kenji rush into the living room to find a window broken and a blood-soaked kunai on the floor. The four run over to the front door. Shinobu opens it.

Outside is Sasuke's body, lifeless, with a hole through his chest. Everyone's eyes widen in horror, with Shinobu's filling with tears.

Mimas: Humans!

Power, Miyu and Kenji look over and see Mimas sinking into a portal. Power's eyes widen again.

Power: You're...


Lai, Mao and a shadowed figure stand against a wall. The shadowed figure turns into Mimas.


Mimas: Mimas, as that fool told you. And if you wish to spare the rest of Humanity from sharing his fate, you'll come find me.

Mimas glares at Power, who glares back, before Mimas sinks completely into the portal and it closes.

Kenji: That was the guy?

Miyu: What a nasty look in his eyes.

Shinobu collapses to her knees and shakes Sasuke's body.

Shinobu: Sasuke! Sasuke, come on! SASUKE! SASUKE!

Power places a hands on Shinobu's shoulder. Shinobu shakily stands up, then collapses against Power, crying into his chest. Power pats Shinobu's back.

Power: Sh... It'll be okay...


Frank and Lai lie sleeping in a large bed. A phone starts ringing. Frank reaches over to a night stand and picks up the phone.

Frank: *groan* Hello?

Power: Hey, Frank. Sorry to wake you. Can you tell Lai something for me in the morning?

Frank: You're calling me at this hour for something that can wait until morning?

Lai holds out her hand.

Lai: Let me talk to him.

Frank hand Lai the phone and rolls over.

Lai: Sorry about that. You know how Frank is.

Power: Yeah. Sorry. I know this can probably wait. But I just wanted to let you know, we found that guy from my memory.

Lai: Great. Is that all?

Power: Actually, Miyu and Kenji wanted to let you know they might not be able to take you two home tomorrow.

Lai: Why not?

Power: I'll give you all the details when I have time, but long story short, that guy crippled some of our friends and just killed Sasuke.

Lai's eyes widen.

Lai: What?!

Power: Yeah. Miyu and Kenji are out looking for him now. We're gonna try to get some sleep and search in the morning.

Lai: I'll head over when I wake up. Just let me get a few more hours myself.

Power: You don't need to.

Lai: I can pacify him with my hypnosis if he tries anything funny.

Power: You sure? I mean, you're not exactly a fighter.

Lai: Of course I'm sure. Like I said, I just need a little sleep. We were up pretty late again.

Power: Sure. Thanks.

Lai: See you in the morning.


Power sits at the table, holding a cell phone to his ear.

Power: See ya.

Power places the phone down.

Power: *sigh*

Daisuke walks in.

Power: How's Shinobu?

Daisuke: She cried herself to sleep.

Power: *groan*

Daisuke sits down across from Power.

Daisuke: I still need to figure out who should watch the kids.

Power: I gave Eiji a call. He'll help us search and Hotaru will watch Ryoko and Yosuke.

Daisuke: Thanks.

Power: No prob. I let Lai know about Mimas. She offered to help too.

Daisuke: Is she a good fighter? Or does she plan to get information out of civilians?

Power: Neither. She said she'll hypnotize Mimas if we can't handle him.

Daisuke: I know you were willing, but isn't she usually only able to control weak people?

Power: She's honed her powers. She could control anyone she wants.

Daisuke: I guess that explains Frank.

Power: Nah. He's just disciplined. After I beat him, and set him down the right path, Frank started training. Now, he's probably as strong as me.

Daisuke: I don't like relying on an old enemy, but I guess we don't have a choice.

The two sit in silence for a few seconds.

Power: *chuckle*

Daisuke: What's so funny?

Power: Just thinking, we've come a long way from when we started.

Daisuke: Hm?

Power: When we were younger, we relied on Onsokumaru pointing us in the right direction. Now, we're doing what we can to handle this situation ourselves. Nobody giving us hints anymore.

Daisuke: *relieved sigh* For a minute, I was worried you'd say something dumb like "Isn't it funny how fragile and beautiful both contain the letters for life", or something lame like that.

Power smirks.

Power: Not a chance anymore, Daisuke.


Mimas walks through a ruined building, up to several gravestones. Mimas sneers as he kicks over all but one of the stones.

Mimas: Worthless Humans. But...

Mimas looks at the final gravestone, marked "Onsokumaru".

Mimas: Why did you still choose to help them?


Onsokumaru, clad in a trenchcoat and fedora, walks into a bar. Onsokumaru looks around and spots Mimas on a stool. Mimas looks at Onsokumaru and stands up. Onsokumaru and Mimas walk out the bar together.

Mimas: You really couldn't have picked a less cliche location to meet?

Onsokumaru: Sorry.

Onsokumaru removes the coat and hat.

Onsokumaru: But I've heard how ladies just love a mysterious cowboy.

Mimas: What do you want anyway?

Onsokumaru: You remember Magnesteel?

Mimas: Akagi's partner in crime. Yes.

Onsokumaru: Recently, I had to talk to him. It's a long story, but he was being targeted by a mad killer.

Mimas: I hope you don't expect me to fight for or against him again.

Mimas starts walking away.

Onsokumaru: He told me what you've been doing.

Mimas stops and his eyes widen.

Onsokumaru: All this time, I felt some guilt for putting you through all that. I thought I had destroyed your life...

Mimas: No. No, you didn't. In fact, you opened my eyes.

Onsokumaru: Huh?

Mimas: I told you when I left that I was done fighting for Humanity. That's because I now know everything. Humans... I had thought we were all there was. Now I've Awakened. Awakened to the truth. Not only are we not alone, we're the worst. We don't deserve to live anymore.

Onsokumaru: Don't tell me that you...

Mimas: I will see to it that Humanity pays the ultimate price for their actions against other creatures.

Onsokumaru: You're gonna kill every other Human and yourself? Because of Akagi?

Mimas: And Magnesteel.

Onsokumaru: *chuckle* Magnesteel is no Human. He's something called a Homunculus.

Mimas: Another creation of Humans in their arrogance.

Onsokumaru: If that's your plan, I'll have to stop you.

Mimas: Too bad. I had hopes you'd join my cause. You must know the pain of being mistreated by Humanity.

Onsokumaru: I'd never help you. Not with this.

Onsokumaru takes a fighting stance.

Onsokumaru: After all, you'd be killing the babes too.

Mimas takes a fighting stance.

Onsokumaru: It's a shame, really. There was a time when I saw you as a son.

Mimas: The feeling wasn't mutual. But, I suppose you were like family. And now you'll join the rest of them.

Onsokumaru's eyes widen.

Onsokumaru: You didn't...

Mimas smirks.

Mimas: It was over one of our holidays. They wouldn't accept what I had to do. I killed them. It's not like it matters. They would have had heart attacks if I didn't.

Onsokumaru: I may be a lowly, perverted, lazy excuse for a Ninja...

Onsokumaru punches Mimas in the face.

Onsokumaru: But you're LOWER!!!

Mimas slides back and spits out a tooth. Blood drips from Mimas' nose.

Mimas: Just give up, Onsokumaru. I don't want to kill another creature again, and we both know you're weaker than me.

Onsokumaru: I was. But since I recruited the kid and Shimizu, I've had to get stronger.

Mimas: Kid?

Onsokumaru: He calls himself Power, like how you call yourself Mimas. He had to fight Akagi after you left.

Mimas: Another Chosen One?

Mimas closes his eyes.

Mimas: I'd like to fight him someday. I hope he's strong. *deep breath*

Mimas opens his eyes.

Mimas: MONSTER!!!

Onsokumaru's eyes widen. People rush out of the bar.

Mimas: See for yourself what Humans are like.

Mimas falls backwards and quivers.

Mimas: It's... It's an alien.

One of the bar patrons smashes a bottle against the doorway, while others draw guns. Onsokumaru turns into his blob form and flies away. Mimas smirks.


Mimas frowns at the gravestone.

Mimas: You really were a father figure to me. But I was replaceable to you.

Mimas kicks the gravestone over.

Mimas: I'll never forgive you.

Miyu: You were right, Kenji.

Mimas turns around and sees Miyu and Kenji.

Kenji: Well, this is where they buried the others. It's only logical he'd be here waiting.

Mimas: I wanted Onsokumaru's three, but you'll do.

Miyu pulls out a cell phone.

Miyu: Text Power!

Miyu tosses the phone to Kenji.

Miyu: Tell him where we are.

Mimas: Why disgrace the dead more than you Humans have with these ridiculous stones?

A portal opens behind Mimas.

Mimas: I have a better battlefield in mind.

Mimas sinks into the portal.

Miyu: No you don't.

Miyu and Kenji run through the portal.


Shinobu taps her foot, while Daisuke stand against a wall. Power runs in wearing a blue jacket.

Daisuke: *groan* You're really wearing that?

Power: Hey, it's kinda my signature look.

Daisuke: Who cares about looks? This is a fight.

Power: We can't do anything until Eiji and Hotaru get here anyway.

Daisuke: When is Miura gonna be here?

*knock knock*

Power: Right now.

Daisuke blinks in shock. Power walks over to the door.

Power: I owe you one, Kaede!

Power opens the door. Lai and Frank are standing there.

Frank: We're not your girlfriend, but you do owe us.

Lai: Behave, Frank.

Lai and Frank walk in.

Lai: Nice to see you again, Shinobu, Daisuke.

Power closes the front door.

Shinobu: Thanks, you two. This really means a lot.

Lai: We're happy to help. Right, Frank?

Frank: This guy better be strong.

Power: He's never been wounded. At least, that's what Sasuke said.

Frank smirks.

Frank: A challenge then.

Lai: Do you have any ideas where he is?

Daisuke: No. He uses these portals to get around.

Frank: So, he could be anywhere?

Shinobu: Didn't Miyu and Kenji go looking for him?

Power: Right!

Power pulls out his cell phone.

Power: I'll give them a... Miyu already texted me.

Daisuke: And you're just NOW getting it?

Power: Give me a break. I've been getting ready.

Daisuke: By finding a jacket! You're gonna burn up out there.

Power: Yeah, yeah...

Power taps his phone and his eyes widen.

Power: No way.

Shinobu: What is it?

Power: He went there?

Frank: Where?


Miyu and Kenji run through a warehouse.

Miyu: You said he went in here!

Kenji: He must have escaped through a portal!

A crate flies towards Miyu. Kenji pushes her out of the way. The two fall to the ground and look in the direction the box flew from.

A large, quadrupedal creature stands in the shadows.

Mimas: I wouldn't flee from two weak Humans. But your punishment should be carried out by a superior creature.

Miyu curls her lip.

Miyu: Just hiding behind a shield, huh?

Mimas: Shield? Your lowly view of another creature as a shield speaks of your character.

Kenji looks around.

Mimas: They are the sword with which Humanity will face justice.

Kenji: Justice is compas- Watch out!

Miyu and Kenji jump out of the way as a laser beam flies towards them. The beam hits where they were standing, creating a crater.

Miyu: Well, that's new.

Kenji's Thoughts: Where is he? Mimas has to be around here somewhere.

Mimas: Don't worry. We won't kill you. Not yet. I want all Humanity to despair as they await death, like the creatures they kill.

Miyu: Sorry. We can't let that happen.

Kenji: Grab to the right! Both arms!

Miyu reaches out and grabs something with a hook on the end of it.

Miyu: Eyuk!

Miyu releases the thing she grabbed.

Miyu: Why was that slimy?

Mimas: That was, what Humans would call, a tongue.

Miyu: With a hook on it?!

Mimas: Watch your mouth! You are, after all, an invader to their world.

Miyu: Invader?

Mimas: Humans were never meant to exist on this planet. They arrived here from an egg meant for another world. The true rulers of this planet were vast and varied in form.

Kenji: Wait a second! That's just the backstory to Evangelion!

A tendril creeps up behind Kenji and wraps around him. The tendril lifts Kenji in the air.

Mimas: A know-it-all brat. Truly only a Human could be so.

Miyu grabs a piece of the broken crate and throws it at the tendril. The tendril breaks and Kenji falls to the ground, covered in the creature's blood. Miyu runs over to Kenji.

Miyu: Kenji! Are you okay?

Kenji: Yeah! I feel fine. But, listen, I was thinking. That creature hasn't moved this whole time. I haven't found Mimas either. You were right. It is a shield. Literally.

Kenji stands up.

Kenji: He's probably giving orders to that creature. I'll keep it distracted. You get close and try to knock Mimas out.

Miyu: Right!

Kenji rushes towards the creature. A laser beam fires at Kenji. Kenji jumps out of the way.

Kenji: Got anything that wasn't used by an Angel?

A liquid flies towards Kenji. Kenji tries to dodge, but the liquid hits his leg, burning it.

Kenji: GAH! Acid spit?

Mimas: Just so you're aware...

Miyu runs to the side of the creature, only to get smacked into a wall by a spike-covered tail.

Kenji: Miyu!

Mimas: Other creatures can have more than two eyes, a misfortune Humans think as normal. Or, in some cases...

Kenji runs towards Miyu. The creature's tongue lashes out again, stabbing Kenji in his right eye.

Kenji: *agonized scream*

Mimas: Humans will take pride in their eyesight, despite how lacking it is.

Miyu: KENJI!!!

The tongue rips Kenji's eye out. Kenji covers his eye socket and stumbles over to Miyu.

Mimas: A young man who puts such faith in his vision. The only appropriate punishment...

The tongue stand Kenji in the left eye and rips it out.

Mimas: Is blindness.

Kenji collapses on the ground. Miyu staggers over to Kenji, shaking.

Miyu: Kenji... Kenji, come on. Y-You have to get up. Y-You don't want Power to look cool in front of your wife while you...

Miyu starts crying.

Mimas: Don't worry. I said neither of you will die, and you won't.

Miyu glares in the direction of Mimas' voice.

Mimas: You shall not escape your suffering through death.

Miyu: SHUT UP!!!

Miyu rushes towards the creature with her right arm pulled back. The creature swings it's tail at Miyu. Miyu punches the tail. The tail shatters.

Miyu: You're gonna pay for what you did to Kenji!

Tendrils fly towards Miyu, who shatters each one with a punch.

Mimas: Revenge. The most Human of emotions. Another concept only existing in the lowest of species.

A large arm grabs Miyu. Miyu struggles in the arms grasp.

Miyu: This all you've got? I've been in tighter situations.

Mimas: So, this is how you react to the inevitable. Perhaps because of your past. Being used to make money by predicting deaths, and by your own mother. I can certainly relate. My parents didn't support my plans. That's why I killed them.

Miyu: We're nothing alike!

Mimas: Right. You value your individuality above all else. Yet you take after my inferior successor. Perhaps it's not individuality, but your sense of self, who you are now, that you value. Regardless...

The creature lifts Miyu in the air.

Mimas: We'll see how much pain you can endure before your personality retreats.

The creature slams Miyu against the ground.


The five stand around waiting.


Everyone turns to the kitchen. Eiji and Hotaru stumble into the room.

Eiji: Sorry about the mess.

Daisuke: What did you just do?

Eiji: Transported my wife and myself here.

Daisuke: I meant did you break anything?

Shinobu: What took so long?

Hotaru: Eiji. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to wake him up.

Daisuke: Can't you travel through time?

Eiji: Not since Franz died. And Zabefa's still passed out.

Power: Great...

Frank: Can we get a move on?

Eiji: Right. Where do we look first?

Power: Miyu and Kenji followed the guy to the warehouse district.

Eiji: Got it!

Shinobu: Thanks for the help. Hotaru, if you need anything, all the emergency numbers are on the table.

Hotaru: No worries. Just give the creep a few good smacks for me.

Eiji, Power, Daisuke, Shinobu, Lai and Frank disappear.


Mimas sits in the ruins of a warehouse, chewing on something. Miyu and Kenji lay on the ground in front of Mimas, faint.

Power's group runs up. Power and Eiji's eyes widen in horror.

Power: Miyu...

Eiji: Kenji...

Power: What did you do to them?!

Mimas smirks, revealing blood-soaked teeth.

Mimas: I didn't kill them, if you're worried about that.

Shinobu pulls out a shuriken.

Shinobu: What then?

Mimas: I simply made them suffer, like they made other creatures suffer.

Mimas kicks Miyu and Kenji at the six. Daisuke catches Miyu, Frank catches Kenji.

Mimas: I must say though, the eyes of that young one were a treat. Human eyes have such an exquisite taste.

Frank looks down at Kenji, then turns away.

Frank: Sick.

Daisuke looks at Miyu.

Daisuke: Matsumoto seems fine.

Mimas: Externally, yes. But, when she comes to, you'll find her once defiant personality gone, erased. After repeated blows to the head and a few carefully selected words on her supposed "hero"'s abandoning her, her original self retreated to the darkest recesses of her mind, never willing to return.

Shinobu throws the shuriken at Mimas. Mimas leans back, sinking into a portal.

Mimas: If you truly want to save such a repugnant species, I have a better battlefield for the final battle. One less cliche.

Mimas sinks completely through the portal, which remains open.

Frank: He expects us to follow him into an obvious trap?

Daisuke: What other choice do we have?

Shinobu: But Miyu and Kenji need to get to the hospital.

Eiji: I'll take them.

Power: Huh?

Eiji: It's my fault for oversleeping that they ended up like this. Besides, compared to the rest of you, I'm just an ordinary guy. I'd be more of a liability in a fight.

Power: I wouldn't say you're a liability, but you are a good last resort.

Eiji: Huh?

Power: If we don't contact you in one, no, two hours, assume we failed. Get everyone you can out of this world and get in contact with GoldPsy. Figure out what to do from there.

Eiji: Uh... R-Right.

Daisuke: Wow. You actually came up with a good backup plan.

Power: Came up with, remembered the fight with Omega Shenron, same diff.

Daisuke shakes his head. Daisuke places Miyu gently on the ground, while Frank hands Kenji to Eiji.

Lai: After this is over, I'll see if I can bring Miyu back out of her head.

Eiji nods. Power, Daisuke, Shinobu, Lai and Frank jump through the portal.

Eiji: Good luck, guys. We're counting on you.


Frank falls out of the portal and lands on his feet, before catching Lai. Daisuke and Shinobu fall out of the portal and lands on their feet. Power falls out of the portal and lands on his butt.

Power: Yowch!

Frank places Lai down, while he, Daisuke, Shinobu and Lai stare in horror. Power stands up and rubs his back.

Power: I miss Zabefa's landings.

Daisuke: Quit whining and look!

Power looks up. An army of hundreds of different creatures surround the five.

Power: *gasp*

Mimas: Good to see you finally arrived.

The heroes look up and see Mimas sitting in a tree. Mimas jumps down.

Mimas: Each and every creature you see here desires the extinction of Humanity as much as myself. Several are even sworn enemies who put their differences aside to-

Daisuke: Wait, that tone sounds familiar. Were you at the convention? Were you that interviewer who went off about me online?

Frank: Interviewer?

Daisuke: I had some free time and someone asked me for an interview. I was going to answer their questions, but then I got a call, from a certain someone.

Power: Whoops. My bad.

Daisuke: Ever since, it's been a barrage of insults about me online, how I'm impossible to talk to, why people shouldn't buy my work.

Power: I warned you about western anime fans.

Lai: Oh, I know a great lawyer if you wanna file a lawsuit.

Daisuke: For that? HA! That wasn't as bad as the petting.

Power, Lai and Frank: Petting?

Daisuke: Someone on one of the panels said I was "a pure, innocent creature", while petting me!

Shinobu: It was really degrading.

Mimas: *growl*

Daisuke: Onsokumaru's bad decision over there has the same tone they all had.

Power: So does half of America's ani-


The heroes turn their attention to Mimas. A minotaur turns to an ogre.

Minotaur: Those Humans really are as rude as Mimas says.

Ogre: Interrupting him. Such barbaric creatures.

Mimas: Every creature here has lost at least one of their loved ones to a Human. Many are the last of their species. It is my regret I couldn't save them, despite my efforts in many cases. So, for the sake of world peace, and in order to avenge those who have died, every Human will die by our hands. But, before my friends here have their revenge, Mr. and Mrs. Clone!

Mimas turns to Daisuke and Shinobu.

Daisuke: We have names, y'know.

Mimas: Yes. A convenience many other creatures don't need. I will make this offer once. Neither of you are completely Human. You have a spot in our army if you wish to be spared from death. What do you say?

Shinobu: You took Miyabi's fingers! You killed Sasuke! I'll never join you!

Power leans over to Frank and Lai.

Power: Watch out. Shinobu's scary when she's mad.

Lai: Oh, Frank's worse.

Mimas: How disappointing. And Daisuke?

Daisuke: You'll kill EVERY Human?

Mimas: Yes.

Daisuke: Even the Human children of non-Humans?

Mimas: It's for the sake of peace, even if it will put them through pain.

Daisuke: 'Kay. That tells me all I need to know.

Daisuke's hand morphs into a sword.

Daisuke: Now I've gotta fight for my kids too.

Mimas sneers.

Mimas: You're saying that while standing alongside Franklin Fuchs!

Daisuke: It's true, the Frank from this world was a deranged killer, unable to reflect on his own actions. But I'm not holding this one responsible for another person's actions.

Mimas: *growl* Traitors...

Power: By the way, Mimas, what about you?

Mimas: Huh?

Power: You're a Human too, right? You're ready to die too?

A large, monkey-like creature steps forward.

Monkey Creature: Don't be absurd. We aren't barbaric as you Humans.

A creature made of rocks holds an arm in front of Mimas.

Rock Creature: Mimas will remain alive. To prevent a FULL extinction.

Power: I think I get it.

Daisuke leans over to Power.

Daisuke: You count how many opponents we're looking at?

Power: No. You?

Daisuke: I'm having trouble seeing all of them.

Mimas: There are precisely 986 creatures in this army, not including myself. However, for simplicity's sake, please, refer to your executors as the Thousand Creature Army.

Lai: Did 987 through Number 1,000 decide to abandon you when they heard your plan?

Mimas: No. Thousand just sounds better. Now, my friends, the time you've awaited is here. Humanity's last defense is before you. Once they fall, the rest will go down easily. This is your battle, not mine, so I'll leave the fun to you!

The creatures charge at the five heroes.

Daisuke runs towards the creatures, swinging his sword at several as he tries to cut a path through.

The Ogre and a creature made of slime stand before Shinobu.

Ogre: *evil chuckle*

Shinobu places one hand on top of the other.

Shinobu: Art of Doppelganger Technique!

Hands start raining down from the sky. The Ogre and Slime run off out of fear. The hands fly at the other creatures.

Frank tears of his suit and grapplers with a goblin-like creature.

Lai: Ugh! Frank, do you know how much that suit cost!?

Frank: I can't go all out wearing that. Besides you're the one who likes wearing suits.

Lai: Still!

A humanoid wolf goes to slash his claws at Lai. A humanoid frog-like creature wraps his tongue around the wolf's arm. The wolf looks at the frog. The frog pulls his tongue back and shakes his head.

Frog: I didn't mean to do that. I lost control of my-my-m-Mistress Lai must be protected.

The frog's eyes glow red.

Wolf: Huh?

Lai's eyes glow, and the wolf's eyes glow red as well.

Wolf: Yes, Mistress Lai...

The wolf starts attacking other creatures.

Frank: You really had to make them call you "Mistress"?

Lai: Hey, can't I have some fun?

Frank: Conceited...

Frank kicks the goblin between the legs.

Power stumbles backwards as a humanoid bird creature slashes it's talons at him. Power drops to the ground and spins on his back, kicking the bird in the face. The bird falls down, and Power stands up, bopping back and forth.

Mimas sits on the ground and closes his eyes. Mimas begins floating in the air. Mimas opens his eyes and looks down at the fights.

Power jumps back several times as a floating crystal fires a laser at him. Shinobu throws a kunai at the crystal, knocking it to the ground.

Lai's eyes continually glow, as more creatures stand around her, protecting her.

Frank tosses a green-skinned humanoid over his shoulder. A small, round creature stumbles over to Frank, staring at him with large eyes. Frank stares blankly at the creature. The creature bares fangs and claws, then jumps towards Frank, who kicks it into the air.

Daisuke clashes his sword arm against a floating sword. Daisuke slides back, kicking up dust, which covers a foot under the sword. Daisuke blocks the sword with his sword and slams his elbow against something. Dust flies around, covering a lizard-like creature.

The monkey-like creature flips through the air and lands in front of Daisuke.

Monkey: Mimas tells me your species is descended from my loose relatives. In a way, this is my fault. Allow me to make my amends!

The monkey swings it's tail at Daisuke, who jumps back.

Mimas: Don't hold yourself accountable. Nobody could tell how Humans would turn out.

Daisuke: Too bad I'm a clone. And GoldPsy's at that.

Monkey: HA! GoldPsy! That myth? You can't expect me to take you seriously.

Mimas: He knows nothing, friend. He can't even grasp your species.

Daisuke: And that is?

Mimas: Before you Humans stole the name, the closest equivalent a Human tongue can come to is Sayan.

Daisuke: SAYAN?

Mimas: Then you Humans make ill advised puns on it.

Daisuke runs, disappearing and reappearing behind the Monkey. Daisuke clocks the Monkey on the back of the head, knocking him out.

Daisuke: If you're gonna lie, make it less obvious. Yasai.

Mimas: Mocking creatures of air now?

Daisuke: It's pronounced SAIyan originally.

Mimas: So you do know their species.

Daisuke: *sigh*

Frank holds back a club wielded by a troll.

Mimas: Surprised to see a creature using a weapon used by you Humans.? Originally, such implements belonged to them. They needed weapons to fight Humans, who only have immense strength to aid them.

Frank pulls the club from the troll's hands and tosses it at Mimas, who easily dodges. Frank and the troll grapple, both smirking.

Lai loosens her tie as a skeleton massages her shoulders.

Lai: Whew... This is tougher than it looks.

Mimas: Ugh... You haven't even thrown a punch! And stop brainwashing the superior creatures! Fight for yourself!

Power: That's rich coming from you!

Mimas glares at Power, who's jumping away from the legs of an armored spider-like creature.

Power: You're hanging around up there, while the Thousand Creature Army are doing the hard work.

Mimas: It's not my fight.

Power: But the fight with Akagi was!

Mimas: Do you have a point, or do you just like annoying people?

Power: Look, when you really think about it, we were both given a chance at an extraordinary life! Don't you want to see how we stack up against each other?

Mimas: Don't try escaping your fate through me!

Mimas floats away. A blue-skinned humanoid steps towards Power.

Blue Humanoid: Mimas doesn't understand the joys of a fight. But I can assure you, I look forward to fighting you.

The creature draws a sword.

Power: So, what do I call you?

Blue Humanoid: Y.

Power: I like talking while I fight and it helps if I can call you something.

Y: *laugh* An understandable mistake. I am the 25th child of my generation. My species names children after their number. Y is the 25th letter of your alphabet.

Power: Oh. I get it.

Y: I hear you have a technique using a sword. I'd be interested in seeing it.

Power: I don't have a blade on me, but...

Y tosses his sword to Power and draws another sword. Power catches the first sword.

Y: Always be prepared.

Power smiles.

Power: Alright, here goes!

Power leaps in the air.

Power: Automail...

Power raises the sword above his head.

Power: BREAK!

Y holds his sword up, blocking Power's sword. Y's sword flies out of his hands. A tendril shoots out of Y's back and catches the sword. Power's eyes widen.

Y: Don't worry, I won't use my extra limbs to fight you.

Power: Go ahead if you want. That was cool!

Y smiles.

Shinobu spins a staff around, then hits a centaur in the head with it. Thread covers Shinobu, constricting around her.

Shinobu: Ungh!

Shadows start crawling up Shinobu's legs.

Shinobu: What is this?

Mimas looks down at Shinobu and smirks.

Mimas: It's a living shadow. You Humans see them all the time, treating them like demons. However, they're just formless beings. I'm glad she'll finally have a body.

Shinobu: *gasp*

Power clashes swords with Y and looks at Shinobu.

Power: Shinobu! Use that Ninja Technique I taught you.

Shinobu: *groan* R-Right...

Shinobu struggles to lift her arms up, eventually succeeding.

Shinobu: Ninja Technique! Golden beyond Sun's rays. Kinder than the purest heart. Thou who shines your radiance on even the eternal darkness. I call upon thee and swear to fight alongside thee! Let those who stand before me fall to the power you and I create!

Power swings his sword, knocking Y's sword into the air.


A light bursts out of Shinobu, knocking the shadows to the ground. Y shuts his eyes in pain.

The light fades. The shadows twitch on the ground. Y opens his eyes and sees Power, holding his sword to the side.

Power: How's your vision?

Y: Huh?

Power: You can't expect me to fight you if you can't see.

Y: You had a chance to kill me, but you didn't take it?

Power: Hey, you've been fighting fair. Why wouldn't I?

Y: *chuckle* I admit defeat.

Power: Huh?

Y: My opponent bested me in battle. You're still armed, and I'm not. Therefore, you win.

Power: Uh, does that mean you'll stop fighting?

Y: Yes. Well, as part of this army. If you survive, I'd like to spar again.

Power smirks.

Power: Sure thing.

Y: It would be my honor then, to escort you to safety.

Power: Sorry, can't do that. The others are still fighting. I can't leave them. Besides, if I can get over to Daisuke, I can show you something amazing.

Y: Amazing? What?

Power: I don't know exactly yet. But I wanna try it.

Y blinks in confusion, then smiles and picks up his sword.

Y: Follow my lead then.

Daisuke continues to fight his way through the Army. Daisuke punches a creature in the face, while kicking another's leg, toppling it. A short, imp-like creature jumps in front of Daisuke and hold up his fingers. A laser beam shoots out of each finger. Daisuke jumps back repeatedly.

Imp: I can't believe a clone like you would help those horrid Humans!

Daisuke: It's because-

Imp: Quiet! I don't want your excuses! It was Humanity that killed my father. Yes, Mimas tried to save him, bit he failed! I can't forgive anyone who fights on the side of those creatures! I, Penne, shall kill you!

Daisuke: Penne? Like the pasta?

Penne: It means "earnest" in our language! Don't mock it!

Power and Y get closer to Daisuke and Penne, holding their swords against each other.

Y: Is this close enough?

Power: Yeah.

Y nods and falls back.

Y: You have bested me in combat, Human.

Penne looks over at Y and stops firing his laser blasts.

Penne: Y!

Daisuke runs towards Penne and kicks him in the head. Penne falls to the ground, and looks up at Daisuke.

Penne: How underhanded.

Daisuke: Blame my creator for giving me an advanced killing instinct. I've barely kept it in check.

Penne: We're merely fighting for our lives.

Daisuke: So are we.

Penne passes out.

Power: Whew! That was cool, Daisuke!

Daisuke: Yeah, but I don't know how long I can keep it up.

Power: Same here. All of us are running out of steam. We would have lost if Lai wasn't taking care of the more deadly creatures. And Shinobu looks exhausted after fighting that shadow thing.

Power looks over at Shinobu, who's struggling to hold off a giant bird with her sword.

Daisuke: That reminds me. When did you teach her the Giga Slave!? And why!?

Pretty: Hey, chill, Dai. It called on Kaede's energy. It was safe.

Daisuke: Kaede?

Power: Yeah. I've been pushing what the world can do ever since learning of her powers. And I got us a little gift using her ability to change reality too.

Power reaches into his pocket.

Daisuke: Huh?

Y's eyes widen.

Mimas looks down the fights, as Lai is held up by two creatures, Frank falls to his knees, panting, and Shinobu barely drives the bird away.

Mimas: Perfect.

A green light erupts near Y.

Mimas: What?!

Shinobu, Lai, Frank, Mimas and several creatures look over at the light. The minotaur charges at Shinobu, lifting an arm in preparation to strike, before falling to the ground, faint. Shinobu looks at the minotaur in shock.

Shinobu: How...

???: Sorry!

Shinobu looks over and sees a man in a blue kimono, with brown and blond hair, spiked at the top, walking over, hiding his right arm in his kimono.

Mystery Man: I didn't wanna make it look that easy.

Frank glares at the man.

Frank: Another foe?

Mimas: I've never seen him before.

Shinobu: He can't be...

The man brushes his hair behind his ears, revealing a pair of earrings.

Mystery Man: Power borrowed them before you left. I owe you one, Kaede baby!

Mimas' eyes widen.

Mimas: You're them. Power and Daisuke. And the earrings are...

D+P: Potara. Yep. I had Kaede change them from regular ones. Well, Power did.

Mimas: So, what are you? Human or clone?

D+P: A living being. Hm... But I do need a name.

A snakeman slithers behind the fusion and goes to strike him. The fusion backhands the snakeman, sending it flying.

D+P: Posuke? Nah. Too obvious. Daier? Save that one for the dance.

A gigantic human-like creature rushes at the fusion. The fusion jumps up and punches the titan in the stomach, sending it to it's knees.

Shinobu: He's... stronger than GoldPsy.

D+P: Got that right! Hmm, maybe something like that. What's better than gold? Crystal?

A demonic looking creature sneers.

D+P: Wait, I don't wanna give the wrong impression. I'm a real fusion. Not a poorly conceived metaphor or a sad euphemism.

The demonic creature runs at the fusion.

Demonic Creature: You can call yourself "Mud" for all I care! I've killed Gods! You're nothing to me!

The demonic creature goes to punch the fusion. The fusion catches the punch.

D+P: That's it!

The fusion pumps his arm in excitement, accidentally tearing the creature's arm off.

D+P: If GoldPsy is the strongest, and I'm stronger than him, I'd be comparable to a God of Destruction. This name works!

The fusion throws the arm away and dusts himself off before posing.

D+P: Daichary!

Mimas stares at Daichary in fear.

Daichary: To keep things interesting, I won't use my right arm. Now, anyone up for a fight?

The armored spider charges at Daichary. Daichary holds the spider in place and looks at his reflection.

Daichary: Ew! That's what my hair looks like? Guess I'll need to fix it.

Daichary kicks the spider from its underside, knocking it into the air. Daichary's hair turns orange.

Daichary: Now this is what Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan should have looked like!

Mimas watches as Daichary runs into a group of creatures.

Mimas: How... How could a clone fuse with a Human?

Daichary: No holding back! If you got weapons, use 'em! I ain't about to let any excuses fly!

The creatures all attack Daichary at once. As the dust settles, Daichary stands there, unharmed.

Daichary: Can't harm an unmoving target? Great! Now I know how Saitama feels!

Daichary starts attacking the creatures.

Mimas: What are they?

One of the creatures flies towards Mimas, who barely dodges. Mimas stares in horrified shock.

Daichary: Don't know what your heard about fusion, but I'm a single living being, not two people.

Mimas slowly turns to look at Daichary, who's smirking, surrounded by the faint bodies of the creatures.

Mimas: *horrified gasps*

Daichary: No worries. I'm saving you for last. And I have a surprise all for you.

Mimas: Sur-Surprise? *gulp*

Shinobu smiles.

Shinobu: Daichary. He's awesome. Alright!

Shinobu wipes some dirt from her cheek.

Shinobu: I'm not gonna let him have all the fun.

Shinobu starts throwing kunai and shuriken at the creatures.

Frank slowly stands up.

Frank: I'm not gonna be left to die.

Frank cracks his knuckles.

Lai, still surrounded by hypnotized creatures, looks up at Mimas and smirks.

Lai: Take out the leader and the rest will be easy.

Lai's eyes glow. Mimas' eyes widen, and he looks down at Lai. Lai's eyes widen and she covers her mouth. Lai starts shaking.

Wolf: What's wrong, ma'am?

Lai: H-How?

Mimas quickly drops out of the sky, in front of Lai.

Lai: You... You're pure evil.

Mimas sneers and punches Lai in the gut. Lai grabs her stomach and falls to get knees.

Mimas: Don't speak, welp.

Daichary, Shinobu and Frank look towards Lai and Mimas.

Mimas kicks Lai in the stomach. Lai falls to the ground. All the hypnotized creatures look around in confusion.

Frog: What happened?

Mimas: A hypnotist, huh? I guess your punishment should be to lose your free will.

Frank slams his chest against Mimas, knocking him away from Lai. Daichary and Shinobu run over, kneeling down by Lai. Shinobu places a hand on Lai's arm. Frank runs towards Mimas.


Mimas: Humans, always claiming people as posses-

Frank punches Mimas in the face.

Frank: MY WIIIIFE!!?

Frank starts kicking and punching Mimas repeatedly.

Shinobu: She's alive.

Daichary: Thank Kaede...

Lai slowly lifts her head and looks at Frank.

Lai: He's gone berserk...

Daichary: Our Frank never got this strong, even when Power pissed him off.

Shinobu: He must really love you, Lai.

Frank punches Mimas in the jaw, knocking a tooth out. Mimas goes to grab Frank's arm, only for Frank to knock Mimas' hand away. Frank punches Mimas on the top of his head.

Lai smiles.

Lai: Yeah...

Lai passes out.

Shinobu: Lai?!

Daichary: She's just getting some sleep. Keep an eye on her, will ya, Shinobu? I need to take out all the creatures she just lost control of.

Daichary stands up and stares at the creatures Lai had hypnotized. Daichary turns and looks at Frank and Mimas.

Daichary: Although, maybe I should put an end to that first.

The rock creature creeps up behind Daichary.

Daichary: After all, Frank shouldn't be the one to kill...

The rock creature goes to grab the earrings, only to be blocked by Daichary's right arm, which is yellow.

Rock Creature: Wh-Wh-What?

Daichary turns to look at the creature.

Daichary: Daisuke ate part of Onsokumaru years ago. I fully integrated it into my right arm.

Rock Creature: N-No! I mean, how could you have known my attack was coming?!

Daichary: GoldPsy was created to survive anything. Daisuke has his DNA, and Power, his training. That's how. GoldPsy's DNA is hardwired for self-preservation. It's also what let me change my hair color by my own will.

Rock Creature: Y-You're still only an unstable fusion. You-You can't take on someone as strong as me.

Daichary: Unst- Oh. The voice thing. Man, I'll need to show those people what a real fusion is.

Rock Creature: You don't have the stones. Now, let me show you my true strength, in intimate detail.

Rocks fly towards the creature.

Rock Creature: Come, my loves! Let us show this forced creation what our unity can do!

Daichary looks at his right arm, the Onsokumaru arm. Daichary shrugs.

Daichary: If the cat's out of the bag anyway...

Daichary holds the Onsokumaru arm up.

Rock Creature: We may be combining, but they'll be the one's who are f-

Daichary: LOVIN' IT!

The Onsokumaru arm stretches out, piercing the Rock Creature through the chest. The Rock Creature stares in horror, while the arm retracts.

Daichary: Sorry, but that was getting too dirty, even compared to Onsokumaru's standards.

Daichary turns to the other creatures.

Daichary: Anyone want out, leave now.

Several creatures run off.

Daichary: Okay, I'm gonna assume anyone left knows what they're in for now. Let's go!

Daichary holds up the Onsokumaru arm, with his palm facing the sky. Daichary flicks parts of the hand at the feet of several creatures.

Daichary: Parts of my hand must have...

Daichary grips his hand into a fist. The parts of the Onsokumaru arm erupt from under the creatures, knocking them down.

Daichary: Slipped!

Someone starts punching Daichary on the back. Daichary turns around and sees a ten-year old boy smacking his chest.

Daichary: A kid?

Kid: I may look like a kid, but Mr. Mimas told me the truth! I'm really a Homunculus.

Daichary: Homunculus, huh?

Kid: My name is Virtue! I know you won't care, cause you're a Human and I don't like them, but I won't let you get away with killing my friends!

Daichary glances over at Mimas, who's still being brutalized by Frank.

Daichary: Mimas?

Virtue: He saved me from the evil Humans who had kidnapped me. Since I was a baby, they raised me like a Human, pretending I was their son! But Mr. Mimas told me the truth.

Daichary looks back at Virtue.

Daichary: You got a bellybutton, kid?

Virtue: Why should I tell you what I got?

Daichary: That's a "yes" then?

Virtue's eyes widen.

Virtue: Whoops.

Daichary: Mimas brought a kid in as a member... knowing we couldn't bring ourselves to hurt a child...

Daichary looks over to Shinobu.

Daichary: Shinobu! Clone Technique!

Shinobu stares at Daichary in concern for a second, then her eyes widen.

Shinobu: Right!

Shinobu places one hand on top of the other. Hands appear in the air and fly over to Virtue. Virtue stares at the hands in fear.

Virtue: What are you...

The hands start ticking Virtue.

Virtue: *laugh* St-Stop it! *laugh*

Virtue collapses on the ground, in a laughing fit. Daichary turns to the remaining creatures.

Daichary: Sorry to make this quick, but my fist is running late for a meeting with Mimas' face.

Daichary raises the Onsokumaru arm into the air. A large yellow mass starts to rise out of the palm. The creatures look at the attack in fear.

Daichary: This shouldn't kill, but just in case, if you don't wanna die, leave NOW!!!

More creatures flee. Daichary throws the large blob.

Daichary: GABORA!!!

The large blob hits the remaining creatures, sending them all flying away, knocked out.

Daichary: *sigh* One left.

Frank continues to punch Mimas, knocking more teeth out.


Mimas punches Frank in the face. Frank sneers and pulls his head back, then bites Mimas' hand, tearing off some of Mimas' skin. Frank spits the skin out, while Mimas stares at his hand in horror. Frank punches Mimas in the gut, sending him doubling over in pain. Frank slams his shoulder against Mimas, knocking him back.

Frank: JUST DIIE!!!

Daichary: That's enough!

Frank and Mimas look over at Daichary as he walks closer.

Daichary: You know she doesn't want you to lose yourself to your anger, Frank.

Frank glares at Mimas then turns away.

Frank: Make him suffer.

Daichary: Don't worry, he will. But I won't be the one to do it.

Mimas stares at Daichary, shaking in fear. Daichary holds the Onsokumaru arm out.


The Onsokumaru arm starts stretching out, curling into the air. Mimas collapses backwards, staring at the arm in fear.

Mimas: *heavy, anxious breaths*

Onsokumaru's face appears in place of Daichary's right hand. Shinobu's eyes widen.

Shinobu: Onsokumaru?

Mimas: O-On-On-Onsokumaru?!

Onsokumaru: MIMAS!!!

Onsokumaru's face changes into a dragon head. Mimas crawls backwards across the ground as he stares at the dragon head.

The dragon head flies down towards Mimas. Mimas begins crying as the dragon closes in. The dragon stops inches away from Mimas.

Daichary: Crap.

The dragon head turns back into a hand.

Daichary: It's up to you guys now.

Daichary splits back into Daisuke and Power. Shinobu and Frank look at Power and Daisuke in confusion. Power and Daisuke stare at each other.

Daisuke: You shortened our time for that attack?!

Power: Hey, I couldn't have come up with the idea to let Onsokumaru finish him off!

Mimas: *heavy breathing*

A portal opens behind Mimas, who starts crawling into it. Power and Daisuke turn to Mimas.

Daisuke: You're not getting away!

Power: We won't let you!

Power and Daisuke run towards Mimas. Mimas sinks further into the portal.

Shinobu: They're not gonna make it!

Frank: Crap! If only I hadn't knocked him so far away.

Daisuke's eyes widen. Daisuke looks at Power and stops running. Power looks back at Daisuke. Daisuke stares Power in the eyes. Power nods. Daisuke charges forward, until he slams against Power's back. Daisuke falls to the ground, while Power flies forward. Power sails towards the portal, grabbing on to Mimas. The two are pulled through the portal.

Daisuke sits up and looks at the portal as it's closing. A light flies through the portal just before it closes. Daisuke's eyes widen.

Shinobu: Daisuke!

Shinobu runs over to Daisuke and kneels down next to him.

Daisuke: I'm fine.

Shinobu looks at the spot where the portal was.

Shinobu's Thoughts: But is Power?


Power and Mimas roll across a blazing inferno. Power slides to a stop and lunges on top of Mimas. Power punches Mimas in the face several times. Mimas' eyes close and his head turns to the side.

Power: *heavy breathing*

Power stands up.

Power: *pant pant* I won. *sigh*

Power looks down and sees his coat on fire.

Power: AH!

Power throws his coat off. Power's pants start burning. Power quickly pats down his pants.

Power: Where am I?

Power looks up and sees stars and planets in the sky. Power looks around, seeing the moon and asteroids in the sky.

Power: How...

Power's eyes land on a blue planet.

Power: No way. I'm in... space?

Tears run down Power's face as he smiles.

Mimas: It is a sight, isn't it?

Power's eyes widen. Power looks over and sees Mimas standing up, with his pants half burnt and his cloak on fire.

Mimas: Space has many extraordinary wonders.

Mimas throws away his cloak.

Mimas: If only that hideous blue marble wasn't in the way.

Power: Mimas... How...

Mimas: How am I alive? *evil chuckle* My blood. I was born a seemingly normal Human. But, as I got older, I found any time I got injured, my wounds would heal as soon as my blood touched them. I tested it on family and even animals. My blood can heal anything.

Power: Oh, I figured that out by now. Daichary saw Frank bite some of your skin off.

Mimas sneers and looks at his hand.

Power: I was actually gonna ask how a planet can be on fire like this.

Mimas: Ignorant fool! We're not on a planet! You're now the second person to have the honor of standing on the Sun!

Power's eyes widen.

Power: We're on the Sun!?

Mimas: With my Plan A failed, this is my only other option to kill Humanity. Wipe them out by opening a wide enough portal between their miserable planet and the Sun!

Power takes a fighting stance.

Power: I ain't gonna let ya!

Power and Mimas leap at each other, punching each other's fists. The two jump away from each other.

Mimas: Do you really think you can beat me? You're a mere Human, with no special powers besides Humanity's overblown strength. I, however, have my blood to keep me alive.

Power goes to kick Mimas, only for Mimas to jump out of the way.

Power: I've been fighting stronger opponents than you since the day GoldPsy introduced me to Onsokumaru!

Mimas: *growl*

Power and Mimas grapple against each other.

Mimas: Don't you mention him! Onsokumaru is a traitor!

Power kicks Mimas in the stomach, pushing Mimas back.

Mimas: That hero of your's only cared about his own life!

Power goes to kick Mimas again, only for Mimas to catch his foot.

Mimas: He sold out other creatures just so he wouldn't die!

Power strikes Mimas' arm. Mimas releases Power's foot.

Power: Hero? Onsokumaru wasn't my hero!

Power lunges at Mimas, who steps to the side. Power stumbles.

Mimas: Yet you still fought by his side.

Power turns around.

Power: Yeah! To save the world!

Power punches Mimas thrice in the face with his left fist, then goes to punch him with his right hand, only for Mimas to catch the punch.

Mimas: I've seen how that boxer fights before.

Power kicks Mimas in the side of the head. Mimas stumbles back.

Power: You mean Todoroki?

Mimas: Do you think you can defeat me with stolen moves? You really are Human!

Mimas tries to punch Power, who dodges.

Mimas: When creatures developed fighting styles and weapons to fight Humans, the Human Race stole them!

Mimas swings around and kicks Power in the side of his head. Power stumbles to the side. Power starts bopping left and right.

Mimas: Seems like you're truly the best representative of Humanity!

Power goes to punch Mimas, who steps out of the way.

Mimas: No wonder you fought alongside Franklin Fuchs! You hate creatures just like him!

Power swings his foot at Mimas, who jumps out of the way.

Power: I'm nothing like Frank! And the one I fought together with is a different person!

Power goes to punch Mimas, who catches the punch and pushes Power back.

Mimas: You let the one from this world live! He had to kill himself! All those threats! You let them live!

Power's Thoughts: If Blizzard isn't working, I'll try Paper Moon!

Power spins through the air towards Mimas, kicking at him. Mimas steps out of the way of Power's leg.

Power: I let them live because of my heart!

Power rushes towards Mimas, swinging his fists at him. Mimas, again, dodges. Power stops.

Power: Hold it!

Mimas glares at Power.

Power: You figured it out, didn't you?

Mimas: When not stealing attacks from other fighters, you dance. Yes. And to anime songs.

Power: *chuckle* Congrats. You're the first opponent who figured that out on your own.

Mimas: I wouldn't be so happy. I just need to avoid your attacks until you wear yourself out.

Power: I'll come up with something.

Mimas: What I can't figure out is how you haven't burnt up!

Power goes to kick Mimas, who dodges. Power throws a flurry of punches, which Mimas also dodges. Power jumps up and goes to kick Mimas from above. Mimas catches Power's leg.

Mimas: Gurren Lagann? Really? That became old years ago.

Power pulls his leg from Mimas' grip.

Power's Thoughts: Old?

Power's eyes widen.

Power's Thoughts: That's it!

Power throws three punches, which Mimas dodges, only to uppercut Mimas with a fourth.

Mimas: What!?

Mimas stumbles back.

Mimas: I don't recognize that one!

Power: It's a favorite of Shinobu's. You only know the songs popular in the West, huh, Mimas?

Mimas' eyes widen.

Power: I got a million other songs to choose from.

Power starts bopping around again.

Power: Now all I gotta do is beat you until-

Power's body twitches, then jerks in pain. Blood drips from the side of Power's mouth. Power slowly looks down to see a blue tendril piercing through his chest.

Power: That's just like Y's...

Mimas: Generously donated by a dying member of his species.

Power's gaze follows the tendril back to see it coming out of Mimas' stomach.

Power: No fair... hitting with a cheap shot...

Mimas pulls the tendril out.

Power: AAAAAHHH!!!

Power starts falling. Mimas grabs Power by the hair.

Mimas: What were you saying about your heart? *cackle* All you did was reveal your weakness!

Mimas starts kneeing Power in the face.

Mimas: Such a worthless Human replacement! How could Onsokumaru think you were a good successor?!

Mimas drops Power and steps on his chest.

Power: YAAAHHH!!!

Mimas: While you die, enjoy as I destroy your precious Earth!

Mimas walks off. Power trembles in pain.


Images begin to flash in Power's head. Daisuke. Shinobu. Kaede. Todoroki. Miyabi. Takeru and the other Second Generation members. Onsokumaru. Glider. Hank. Sasuke. "Daisuke". Miyu, Kenji and Zabefa. Eiji and Hotaru. Lai and Frank. Two classrooms of teens. Ryoko and Yosuke. Lemmy. Finally, GoldPsy, who smirks.


Power's eyes widen, then narrow. Power grips his fist, then loosens it. Power's eyes close.


Daisuke holds a cell phone in the air.

Daisuke: C'mon, give me a signal!

Penne, now conscious, looks at Daisuke.

Penne: Why...

Daisuke looks at Penne.

Penne: Why did you side with Humanity?

Daisuke: You still don't get it?

Daisuke looks over at Shinobu and Frank, as they hold Lai.

Daisuke: I don't know what Mimas told you, but I know what I've seen. Sure, some of my enemies were Human, and some weren't. I just fight to protect the people I care about.

Penne: Then why didn't you kill us?

Daisuke: You ever actually kill someone?

Penne: No, but-

Daisuke: I could tell. I was created to be the Ultimate Killing machine. I probably have more blood on my hands than anyone on this planet. I fought and killed because I didn't have a soul. But, even still...

Daisuke stares directly at Shinobu and smiles.

Daisuke: They showed me kindness. They gave me a soul. Or, maybe "heart" is the right word. Those very same Humans you tried to kill? They're the reason I turned my life around. Okay, so Shinobu ended up being a clone like me, but the others, like Power and Kaede...

Virtue: You're wrong!

Daisuke and Penne look at Virtue.

Virtue: All Humans know is how to hurt and kill! You're the same as the rest of them!

Penne: Rest of them? Virtue, he's a clone.

Virtue: No, you're wrong! He's lying! He expects others to help him through his pain! He uses them, just like Humans do!

Penne: But...

Virtue: Shut up, Human! Mr. Mimas told me the truth! Humans are an epidemic to be eliminated! If you talk to them, they attack you!

Penne's Thoughts: He's consumed with rage. Is that... how I've been acting too? Too unreasonable to hear the opposition out?

Shinobu: Daisuke!

Daisuke: Yeah?

Shinobu: Lai's waking up!

Daisuke: *relieved sigh* Good. I don't want to bury another friend.

Virtue: See?! We could be down an enemy and they only care about themselves! The only way to deal with a Human is to kill them!

Daisuke: I thought a lot about killing my enemies too.

Virtue plugs his ears and turns away, while Penne stares at Daisuke attentively.

Daisuke: There are times when I gotta, sure, but still, I've decided, I was given this heart, I might as well use it.

Daisuke walks over to Shinobu, Frank and Lai.

Penne's Thoughts: Even if this heart is so important to have, he has it now. Why put up with them? He doesn't get anything from it. Is that the problem? Mimas told us how awful Humans leech off each other emotionally.

Penne looks at his fallen comrades.

Penne's Thoughts: But, if we relied on each other, helped each other through our pain, instead of fanning those flames, could we have ended up like you, Daisuke? Could I have felt at peace, and not... ashamed?

Penne: Daisuke, I'm sorry.

A large portal opens. Everyone looks at the portal, seeing fire in it. Two tendrils reach out of the portal, wrapping around the sides and pushing it, widening the portal.

Mimas: Prepare to be judged by the very star you stole light from, HUMAMS!

Daisuke, Shinobu and Frank take fighting stances.

Virtue: Mr. Mimas! We're here too!

Other creature starts screaming out as well.

Mimas: This miserable blue dot will burn, and take its filthy lifeforms with it!

The portal grows wider. Daisuke, Shinobu and Frank's eyes widen.

Mimas: ARGH!

The tendrils retract into the portal and it closes.

Shinobu: Huh?

Frank: What was that?

Daisuke smirks.

Daisuke: Don't tell me you doubted that idiot.


Mimas looks around as the tendrils retract into his stomach. A figure passes Mimas. Mimas turns to look at the figure, but it's already gone. Plumes of fire erupt.

Mimas sneers as he continues to look around. A person with a dark tan and dark brown hair quickly passes between two plumes. Mimas tracks the person's shadowed figure as it passes between more plumes.

The figure stops behind one plume. The figure grows larger. Mimas watches anxiously, as sweat rolls down his face. The figure grows bigger as it gets closer.

Mimas: *gulp*

The figure stops. Mimas draws a breath. The plume dies down, revealing...

Power, now walking towards Mimas, who is staring in shock.

Power's skin has a dark tan, while his hair and eyes are both a dark brown. Power smirks.

Mimas: B-But how?! I killed you!

Power: In another world, on another planet, a child was made who could survive anything. One last hope for Humanity to live on. He could even take any appearance he wanted.

Mimas starts trembling.

Power: That man is GoldPsy. His body can avoid any killing attack on its own. And now we know for sure...

Power stops in front of Mimas and smiles.

Power: He's my father.

Mimas shakes while sneering at Power. A tendril shoots out of Mimas' stomach. Power's hand catches the tendril.

Mimas: *gasp*

Mimas steps back.

Power: When you tried that before, I felt my body twitch. But, turns out, it wasn't a twitch. My body sensed your attack and thanks to GoldPsy's DNA, moved two inches out of the way.

Mimas: So, what are you then? No Human can do things like that!

Power: Well, my mother was Human, so I'm not entirely GoldPsy's species. But considering what this ability means, and the change to my hair...

Power's skin tone and eyes return to normal.

Power: I think I'll call it...

Power releases the tendril. Mimas jumps away. Power poses triumphantly.

Power: Super Human!

Mimas shakes in fear.

Power: Thanks, for the help, GoldPapa.

Power jumps towards Mimas and punches him. Mimas glares at Power, punching him, while a tendril shoots out of his stomach at Power, who jumps up, away from the tendril. Power lands on the tendril, and kicks Mimas. Mimas flies backwards.

Power lands on his feet and takes a fighting stance.

Power: C'mon! I know that didn't do it.

Mimas rushes towards Power, who spins around behind Mimas.

Power: If I'm going to beat someone with healing blood, I'll need to cause some serious pain.

Power kicks Mimas in the kidneys. Mimas' eyes widen.

Power: By the way, burning Earth would kill all those creatures you claimed you were fighting for. What gives?

Mimas: Shut up, Human!

Mimas turns around and starts trying to punch Power, who dodges.

Power: Human? Even though I have alien blood in me? That at least makes me a hybrid.

Power punches Mimas in the gut. Mimas doubles over in pain.

Mimas: Hybrid?

Mimas goes to kick Power, who jumps out of the way.

Mimas: You're nothing more than Onsokumaru's hired hand! Doing whatever he said!

Power: Hired hand? Wait, you got paid?! And you STILL ran from saving the world?! Man, now I'm even more annoyed I had to clean up your mess!

Mimas: So you saved the world! You want a medal or something?

Power: It would've been nice after the third time. But I got my job as a teacher instead. That's enough!

Mimas: *growl* Only an evil Human would cause such suffering then retire to teach others his evil ways! You should teach them how not to murder, instead of whatever you fill their heads with!

Power: English. And it's far better than kidnapping a child and telling him he's a Homunculus.

Mimas: I can only imagine how morally bankrupt your kid has become!

Power glares at Mimas. Power runs towards Mimas and kicks him in the neck. Mimas starts falling backwards, but Power grabs his arm and twist it around.

Mimas: Don't you understand how important this fight is!?

Mimas punches Power in the gut. Power releases Mimas. Mimas jumps away.

Mimas: If I lose, it'll prove to Humans how they can just get away with harmful actions to other creatures!

Power: Yeah, says the guy who wants to destroy the planet! If I lose, you'll burn Humans and all those creatures!

Mimas: How selfish! I'm fighting for their lives!

Power: And I'm fighting for everyone's!

Mimas shakes as he glares at Power.

Mimas: No more! I won't put up with your hateful words anyMORE!!!

Mimas' body cracks.


Power stares in horror as Mimas' body shatters. In place of Mimas' human body stands a large, quadrupedal creature with a large, reflective shell, several tendrils, sharp teeth and a long tail.

Power: Mimas?

Mimas: This is my true form! Awakened to the horrors Humanity has put other creatures through! I discarded my Human shell for this elegant design fitting of a hero of justice! Face your crimes in the form of Mimas - Awakened!

Power: Mimas, what are you?

Mimas: What?! WHAT?! The correct question is WHO! And the answer is...

Mimas sticks out three tongues, one with a hook on the end.

Mimas: I am the true...

A third eye sprouts from under the shell. Fingers grow on Mimas' front legs.

Mimas: Hybrid! A piece of every creature in the Thousand Creature Army is part of me! Given by their loved ones as they died!


Mimas picks up a member of Penne's species and lift it to his mouth, which grows wider and unhinges. The imp flails as Mimas bites down on it.


Mimas: They all have become part of me! My blood made it so!

Power: You're a monster.

Mimas: It's to be expected. A dirty Human like yourself would degrade such a beautiful form. But such words can't be forgiven!

Power: Not your looks. You stole those body parts. That's what makes you a monster.

Mimas spits out acid. Power leaps out of the way.

Power: I got no choice. You'll destroy the Earth if you live, won't you?

Mimas: Then float in space until I find a habitable planet that will take in the last surviving Human, because only Earth could produce genocidal creatures like Humans.

Power: Then I'll have to kill you.

Power runs towards Mimas. Fire shoots out of Mimas' nostrils. Power runs to the side. One of the tendrils flies towards Power. Power punches the tendril, while another slices of side of Power's arm. Power grimaces, then kicks the second tendril, snapping it in half. Blood pours from the broken tendril. Power places his wounded arm under the blood. The wound on Power's arm heals while the tendril also heals.

Mimas: What happened to you not killing? Has that all changed because of my form?!

Power: Yeah.

The fingers on Mimas' legs start firing lasers at Power. Power leaps above the blasts. One of Mimas' tendrils shoots towards Power. Power grabs the tendril and swings on to Mimas' shell. The third eye stretches out, looking at Power.

Mimas: You can't hide from me!

Tendrils stretch out above Power. Just as the tendrils go to strike Power, he jumps off Mimas' back, causing the tendrils to stab Mimas through the shell.

Mimas: *pained roar*

Power lands and Mimas swats him away with a hand. Power rolls across the Sun as tendrils stab him in the arms and legs.

Mimas: Not so great now that you can't move!

A tendril takes aim at Power's head. As the tendril goes to strike, Power bites it, tearing it off. Mimas' other tendrils retract from Power's arms and legs. Blood pours from the broken tendril on to Power's arms and legs. Power stands up and holds the broken tendril.

Power: Well, I guess I should thank you for the weapon.

Power runs towards Mimas. More tendrils go to stab Power, only to be sliced by the broken tendril. Power runs under Mimas and starts ripping his underside open with the tendril.

Mimas: Humanity MUST END!!!

Mimas' tail lowers towards his hind legs. Spikes grow on the tail and fire at Power. Power runs out from under Mimas. Power throws the broken tendril into one of Mimas' legs, then jumps up and grabs it.

Mimas: You only fight because strength is all Humans have!

Power pulls the tendril out of Mimas' leg and drops down.

Power: You'd be a great motivational speaker, ya know that?

Mimas spits more acid at Power, who vaults over it with the broken tendril, landing on Mimas' snout.

Mimas: Get off me, you flea!

Mimas swats at Power with one of his front legs. Power jumps on Mimas' back, causing Mimas to smack himself in the face.

Mimas: YOWW!

Power: Can't handle the pain?

Mimas: PAIN?!

Tendrils start shooting at Power, who punches them, breaking them.

Mimas: What do you know of pain?! You didn't have to train to survive!


Power stands on a rock, perched on a cliff, holding heavy pots, with spikes under his arms.


Power rips another tendril off.

Mimas: You didn't fear for your life!


Power falls off the back of a moving truck.


Power slides down the side of one of Mimas' front legs, slicing it with the broken tendril.

Mimas: You never lost your loved ones!


Power kneels over Kaede's lifeless body.


Mimas: How could you know their pain!? You didn't experience that! Don't tell me how to handle pain!!!

Power jumps in front of Mimas.

Power: If it was too much, you should have just gone back to your old life.

Mimas' pupils narrow.

Mimas: I won't go back to being a nobody! I WON'T!!!

Mimas' tongues shoot out at Power. Power cuts them off with the tendril, then grabs the hook off the one tongue and throws it into Mimas' eye.

Mimas: All you Humans know is how to cause pain, to make up for how weak you are!

Spikes shoot off of Mimas' tail again. Power knocks them away with the tendril.

Power: Which is it? Are Humans weak, or are we super strong?

Mimas: Don't question a superior species! HUMAN!!!

Mimas' tendrils go to stab Power again. Power cuts another off with a kick and runs towards Mimas. Power starts climbing Mimas by stabbing his leg with the tendrils.

Power: You're the Human. Under all those stolen parts is the weakest Human I ever fought.

Mimas: Don't tell me what I am!

Power jumps on to Mimas' back. More tendrils go to stab Power, only to be cut by the two broken tendrils.

Power: If you really want to kill me, stop with the kill shots. My body reacts to those on its own. Try wearing me out first.


Mimas turns his head around, only to be stabbed in the eyes by the broken tendrils. Mimas' third eye looks around.

Mimas: You still aren't understanding. As a Super Human, you don't have to worry about being killed by something more powerful than you.

Power rips the third eye off. Power climbs onto Mimas' snout and rips the tendrils out of Mimas' eyes. Power jumps down in front of Mimas.

Mimas: The fear of having your life ripped away from you by something so much stronger than you...


Mimas stares at Daisuke, still in a tank filled with strange liquid.


Mimas: You couldn't...


Magnesteel looms behind Mimas and smirks.

Magnesteel: Magnificent, isn't it? We managed to clone the ultimate being and made him into a killing machine.


Mimas: You'd never...


Mimas falls back on the floor and backs away from the tank containing Daisuke, quivering.

Mimas: *heavy, scared breathing*



Mimas blows fire out of his nostrils, while his tendrils charge at Power. Power runs towards Mimas, jumping up and grabbing a tendril to avoid the flames. Power swings on top of the tendril and runs towards Mimas' face. Mimas spits acid at Power, then launches his tongues at him. Power jumps off the tendril, which dissolves, and grabs one of Mimas' tongues, swinging on top of it and charges at Mimas, with his right arm pulled back. Spikes fire off Mimas' tail. Power kicks the spikes into Mimas' eyes, then leaps into the air.

Mimas: NO!!!

Tendrils rip away at Power, as he falls towards Mimas. Power punches Mimas in the snout.

Mimas' Awakened form shatters, covering Power in blood.

Mimas' Human body, now covered in holes, falls out of the air. Power lands and starts punching, kicking and kneeing Mimas.

Mimas' Thoughts: Why? I kept trying to kill him. Why didn't it work?!

Power's Thoughts: Good. Going back and forth between songs he'd know and ones he wouldn't worked. This isn't like Ultra Instinct after all. I had to be in life-threatening danger for the Super Human DNA to counterattack. GoldPsy could have told me that part. Still, it is what's telling me to kill Mimas. Time to finish this.

Mimas' Thoughts: I... I can't regrow the parts I took! Why has my blood prioritized my weak Human body?

Mimas' eyes widen.

Mimas' Thoughts: I'm running out! He was serious! He's going to kill me! Aw, CRAP!

Power punches Mimas in the face, then under the chin. Mimas glares weakly at Power, who smirks. Power kicks Mimas between the legs.

Power: One clean shot to the nuts!

Mimas' eyes widen and water as he falls on his back.

Power: You down now?

Mimas rolls onto his side, clutching the holes in the skin on his arms. Mimas stares at Power, who's walking over to him.

Mimas' Thoughts: Why? Why did I lose, Onsokumaru? I carefully planned each step of my scheme, studied everything that could give me an edge, used those with strength to fight my enemies. So, why did he end up winning? Is it true Humans just can't measure up to monsters like him? If that's the case, I can't do anything.

Mimas: *shallow breathing*

Power glares at Mimas.

Power: Don't worry, Mimas. I'm not going to kill you. No matter how much my Super Human DNA tells me you're a danger, I can't. My Human heart won't let me. Besides I won't ruin the belief that people can better themselves on someone like you.

Mimas: *hoarse groan*

Power: But this isn't a free pass. Just one shot, that's all. Stay out of my sight, don't cause any more harm, and I'll let you go. But try anything like this again, harm a single person, and I'll put you in the grave for sure next time.

Mimas' Thoughts: I set a thousand strong creatures against them. I gained the powers of those creatures. I even hit him while his guard was down. What's his secret, Onsokumaru?

A light shines over Power's shoulder. Mimas' eyes widen.

Power: You should have enough blood left to survive long enough to get back to Earth. I'd hurry if I were you.

Mimas: *groan*

A finger grows on Mimas' shoulder and shoots a laser at the light. The light turns into Kaede, who falls towards the earth. Power's eyes widen.

Power: Kaede?!

Power looks at Mimas.

Power: Mimas!

Mimas: Die...

Power jumps after Kaede. Mimas' eyes widen.

Power floats through space towards Kaede.

Power: Kaede!

Kaede and Power's descent increases.

Power: Kaede, can you hear me?!

Power looks at his arms.

Power: I should be burning up. You're doing that, right?! Kaede!

Kaede and Power fall into Earth's orbit.

Power: Kaede, answer me! You already died once! He couldn't have killed you, right?!

Power presses his arms against his body and falls faster.

Kaede and Power fall through the sky. Power falls closer to Kaede, who's eyes are closed.

Power: Kaede, wake up!

Power looks down and sees a city below.

Power: Kaede, I get it! I wished for a life like an anime, but this is going too far!

Power reaches out and grabs Kaede. Power wraps himself around Kaede. Kaede's eyes open. Kaede wraps her arms around Power. The two start spinning as they fall.

Power and Kaede fall into the ocean.


Power and Kaede stand on a beach.

Power: *heavy breath* You didn't have to scare me like that, y'know.

Kaede: *heavy breath* I wasn't the one doing a mad free fall! ...Again!

Power: Hey, what was I supposed to do? Let you fall?

Kaede: I was a spirit watching over you. I wouldn't have been hurt. Ugh... Then I had to take physical form. Now my clothes are soaked.

Power smiles.

Power: You kept me from burning up, didn't you?

Kaede: Yeah. Both on the Sun and as we fell.

Power: And are you responsible for this?

Power points to his hair, which is still dark brown.

Kaede: Actually, that one surprised me too.

Power: Seriously?

Kaede nods.

Power: Yes!

Power pumps his fist in the air.

Power: I really am GoldPsy's son!

Kaede smiles. Power pinches his cheek.

Power: This really isn't a dream, is it?

Kaede: *laugh*

Power: It's good to see you again, Kaede.

Power smiles widely. Kaede smiles widely back. Power's eyes widen.

Power: Crap!

Kaede looks around.

Kaede: What?!

Power: Where are we?! The Sun wasn't anywhere close to setting when we left Daisuke's house!

Kaede: Well...

Kaede smirks.

Kaede: You do like traveling, right?


Power walks into the kitchen, where Daisuke, Shinobu, Lai and Frank are sitting at the table.

Power: I'm home.

Daisuke: Welcome back.

Shinobu: What took so long?

Power: I decided to do a little sightseeing while I was gone. Sorry I missed burying Sasuke.

Shinobu: It's alright.

Power: How are Todo and the others?

Daisuke: They're managing. They aren't weak after all they've been through. But...

Daisuke stands up, walks over to Power and ruffles his hair.

Daisuke: This is that Super Human thing you mentioned?

Power: Yeah. I figured out how to change it on my own, but I thought I'd keep it like this for now.

Daisuke punches his palm.

Daisuke: I'm GoldPsy's clone! I should be able to do that.

Power: I only got it from a near death experience.

Daisuke sits down and crosses his arms. Power sits down as well.

Power: What about the Thousand Creature Army?

Shinobu: Some of them changed. Some need a little help.

Lai: That's why I'm here.

Power: Huh?

Lai: I'm going to help them. So, Frank and I have decided to move here.

Power: You're kidding, right?

Frank: No. Eiji has been taking us back and forth all week to get our belongings. It's been a pain.

Lai: But you'll do it for your beloved wife, right?

Frank crosses his arms and looks away from Lai.

Power: *chuckle*

Power turns to Lai.

Power: How's Miyu?

Lai: *sigh* She's awake, But her old personality is almost entirely gone. I've been trying, but she seems to have settled into this new personality.

Power frowns.

Lai: When I told Kenji, he left to find a way to bring her back.

Power: *sigh*

Lai: I know I've already laid a lot out for you, but about Mimas... He stole-

Power: I know. His Awakened form.

Lai: It was sickening seeing that in his head. All because he was afraid of dying by a creature's hand.

Daisuke: Oh! That reminds me. Y told me to tell you he's looking forward to a rematch.

Power smirks.

Power: I'm looking forward to it too.

Shinobu: So, how was your trip home?

Power: Oh! Right! I brought a souvenir.

Daisuke tilts his head.

Shinobu: Huh?

Power turns around in his chair.

Power: Come in!

Kaede walks in.

Kaede: Hey, everyone.

Daisuke: Kaede?

Lai smirks.

Shinobu: Kaede!

Shinobu jumps up and cries into Kaede's chest.

Shinobu: Kaede! You're back! You're back!

Kaede smiles and pats Shinobu on the back.

Daisuke: Been awhile. Good to have you back.

Kaede: Good to be back, Daisuke.

Daisuke leans over to Power.

Daisuke: Maybe now you can stop sleeping on my couch and move in with her.

Power: Shut up.

Power smiles and leans back in his chair.

Power: Yep. We've definitely come a long way from when we started.

Power looks at the others and smiles contently.

Power: But moments like this make it all worth it.


Humanity's End Final Trailer - Heroes

The Blog Cast logo appears.


Akagi sits down at a desk and clasps his hands together.

Magnesteel walks over to a tank and places his hand on it.


Power smiles and leans back in a chair.

Daisuke and Shinobu, both wearing kimonos, step out of an airport.

Kaede stands on a beach and smiles.


Frank tears off a suit he's wearing.

Lai's eyes glow.


Todoroki slides backwards inside a subway station.

Miyabi lies in a hospital bed, staring out the window.

Miyu and Kenji walk into a living room.


Power and Mimas leap at each other, punching each other's fists.

Daisuke's right arm morphs into a sword. Blades pop out below either side of his neck.

Onsokumaru punches Mimas in the face.

Miyu and Kenji jump out of the way as a laser beam flies towards them.

Frank holds back a club wielded by a troll.

Y holds a sword up, blocking a sword held by Power.

Shinobu throws the shuriken at Mimas.

Miyu punches a tail, shattering it.

The orange-haired man backhands a snakeman, sending it flying.

Tendrils rip away at Power, as he falls through the air.

Power and Daisuke run towards Mimas.


Images flash of Onsokumaru, then Glider, then Hank, then Sasuke, then "Daisuke", and finally Lai and Frank.


Images flash of Eiji and Hotaru, then Miyu, Kenji and Zabefa, then Todoroki, then Miyabi, then Takeru and the other Second Generation members, and finally Kaede.


Shinobu starts throwing kunai and shuriken.

Daisuke runs towards an army of creatures, swinging his sword at several as he tries to cut a path through.

Power walks forward, surrounded by fire, smirking.




Power's eyes widen, then narrow.


Humanity's End Trailer 3 - Mimas

Onsokumaru (V.O.): I never had any kids of my own, but...

Mimas stands across from Onsokumaru, who's wearing a fedora and trench coat.

Mimas falls backwards and quivers.

Mimas: It... It's an alien.

Onsokumaru (V.O.): All this time, I felt some guilt for putting you through all that.


Mimas stares at the wall of an underground chamber, with an unimpressed look on his face.

Mimas: This? This is our secret weapon?

Onsokumaru flies over and pats the wall.

Onsokumaru: It's not the wall, but what's inside of it.


Surrounded by broken robots, Mimas tears into a robot's arm, then swings around and kicks another robot in half.

Mimas looks down and sees a robot gripping his leg. Mimas kicks the robot.


Akagi sits down at a desk and clasps his hands together.

Akagi: We were warned that Onsokumaru's chosen fighters will stop our schemes.


Mimas leans against the wall, while Onsokumaru holds a clipboard.

Mimas: So, I finally get to face our enemies personally.

Onsokumaru: If things get too rough, come back immediately.

Mimas smiles widely. Onsokumaru smiles gently.


Mimas (V.O.): Why?

Mimas gets punched in the face and slides back. Blood drips from Mimas' nose.

Mimas (V.O.): Why did I lose, Onsokumaru?

Onsokumaru floats down and lands Mimas' shoulder. Onsokumaru pats Mimas on the back of his head.

Onsokumaru: It'll get easier.

Mimas: What's his secret, Onsokumaru?

Mimas and Onsokumaru walk out of a bar.

Onsokumaru: You remember Magnesteel?

Mimas: Akagi's partner in crime. Yes.

Onsokumaru: Akagi's just a normal human, personality and plan aside, but Magnesteel is something else. He's something called a Homunculus.


Mimas runs through a hallway. Two soldiers chase after Mimas, firing guns at him.

Mimas bites into an egg.

The Sasuke Ninja Clan stand around Mimas.


Mimas spots a glass tank filled green fluid, against a wall in a strange room.

Mimas walks over to the tank and presses his face against the glass.

Mimas' eyes widen.

Mimas: This looks like...

Magnesteel appears, looming behind Mimas.



Mimas' body cracks.

Mimas: I am the true...

Power stares in horror as Mimas' body shatters.

Mimas: Hybrid!



Humanity's End Trailer 2

A hand is gripped into a fist.


An army of hundreds of creatures surround Power, Daisuke, Shinobu, Lai and Frank.

Power: *gasp*


Mimas, floating in the air, looks down on the two groups.

Mimas: They are the sword with which Humanity will face justice.

The creatures charge at the five.


Power clashes swords with a blue-skinned humanoid.

A small, imp-like creature shoots lasers from his fingers at Daisuke.

A minotaur charges at Shinobu.

Frank grapples with a goblin-like creature.

Surrounded by broken robots, Mimas tears into a robot's arm.


In a dark warehouse, a liquid flies towards Kenji. Kenji tries to dodge, but the liquid hits his leg, burning it.

In a subway station, a tendril shoots out and stabs Todoroki in the arm.

Todoroki: I'm not about to let you beat me!

In the warehouse, Miyu grabs a piece of a broken crate and throws it at a tendril.


A tendril shoots out of the Blue Humanoid's back and catches a sword.

Blue Humanoid: Mimas doesn’t understand the joys of a fight. I am the 25th child of my generation. Y.

The imp, lying on the ground, looks at Daisuke.

Imp: I can't believe a clone like you would help those horrid humans! I, Penne, shall kill you!

A humanoid wolf goes to slash his claws at Lai.

A small, round creature Stumbles over to Frank, staring at him with large eyes.

A ten-yearold boy falls to the ground.

Kid: My name is Virtue! I'm really a Homunculus.

A yellow dragon flies through the air.

As dust settles, the orange-haired man stands unharmed.

Shinobu: He can't be...

Orange-haired Man: A God of Destruction.


Onsokumaru takes a fighting stance. Mimas takes a fighting stance.

The man with the bandana throws a kunai at Mimas.


The orange-haired man holds up a large, yellow blob.

Frank slams his chest against Mimas, knocking him away.


Power and Mimas roll across a blazing inferno. Power punches Mimas in the face.

Power leaps in the air, holding a sword.


Power raises the sword above his head.

Power: BREAK!


Power walks forward, surrounded by fire, smirking.



Blog Cast Recap Special + 10 Year Anniversary Trailer

(The Ramblin', Gamblin' Blob)

Onsokumaru and three ogres wearing ninja costumes sit at a table covered in cards and poker chip.

Onsokumaru: So then I tell that Demon-In-Law of mine that if she's so worried about her daughter marrying well, she shouldn't have had a kid down here in the first place. *obnoxious laugh*

The ogres sweatdrop.

Ogre: How can someone be that corrupt?

Ogre: I know, right?

Ogre: I hear he was kicked out of the afterlife once.

Ogre: What?! That's just a rumor, right?

Onsokumaru: Nope! All true! Enma thought I was so bad, I was given a second chance at life!

Ogre: You think that'll work for anyone else?

Ogre: I know! I'd love to go to Earth and try angel hair pasta someday!

Onsokumaru: Nice try, guys, but it takes skill to scare Enma like I did.

Ogre: I heard it was less fear and more disgust.

Onsokumaru waves his hand dismissively.

Onsokumaru: Same diff!

Ogre: I don't get it though, Onsokumaru. If you were so awful in your first life, why did you end up here again?

Ogre: Yeah, if you knew where you were heading, wouldn't you clean up your act?

Ogre: I heard of this guy, who apparently manipulated this kid his whole life, just for a chance to fly to another planet. The paperwork was filed and everything. But right before he died, he helped save a planet, sparing millions, and helped that kid escape his destiny. So, Enma bumped him up to Heaven.

Onsokumaru: And give up my way of life?! No way!

Ogre: Wait, you didn't change at all?!

Ogre: Why did Enma let you down here then?!

Ogre: Shouldn't you be in Limbo?

Onsokumaru: That guy owed me for saving the world!

All Three Ogres: You saved the world?!

Onsokumaru: It's a great story! Deal the next hand and I'll explain!

One of the Ogres shuffles the cards and deals out the hands.

Onsokumaru: Well, you see, one day I got this mission from the Ninja Council. I had to go save this nearly dead couple. During that mission, I was told I need to find a hero to help save the world from this threat known as Magnesteel. Then, 12 years later, after a disastrous first attempt to find a hero, I helped create the Blog Cast, a group of teenagers dedicated to stopping any villain they came across. I was introduced to this kid, who called himself Power, by the same guy who requested the Ninja Council's help, a mysterious man named GoldPsy. Power became the leader of the Blog Cast, and the key player in stopping Magnesteel. He had help from one of my students from the Ninja Academy, Shinobu, and Shinobu's friend, Kaede Shiranui. After Power temporarily went AWOL, I recruited another hero, Daisuke Shimizu. But, Power returned, and together, this group, mentored by yours truly, and assisted by the Sasuke Ninja Clan, an over-the-top fanboy named Frank, an emotionally stunted young man named Hank, and any anime character the writer felt like throwing in, would go on to save the world.

Their first enemy was a man named Akagi. More emotionally restrained than Hank, he wanted t- Y'know what, just, go play Generation IV of Pokemon. That's where he came from, since our writer had just beaten those games. Anyway, shortly after Akagi's first attack against us, Daisuke revealed himself to be a clone, developed four years prior, to kill Power. Made to lack human emotions, like his creator wanted, and to be the ultimate killing machine. Daisuke ripped part of me off and ate it, turning part of his body into the same rubbery substance I'm made of.

Ogre: What are you anyway, Onsokumaru?

Onsokumaru: A hawk. Now shut up! Using that part of me, Daisuke absorbed the fake sword Power used and the shuriken Shinobu used. We would have died there if not for the arrival of the man Daisuke was cloned from, "Daisuke" Shimizu.

Ogre: What's with the quotation marks?

Onsokumaru: Well, originally, both Daisuke's had the phrase "Dub-Dissin" in front of their names, one with an apostrophe, one with quotation marks, but that phrase got phased out after Season 2, so we just applied the quotation marks to the original's first name. Because "Syaoran".

After numerous battles, mostly off-screen, we took the fight to Akagi, again off-screen. During this time, Shinobu helped bring Daisuke back to his senses, having made him realize he did have feelings after all. Then, actually on-screen, Power fought Akagi, and nearly beat him, until he fused with Lucemon from Digimon, because... our writer was stir-crazy or something. I don't remember. The point is, using a teleportation device, I brought the kid back to the Blog Cast Manor. I gave him this magic object of undescript appearance, which gave him the ability to fire magic arrows that would transport people wherever he desired. He used that to send Akagi into a void dimension, and that was the end of Akagi. Or so we thought!

But before that, there was the whole Magnesteel crisis to deal with. Magnesteel, who had worked alongside Akagi, started to make his play years prior, seemingly killing "Daisuke"'s parents. He started targeting us, leading to a slew of one-off adventures, usually involving new characters, some hints at "Daisuke"'s past or somehow bringing the dead back, since that was Magnesteel's wish. Again, we took the fight to out opponent. Or, rather, the two Daisuke's, Shinobu, Shinobu's little sister, Miyabi and Kaede... for some reason. Power, however, was being sent from place to place randomly, thanks to me! Eventually, he was picked up by his daughter from the future, Lemmy. She helped him get to Magnesteel's lair, where the Daisuke's and Shinobu were already engaged in a battle against Magnesteel. Power was prepared to send Magnesteel away, but I brought him back to the Manor. See, "Daisuke"'s parents weren't actually dead. I saved them, and put them in a pocket dimension inside a wall. Power had to fire an arrow to free them. They arrived at the fight and killed Magnesteel. Unfortunately, Magnesteel's plan to destroy space and time had fractured it. So, everything didn't go off smoothly, but we won! "Daisuke" went with his parents, older versions of Shinobu and the clone Daisuke, to the future. Oh, and Shinobu was revealed to be a clone at some point in that mess.

Ogre: Wait, how could the clone give birth to his own original?

Onsokumaru: Ask CLAMP. At least we've retconned most of that "Future Daisuke and Shinobu" junk.

Then, after a rushed original ending and another rushed revival, most of Season 2 was retconned too. But, between the fight with Magnesteel and the investigation into his origins, Power and Daisuke met this Lai chick who wanted a mirror to save her dying father, but it was a trap or something, some guy named Herring was working with Lai to get the mirror and... look, it was made to foreshadow GoldPsy as the new villian. Then Power, along with a secret agent called Glider, and Lemmy (again, from the future), went back in time to stop Magnesteel from losing whoever he was trying to bring back. Turns out, she was his other half. Pre-Magnesteel Magnesteel had killed her, then himself out of grief. Power tried to bring them back by Human Transmutation, and only made Magnesteel, because our writer had gotten into FMA, and our series would never be the same again. Prepare yourselves, we're going into the pretentious years.

Over the next year, with Glider as Power's bodyguard, due to needing Automail from his lost left arm, how original, not much happened. The kid did have some fever dreams that he's convinced not only actually happened, but that they happened before he lost his arm, but we don't encourage him about all that.

Then Shinobu was pregnant with Shimizu's child, Frank tried to kill it, in-utero, and Power, with Time Leaping powers, tried to save it. That didn't work. Then he fought GoldPsy, using something called the Automail Break. Get it, because Fullmetal and Gurren-Lagann? Should've decked that kid. Anyway, Shinobu lost the baby, Power lost his Time Leaping powers and gained more guilt, and I advised Frank's removal from the Blog Cast. I knew fully well how bad keeping around someone like that can be.

Eventually, the kid took my suggestion in an arc that didn't add much to the plot, and had episodes skipped.

Then, in the confusing finale to our third season, Hank gained Akagi's powers, killed Glider, and nearly brought Akagi back. I had to sacrifice myself to stop it all, and the kid never acknowledged I saved the world! That's the reason I'm here and not in Limbo!

Ogre: Wait, I've seen you hang out with Akagi before!

Onsokumaru: Hey, we might be enemies, but he's the best billiards partner a blob can ask for.

Ogre: And Hank?

Onsokumaru: Enma said he was a victim of circumstance, and he went upstairs. Akagi actively tried to destroy and recreate the world and I still had all the crimes that got me kicked out of here last time, but, since I had saved the world, I was allowed to hang around here and keep an eye on the kids every so often.

Ogre: So, that's not the end of the story?

Onsokumaru: Nope. Years later, Power met up with the others again to stop a threat called F-Kira, some deranged psychopath with a Death Note, because that makes sense in such a now-ultra-serious story. Anyway, after a false lead that it was that Lai girl from Season 2, now with hypnosis, it turned out to be Frank. Oh, how shocked am I? Kaede died finding that out, and it hit everyone hard. And, instead of just arresting Frank, or killing him, they let him take over the world! I know they were upset, but c'mon, guys!

Anyway, Shinobu had given birth in the six months between Kaede's death and Power finally snapping out of his funk, when his own daughter was born. Then they took on Frank's Figurehead and his teenage bodyguards, with those kids, along with Miyabi and her boyfriend Takeru, becoming the Second Generation Blog Cast. But, before the Figurehead was beaten, he forced Daisuke to kill a child, opening up an old wound in Daisuke's heart. Eventually though, Power, who had trained for a month with GoldPsy of all people, arrived back and the two beat the Figurehead. Then, Power fought Frank to the death and still spared him. Frank, not wanting to live in a world where Clones and Cyborgs weren't seen as monsters, killed himself.

Ogre: Ooh, how symbolic!

Onsokumaru: Daisuke and Shinobu went to the past to deal with Magnesteel, while Power ran from his responsibilities and travelled through different worlds for awhile, under the pretense of "making it up to the world" or something lame like that.

Oh, and before he left, Power learned the truth about GoldPsy. He was really the product of some experiment in another world to create the ultimate lifeform, capable of surviving anywhere and anything, and could change his hair and eye colors, along with his skintone, to live anywhere. He's Daisuke's true original, and took the appearance of his version of Power, who's hair and eyes were a darker brown than our Power, and had a tan from working out in the sun often. He'd been training Power to deal with a future threat.

Ogre: Classic villian, revealing everything in the final couple episodes.

Onsokumaru: Years later, after getting married to another girl who would later divorce him, because that was such a smart plotline, Power picked up a traveling companion, Miyu Matsumoto. They had some dumb adventures which I hated, picked up another companion named Kenji Mizubagu, befriended a fellow multi-universal Traveller named Eiji Miura, and fought a group of Homunculi.

It was all stupid. The only interesting parts were when they looked for the creator of the Homunculi. It turned out to be Eiji's teacher and old friend of GoldPsy's, Franz Shicksal. The same person GoldPsy was training Power to defeat. Power was knocked out, and entered into part of his subconscious that knew the truth of the universe. It was recreated by Kaede, who had some Godlike powers, to let Power be a hero. Realizing he wouldn't have originally wanted this emo, dark hero shtick, nor did anybody else, Power returned to his Season 1 self, got his left arm back, and recruited allies and enemies from across time to help him, Miyu, Kenji and Eiji fell Franz, who tried to shatter the Omniverse. We beat him! Well, Power, Daisuke and Shinobu beat him, with an honestly awesome version of that Automail Break thing Power made. Power settled down back in his universe, giving Miyu the little rabbit thing he had used to travel. Now, he works as an English teacher, Shimizu is a manga artist and Shinobu still does missions for the Ninja Council. It took awhile, but they all grew into mature adults.

Ogre: But, wait, if GoldPsy looks like an older Power, does that mean that he's Power's father.

Onsokumaru: Answer that and not have a dumb up-in-the-air question to leave the fans guessing? You clearly don't know our writer.

Ogre: I feel like you left a lot of details out.

Onsokumaru: Meh. When we re-air the GoldPsy special, Todoroki special and Fusokumaru special, that'll fill in those details.

Ogre: Um, Onsokumaru, we're not an official series. We can't just pull a Broly and air relevant movies in theaters.

Onsokumaru: Crap! Well, I think you get the basic idea!

Ogre: Yeah...

Onsokumaru: And look at that!

Onsokumaru lays his cards on the table.

Onsokumaru: I win another hand!

Ogre: How do you always get so lucky?

Ogre: Yeah. I hear he's gotten a perfect hand since he came here.

Onsokumaru: Too bad I don't have that luck with pool. Well, deal 'em again.

One of the Ogres shuffles the cards and deals the hands again.

Onsokumaru: So, I ever tell you guys how I picked up Izumi?

Ogre: No.

Onsokumaru: Oh, great. It goes like this...

Under the table, Onsokumaru picks up a card from a deck placed on his knee.

Onsokumaru: One day, at the Ninja Academy, I saw her with this gift, so I...

*siren blaring*

Ogre: Well, back to the daily grind.

The Ogres stand up. Onsokumaru places the extra deck on his chair and stands up. The Ogres walk off with Onsokumaru following behind them.

Ogre: Still, there's a few things from your story you'll need to explain next time, Onsokumaru.

One of the Ogres looks back.

Ogre: Like that first he-

Ogre: Uh, guys?

The other Ogres look back, seeing only the first Ogre.

Ogre: Where'd Onsokumaru go?

The Ogres look around.

Ogre: He couldn't have gotten away from us that fast!

Ogre: Think he tried taking the money and running?

The Ogres look over at the table, which is still the same.

Ogres: HUH?!

(10 Year Anniversary Trailer)

A man with shaggy looking black hair, wearing a tattered and dirty cloak enters a taxi.

Taxi Driver: Where ya headed?

Man: You haven't heard of someone named Onsokumaru, have you?


Power, Daisuke and Shinobu walk into the Shimizu Household.

Daisuke: It's nice to be home.

Power: I'm just glad there isn't some deranged villian still out there.


The shaggy looking man tears into a steak.

Sasuke (V.O): Mimas. That's what he called himself.

Mimas, age 16, attacks a training dummy, while Onsokumaru sits on a cushion, watching and eating a bag of chips.

Sasuke (V.O): Onsokumaru's original Chosen One.

Mimas glares at Power, who glares back.

Sasuke (V.O): Why did he turn up now though?


A man with purple hair and a woman with red hair, both wearing suits, sit at a table. Daisuke and Shinobu's eyes widen.

Shinobu: Laila Red...

Lai smirks.

Daisuke sneers.

Daisuke: And Franklin Fuchs.

Frank: *groan*

Daisuke: Why are they here?


Power: We've come a long way from when we started.


Daisuke (V.O): I knew Akagi wasn't done ruining our lives.

Akagi smirks.

Onsokumaru (V.O): Akagi's just an ordinary human, personality aside...

Magnesteel looms behind Mimas.

Onsokumaru (V.O): But Magnesteel is something else.

Mimas: And so, Humanity must end.

An army of hundreds of creatures surround Power, Daisuke, Shinobu, Lai and Frank.

Daisuke: I don't like relying on an old enemy, but I guess we don't have a choice.

The creatures charge at the five.


Daisuke's arm morphs into a sword.

A light bursts from Shinobu.


Mimas swings his hand forward, shaking off blood.

Mimas: If you wish to spare the rest of Humanity from sharing his fate, you'll come find me.

Frank continually punches Mimas.



Todoroki slides backwards, in front of three faint bodies.

A man wearing a bandana, sunglasses and a flu mask holds a baby.


Power (V.O): When you really think about it...

Power falls through the sky.

Power (V.O): We were both given a chance to live an extraordinary life!

Onsokumaru and GoldPsy stand in a dark building.

Power and Mimas stand opposite each other, surrounded by fire.

Mimas: I'm fighting for their lives!

Power: And I'm fighting for everyone's!


Mimas shakes as he glares at Power.


Mimas' body cracks.


Power stares in horror.

Power: Mimas, what are you?

Mimas: The true... Hybrid!


A man with orange hair hides his right arm in a kimono.


Teaser Trailer

The words "Blog Cast" flash on the screen.

You know Power...

*Power pulls his coat off and holds up his left arm.*


*Daisuke's right arm turns into a sword.*

...and Shinobu...

*Shinobu twirls through the air.*

You've seen their enemies...

*Frank sneers and looks away. Lai chuckles.*

*Akagi tries to open doors on a machine.*

*Magnesteel rises out of rubble.*

Now meet...

*A silhouette, with only their eyes visible, stands on a roof, glaring down at Power, who's walking home. Power notices the silhouette and stares up at it.*

...their predecessor.

*The silhouette flashes a wide smile.*

Blog Cast 10 Year Anniversary - Coming 2019

Blog Cast Evolution Finale Arc - Episode 10: Journey's End (Part 1)

*In a warehouse, a 22-year old Power and a 19-year old Frank lie faint on the floor. A figure walks over to Frank, kneels down and holds a Philosopher's Stone next to him. The stone glows red. The figure walks up to Power and kneels down next to him. The figure holds the stone near Power and the stone starts glowing red. The 22-year old Power slowly opens his eyes.*

22-Year Old Power: Huh?

Figure: You can't die yet. You still have so much more to do, Double Road Alchemist.

22-Year Old Power: Who...

*The 22-year old Power faints again. The red light glows stronger, revealing the figure to be the 26-year old Power, smirking.*

(Opening - Take Back)

*Nobuyuki and Kyoko are shown sitting on a couch. Gaston bows as Yasmin stands next to him. A trench coat is thrown. Hironobu and Yasuko are shown, smiling in front of a house. Kazuo is shown in front of "The darkness is coming" painting. Power runs out a doorway.*

A playful wind swallowed up the darkness...~ *Power, Miyu, Kenji, Eiji, Daisuke, Shinobu and Hotaru are standing in front of the Shimizu Household, while Zabefa, in bird form, is perched on Power's shoulder.* I pondered my unfinished dreams.~ *Power smiles and jumps forward.*

I'm gonna make a miracle that'll revive...~ *Power sits on a couch, watching television and laughing.* heart, which withered in this lonely city.~ *Power jumps up and pumps his fists in the air.*

Why don't we reclaim it all on this journey,~ *Miyu, Kenji and Eiji walk through a desert.*

...even our love,~ *Miyu and Kenji look at each other.*

...which changes with our obligations?~ *Miyu and Kenji smile at each other.*

The sealed-off train tracks that lead to you...~ *Power holds Kaede in a warehouse.*

...point to a future that I was about to lose.~ *Power sits on Zabefa as he flies through multiple Vortexes.*

The daybreak that carries my dreams...~ *Power and Zabefa are shown flying through many worlds.*

...also has the energy that'll engulf my sadness.~

The memories that make my heart sing...~ *A 16-year old Power sits in a room with Kaede, Miyabi, Shinobu, and Daisuke, playing a board game with Daisuke.*

...are a story that lets me be with you again.~ *The scene fades, turning into Power, Miyu, Kenji, Eiji, Hotaru, Daisuke, Shinobu, Todoroki, Jerrica, Miyabi, Takeru, Kurosaki, Karame, Shikira, Hayden, Rei, Jane, Gilbert, Yume, Ai, Ginjiro, GoldPsy and Zabefa, in rabbit form, sit in a field, looking up at a star-lit sky.*

*Miyu and Kenji look at each other, smiling widely. GoldPsy looks up to the sky, smiling softly. Eiji wraps his arm around Hotaru, as she rests her head on his shoulder. Daisuke and Shinobu look up at the sky and chuckle. Power smiles widely, leans back and lies in the grass. The Blog Cast Evolution logo appears over the group.*

(Episode 50 - Journey's End)

*A young kid is swept through a river.*

Kid: AH! HELP!

*The kid looks back and sees Power swimming towards him. A wall forms in front of the kid. The kid stops against the wall. Power swims over and grabs the kid. Power swims out of the river.*

Power: Whew... That was dangerous.

*Power looks over at the kid.*

Power: Hey, kid, what were you thinking, doing something crazy like that? You're lucky I came along.

Kid: I'm sorry. It's just...

Power: Hm?

Kid: Me and some friends were playing ball with one of my father's signed baseballs.

Power: No need to explain any further. I can guess from here. Ball ended up in the river, you went in after it.

*Power nods.*

Power: I get ya. But ya gotta remember, no matter how important that ball was to your father, you're more important.

*Power smirks.*

Power: So just mention you nearly died trying to get it back for him. He'll let the whole thing slide. By the way, my name's Power. What's yours?

Kid: Jason White. Nice to meet you, Mr. Power.

???: JASON!

*Jason looks back and sees a group of children running over to him.*

Jason: Oh! I have to go now, but thanks, Mr. Power.

*Jason looks back, but sees no one.*

Jason: Huh?

*Jason looks around.*

Jason: Where'd he go?


*Power and Lai stand in an alley way.*

Lai: It took you long enough to pick me up.

Power: Excuuuuuuse me, "Mistress". I had to tie up loose ends. Save myself and a kid. It's a long story. I also needed to pick something up.

Lai: Well, whatever. Just take me back to the police already. Let them lock me up for the rest of my days. Again. Better than being used by that Franz guy.

Power: Here.

Lai: Huh?

*Power tosses a small red stone to Lai.*

Lai: One of my stones?

Power: A miniature Philosopher's Stone. You can use their powers to amplify your psychic abilities, right?

Lai: Oh, I get it. You want to be my slave, right?

Power: Heck no! I got that stone from this Tim guy, and he told me he'd give it to me under the condition I use it to help someone. You can use it to wipe the memories of when you ruled this world.

Lai: Y-You'd do that?

Power: Yeah.

Lai: But why? I'm your enemy! I could just as easily use this stone to control everyone.

Power: You could, but...

*Power smirks.*

Power: ...I want to start believing in people again.

*Power chuckles.*

Lai: Uh... Th-Thanks...

(In Another World)

*Takeru sits on steps in front of a building, holding his head.*

Takeru: I can't believe they're all gone.

*Power runs up in front of Takeru.*

Power: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Keep your head held high, Takeru!

*Takeru looks up at Power. Power smirks.*

Power: I can still save one of them.

(A Few Minutes Later)

*Power and Takeru stand over part of the sidewalk.*

Power: Let's see. If the soul is still fresh, should be in here somewhere... Won't be a complete fix, but I should be able to... Yes!

*Power smiles and looks over at Takeru.*

Power: Takeru, get ready to celebrate! My second victory over death, and your first time with Miyabi!

*Power rubs his hands together.*

(A Few More Minutes Later, in a Basement)

*Power holds up a cotton swab, dripping in blood, and draws a rune on a slab of the sidewalk.*

Power: It's not gonna be the best fit, but it'll do for now.

*Takeru steps up behind Power.*

Takeru: What do you mean?

Power: Let's just say I'm gonna have a fun time figuring out how to find the body...

*Power pulls out a Philosopher's Stone and holds it between his teeth. Power bites down on the stone and claps his hands.*

(In Another World)

*Covet lies on the floor, disintegrating.*

Covet: Uh... I didn't... think it would be this painful...

*Power walks into the room. Covet looks over at Power and her eyes widen.*

Covet: Y-You're...

*Power walks over to Covet.*

Power: Oh, you poor woman. Don't worry.

*Power holds up a Philosopher's Stone.*

Power: I'll make it as painless as possible.

*Power places the Philosopher's Stone against Covet, and it starts to glow.*

Covet: But... I just saw you leave with the others.

Power: Yeah... I'm not exactly the me from then. A year older, a year wiser, a few negative years nicer.

Covet: Negative years?

*Covet chuckles.*

Covet: Hey, Double Roads?

Power: The name is Power.

Covet: Right. Power. Do you think Homunculi can find peace in death?

Power: Oh, totally! I bet Regret and Anger are waiting for you right now, along with Epicure. Heck, maybe if they're lucky, Vanity, Avarice and Invidious will eventually be able to join you guys.

*Covet closes her eyes.*

Covet: That'd be nice... All of AVARICE being together without someone holding us down...

*Covet smiles.*

(In Another World)

*Jane sits on a couch, watching Gilbert as he sits under a Christmas Tree.*

Gilbert: Mom, you think Dad will be back this year?

Jane: Uh... Why does he have to be the one who works so far from home? He's better with kids than I am. About that, sweetie. You see, Daddy will probab-

*A doorbell rings.*

Jane: Oh, look. Doorbell.

*Jane stands up and walks over to the door. Jane opens the door and sees a man in a Santa costume, holding a large bag behind him.*

"Santa": HO HO HO! I heard there's a little boy named Gilbert living here. Is that true?

Jane: Uh... And here I was hoping it was Glider, but he'd never do something this ridiculous. Oh well. Gilbert!

*Gilbert runs over and his eyes widen.*

Gilbert: SANTA!

"Santa": HO HO HO! I know it's a few days early, but Santa's got a great present for you, and it's too heavy to put on the sleigh with the other gifts!

*"Santa" releases his grip on the bag. The bag opens, revealing Gilder. Jane and Gilbert's eyes widen.*

Glider: Hey.

Gilbert: DADDY!

*Gilbert hugs Glider's leg.*

Jane: But how...

Glider: Santa here gave me a lift back on his magic flying bird.

Jane: Uh... Magic flying bird?

Gilbert: That's amazing, Daddy! I saw something cool too! It was this Angel statue that moved!

*"Santa" walks off and pulls down his beard, revealing himself as Power.*

Power: Whew... Well, if things get bad money-wise, I can make a living as a mall Santa. That's good to know.

(In Another World)

*An old woman lies in a bed with her eyes closed. A door opens and someone steps in.*

Old Woman: Glider? Is that you?

???: Heh, he's still kicking? Man, Glider's amazing!

Old Woman: That voice...

*The old woman opens her eyes and sees Power.*

Old Woman: Power!

Power: Hey, Princess Kaede.

Kaede: Heh... I must be delusional...

Power: No way. I'm the genuine article. The real deal! I just can't resist jumping around time!

*Power smiles.*

Kaede: What brings you here to an old woman's bedside in her final hours?

Power: Oh, don't talk like that. You've got at least another fifteen years.

*Kaede chuckles.*

Power: Were you happy?

Kaede: Huh?

Power: After I left. Were you happy?

*Kaede nods.*

Kaede: I was. Were you?

*Power nods and smirks.*

Power: Yeah.

Kaede: Will you stay?

Power: Huh?

Kaede: Just... until I fall asleep. Will you stay that long?

Power: Of course.

*Kaede closes her eyes and smiles.*

Kaede: Thank you.

Power: So, Bird Kingdom. What happened in this place after I left?

Kaede: Oh... so much...

Power: Tell me about it.

Kaede: Well, after you left...

(In Another World)

*Madoka sits in a jail cell, as Takeru stands guard.*

Takeru: Why'd they have to stick me with guard duty of the crazy robot lady? I wasn't there when they captured her. Todoroki or one of the others should be doing this! Karame! He's brave!

*Miyabi walks in.*

Takeru: Ah! Miyabi! Great! You switched with me?

Miyabi: Nope.

*Miyabi chuckles and holds up a letter.*

Miyabi: Mail delivery.

Takeru: Miyabi sure has changed since she's joined this group.

*Takeru smiles.*

Takeru: I'm so glad. Well, let me see.

Miyabi: Ah, ah. The letter isn't for you.

*Miyabi passes the letter between the bars. Madoka stands up and grabs the letter and begins to open it.*

Takeru: What?! But what if the letter contains a weapon!

Miyabi: We looked through it. It's just an old photo.

Takeru: You read her mail?!

Miyabi: We didn't break the seal or anything. It's all scientific stuff, you wouldn't understand.

Takeru: Or is it just that you didn't understand it?

*Madoka gasps. Takeru and Miyabi looks over at Madoka, as she places a hand over her mouth and shakes. Madoka drops the envelop and photo. The photo falls on top of the envelope, revealing a picture of a younger Madoka and Shinji Mizubagu.*

(In Another World)

*Shinichi Hattori runs into a room. Shinichi knocks a desk over and hides behind it. A group of men carrying guns run into the room and start firing at the desk.*

Shinichi: Darn it! Next time I take on a case, I need to make sure it's a normal one, like a father kidnapping his estranged daughter. My cases have been weird ever since that mansion!

*The gunfire quickly dies down.*

Shinichi: Huh?

*Shinichi slowly looks out from behind the desk, seeing the gunmen lying on the floor. Shinichi looks up and sees Power standing above the knocked out gunmen, holding a bat.*

Shinichi: You're that guy. Power, wasn't it?

*Shinichi stands up. Power smiles and nods at Shinichi. Power turns around and walks off.*

Shinichi: Uh... THANK YOU!

*Power lifts his arm up and gives a thumbs up as he walks away.*

(In Another World)

*Todoroki stands in a church, at an altar, wearing a tuxedo. The doors slowly open and Jerrica walks in, wearing a dress. Todoroki smiles. The piano player starts playing the piano. Todoroki and Jerrica's eyes widen.*

Todoroki: That's not the wedding march... Sounds more like Libera Me...

*Jerrica looks over at the piano player.*

Jerrica: Hey, buddy! What do you think you're playing?!

Piano Player: Sorry. The only other song I know how to play on the piano is Pursue the Truth.

Todoroki: That voice...

*The piano player stands up, revealing himself to be Power, and bows.*

Power: Sorry. I know it's not as beautiful a sound as what you heard when you two first got together, but please try to make due.

*Power stands up straight, then sits back down and continues playing. Todoroki and Jerrica sigh. Jerrica smiles and continues to walk down the aisle.*

(In Another World)

*"Syaoran", Kurogane, Fai and Mokona sit by a campfire.*

Fai: And so that's how I managed to change us back from looking like that old man without using magic, Kurgs.

*Fai smiles.*

Kurogane: I don't buy that for a second.

Mokona: Oh, Kurgie, you never trust anyone.

"Syaoran": Still, we never got to the bottom of that. We don't know what sort of magic that was.

???: It wasn't magic.

*Kurogane quickly draws his sword.*

"Syaoran": Wait, that voice...

*Power walks out of some bushes. Kurogane slowly places his sword back in its scabbard.*

Power: It was alchemy. There's a big difference. You see, o- Oh, who am I kidding? Alchemy is removing a few molecules using scientific tools, not moving parts of a destroyed bridge back in place with your mind.

Fai: I was wondering when you'd come out, Power.

Power: Right back at ya, Fai.

Kurogane: What are you doing here?

Power: I've decided to do some sight seeing.

*Zabefa flies on to Power's shoulder.*

Power: Zabefa's gotten a lot stronger since the last time we met. He can go to loads of places in such little time!

Mokona: That's Zabefa?!

Power: Yeah! Jealous?

Mokona: N-No!

*Zabefa caws happily.*

Power: He says he's happy to see you. Anyway, back to why I'm here.

Kurogane: You said you were doing some sight seeing.

Power: I've been doing some. Went to a nice little kingdom, surround by sand. The king's daughter sure was a little depressed because a few of her friends weren't around or something. She said they hadn't visited in awhile.

*"Syaoran", Kurogane and Fai's eyes widen.*

Power: So, anyway, you guys wanna check out this kingdom? Seems like a place you guys would like. Since Mokona is limited in where to travel, while Zabefa can go wherever he chooses, I figured we could give you a lift.

Fai: I'm sure I speak for the group when I say we're honored, Power, really. But Zabefa, even in his new form, doesn't appear to be able to fly the four of us there.

Power: Oh, he can grow for travel.

Mokona: What?!

Power: Yeah. Zabefa sure is a neat little guy, huh? GoldPsy told me he was based off a pair of white and black rabbit things. At least, his sealed form was. This form is based off the heart of my soul or... something philosophical sounding like that, I don't know.

*"Syaoran" stands up and bows.*

"Syaoran": Thank you, Power.

Power: Hey, hey, don't look at my feet. Look forward to seeing this world. And you don't need to thank me for it. I'm just showing my friends an interesting world.

*Kurogane and Fai stand up, as Mokona jumps on Fai's shoulder. "Syaoran" stands up straight.*

Fai: Really though, we are honored.

Power: Yeah, yeah. We can talk about how happy we are later. Let's share stories of our travels for now. Like right before I went to that desert kingdom, I was in another desert kingdom.

*Power nods.*

Power: That one was a little different though. A young prince was ruling the kingdom. Well, I guess he was a king. Anyway, he had a little sister, who had this traveler friend. Those two were pretty cool.

(In Another World)

*Rei sits at a cash register.*

Rei: I really appreciate those kids getting me this job and all, but couldn't they have picked a place that gets more customers? This is a no-name tailors, and I'm the cashier! I'm lower than the bottom of the barrel. I'm not even in the barrel!

???: How long are you planning to talk to yourself?

*Rei looks over and sees Power.*

Rei: AH! D-Did you hear that?!

Power: This place must be pretty boring, if you're starting to talk to yourself. Well, I suppose you're not talking to yourself, just complaining out loud. I know what talking to yourself is like. No, you don't. Yes, I do. You're a loser. Well, you're me.

*Power chuckles.*

Rei: Uh, I'm sorry, the owner is out at the moment, but he'll be back soon.

Power: No way. Can't wait that long.

*Power holds up his trench coat.*

Power: I need this fixed as fast as possible. Can you do it?

Rei: Uh, I'm only the cashier, I can't...

Power: Please? I'm begging you! Look at this trench coat!

Rei: Well, it does look really messed up.

Power: I meant look at how cool it is! But yeah, it's in pretty bad condition.

Rei: Obviously! Did you get struck by lightning or something?

Power: Several times...

Rei: WHAT?!

Power: Anyway, I'll leave this thing here. I'll be back for it in a couple hours.

*Power turns to walk off.*

Power: Oh, but if I don't return, feel free to sell it. I got a friend who made that for me.

Rei: Wait...

*Power walks off.*

Rei: ...Ugh... Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to at least fix it up.

(In Another World)

*Red lights flash as a siren wails. Men run throughout hallways. Todoroki and Glider run down a hallway.*

Glider: Sorry about this, kid. I never figured your first task on the force would be protecting the President.

Todoroki: It's fine. I've just been itching to do something since joining President Kaede's guard.

*Glider chuckles.*

Glider: That's good to hear.

*The two turn a corner and see a man holding someone to the floor.*

???: LET GO OF ME, YA LUG! I'm a friend!

*Todoroki's eyes widen.*

Todoroki: Wait, I know that voice!

*Todoroki runs over and looks at the man on the floor.*

Todoroki: Power?!

Power: Hey, Todo. Can you get this big lug off me?

*Glider walks over to the guard.*

Glider: It's fine. You can leave now.

*The guard releases his grip on Power and stands up. Power stands up and dusts himself off.*

Power: Whew. Thanks for that, Glider.

Todoroki: Power, what are you doing here?

Power: Oh, I brought a gift for President Kaede.

???: A gift, huh?

*Power, Todoroki, Glider and the guard turn around to see Kaede in a nightgown.*

Glider: Kaede, ma'am, what are you doing up?

Kaede: Who can sleep when you have the sirens going?

*Power laughs as Glider blushes.*

Power: She told you.

*Kaede looks at Power.*

Kaede: So, stranger, what brings you here?

Power: Maybe I've spent too much time around Eiji, but I've come to make a delivery.

Glider: Hey, where's your trench coat? If you had that on, everyone would recognize you.

Power: What?

Todoroki: Oh, President Kaede had a statue built in your honor.

Power: What?!

Kaede: Sure, the winner of the race would be placed in all eternity with a statue, but surely the man who defended us had to have a statue all his own built too.

Power: A statue of me, huh? YES! One step closer to being Kamina!

Kaede: Now, what was that gift?

Power: Oh, right.

*Power hands a bag to Kaede. Kaede opens the bag and pulls out an Automail arm. Kaede, Glider and Todoroki's eyes widen in shock.*

Power: Oh, calm down. It's just Automail.

Kaede: Wh-Why are you giving us this?

Power: You guys have flying cars. This world is more technologically advanced than mine, and yet you don't have Automail. I figured you could reverse engineer that or something and start making Automail limbs for people.

Glider: He really is a weird one.

*Todoroki smiles.*

Todoroki: Yeah, but he is cool.

*Kaede smiles widely and chuckles.*

Kaede: Thanks for this, Power. Oh, speaking of arms, how's your arm doing?

*Power holds up his left arm.*

Power: It might be a little under used, but it's doing great.

*Power smirks.*

(Future - 3 Years)

*Christopher Tarukane sits in a car, holding his cell phone to his ear, with his eyes wide in shock. Tarukane drops the phone and drives off.*

Tarukane: Granny's dead... Miyu's upset... I have to make this right!

*Tarukane's car drives up to an intersection, as someone directs traffic. Tarukane drives past the man. The man pulls off his helmet to reveal himself as Power.*

Power: Keeping the road open for you, ya ol' bum.

*Power smiles.*

(Future - 100 Years)

*Tanya and Grant run through a warehouse.*

Grant: Where is it?!

*Tanya chuckles. Grant growls.*

Grant: What is it?

Tanya: Oh, nothing. It's just... I never would have imagined you joining the Blog Cast.

Grant: Coming from the girl who refused the offer for years?

*Tanya blushes.*

???: Well, well, well. I never would have imagined it. This old place is still up.

*Tanya and Grant turn around and see Power sitting on a crate, holding a box.*

Power: Hiya!

Grant: Y-You!

Power: So, the little delinquent joined the Blog Cast.

*Power jumps down and hands the box to Grant.*

Power: I've disarmed the bomb. You two still might want to dispose of this properly, then hunt down the guy setting these up.

*Power turns around.*

Power: You know, this old warehouse has been home to many a famous things.

Tanya: Oh, we know that. This warehouse is a landmark.

*Power turns around, wide-eyed.*

Power: Seriously?!

*Tanya nods. Power chuckles.*

Power: Hm... Yeah. I'm sure of it.

*Power pats Tanya and Grant on the shoulder.*

Power: The Blog Cast is in good hands.

*Power turns around and walks off.*

Power: I put a lot of work into it. Take care of it.

Tanya: You got it!

Grant: Right...

(Future - 13 Years)

*Power stands in a room, next to a door.*

Power: So, Lemmy, you have a bathroom in your bedroom too?

Lemmy: (From inside the bathroom) Yeah!

Power: Just like your old man.

*The door opens and Lemmy reaches an arm out.*

Lemmy: Pass me that thing on the table, please, Past Dad.

*Power looks over and picks up a large blue thing, then passes it to Lemmy. Lemmy's arm returns to the room and the door closes.*

Power: That some towel?

Lemmy: Yeah, something like that.

Power: You're going out with that boyfriend of yours, huh?

Lemmy: Yeah.

*Power sighs.*

Power: I guess if I come to terms with it now, the me from this time will be able to deal with it.

Lemmy: Yeah, you seem pretty okay with it, though you do grill Ryusuke all the time.

*Power's eyes widen.*

Power: Ryu?! Not Ryuji the Hunter!

Lemmy: No.

Power: Whew... Don't give Daddy a heart attack now.

*Lemmy chuckles.*

Power: Hey, Lemmy?

Lemmy: What's wrong, Dad?

Power: I've got a bit of a problem. Think you can help me out?

Lemmy: I'm not telling you how to beat a game from years ago again.

Power: I do that in this time, huh? Heh, no. You see, I've got a Philosopher's Stone burning a hole in my pocket. I went back and saved both my and Frank's lives, I healed a Homunculus so she could die less painfully. Even the little Alchemy I've been using hasn't depleted that much of the stone.

Lemmy: You were using Alchemy?!

Power: Yeah. Why?

Lemmy: In my time, you don't really use Alchemy. I've never seen you use it.

Power: That was a promise I made to myself awhile back. "Don't let Lemmy see you use Alchemy. She'll get interested in it and get hurt."

Lemmy: Oh, come on. I'm more interested in time travel than Alchemy.

*Power sighs.*

Power: Yeah. I guess I don't even need Alchemy that much anymore. ...Hm?

*Power smiles.*

Power: That's it! Just need to do one last thing with this stone!

Lemmy: Well, I'm done!

*Lemmy walks out of the bathroom, in Konata Izumi cosplay.*

Lemmy: What do you think?

*Power slowly smiles and hugs Lemmy.*

Power: I can't believe how awesome you turned out! You look so cute in that cosplay too!

Lemmy: It's too hot for hugs, Dad. And what you just said sounded really creepy.

*Power breaks the hug and looks at Lemmy. Power and Lemmy smile and laugh. A doorbell rings.*

Lemmy: Oh! That must be him! Dad, want to meet my boyfriend?

Power: Sure.

(A Few Minutes Later, in the Living Room)

*Power and Lemmy stand by the front door as Lemmy opens it. A teenage boy with dyed-orange hair looks at the two.*

Teenage Boy: Nice cosplay, Lemmy!

*Power glares at the boy.*

Lemmy: Oh, right! Ryusuke, I'd like you to meet my father.

Ryusuke: But, we've already met.

Power: I'm her Dad from the past.

Lemmy: Anyway, Dad, I'd like you to meet Ryusuke Miura.

*Power's eyes widen.*

Power: MIURA?! L-Li-Like...

Ryusuke: Son of Eiji and Hotaru Miura.

*Ryusuke nods.*

Power: Well, son of a gun-wielder! Welcome to the family, sport.

*Power pats Ryusuke on the shoulders, then leans close.*

Power: But if you ever do anything to hurt my daughter, believe me, no one will be able to stop me from hurting you back.

*Ryusuke shakes in fear. Power then chuckles and pats Ryusuke on the back.*

Power: Hey, calm down! Can't you take a joke?

*Ryusuke sighs.*

Power: Now, you two go have fun.

Lemmy: Right! Thanks for the help, Dad!

*Lemmy and Ryusuke walk over to a car.*

Ryusuke: I can't believe you cosplay as characters from before we were born.

Lemmy: Hey, Dad and I used to watch his DVDs together.

*Power smiles.*

(Past - 26 Years)

*Onsokumaru, in human form, slowly carries a faint Shinobu on his back, as he drags a faint Daisuke across the ground.*

Onsokumaru: Magnesteel really did a number on you two, didn't he?

???: Need a hand?

*Onsokumaru looks over and sees Power.*

Onsokumaru: Who are you?

Power: Consider me an old friend. Or, maybe a future friend. Time travel. It's confusing. Point is, I'll be GoldPsy's student. I assume he's told you about everything you need to do.

Onsokumaru: For the most part.

Power: Alright. Then wait just a second.

*Power pulls the Philosopher's Stone out of his pocket. Power leans over Daisuke and holds the stone next to him. The stone glows red, as Daisuke's wounds heal. Power stands up straight and holds the stone next to Shinobu. The stone glows red as Shinobu's wounds heal. Power places the Philosopher's Stone in his pocket.*

Onsokumaru: Who are you?

Power: Just call me "kid" for now, alright?

*Power lifts Daisuke on to his back.*

Power: So, the plan is to let these guys recuperate at your manor for now, right?

Onsokumaru: Not the Ninja Manor. There's another manor GoldPsy told me about. That's where I have to hide them. After that, they're going to be sent to the future, and defeat Magnesteel there, or something.

Power: The Blog Cast Manor?

Onsokumaru: Blog Cast?

Power: Oh, no. It's nothing. Just sounds like a good name, you know? Blog Cast.

Onsokumaru: Hm... Yeah. It does sound good. I might just use it.

Power: It's all yours.

Onsokumaru: You know, kid, I don't know who you are, but believe me, this isn't who I usually am. I'm usually-

Power: I know what you're like.

Onsokumaru: Huh?

Power: Oh, it's a long story. You'll live it some day.

*Power chuckles.*

(Past - 22 Years)

*Power stands in front of a house and knocks on the door.*

Power: This had better be worth it.

*The door opens and a man with red hair walks up.*

Power: Mr. Red? Mr. Michael Red?

Red-Haired Man: Yes? And you are?

Power: Your daughter's tutor.

Michael: You don't look like Kain.

Power: I'm a friend of his. He won a trip to Hawaii.

Michael: And he sent you as his replacement?

Power: I know! I'm the one who convinced him to enter! You'd think he'd be grateful and invite me!

Michael: What's your name anyway?

Power: Zac.

Michael: Well then, Zachary, if you think you're smart enough to tutor my daughter, I'll allow it. But don't think I'm not suspicious. Laila!

*An eight-year old version of Lai runs into the room, wearing a dress. Lai looks at Power and curtsies.*

Lai: Hello.

Power: ...I gotta be honest, it's weird seeing you as a child. I just assumed you were born an adult and stayed the same size your whole life. Heck, I thought the suit was part of your body.

Lai and Michael: Huh?

Power: Oh, just had this image of her in my head from the way Kain describes her. Thought she was a young professional.

Lai: Kain said that?

Michael: That's strange. He's always remarking how hard it is to teach her.

*Michael glares at Power.*

Michael: I'm watching you.

Power: Go right on ahead. And don't worry. Your daughter has the makings of greatness in her. Heck, one day, she might even be able to graduate college early and become a therapist. You have to be really smart to be one of those.

Lai: You think I'll be that smart?

Power: Think nothing. I'm sure of it.

Michael: Right... Well, let's head to the kitchen.

*Michael walks off. Lai grabs Power's hand and runs after her father.*

Lai: Come on!

Power: Alright, alright!

(Past - 13 Years)

*Several men step off a ship docked at a port. Ginjiro and Shinji walk off the ship. A five-year old WaterBug walks off the ship.*

WaterBug: Alright! Finally on land!

Ginjiro: WaterBug, you know you're supposed to stay on the ship.

WaterBug: But Captain!

*Shinji leans down.*

Shinji: Captain's right, son. You're still to inexperienced with large cities. You'll be ready soon. For now, watch the ship for us. You know how to man the defenses. Can we trust you, son?

*WaterBug nods and runs back on the ship.*

WaterBug: Oh, this is great! I did wanna go out to the city, but defending the boat is a big responsibility.

???: You're allowed to use cannons, but you can't go into a city?

*WaterBug turns around and sees Power sitting on the edge of the boat.*

Power: Dang, what kind of crew was Gin running?

WaterBug: Wh-Who are you?

Power: Huh. Look at that. Kid they got to defend the ship freaks out easily too.

*Power jumps in front of WaterBug.*

Power: Don't worry. I'm an old friend of Captain Ginjiro's. I've known him since he was your age.

WaterBug: B-But, you look younger than him!

Power: ...Yeah. I guess I am younger than him. It's all time-y wime-y. Anyway, this ship is pretty boring, huh?

WaterBug: A little.

Power: Well, don't worry, kid. I can help you protect it.

WaterBug: You can?

Power: Yeah. I'm the strongest fighter in the world. And I think you'll find I'm omniversally recognized as an excellent story-teller.

*Power pulls out a piece of paper, then looks at it.*

Power: Oh. That's just my shopping list. Still need to pick up that Tsubasa Season 3 Boxset. Anyway, how about I tell you the story of the greatest hero in the world?

WaterBug: You?

Power: Oh, gosh, no. I'm just the strongest fighter in the world. No, this guy saved the world from a nuclear missile. He stopped a mad gunman. Heck, he even changed the past. This is the story of the legendary hero, Kenji Mizubagu.

*WaterBug's eyes widen as he smiles widely.*

(Past - 12 Years)

*Albert Magman stands in a room.*

Magman: I'm sure Morono has to be the criminal. Now if only I could find the murder weapon.

*A man in a police uniform walks up to Magman and taps him on the shoulder.*

Officer: Detective?

*Magman turns around.*

Magman: What is it?

*The officer holds up a bag. The bag contains a knife with dried blood on it.*

Officer: This was uncovered outside, in the bushes.

*Magman takes the bag.*

Magman: This must be it!

*The officer turns and walks off. The officer pulls off his hat to reveal himself as Power.*

Power: Be glad I found out how the case ended and grabbed that for ya, Detective.

*Power smiles.*

(Past - 11 Years)

*Hank enters his house.*

Hank: I'm back!

*Hayden walks down the stairs.*

Hayden: Welcome home.

*A knock is heard on the door.*


Hank: Yes, Dad... Probably another fan wanting Hector Butler's autograph... If only they knew what the real Hector was like...

*Hank opens the door and picks up a ticket.*

Hayden: What is it?

Hank: It says it's a ticket for one free cruise for one.

*Hank smirks.*

Hank: Catch is, you need to be over 18 to use it. I guess this ticket is only good for Dad.

Hayden: Uh... No way. We're really lucky, huh?

Blog Cast Evolution Finale Arc - Episode 10: Journey's End (Part 2)

(Past - 9 Years)

*Glider stands behind a doorway, peeking out. A large man wearing a bullet proof vest walks up to the doorway. Glider ducks into the doorway. A hand wraps around Glider's eyes as something is thrown out of the room. A large flash covers the room.*


*The hand moves away from Glider's eyes as someone runs out of the room. Glider looks out of the room and sees Power punching at the man in the bullet proof vest.*

Power: When guns and bullets are useless, you gotta put your fists to use, Glide-man!

Glider: Wait... you're that Power kid, right?

Power: Yeah. Well, he'll be me. Long story. You'll live it. I love that phrase. Now help me!

Glider: R-Right...

Power: Glider's helped me through a lot, the least I can do is repay the favor and get him out of this mess.

(Past - 3 Years)

*A family stands around a gravestone, crying. A man walks up behind the group.*

Man: Excuse me.

*One of the men and one of the women turn around and see Power.*

Power: This is Thomas Herring's grave, right? And you're his son and daughter, Andrew and Lenore, right?

Andrew: Wait a second, aren't you...

Power: I didn't know your father that well, but I felt bad that I wasn't there when he died. So, I decided to, uh, buy a little present.

*Power pulls out a lottery ticket.*

Power: I know it's not much, but please, have it on me.

*Power hands Lenore the lottery ticket.*

Lenore: Uh... Th-Thank you.

Power: If somehow, against all odds, the ticket I bought just happens to have the right numbers... well, share it throughout the family, got it? Don't you two just keep it for yourselves.

Andrew: Of course.

Power: Well, see ya.

*Power walks off.*

Lenore: That was the guy who helped Dad home, wasn't it?

*Andrew nods.*

Andrew: Yeah. Still, a lottery ticket? Who gives that out at a funeral?

Lenore: I know, right? Still, if we win, there's enough going that none of us have to worry about money for the rest of our lives.

Andrew: Yeah, but what are the odds of us winning?


*A car pulls into a dark parking garage. Miki steps out of the car.*

Miki: Alright, I got your message. What do you want?!

*Power walks up from behind a car.*

Power: Hey, Miki! Been awhile!

Miki: Power?! You're the one who sent me that threatening message?!

Power: I meant for it to come off more as threat-mantic.

Miki: Ugh... Look, just tell me why you called me out here.

Power: Awwww... Why do people always have to ruin these nice little moments I set up!?

*Power sighs.*

Power: Alright, she doesn't want the surprise. Just come on out.

*Miki's eyes widen as Yasunobu walks out from behind a car.*

Yasunobu: Hey, it's been awhile, Miki.

*Yasunobu walks over to Miki and smiles.*

Miki: You... CREEP!

*Miki punches Yasunobu, knocking him to the ground. Power's eyes widen.*

Power: OH CRAP!

Power and Yasunobu: I forgot how hard she can punch.

Miki: What is this?! Some kind of prank?! Power, I don't like this! Is that Daisuke? Kenji in a wig?!

Power: No. That's Yasunobu Hattori. Your boyfriend.

Miki: Look, Power, the divorce hurt us both. You don't have to go out of your way to hurt me more. Yasunobu is dead.

Power: Actually, he never died.

Miki: Yes, he did! He was investigating F-Kira, and they killed him.

Power: Not necessarily.

Miki: Huh?

*Yasunobu stands up and rubs his cheek.*

Power: Maybe a guy happened to have a magic dimension-travelling bird he could take through space and TIME. Maybe that guy just happened to end up at the moment Yasunobu was about to die. Maybe that guy just happened to save Yasunobu.

Yasunobu: You are so obvious. Girls need more subtly. Didn't I tell you that all those years ago?

*Yasunobu sighs.*

Yasunobu: But Power is telling the truth. As I was running from F-Kira's goons, this giant bird suddenly appeared and tossed me on it's back. Power was riding the bird. He took me to another universe to hide out and said he'd pick me up in four years. True to his word, four years later, he returned, looking exactly the same as when he dropped me off.

Power: Magic time-traveling bird. Why don't you people get this? Do I need a blue box to defy time?!

Miki: I don't get it... Why?

Power: I wanna make people happy, not focus on my own sadness. I didn't do anything dangerous. The world is exactly as it was before I moved Yasunobu around worlds. The world continued to act as though he had died, and since he never actually died, everything's fine. And look! No Time Abyss! Eat that!

Miki: So... wait... You're going to stop death now?

Power: I'm no god. I don't decide who lives and who dies. I just had to follow what the timeline said. Yasunobu Hattori went missing after he investigated F-Kira. We're just the ones who jumped to the conclusion he died.

Miki: Power, how can I... I mean...

Power: I got more time rifts to fix. I'll be seeing you two.

*Power goes to walk off, then stops.*

Power: Oh, by the way, Yasunobu, shouldn't you let Miki know about your little harem of women in the other world?

Miki: What?!

Yasunobu: It was a law in that world!

Power: No, it wasn't.


*Power chuckles and starts walking off.*

Power: Just like old times.

Miki: POWER! Thanks!

*Power flashes a thumbs up.*

Power: Alright. One last friend to visit.

(Past - 10 Years)

*Kaede and Midori walk down a street.*

Kaede: Thanks again, Midori. That was the best.

Midori: No problem, Kaede. Well, I need to head home now.

Kaede: See ya.

*Midori turns around a corner.*

Kaede: Uh... I'm gonna have no time to study tonight! I already do so badly in school... This isn't gonna help any.

???: Urgh.

*Kaede stops and looks around. Power stumbles out of a dark alley and collapses on the ground.*

Kaede: Oh my gosh! Are you okay?!

Power: Y-Yeah...

*Power looks up at Kaede.*

Power: Just... had a bit of a brawl with some guys.

Kaede: You better be careful!

Power: Hey! I'm 26! I can take care of myself! What about you? Teenage blond like you, walking the streets alone, at night? Some creep will grab you up.

Kaede: Ugh! You mean like you?!

Power: Heh heh... Not at all. It's just that I have a daughter. I always worry that when she gets older, something will happen to her if she's out late one night. I'm sure your parents feel the same.

Kaede: Right. Well, no worries. I'm heading home now.

Power: Good, good. ...Say, what were you doing out this late anyway? Isn't it a school night?

Kaede: My friends were throwing me a birthday party at a restaurant one of them works at.

Power: Ah, it's your birthday? My apologies. Happy Birthday!

*Kaede smiles.*

Kaede: Thanks.

Power: So, how old are you anyway?

Kaede: Uh! Like that's the business of some street fighter.

*Kaede turns around and crosses her arms.*

Kaede: But if you really must know, I turned 16 today.

Power: 16, huh? Good year.

*Kaede turns around.*

Kaede: Huh?

Power: Oh, I was just thinking that 16 is always a great year for people. The year of new beginnings, I call it. In fact...

*Power smiles.*

Power: You're gonna have a really great year. Heh... always wanted to say that.

Kaede: Great year, huh...

*Kaede smiles.*

Kaede: If we meet again, I'll let you know how it goes.

*Power smiles widely.*

Kaede: Well, see ya.

*Kaede runs off.*

Power: It's been a great time. Being the hero everyone looks up to. Travelling around, world to world. Seeing those I lost, being with them again. Too great a time to end... So it needs to. Otherwise, I'll never stop running.

*Power slowly stands up.*

Power: Time for a change. Time to give the rabbit over to someone new. But before that... one more person I need to check in on...

(Past - 19 Years)

*Power sits on a bench, looking at a school.*

Power: Any minute now...

*An old man walks over and sits down next to Power.*

Old Man: I hope you don't mind me sitting here. Been able to avoid needing a cane, but my legs still aren't what they used to be.

Power: Don't mind at all.

Old Man: So, why are you here? Is one of these children yours?

*A seven-year old version of Power walks out of the school. Power smiles.*

Power: Not quite. I'm just sitting here thinking about how long ago that was. It seems like forever since I was that age.

*Power chuckles.*

Power: But listen to me. I probably sound arrogant, don't I? A young man in the prime of his life looking back at when he was a kid.

Old Man: Oh, not at all. I recall being your age, about 25, 26, and looking back on childhood. Always thought that my remaining time would feel shorter than the time I used up, even if I lived into my 80s. But, looking back, that was ooooh so long ago.

Power: You don't say.

Old Man: Still, when you're seven, you have the world ahead of you. So young, so much time ahead. Or...

*The old man chuckles.*

Old Man: ...maybe it only seems that way to me, due to being 100 years old.

*Power's eyes widen.*

Power: 100?!

Old Man: Yes. And perhaps, should you play your cards right, you too will live this long.

Power: Maybe longer.

*Power and the old man chuckle.*

Power: You'll probably last longer yourself.

Old Man: Maybe. Most of my body is fine. Of course, the heart is the big thing to worry about.

Power: Well, in that case, you'll just need to keep your heart from going to sleep.

Old Man: Oh, please. If it does go to sleep, all ya need do is wake up your heart.

*Power's eyes widen, then he slowly smiles and chuckles. The old man stands up.*

Old Man: Well, my legs are feeling 99 percent better. I should be going.

*The old man goes to walk off, then stops.*

Old Man: Oh, but it was nice chatting with you. And, if ya want my advice, teaching was the best job I've ever had. I'd go put in an application if I were you. Oh, but there I go, assuming again. I'm just a humble old man. How should I know your intentions?

*The old man walks off chuckling. Power laughs.*

Power: Oh, that... That is awesome!

(Present, in the Shimizu Household)

*Power, Miyu, Kenji, Daisuke, Shinobu, Eiji and Hotaru sit at a table, eating.*

Daisuke: Of course you'd go to when you were seven.

Shinobu: So, you really gave up the Automail?

Power: Of course. I don't need it any more, and I'd rather it not just sit around and rust.

Miyu: You visited Jerrica and Todoroki's wedding without me? I helped them get together too, y'know!

Power: Hey, you were there. You looked a little older though. You probably go there in the future.

Eiji: Let's ignore all that for a second. My son is dating your daughter?

Power: Yeah.

Eiji: Lucky kid.

Power: Hey! Watch what you say about my baby girl!

*Eiji chuckles.*

Shinobu: You know, Onsokumaru mentioned to us that someone had come by and healed us, but we never imagined it was you.

Kenji: Oh, that reminds me, Power.

*Power looks over at Kenji.*

Kenji: Did you manage to drain my Philosopher's Stone?

Power: Well, I did my absolute best to use up all of it, but Franz knew how to make those things last. I had been thinking about giving the stone to Lai, along with the red stone I picked up, but I didn't want her to have the temptation, at least while she recovered. So, I did the one thing I could with that stone.

*Power claps his hand and grabs the table. Everyone else blinks.*

Daisuke: D-Did you just transmute my table?

Power: Nope.

*Power picks up a cup and drinks from it.*

Eiji: You gave up your Alchemy!?

Power: I gave that stone up as a way to disconnect myself from my Alchemy and still get back here.

Miyu: But why?

Power: Don't need it. It should be obvious why.

*Daisuke smiles.*

Daisuke: It seems you know something about honor after all.

Power: Thanks, Hiei.

*Someone walks up behind Power.*

???: No, you honestly did great this time. Better than I expect.

*Power looks back and sees GoldPsy. Eiji's eyes widen.*

Power: GoldPsy! Hey!

GoldPsy: Hello, son. You're back again, are you? Very well done, Power. VERY well done.

Power: Uh...

*Power smirks.*

Power: You've been watching my DVDs, haven't you?

GoldPsy: I've been in no condition to fight the Inferior Homunculi. I needed to find something to do.

*Eiji stands up and walks over to GoldPsy.*

Eiji: Master GoldPsy, sir!

*GoldPsy looks at Eiji. Eiji bows his head.*

Eiji: First, allow me to say how much of an honor it is to finally meet you! Secondly, allow me to apologize on behalf of my master!

*GoldPsy chuckles.*

GoldPsy: The honor is mine. Franz always talked about how you were his favorite pupil, even during our final battle. You don't need to apologize for him. Each person holds their own actions in life. If Franz truly felt bad for his actions and asked you to apologize on his behalf, I would understand. However, Franz made it a point to never hide his true feelings, unless necessary. That's why he never told you of the End of Destiny. He said he didn't want the kid most like a son to him to look down on him.

*Eiji's eyes widen and tears start to form in them. Hotaru smiles widely. Eiji looks back up at GoldPsy.*

Eiji: Th-Thank you, sir.

GoldPsy: Quit the sir thing. Even my own student doesn't call me that.

Power: Yeah. Just call him Goldie.

*GoldPsy sighs.*

GoldPsy: See what I mean?

Eiji: A-Alright, Master GoldPsy. But still! Master Franz didn't teach me everything he could. There's still so much about traveling I don't know. If you ever have the time... perhaps you could teach me something?!

*GoldPsy smiles.*

GoldPsy: I know little about traveling myself. I just do it. Besides, wouldn't you like to learn those things yourself?

Eiji: Huh?

GoldPsy: Still, if you ever want to learn how to be as strong as Power and Daisuke, look me up. I'll gladly teach you.

Eiji and Power: WHAT?!

Eiji: I-If you're sure, Master GoldPsy. It would be an honor!

Power: Whoa, whoa, wait, GoldPsy! My strength is the only thing I have over this guy!

Hotaru: You're a couple months older than him.

Power: But we can't help that!

*GoldPsy chuckles.*

GoldPsy: Can we put the talk of new students on hold for a minute? I have matters to discuss with my current student.

Power: In private?

GoldPsy: You've grown wise.

*Power and GoldPsy walk into the living room and walk out to the front porch.*

Power: So, what did yo-

*GoldPsy goes to punch Power, only for Power to catch the punch.*

Power: -u want to talk about?

*GoldPsy sighs again.*

GoldPsy: It's true. You really have grown throughout all this time. Heh, congratulations.

Power: What's wrong? You seem upset. Is it because I managed to beat Franz without you?

GoldPsy: No. It's nothing like that. It's just... I kind of wanted my friend back.

Power: Oh, yeah. You're down about that. I know exactly how you feel. Losing a friend is no joke, even one like that.

*Power and GoldPsy chuckle.*

GoldPsy: So, I picked up that you're going to be a teacher?

Power: Yeah.

GoldPsy: Do me a favor. Don't make my mistake. Don't have your students focus on a path that could doom them for life.

*Power stares at GoldPsy, then smiles and punches him on the shoulder.*

Power: Doom nothing. Look, you did what you thought would save the world. I'm not gonna get mad at you for that.

*GoldPsy's eyes widen.*

Power: You've helped me a great deal over the past ten years. Heck, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have made the friends I did. So thanks.

*Power smiles widely. GoldPsy's lip starts quivering. GoldPsy turns around and clears his throat. GoldPsy looks to the sky as tears begin to run down his face.*

GoldPsy: Whatever conclusion you come to, as your teacher, I'm fine with it. You've truly become a man among men, Do- Power Falkner.

*GoldPsy smiles and wipes the tears from his eyes.*

Power: Besides, it could be worse. I could be like those losers who are too wrapped up in their own sadness to care about another person.

[Insert - Aoi Tabibito]

~Beyond the faint, blue horizon,~

Power: So don't beat yourself up. You were right in a way. This is a harsh, cruel world at times, and people do need to make sacrifices from time to time.

~...the future I once dreamed of...~

Power: But you just can't accept that. I'd choose being crushed by the death of a friend over being prepared for it any day.

~...will be mine.~

GoldPsy: You're refusing to accept reality as harsh and cruel?

Power: Duh! Once that happens, you lose hope. You always gotta fight with the greatest outcome in mind.

~A sense of nostalgia cause me to stop,~

Power: My humanity, my friends, my life, I didn't lose any of it. And I got my arm back, check it!

~...but urged on by someone's voice,~

*Power holds up his left arm and turns it around, smiling widely. GoldPsy chuckles.*

GoldPsy: Even today, I am still learning from you, Power.

~...I start walking again.~

*Power looks at GoldPsy.*

Power: Hm?

GoldPsy: No. Never mind, it's nothing. Still, there's something I must say.

Power: What is it?

~Why must I let you go,~

GoldPsy: You are beyond my expectations. No longer shall I be guiding you. Congratulations, Power. You've graduated completely from being a student of the Golden Psycho Alchemist.

~...regardless of how well...~

Power: I think you may have misunderstood your nickname all this time.

~...I manage to express my feelings?~

GoldPsy: Huh?

Power: Golden Psycho Killer. I've been wondering why it was never "Golden Psychopath Killer".

~Before long, the dawn's light fell on me.~

GoldPsy: People are lazy.

Power: Maybe. Or maybe what they were really saying was Saikou, the Japanese word for Greatest.

*Power smiles.*

~I stood rooted to the spot, at a loss for words.~

Power: Amazing that the American figured that out, huh?

*GoldPsy chuckles.*

GoldPsy: Golden Greatest, huh? Of course you'd think it was that.

*GoldPsy smiles lightly.*

~And so let's meet that blue sky up ahead,~

GoldPsy: Well, I must be headed out. I have things that must be done, places to visit, people to talk to.

~...and make for that world...~

Power: This isn't farewell, is it?

GoldPsy: Of course not.

~...that keeps slipping below the horizon.~

GoldPsy: I'll stick around in your life, Power Falkner. But until then, see you around.

*GoldPsy walks off as Power smiles.*

(The Next Day)

*Power sits in a chair as Daisuke stands behind him, cutting his hair.*

Daisuke: So, that's the full story?

Power: Pretty much. I admit, having all those memories return at once does make me a little fuzzy on some details, but I'm pretty sure that's how it happened.

Daisuke: Well, considering all of that, I can see why changing the world was the option Kaede chose.

Power: Oh?

Daisuke: Let's say you and I are playing a card game. Each time you match a card with one of the same number, you get two points. Whoever has the most points wins. Out of a deck with 52 cards, I have 28 matched up. No matter how hard you try, there's no way you can get any more than 24. So how do you win?

Power: Punch you in the face and steal your cards?

*Daisuke chuckles.*

Daisuke: Something like that. While the rules of the game we're playing might suggest I win, the only way to win from there is to change the game. Rather than the person with most cards matched, the one who has the least points becomes the winner. That's what Kaede did. There was no way to win the "game" as it was, so she rewrote everything. Although, in this case, I suppose the change in game was more drastic, like going from soccer to golf.

Power: Whatever you say. I'm done with philosophizing over things like that.

Daisuke: Aw, not yet. There's still one unanswered question.

Power: If GoldPsy is my dad?

Daisuke: Where's Pinky?

Power: Rini? Now that you mention it, she disappeared after the Homunculi started falling, didn't she?

Daisuke: Maybe she was never here at all.

Power: Yeah, and maybe none of us are actually here.

Daisuke: No. I mean, what if she was a spirit or something. Did she ever interact with anything?

*Power's eyes widen.*

Power: Now that you mention it... But how... what... Where would she come from?

Daisuke: Well, if what you said about the previous world was true, you have a Goddess on your side.

Power: Heh, yeah, I do. I met Rini in time for those memories to start flowing back, just before I had to fight Franz. And if I hadn't remembered my true self, who knows what would have happened?

*Power looks up.*

Power: Thanks for this last save, Kaede.

Daisuke: HEY! Stay still! I nearly cut your neck open!

*Power's eyes widen.*

Power: Is that why my neck feels wet!?


*Miyu and Kenji sit on the back porch.*

Miyu: So, Power told me he's no longer going to travel.

Kenji: Seriously? Him?

Miyu: Well, if he's going to be a teacher, he can't keep running off.

Kenji: He could. His students would just be surprised that their teacher gained five years in a night. And then lost eight.

*Miyu laughs.*

Miyu: I still intend to travel though. Power's passed Zabefa down to me.

*Zabefa flies over and lands on Miyu's shoulder. Zabefa changes back to his rabbit form.*

Zabefa: Eiji says he wants us to travel with him and Hotaru too!

Kenji: That's great! But... why are you two telling me this?

Miyu: Well, it's just... Power won't be able to keep an eye on you all the time, and at that mansion, he passed his duty as your "guardian" over to me, so, I was just wondering... do you want to go back to your world? I can tell the Todoroki there how you've reformed and all.

Kenji: Nah.

Miyu: Yeah, I figured you'd-

*Miyu and Zabefa's eyes widen.*

Zabefa: Did you just say "Nah"?!

Kenji: Having that Philosopher's Stone ripped out of me made me realize something. There's nothing left for me in that world. Sure, Ginjiro's still there and all, but he's got tha new detective to teach. I can't be impeding his progress by solving cases right away. I doubt my mother will ever be released, and even if she is, I don't know if I can trust her again.

*Miyu frowns.*

Miyu: Don't say that, she's your mother.

Kenji: Yeah. And I still love her. I don't know though, I just wouldn't be able to see her the same. I'd just be wondering when the next time she tries to destroy emotions would be.

*Kenji lies back.*

Kenji: There's nothing for me there. But traveling... there's so much I could learn. People I can meet. Emotions to be experienced. I guess what I'm trying to say is...

*Kenji sits up and looks at Miyu.*

Kenji: ...traveling with you has become my whole life. I don't want to end it yet.

*Miyu blushes, then smiles.*

Miyu: Yeah. You've become my world too.

*Kenji's eyes widen as he blushes. Miyu blushes deeper.*

Miyu: I-I MEAN! Traveling with you! That's become my world.

*Zabefa jumps off Miyu's shoulder.*

Zabefa: Oh, just kiss already.

*Zabefa headbutts Miyu in the back. Miyu falls forward, on top of Kenji. The two stare at each other, wide-eyed and blushing. Miyu kisses Kenji.*

(Inside the House)

*Shinobu, Eiji and Hotaru look out a window at the two. Shinobu smiles.*

Shinobu: Awwww...

*Eiji sighs.*

Eiji: Power's not gonna like this.

*Power, with short hair, and Daisuke walk in.*

Power: What won't I like?

*Hotaru points out the window and smirks.*

Hotaru: Another relationship blooming in front of everyone's eyes.

*Power looks out the window and smiles.*

Power: Two thousand years. The boy who waited. Good for you, dude.

*Daisuke sighs.*

Daisuke: You had to go and ruin it, didn't you?

*Miyu and Kenji walk in, while Zabefa sits on Kenji's shoulder.*

Kenji: Ah. Look. A group of voyeurs.

*Power, Daisuke, Shinobu, Eiji and Hotaru blush. Zabefa chuckles.*

Eiji: W-We had good reason. Didn't we?

Hotaru: Y-Yeah. You see we-

Miyu: Kenji, you set them straight. I need to have a talk with Power.

*Miyu walks off. Power and Kenji blink in shock. Miyu walks back in.*

Miyu: Come on! Allons~y!

*Power chuckles as Miyu walks off. Power runs after Miyu.*

Power: What's up?

Miyu: I'm really going to keep traveling.

Power: I know. You told me.

Miyu: We're not going to get to see each other as often from now on.

Power: So, I guess this is another "See ya".

Miyu: Say it.

Power: Uh... Okay. See ya.

Miyu: That's not what I mean. Say that other farewell.

Power: Uh... You mean the bye one? But then it doesn't mean we're assured to see each other again.

Miyu: I know! And any number of things could happen while I'm traveling! So I just want one good-bye.

Power: Eh... Miyu, you're strong, Kenji's smart, and Eiji an experienced traveler. Nothing will happen to you.

*Miyu crosses her arms and pouts.*

Miyu: I'm not worried about myself. You're not adjusted to living in this world, or without alchemy...

*Miyu places her arms behind her back and smiles.*

Miyu: I'm just worried something will happen to you while I'm gone.

Power: ...Fine. Just this once. We've been through a lot after all. Homunculi, insane hypnotists, vile rulers...

Miyu: ...corrupted people, a mystery spanning years into your past, crazy love potions...

Power: wacky race, robotic people, creatures that consume time...

Miyu: ...even the destruction of reality. We've survived a lot.

Power: Yeah, we have. So good-bye...

*Power slowly smiles and hugs Miyu.*

Power: Miyu Matsumoto!

*Power and Miyu chuckle. Power breaks the hug and smiles.*

Power: Just know, I won't forget this time in my life. All of the days spent on these adventures. All the time and energy poured into them. It was all fun. From the Ninjas, to meeting Daisuke, to Akagi and Magnesteel, all the way to the final battle with Franz and beyond. This time of my life has been great. But, it's time to move on. Even so, I won't forget this time. Never. I will always remember my time as Power Hashiba.

(Credits - IT'S)

*GoldPsy stands in a white void, looking down at a plague. GoldPsy smiles, before walking away from the plague.*

With all I am and all that I'm becoming~ *In Red World, Lai stands at a counter as Rei places clothes on mannequins.*

I swear on all the days that aren't returning~ *Rei looks back at Lai and says something.*

I will overcome~ *Lai smiles.*

I'll pay it all to meet you on this journey~ *In Race World, Kaede sits at a table, with several other people. As the other people talk, Kaede yawns and stares out a window.*

I won’t come out unscathed and there many miles to go~ *Kaede smiles as she looks at a statue of Power.*

Fire's burning fast through every footprint~ *In Museum World, Glider, Jane and Gilbert walk through the museum, up to a statue of Hank.*

You told me that I would see this future come alive~ *In Music World, Jerrica and Todoroki stand in a cave and smile at each other.*

If we stand out ground, it won't be lost~ *In Fan World, Takeru and Miyabi walk down a street, holding hands.*

I feel it as my~ *In Clow Country, "Syaoran", Kurogane and Fai walk through a market, while Mokona sits on Fai's shoulder.*

Heart is pounding, hope resounding, firm for what I strive~ *Someone walks past the group, before turning around. "Syaoran" turns around and sees "Sakura" staring back at him.*

Pushing to the finish line, no matter the cost...~ *The two run over to each other and hug.*

Just go on~ *Fai and Kurogane smile.*

(Voice Credits:

Power Falkner - Vic Mignogna

Daisuke Shimizu - Chris Sabat

Shinobu Shimizu - Carrie Savage

Miyu Matsumoto - Brina Palencia

Kenji Matsumoto - Chris Burnett

Eiji Miura - Jonathan Brooks

Hotaru Nakashima - Kira Vincent-Davis

Zabefa - Carrie Savage

GoldPsy Shimizu - Duncan Brannan)

Keep the faith, if you're smiling proudly~ *In another world, Todoroki, Jerrica and Hank walk up to a school.*

Keep the faith, if you're singing loudly still~ *WaterBug pops down from a tree and runs over to Todoroki, saying something. Hank rolls his eyes, as Jerrica chuckles.*

I know we'll make it through~ *Todoroki shakes his head and pats WaterBug on the shoulder.*

All I've wanted is your joy (whoa whoa)~ *Todoroki says something.*

Here today, all the strength you gave me~ *Two people walk up and the four look over to see Dawn and Gunkie.*

Here today, all the grace you showed me will~ *Dawn points to a clock. Todoroki, Jerrica and Hank rush into the school.*

Become the power I need~ *Gunkie yells after them.*

To keep walkin' with eyes straight ahead~ *WaterBug and Dawn chuckle.*

(Old Man - Ian Sinclair

Lemmy Tsuruya - Tia Ballard

Ryusuke Miura - Bryce Papenbrook

Kaede Shiranui - Kate Oxley

Todoroki Niwa - Micah Solusod

Miyabi - Tifanny Grant

Takeru - Michael Sinterniklaas

Jerrica - Alexis Tipton

Onsokumaru - Sean Schemmel

Rei Ishii - Caitlin Glass

Glider Jones - Robert McCollum

Jane Smith - Jamie Marchi

Gilbert Smith - Terri Doty

Hank Butler - Eric Vale

Hayden Butler - Maxey Whitehead

Laila Red - Cherami Leigh)

*In another world, Kenji bends down on one knee, in front of Miyu and pulls out a case. Miyu's eyes widen as Kenji opens the case to reveal a ring. Kenji says something. Tears form in Miyu's eyes as Kenji blushes deeply. Miyu says something. Eiji and Hotaru walk up, with Zabefa sitting on Hotaru's shoulder. Miyu and Kenji look over at the three, as Kenji blushes. Eiji chuckles, as Hotaru looks over at Eiji and asks something. Eiji's eyes widen as he blushes slightly. Zabefa laughs.*

If overwhelming shadows fall upon us~ *In the Blog Cast World, in the Valley of the Ninjas, Sasuke does sit-ups as Izumi sits on his back and yells at him.*

It only means that further out beyond us~ *Christopher Tarukane walks out of a prison and shields his eyes from the sun.*

There's a greater light~ *Kurosaki stands on a stage, in a club.*

Through hell and back you've run, and still you're standin'~ *Karame walks into an orphanage, as several children run up to him. Hayden runs up after them.*

Whatever trials or terrors we imagine, you'll regain~ *Hayden says something to the children. The kids run back in.*

Every little piece you started losing~ *Hayden sighs and looks up at Karame. Karame says something and Hayden smiles widely.*

All the while, your dauntless smile has been the silent key~ *Miyabi and Takeru sit at a table, flipping through books.*

Cracking every lock inside my heart~ *Takeru yawns. Miyabi turns to Takeru and yells at him.*

You're changing me and~ *Takeru gulps and holds the book up. Miyabi sighs.*

If I cling to just one thing, that thought that burns in me~ *Jerrica kicks at the air, as several teenagers kick at each other behind her.*

Triumph will be mine, no matter what's in the dark...~ *Jerrica turns around and her eyes widen. Jerrica walks over to a teenager swinging a staff around.*

Ready to fight~ *Jerrica blocks the staff with her leg.*

(Covet - Alexis Tipton

"Syaoran" - Jason Liebrecht

Kurogane - Chris Sabat

Fai D. Flourite - Vic Mignogna

Mokona Modoki - Carrie Savage

WaterBug Mizubagu - Greg Ayres

Shinji Mizubagu - Scott Freeman

Ginjiro Seto - John Swasey

Miki Hashiba - Jamie Marchi

Yasunobu Hattori - Robert McCollum

Christopher Tarukane - Sean Michael Teague

Hector Butler - Chuck Huber

Michael Red - Matthew Mercer

Albert Magman - Kent Williams

Andrew Herring - David Trosko

Lenore Herring - Laurie Steele

Shinichi Hattori - Patrick Seitz

Midori - Gwendolyn Lau

Tanya - Brittney Karbowski

Grant - J. Michael Tatum

Jason White - Cynthia Cranz

Kid - Mike McFarland)

Keep the faith, if your head is hangin'~ *Todoroki stands over a test dummy. Todoroki holds a scalpel and gulps.*

Keep the faith, if your feet are frozen up~ *Ginjiro walks up behind Todoroki and pats him on the shoulder.*

I'll be there at your back~ *Todoroki looks back at Ginjiro, who nods.*

You are everything to me (whoa whoa)~ *Todoroki turns back around and breathes in deeply.*

Here today, with the heart you've given~ *Daisuke stands in the living room, holding a manuscript under his arm. Shinobu walks in and Daisuke smiles.*

Here today, with a courage born from love~ *Shinobu frowns and shakes her head. Daisuke sighs and says something.*

I'm stepping into the dark~ *Shinobu walks over and pats Daisuke on the shoulder and says something.*

And I'll change it to a brilliant light~ *Daisuke smiles and says something, before walking out.*


Take Back - G B Shelter. Translated lyrics by Bandai.

IT'S - Kinya Kotani. Translated lyrics by Dearheart.

Aoi Tabibito - Takatsugu Tsumabuki. Translated lyrics by Bandai.)

*The camera pans over a school, before entering into a window. A class of students listen on as a teacher holds up a book. Two students look at each other and hold up decks of cards, smirking at each other. A piece of chalk flies between the two. The students eyes widen and look forward.*

I am free and I will see this future come alive~ *The students look up at their teacher, Power, who tosses another piece of chalk in his hands and says something, before holding up a deck of cards.*

Nothing in this world can ever take that away...~ *The students sigh and smirk.*

Just go on~ *Power smiles back.*


I don't own any parody or reference in this episode.

Shinobu, Kaede, Miyabi, Takeru, Onsokumaru and Sasuke are from Ninja Nonsense, owned by Ryoichi Koga, MediaWorks and Ufotable.

Miki Hashiba and Yasunobu Hattori are from Suzuka, owned by Koji Seo, Kodansha and Studio Comet.

"Syaoran", Sakura Kurogane, Fai and Mokona are from Tsubasa, owned by CLAMP.

FullMetal Alchemist is owned by Himoru Arakawa, Square Enix and Bones.

Mark is owned by Aquaman889.)

Keep the faith, if you're smiling proudly~ *Power and a student sit at desks pushed together, placing cards down on the desks.*

Keep the faith, if you're singing loudly still~ *Power throws up his arms victoriously as one of the students hangs their head and sighs.*

I know we'll make it through~ *Power holds up his deck of cards and says something.*

All I've wanted is your joy (whoa whoa)~ *The student smirks and says something.*

Here today, all the strength you gave me~ *Power waves at three students as they walk off in opposite directions.*

Here today, all the grace you showed me will~ *Power runs up to a guy with black hair, wearing a black shirt and blue jeans. The two wave at each other and talk for a few seconds.*

Become the power I need~ *The two walk into a game shop.*

Ready to fight~ *Power walks out later and sighs, as his friend pats his back.*

(Special Thanks:

Ex - For helping me come up with ideas and being a great friend for the past five years.

Swami - For helping me through some tough times and helping me realize little ideas.

15th Shadow - For always giving great input on the new episodes.

Dearheart - For providing the English lyrics for Spica and IT'S.

AutumChild - For allowing me to use her lyrics to Shunkan Sentimental.

Aquaman - For allowing me to use his character, Mark, for a cameo.)

Keep the faith, if your head is hangin'~ *Power walks through a store and up to some shelves.*

Keep the faith, if your feet are frozen up~ *Power picks up a DVD and smiles.

I'll be there at your back~ *Power walks out of a store, holding a bag.*

You are everything to me (whoa whoa)~ *Power holds up the bag and looks at DVDs inside, smiling.*

Here today, with the heart you've given~ *Late at night, Power, Daisuke and Shinobu stand in front of a bar.*

Here today, with a courage born from love~ *Shinobu and Daisuke walk in as Power smiles for a second before rushing in.*

I'm stepping into the dark~ *Power walks through a city, before stopping and looks up at the moon.*

And I'll change it to a brilliant light~ *Power smiles as he looks down and continues walking foward.*

*Power walks up to an apartment building and enters it, walking inside.*

(Epilogue - Late One Night)

*Power walks into a living room and plops down on a couch. Power yawns and stands back up. Power walks over to a shelf.*

Power: Hm... Mars Daybreak, Savers, Azumanga... OOH! Haruhi!

*Power pulls out a DVD and walks over to a television and DVD player. Power places the DVD in the player and sits down on the couch. Power picks up a remote and presses a button.*

Power: Alright. Time for some anime.

*Power leans back and smiles.*

(One More Final: Thank You)

Power: Hey, guys. I'm here as represenative of the Blog Cast to say thanks for reading. We've come a long way. The journey may be over, but the story continues! You'll still see me around as a great teacher! And there's more to look forward to as well! I'll be seeing ya again soon! Oh, and from me to you, thanks again!


Dearheart's lyrics to IT'S:

It's been so long. Over five years. But now, it has come to an end. Thank you all, very much, for reading.

Blog Cast Evolution Finale Arc - Episode 9: The Blog Cast's Final Battle

(Opening - Take Back)

*Nobuyuki and Kyoko are shown sitting on a couch. Gaston bows as Yasmin stands next to him. A trench coat is thrown. Hironobu and Yasuko are shown, smiling in front of a house. Kazuo is shown in front of "The darkness is coming" painting. Power runs out a doorway.*

A playful wind swallowed up the darkness...~ *Power, Miyu, Kenji, Eiji, Daisuke, Shinobu and Hotaru are standing in front of the Shimizu Household, while Zabefa, in bird form, is perched on Power's shoulder.* I pondered my unfinished dreams.~ *Power smiles and jumps forward.*

I'm gonna make a miracle that'll revive...~ *Power sits on a couch, watching television and laughing.* heart, which withered in this lonely city.~ *Power jumps up and pumps his fists in the air.*

Why don't we reclaim it all on this journey,~ *Power, Miyu, Kenji and Eiji walk through a desert.*

...even our love,~ *Miyu and Kenji look at each other.*

...which changes with our obligations?~ *Miyu and Kenji smile at each other.*

The sealed-off train tracks that lead to you...~ *Power holds Kaede in a warehouse.*

...point to a future that I was about to lose.~ *Power, Miyu, Kenji, Eiji, Daisuke, Shinobu and Hotaru stand on a street, as an army of Lesser Homunculi falls from the sky, as an image of Franz appears in the sky. Power smirks, throws off his coat and runs towards the Lessers.*

The daybreak that carries my dreams...~ *Power punches a Homunculus, as Eiji shoots his gun at several Homunculi.*

...also has the energy that'll engulf my sadness.~ *The Homunculi fall to the ground. Daisuke and Shinobu run up and swing swords at several Homunculi, cutting them in half.*

The memories that make my heart sing...~ *A 16-year old Power sits in a room with Kaede, Miyabi, Shinobu, and Daisuke, playing a board game with Daisuke.*

...are a story that lets me be with you again.~ *The scene fades, turning into Power, Miyu, Kenji, Eiji, Daisuke, Shinobu and Hotaru sitting at a table, talking, while Zabefa sits on the table, drinking from a sake glass.*

*Todoroki is shown punching a Homunculus, while Jerrica kicks one behind him. Karame is shown striking a Homunculus in the face. GoldPsy is shown lying in bed, breathing heavily. Kurosaki is shown, slapping a Homunculus across the face, while spinning in circles. Miyabi and Takeru are shown holding up their scrolls as lightning hits a Homunculus. Power walks through a Vortex. The Blog Cast Evolution logo is shown.*

(Episode 49 - The Blog Cast's Final Battle)

*Power tears off part of his coat sleeve, before tossing his coat away. Power walks over to Kenji and hands him the part of his coat.*

Power: Here, Kenji. You can use this to wrap your wound.

*Kenji blinks twice as Power looks over at Eiji.*

Power: So, what's the situation?

Eiji: B-But your arm...

Power: Oh, yeah. I got my left arm back. Neat. But who cares about that? Franz has unleashed the End of Destiny, huh?

Miyu: Yeah! We were trying to stop him, but he's done it.

Power: We're still here! He hasn't done anything!

[Insert - HERO ~Kibou no Uta~]

*Power smirks and runs over to Franz. Power elbows Franz in the face, causing Franz to slide back.*

Franz: What the...?!

Power: Ha! That got a good reaction out of you!

Franz: How did you get so strong, Double Roads?

Power: The name is Power! And I didn't get any stronger.

*Power runs towards Franz and knees him in the gut.*

~Reality can put you to the test sometimes!~

*Franz cringes before slamming his palm against Power's face. Power slides his face to the side and smirks. Power moves his knee back slightly and lifts his hands above his head.*

~A trial very much like a power from above!~

*Power slams his fists on to Franz' head. Franz starts falling down as Power knees him in the chin. Franz rolls back before stands up.*

~All Day! All Night!~

*Franz starts to breathe heavily, as Power leans right and left, smirking.*

Miyu (Voice-over): Amazing...

~You know sometimes it makes you sick to your bones!~

Kenji: You can say that again. None of us were able to put a scratch on Franz.

Eiji: That's not what she means, Kenji.

~But you never let go or give up the fight!~

*Kenji looks up at Eiji, who's smiling widely.*

Miyu: I've never seen Power look this excited.

~You're the one to show me how see the light!~

*Power and Franz run at each other, slamming against each other and sliding away from each other multiple times.*

~Oh Yeah! All Right!~

*Power punches Franz in the face. Franz punches Power in the face.*

~The sun is ready to shine on!~

Eiji: I don't know what happened to him, but Power's showing a side of himself I've only heard about in legends.

~Be brave and give me, give me power!~

*Power jumps in the air and twirls around, kicking Franz on top of his head. Power lands behind Franz, on his feet.*

~Power up! Power up! Power!~

Miyu: Daisuke always says Power had his greatest fight against Frank.

~You gotta let it awake!~

Miyu: The two didn't have to worry about anything but beating the other guy...

~And no matter what, you get right up when you are stopped getting the crown!~

Miyu: ...but I don't think that's true.

*Power and Franz grab each other's hands, trying to push the other down.*

Miyu: Every time I've seen that fight, he was fighting strongly for what he believed in.

~That's why you're running, running, running!~

Miyu: Forward movement, saving the world. But this?

Eiji: I know.

~Running for the future!~

Eiji: It's like he's fighting some school kid who just insulted a friend.

~Trying to live up to your dreams!~

Eiji: Sure, he's fighting to save all of reality, but he's having fun.

~I see you dashing through the wind just like~

Eiji: None of his thoughts are being bogged down by worrying about what he'll need to sacrifice.

~a HERO!~

*Power punches Franz in the face.*

Power: GoldPsy's been wrong this whole time!

*Franz punches Power in the face.*

Franz: So, you've accepted my plan?

Power: Heck no!

~Get over the sorrow!~

*Power slams his shoulder against Franz' chest.*

Power: GoldPsy thought I needed to endure immense pain.

~Heartbeat is rising!~

*Power goes to punch Franz, who leans out of the way and elbows Power in the back.*

~Pouring out emotion!~

Power: Ack! But that's not how it should be at all!

~Ringing in the distance!~

*Power spins around and kicks Franz in the side of the face.*

Power: That me?

~Sky I'm looking up to!~

Power: The one who went Double Road Victorious?

~Wishes always come true!~

Power: That's not what was needed.

~And it goes on and on!~

*Power and Franz start punching each other.*

Power: That me would either sympathize with you, or...

~Get over the sorrow!~

Power: ...waste time and energy while fighting you!

~Heartbeat is rising!~

*Power and Franz punch each other in the face, then slide backwards.*

~Pouring out emotion!~

*Power jumps to the side. Franz turns around, looking for Power.*

~Ringing in the distance!~


*Franz turns around and sees Power behind him, with his right arm pulled back.*

~Sky I'm looking up to!~

*Power runs in front of Franz and goes to punch him in the face.*

Franz: That won't work!

~Wishes always come true!~

*Franz catches Power's right fist.*

Power: Ha! Gotcha!

~From me to you, this is a SONG OF HOPE!~

*Power punches Franz in the stomach multiple times with his left fist. Franz' eyes widen as he cringes. Franz steps back and grabs his stomach.*

Franz: But how... I am an Eternal...

Power: Eternal loser maybe. Well, more like Infinite Loser, but it doesn't matter how you phrase it. Even a dummy like me can figure out your major weakness! Once you split yourself across all of time and space, of course you'd get weaker! Your Eternal-ness is the only thing that's kept you from dying to my punches.

*Eiji whistles.*

Eiji: Nice going, Power!

Kenji: But... how'd he figure it out?

Power: Simple. When you make a Substitute, it takes a quarter of your health.

*Power smiles and laughs as Kenji chuckles nervously.*

Franz: So, it's my copies that are doing this then?

*Franz smirks smugly.*

Franz: It will take time and effort, but I can recreate this plan. All I need do is kill you four and then follow up with the murders of GoldPsy and the Blog Cast. No one will be able to stand in my way a second time.

*The dimension stops shaking as Franz breathes in deeply.*

Power: Just what I...

*Power smirks insanely.*

Power: ...was hoping you'd do!

*Power runs over to Eiji and slaps his hand.*

Power: Tag in! You guys take it from here! I need to go do something!

*Power runs over to Zabefa and jumps on his back. Power whispers something and Zabefa flies through the Vortex. Miyu, Kenji, Eiji and Franz look at the Vortex.*

Kenji: He ran away!

Franz: Fleeing in the face of an enemy. How unsatisfying your student is as an opponent, GoldPsy. Hopefully my student will know better.

*Eiji growls and pulls out his gun. Eiji fires at Franz, but the bullet hits against Franz and falls down.*

Franz: Oh, nice try, my student. But I have cancelled the End of Destiny. I am as powerful as an Eternal comes. I will obliterate the Omniverse, I assure you.

???: You can't do this. I won't let you.

*Eiji, Franz, Miyu and Kenji look at the Vortex as Power walks through it. Daisuke and Shinobu walk up behind Power, followed by Karame, Jerrica, Todoroki, Miyabi, Takeru and Kurosaki.*

Power: I've been wanting to say that since I was a kid!

Miyu: Power's back!

Kenji: And he brought the Blog Cast.

Power: All of it!

*Ginjiro, Rei, Jane, Yume and Ai walk through the Vortex.*

Eiji: But even this army won't be enough!

Power: Who said this was all?

*Hank, Onsokumaru, Glider, Frank and another Lai walk through the Vortex. Miyu's and Kenji's eyes widen.*

Kenji: I thought those guys were dead.

Miyu: Forget that! Laila Red and F-Kira are among them!

*Frank sneers and looks away. Lai chuckles.*

Lai: Frankie, if you don't behave, I'll need to hypnotize you into helping.

Franz: No way... How...

Power: I took advantage of the Vortexes you opened.

*Zabefa flies through the Vortex and lands next to Power.*

Power: I decided, hey, it's been awhile. I might as well throw a reunion, and since time doesn't matter with these Vortexes, might as well bring the dead people back too.

Franz: GoldPsy would never have brought all his allies to help him in such a dangerous fight! Certainly not his arch-nemesis!

Power: Would GoldPsy do this!?! Been wanting to say that.

*Franz claps his hands and laughs.*

Franz: Yes, yes! This is the most excited I have been in centuries! Seeing every event in existence play in my head, nothing has been a surprise! But this? Double Roads, you have my most sincere thanks! I would never have seen this coming!

Kenji: Wait a second, Power! If they're all here, who's fighting the Homunculi?

*Power smiles widely.*

|*Daisuke and Shinobu stand, fighting the Homunculi, alongside Tsuruya, the Ninja Squad and Izumi.*

Daisuke: How many do you think are left?

Shinobu: No clue! Probably a million.

Daisuke: You're just guessing, huh?

Shinobu: Yep!

Daisuke: Great... We're finally back, and now we're still going to end up dying.

*Zabefa flies out of the Vortex with Power on his back. Power jumps down to the ground, in front of Daisuke and Shinobu. Power flashes the peace sign.*

Power: Perfect landing, huh?

Daisuke: You've lost your touch.

*Shinobu chuckles.*

Shinobu: It did look pretty awesome.

*Zabefa flies through the horde of Homunculi, knocking them over with his wings.*

Power: We have a bit of a situation.

Shinobu: We did here too! We all turned into old men!

Power: Yeah, I know. Turns out Eiji's mentor is the Creator. I'm going to need your help for this fight.

Daisuke: And leave the fight? Look, I'm not the kind of guy who thinks running from a battle is terrible, but we can't leave the others to fight alone.

*Shinobu nods.*

Shinobu: Right, right! If we leave, Sasuke and the others won't be able to handle the Homunculi on their own.

???: They're not alone!

*Power smiles proudly. Daisuke and Shinobu turn around to see Hotaru walking up. Hotaru swings a shinai in her hands.*

Hotaru: Listen up! We might not be superhumans like you, but we normal humans can protect our world just as well as you guys can! No weird creature made by Alchemy can beat us humans.

Shinobu: This is great! Right, Daisuke!?

Daisuke: Uh... Power, aren't you gonna stop her?

Power: Why would I? At the end of the day, we're just normal humans like them. Okay, you two may be clones, but still. Ya human in my book!

Daisuke: You're not even human!

*Power holds up his left arm.*

Power: Tell that to the flesh and blood.

*Daisuke and Shinobu's eyes widen.*

Shinobu: Whoa! You have your arm back!

Power: Yeah. It's been commented on.

Daisuke: But... how?

Power: I don't know. I'm assuming it's a Sesshomaru thing.

*Zabefa flies over to Power. Power jumps on Zabefa. Shinobu and Daisuke jump on Zabefa.*

Power: Hotaru, you better be sure on this! Eiji'll kill me if something happens to you!

*Zabefa flies off.*|

Power: After that, I went to pick up all these guys.

Miyu: So that means...

Power: Normal civilians, fighting all over the world, to protect planet Earth.

*Power smirks and looks at Franz.*

Power: You really underestimate us, Franz. You and GoldPsy might have thought not to bring normal people into your fight, but you're dealing with me now!

*Power holds out his fist.*

Power: Last chance, Franz! Give up the destruction of reality and we won't beat the tar out of you!

*Franz laughs.*

Franz: Showing kindness and understanding to your enemy? GoldPsy truly must have failed teaching you.

Power: Okay, he just insulted your Original, so you get first crack, Daisuke.

Daisuke: I'll let someone else take the first hit. After all, the hero always comes in later.

Power: Hey! I'm the hero!

Todoroki: Alright then. I'm the leader of the Blog Cast. I'll go first!

*Todoroki runs up to Franz and punches him in the face repeatedly with his left arm, then punches him with his right arm. Franz stumbles back, only to get kicked in the back of the head by Jerrica. Jerrica smirks and Franz stumbles in front of Karame. Karame strikes Franz with his palms. Franz limbs back, bumping into Kurosaki.*

Kurosaki: This makes me think of a wonderful melody.

*Kurosaki spins around, singing and smacking Franz in the face. Jane and Rei stand behind Yume and Ai, who are kneeling on the ground. Jane and Rei place HMDs over their eyes.*

Jane: Ai, two inches to the left.

Rei: Yume, you need to raise your knee up one inch.

*Yume lifts her leg up slightly, while Ai turns slightly.*

Jane and Rei: FIRE!

*Missiles launch out of Yume and Ai's knees, hitting Franz in the stomach. Franz slides back. Power whistles.*

Power: Scouters AND missile launchers?! Dang, Jane! There's nothing you can't make, huh?

Jane: No one can stop me from becoming History's Greatest Inventor Jane!

*Ginjiro lunges at Franz. Franz flips Ginjiro behind him. Ginjiro smirks and wraps his arms around Franz'.*

Franz: What are you doing?!

Ginjiro: Putting you in a hold.

Franz: Wh-

*Onsokumaru turns his back to Franz.*

Onsokumaru: Onsokumaru SPECIAL!!!

*Ginjiro releases Franz, covers his nose and jumps away. Franz' face scrunches up. Onsokumaru and Ginjiro fist bump.*

Onsokumaru: Told you I could do it.

Ginjiro: Looks like I lost the bet. I'll give you the money after this wraps up.

*Miyu jumps behind Franz and punches him in the back several times. Franz turns around.*

Kenji: LEFT!

*Franz goes to punch Miyu with his left arm, but Miyu jumps to the left, then behind Franz and proceeds to punch him again. Franz turns around.*

Kenji: RIGHT!

*Franz goes to punch Miyu with his right arm, but Miyu jumps to the right, then behind Franz and proceeds to punch him again. Franz turns around.*

Kenji: UP!

*Franz goes to kick Miyu, but she jumps up and kicks him in the face. Miyu jumps back, landing in front of Kenji.*

Miyu: Thanks, Kenji.

Kenji: No problem. We make a pretty good team.

Rei: Speaking of good teams, get a load of this one.

Miyu and Kenji: Huh?

Power: KA!

*Franz turns around to see Power standing behind him with his hands cupped together.*

Power: ME! HA! ME!

Franz: Oh, please. You expect me to fall for your false trick-

*Frank lunges at Franz and punches him in the face. Franz slides back.*

Power: Nice one, Frank!

Frank: Don't compliment me, freak.

*Hank punches Franz across the face. Franz punches Hank in the face.*

Hank: Ha! You think that actually hurts? I've felt worse every day of my LIFE!

*Hank tackles Franz, knocking him down. A bullet hits Franz in the gut. Franz looks over and sees Eiji pointing his gun at him.*

Eiji: Sorry, Franz. But everyone else is giving it their all! I'm not going to hold anything back either!

*Eiji fires several more shots at Franz. Lai looks around.*

Lai: What am I even supposed to do?! Power didn't let me bring my pocket watch.

*Glider looks over at Lai.*

Glider: Heads up!

*Lai looks over at Glider, as he throws a chain to her. Lai catches the chain.*

Glider: You got left, I'll go right.

*Lai nods. Glider and Lai run at Franz. Glider runs to the right of Franz, while Lai runs to the left. The two circle around Franz several times, then pull the chain, wrapping it around Franz.*

Franz: I am Franz Schicksal! Do you think a chain will stop me?!

Glider: Stop you? No.

Lai: Slow you down? Definitely!

*Miyabi and Takeru jump next to each other.*

Miyabi: And with that metal chain basically being a giant lightning rod...

Takeru: ...this is going to hurt so much more!

*Miyabi and Takeru hold up their scrolls. Lightning strikes Franz as he screams in pain.*

Takeru: YEAH! Take that!

Miyabi: Where'd that one come from, Takeru?

*Takeru shrugs.*

Takeru: I guess I've played Power's games too much. Heh.

*Power dances around, pointing at people.*

Power: Make today better than yesterday~!

*Daisuke jumps back, next to Power.*

Daisuke: You could help, you know!

Power: I don't have a weapon!

*Daisuke tosses Power his sword.*

Daisuke: Here! I have the one in my arm anyway!

Power: Alright! Let's do this!

*Power rushes towards Franz.*


Daisuke: He's insane.

*Daisuke sighs.*

Daisuke: Still, I think it's time to bring back an old favorite.

*Daisuke's right arm turns into a sword.*

Daisuke: SHI!

*Shinobu jumps next to Daisuke.*

Shinobu: Oh no! You're not leaving me out of this one!

Daisuke: Huh?

*Shinobu holds her sword up.*

Shinobu: I've got my own version too.

Daisuke: And you haven't told me?

Shinobu: I'm a Ninja. I gotta have some secrets.

*Daisuke smirks.*

Daisuke and Shinobu: SHIIII!!!

*Daisuke and Shinobu run towards Franz.*

Daisuke: MIZU!

Shinobu: NOBI!

*Daisuke and Shinobu jump in the air, and slash Franz with their swords.*

Daisuke and Shinobu: AUTOMAIL BREAK!!!

*Daisuke and Shinobu land on the ground and jump back. The chains around Franz shatter as cuts appear across Franz' clothes and exposed skin. Power smirks.*

Power: And here we have it! Humans, Clones, Cyborgs, Magicians, Martial Artists, right now, there's none of that! The only thing we are is the single group of people who stand in the way of the apocalypse!

Frank: Brushing off the disgusting changes you and Shimizu have, huh? That's a load of crap. Still...

*Frank smirks insanely.*

Frank: ...even I'm not gonna choose the apocalypse over crap!

*Frank runs towards Franz, as Daisuke jumps back next to Power.*

Daisuke: You've done it, haven't you, Power? You've reached inner peace.

Power: What are you talking about? I've always had inner peace.

*Power runs forward. Daisuke smiles.*

Daisuke: No. You're acting like when we first met, and yet so much different. You're not pushing others aside, you're not letting your regrets pile up. You've taken the best parts of yourselves and made them one. Humans, Clones, Cyborgs, Homunculi, Immortals, you've come to see them all at their best and worst. What am I doing? Now I've started philosophizing!

(In the Shimizu Household)

*GoldPsy opens his eyes and sits up in a bed, grabbing his head. GoldPsy's eyes widen and he quickly jumps out of bed.*

GoldPsy: I need to get back to the fight! Power's probably gone on ahead of me! I need to warn him of what Avarice told me! He probably believes Franz to be-

*A loud scream is heard from outside. GoldPsy runs over to the window and looks outside to see the Homunculi.*

GoldPsy: Oh, right! Franz sent those Homunculi to att- Wait...

*GoldPsy looks around. Hotaru knocks the Homunculi aside with her shinai. The Ninjas Squad and Izumi throw shuriken and kunai into the Homunculi's eyes. Tsuruya kicks the Homunculi in the head. A woman slams a rake against the head of a Homunculi, while a man hits a Homunculi in the stomach with a bat, before smacking it in the face with the bat. GoldPsy's blinks twice.*

GoldPsy: No way...


Hotaru: Keep it up, everyone! Make sure these things know that Earth! Is! Defended! And we humans will prevail!

(Back in Franz' Dimension)

*Power looks around at everybody, then looks at Franz.*

Power: You know what this is, Franz?

*Franz looks at Power.*

Power: This is the conclusion to the greatest tale that could ever be written. This is the tale Kaede wrote for me to be a hero of! And you know what that means? Just this once... No! From now on, I'm not taking exceptions! Victory isn't gonna achieved at the loss of one of my friends, or having to learn some lesson about how far I can push my morals. I'm beating you, Daisuke'll likely kill you, and I'm saving EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING! Because I'm the hero!

*Power runs over to Franz and punches Franz. Power jumps back.*

Power: Wait... I just punched a nigh-immortal being in the face while the world is on the verge of being destroyed... DAISUKE! I'M MASARU DAIMON!

*Power smiles widely. Daisuke shakes his head. Shinobu jumps towards Franz and twirls through the air.*

Shinobu: My feelings are always twirling around...

*Shinobu punches Franz.*

Shinobu: ...PUNCH!

*Shinobu lands and jumps next to Power and Daisuke.*

Power: Well, the old gang is back together once again!

*Frank lunges at Franz and punches him across the face. Blood drips from Franz' nose.*

Todoroki: We did it! We drew blood!

Karame: I can't believe I'm saying this, but way to go, F-Kira!

Franz: I'm not done yet!

*Lightning strikes Franz again.*

Miyabi: Yeah, but you will be!

Takeru: We'll make sure of it!

Onsokumaru: I could go all day!

Glider: If anyone needs some weapons, I keep plenty on me at any given time!

*Eiji fires his gun at Franz.*

Eiji: Good, I just ran out of bullets.

Miyu: No thanks. I prefer hand-to-hand combat!

Jerrica: Oh yeah! Who needs some lame weapons, when your legs can still kick!

Kenji: I'll take a gun if you can spare one. I'm tired of standing on the sidelines.

*Sweat drips down Franz' face.*

Daisuke: This guy's going down!

Shinobu: It almost reminds me of Magnesteel.

Power: Nah. Magnesteel was tougher. We only had five people fighting him.

Daisuke: Well, more like two. Three versions of me and two versions of Shinobu.

Power: Close enough.

*Kenji, Onsokumaru, Glider, Hank, Jane, Rei and Eiji all shoot guns at Franz, while Yume and Ai fire more missiles at him.*

Power: Hey, guys, I have an idea.

*The gunfire stops and Frank runs up to Franz. Frank punches Franz in the face and stomach. Franz stumbles back into Ginjiro, who grabs him and pushes him forward. Franz slams into Kurosaki, as he spins around, smacking Franz across the face. Todoroki jumps over and punches Franz in the side of the head. Franz falls to the side, only to be kicked by Jerrica. Franz falls, then stands up in front of Karame. Karame strikes Franz across the face several times. Karame jumps out of the way as Miyu runs up and punches Franz in the face.*

Shinobu: Well, tell us.

Daisuke: Yeah. Let's hear this brilliant idea.

Power: Never said it was brilliant, but it should work.

*Miyabi and Takeru hold up their scrolls, as green arms appear and fly into Franz, punching him.*

Franz: How? How can these mere mortals be beating me?

Daisuke: Hm... I like that plan.

Shinobu: Yeah! Let's do it!

Power: Alright! EVERYONE!

*The others look over to Power.*

Daisuke: Make room!

Shinobu: Because we're about to do the greatest thing ever!

Karame: What are you planning?

Power: We're about to show Franz just who the crap we think we are.

Frank: Oh no...

Hank: Well, it's something...

Onsokumaru: Alright, Kid! We're trusting you! Do it!

Shinobu: Cowabunga!

Power: Viva la Otaku!

Daisuke: Oh, for Light's sake, Blog Cast Strong!

Power: Finisher!

*Power holds up his sword.*

Power: Auto!

*Shinobu holds up her sword.*

Shinobu: Mail!

*Daisuke holds his sword-arm up.*

Daisuke: Break!

*Power, Shinobu and Daisuke run forward. Franz' eyes widen and he begins to jump back.*

Power, Shinobu and Daisuke: BLOG CAST SPECIAL!!!

*Power, Shinobu and Daisuke run towards Franz as Franz continually jumps back. Eiji growls and looks around. Eiji sees Power's Automail arm, with the blade still attached. Eiji jumps over to the arm and grabs it.*


*Franz' eyes roll over to look at Eiji.*

Eiji: Consider this my resignation!

*Eiji throws the arm at Franz, cutting Franz across the eyes. Franz grabs his face and screams in pain. Power runs over and swings his sword across Franz' chest. Power jumps out of the way as Shinobu runs up and swings her sword across Franz' chest. Shinobu jumps out of the way as Daisuke runs up. Daisuke stabs his arm through Franz. Daisuke pulls his arm out and jumps back. Power, Daisuke and Shinobu breathe heavily.*

Franz: Uh... Good work... Student of GoldPsy...

*Franz falls down. Everyone stares at Franz.*

Takeru: I-Is it over? Is he dead?

*Franz' body starts disintegrating. Everybody except Eiji takes a fighting stance.*

Power: Stand your ground, everyone. This is where Form 2 comes in.

Eiji: Stand down, everybody. He's gone.

Kenji: How can you tell?

Eiji: I was Franz' student. He told me how Eternal's work. The reason why Watchers of Destiny will die after giving up their title is because they lose their status as an Eternal. Once an Eternal loses that, or they die from being worn out, their time catches up with them completely.

Kenji: Franz WAS around 500 years old.

Miyu: He also called himself a human.

Eiji: No human is meant to live for 500 years. Franz' aging may have made him look in his 80s, but his time has caught up with him. Now he's nothing more than dust.

Daisuke: So he's really gone?

*Eiji nods. Power slowly smiles.*

Power: WE WON! WHEW!!!

*Miyu and Kenji high-five. Karame smiles.*

Karame: Can't top that.

*Hank sighs in relief. Onsokumaru starts flexing. Yume and Ai grab each other's hands and jump up and down. Glider and Jane look at each other and smile, nodding to each other. Frank and Lai hug each other, then kiss. Frank's eyes widen and he pushes Lai away, as he blushes. Todoroki looks over at Ginjiro, who smiles proudly. Jerrica and Miyabi smirk at each other. Takeru sighs, as Kurosaki pats him on the shoulder. Daisuke and Shinobu wraps their arms around each other's shoulders. Power wraps his arms around Daisuke and Shinobu's shoulders and the three smile. Eiji pulls a pocket watch out of his pocket and smiles sadly.*

Power: Alright, everyone! This has been great, but we have a problem.

*Everyone looks at Power.*

Power: We need to get out of this place, close these time rifts, get everyone back to their proper timeline... Everyone get on the giant bird. We're dropping Frank off first.


*Power and Frank stand in front of Zabefa, as Power unties ropes around Frank.*

Frank: Okay, I understand you can't trust me, but was the rope... was this really necessary?

Power: If you knifed Zabefa, we'd all have been lost in the timestream.

Frank: Would that really have been so bad?

Power: Hey, look at that. When you're not committing mass genocide, you have a humorous side.

*Power pulls all the ropes off of Frank.*

Power: Once we leave, your memories of these events should be erased. After that, there'll be no more risk of the time stream, don't worry.

Frank: Well, since I'll forget this anyway...

Power: Hm?

Frank: If I have to lose to you, and stupid forward movement continues to rot away at the world, just make sure the world rots and doesn't just blink out of existence, got it?

*Power smirks as Frank crosses his arms.*

Power: You have a good life too.

Frank: I never said I want you to have a good life! I want you to drop dead as soon as you get back!

Power: Right, right.

*Power hops on to Zabefa.*

Power: Wow, who'd have guessed Frank was tsundere.


*Power and Lai stand in front of Lai's apartment.*

Power: Alright, we're about three days before you capture us.

Lai: I do have to wonder something though.

Power: What?

Lai: The other me. The one that guy had captured. What's going to happen to her?

Power: ...I'm thinking... she gets a cup of coffee?

Lai: You know what I mean.

Power: After I return everyone else to their proper times, I'll grab the other you, put her in her world, get everything sorted out.

Lai: Good to know I'll be in good hands. Good, strong, manly hands that I'd just love to manipulate.

Power: Save it for Frank, when you hypnotize him.

*Lai chuckles.*

Lai: Thanks for reminding me. I'm going to have him lick my heels and feet clean, whip him a bit... I'll need to make a mental note of that.

Power: Hope that sticks at least.


*Power and Hank stand in front of the Butler house.*

Hank: I'll make it out alright, right?

Power: Uh... Yeah?

*Hank sighs.*

Hank: You're a worse liar than me.

Power: Well, you get some awesome powers at least.

Hank: What about my sister?

Power: No powers for her, sadly.

Hank: I mean does she turn out okay?

Power: Oh, yeah. You see that guy up there?

*Power motions to Karame. Hank looks at Karame.*

Power: She ends up opening an orphanage with him. He's helping her raise her own children too.

*Hank slowly smiles.*

Hank: My sister does all that?

Power: Yeah. Pretty amazing girl, that Hayden.

Hank: She's always been that way. Thank you.

Power: I'm just sorry the time differential will short this all out.

Hank: Don't be. The you of today always prattles on about "memories of the bodies" or something. I always thought you were just being ignorant, but I think I get it now.

*Hank turns around.*

Hank: Once again, thank you.


*Zabefa lands in front of the Ninja Manor. Shinobu hugs Onsokumaru.*

Shinobu: I'll miss you, Onsokumaru.

*Onsokumaru smiles.*

Onsokumaru: Shinobu, I want you to know, I'm proud of you.

*Shinobu's eyes widen, then begin to tear up. Shinobu smiles and hugs Onsokumaru tighter.*

Onsokumaru: Oh, yeah! Works every time!

Daisuke: Hey, that's my wife you're talking about!

*Onsokumaru turns to Daisuke and smiles.*

Onsokumaru: You know, Shimizu, I've always seen you as a son, and I couldn't be prouder of you either.

*Daisuke's eyes widen. Onsokumaru leans over to Power.*

Onsokumaru: And Kid?

Power: I know. You're proud of me too.

Onsokumaru: Actually, I was gonna ask if you could drop me off by a strip club or something. I'm going to die anyway, right? Give me one last good time.

Power: Hm... Alright! After all, you've done me so many favors!

*Kenji leans over to Power.*

Kenji: Isn't that dangerous? I mean, the stories you've told me about Onsokumaru and all... Plus, don't you need to keep time correct?

Power: Oh, it's fine, Kenji. This is keeping with the proper timeline. One day, we just got a call that Onsokumaru was arrested, and he claimed to have amnesia. We always thought he was lying, but I guess I make it happen.

*Power and Onsokumaru chuckle.*


*Power and Glider stand in front of an apartment complex.*

Glider: So, I get a grenade shoved down my throat. Well, it's certainly an original way to die.

Power: I'm not going to be able to do much to help you, sorry.

Glider: Hey, look at what my death does. It goes on to inspire you.

Power: Only because you're sure a great man.

Glider: You and the others are the great ones, saving the world. The ones who light the flames? They're just lesser men who have been given that honor.

Power: Uh... How do you know that reference?

*Glider smiles and holds up his arm.*

Glider: What reference?

Power: OH! Time leaps! Duh!

*Glider chuckles.*

Glider: Still as thick as a brick.

Power: HEY! I'm brilliant!

Glider: Take care of yourself.

Power: Don't think this is goodbye. I'll see you, one last time.

Glider: The mission where I die?

Power: ...Just keep your eyes peeled.

(Jane's House - Present)

*Power jumps off Zabefa.*

Power: Alright, crazy scientists, robots and fashion designers, we're at your stop.

*Rei, Jane, Yume and Ai jump off Zabefa.*

Jane: Power, can I just say... thank you.

Power: No problem. I needed a technical advisor.

Jane: I meant for letting me see Glider, one last time.

Power: Oh, please. You two are one of the oddly cutest couples I've ever seen. It's like getting to force a romantic scene from an anime or manga.

*Jane chuckles.*

Jane: Right. Well, I have a lot of work to get to, now that I've lost a customer. Of course, if you want me to make you more Automail and get rid of that arm...

Yume: Jane, stop it. You know Power wouldn't want that.

*Power looks at Yume.*

Yume: He's finally gotten rid of the thing that represents his guilt. He's been able to move on. Right, Power?

*Power smirks.*

Power: Right!

Ai: Still, if you do lose a limb, I suggest getting a cannon in your next Automail.

Power: Eh, maybe. But with my plans, I don't think I'll lose any more limbs.

Jane: Yume, Ai, let's go.

*Jane, Yume and Ai rush into the house. Rei chuckles.*

Rei: See? This is what I meant when I told you not to leave all those years ago. You act like you're a lonely old man, but look at you! You were even able to pull your arch-nemesis over to your side as an ally.

*Power chuckles.*

Power: Yeah, yeah. I got the largest family in the world, I know.

Rei: Well, as long as you understand.

*Rei turns around and looks at Jane's house.*

Rei: You know, I think it's about time for a change. Move into an apartment, instead of living in this old mad laboratory.

*Rei turns around and smiles at Power.*

Rei: You've been needing a place to stay, right? Maybe you can move in with me.

*Rei chuckles and runs inside.*

(Blog Cast HQ)

*Todoroki, Jerrica, Miyabi, Takeru, Kurosaki, Karame and Ginjiro jump off Zabefa. Ginjiro looks up at Power.*

Ginjiro: You hurry up and take care of these rifts, got it?

Power: Yeah, I hear ya.

*Ginjiro chuckles. Todoroki turns to the others.*

Todoroki: Man, how awesome was that! Did you guys see that army Power put together?

Kurosaki: It was quite the symphony~!

Karame: Ugh... I think I'm gonna be sick.

Takeru: I disagree.

*Todoroki and the others look at Takeru.*

Takeru: Uh... It's just that, Power's not the kinda guy who sees those important to him as an army. I think Power was assembling his family to help him fight.

*Takeru looks at the ground nervously, blushing.*

Takeru: Or, at least the one's who can fight...

*Karame smirks.*

Karame: So, the spineless magician gets it.

Miyabi: Hey, I was with them all from day one! I can tell you that guy has an appreciation for everyone he's ever met!

Jerrica: Whatever it is, I agree with Todo. We need to expand this group to something that size. I'm getting tired of the only other people we hang out with being four years older than us.

Ginjiro: In that case...

*Ginjiro smirks.*

Ginjiro: I'll have Dawn put out the word, get us new recruits.

Todoroki: I know some fellow boxers who'd be good for this group.

Jerrica: I have some Tae Kwan Doe buddies, plus I'm sure with some convincing, I could get the old members of the Barguest back together.

Miyabi: I'll call up some of the old Magic Division students. Maybe some of those ninjas have finally matured too.

*Power smiles proudly.*

(Outside the Shimizu Household)

*Zabefa lands on the ground, in front of Hotaru. Daisuke, Shinobu, Miyu, Kenji and Eiji jump off.*

Hotaru: Welcome back.

Eiji: Good to be back.

*Eiji looks up at Power.*

Eiji: We'll get back home on our own. Save you some trouble.

Power: Got it.

Daisuke: Well, Power, how's it feel?

Power: How's what feel?

Daisuke: Finally being one of those heroes you looked up to as a child.

Power: What are you talking about? I'm cooler!

Daisuke: Cooler than before, maybe.

Shinobu: Now, now. Let's all settle down.

Miyu: Yeah. We just saved the worlds. We need to have a good kiss in the bushes.

Power: Miyu Matsumoto! You are no longer allowed to watch my DVDs.

*Power chuckles.*

Miyu: Now get down already!

Power: Sorry. Can't do that.

Miyu: What?!

Kenji: Power, you just saved the whole Omniverse. Take the day off. Maybe the next week.

Hotaru: Kenji's right. You're not going to save more people, are you?

Power: Not quite. Time and space isn't safe yet. Vortexes are still open. Zabefa needs to drain their powers. And I've got a magic stone that needs to be destroyed.

Eiji: The Vortexes should close over time.

Miyu: And we'll toss that stone into the fireplace.

Power: Sorry. It's times like these when I'm selfish. I just saved the whole Omniverse. I'm getting a reward.

Shinobu: Reward?

*Daisuke smirks.*

Daisuke: Go on! Do what you need to, Power! We'll have a warm dinner and a bed open when you come home!

Power: Thanks, Daisuke! I'll be back soon.

*Zabefa flies into the sky.*


*Miyu, Kenji, Daisuke, Shinobu, Eiji and Hotaru all look to the sky. Power pats Zabefa on the head.*

Power: Alright, buddy. Let's head to it. To my journey's end!

(Ending - Shunkan Sentimental)

*Kenji runs through a field. The camera pulls forward, showing Miyu running, then Eiji running, then Hotaru, then Daisuke running, then Shinobu running, before stopping on Power running.*

The promise that should never have been made,~ *Power holds his broken Automail over his right shoulder.*

Will try to steal our future yet again today.~ *GoldPsy appears in front of a black background, swinging his sword at someone. Images of Akagi, Magnesteel, Mao, Lai and Frank flash.*

Even if I gain the things that I wanted,~ *A 16-year old Power looks down and sighs, then looks up and smiles.*

I honestly, still am not able to smile at all.~ *The 16-year old Power turns into the 26-year old Power, who chuckles.*

The pouring tears are not from weakness or regret,~ *Tears fall, reflecting images of Frank, Lai, Onsokumaru, Hank, Glider, WaterBug, Yasunobu, Mayumi, Covet and Kaede.*

It is born from the shards of all the pain.~ *The camera pans up to show Power, with tears running down his face, looking up and wiping the tears away.*

No matter how time goes, fate goes along,~ *Hotaru is shown swinging a shinai. Shinobu is shown throwing kunai. Daisuke is shown, swinging his sword.*

I know that there is only one thing that is truly sure to me.~ * Eiji is shown holding up two guns. Kenji is shown with a wound on his hand healing. Miyu is shown throwing a punch. Power is shown holding his hands behind his head.*

Even at my limit, even in difficulties, I don't want to give up at all,~ *Power is knocked to the ground and rolls across it. Power skids to a stop and slowly stands up.*

Please don't leave me!~ *Daisuke, Shinobu, Miyu, Kenji, Eiji and Hotaru appear behind Power, while Zabefa appears on his shoulder.*

Because the warmth of your right hand that I had gripped so tenderly is now,~ *Todoroki, Jerrica, Miyabi, Takeru, Karame, Kurosaki, Ginjiro, Rei, Jane, Yume and Ai reach their hands up to a Vortex in the sky.*

Right here with me again.~ *Power, Miyu, Kenji, Eiji, Hotaru, Daisuke and Shinobu lift their fists in the air.*

*Franz is shown in front of an army of Lesser Homunculi. A warehouse is shown. "The darkness is coming" painting is shown. GoldPsy is shown sitting up in bed.*


Power: Ten years now. Ten years of saving the world. It's time I get my rew- Naw! Forget that! I've spent ten years of my life having crazy adventures, fighting formidable foes and making the greatest friends ever. It's time I say thanks. Next time on Blog Cast Evolution, the final episode, "Journey's End"! The greatest adventure has to come to the greatest conclusion!



Power Falkner - Vic Mignogna

Daisuke Shimizu - Chris Sabat

Shinobu Shimizu - Carrie Savage

Miyu Matsumoto - Brina Palencia

Kenji Matsumoto - Chris Burnett

Eiji Miura - Jonathan Brooks

Hotaru Nakashima

GoldPsy - Duncan Brennan

Franz Schicksal - Bill Jenkins

Todoroki Niwa - Micah Solusod

Miyabi - Tiffany Grant

Takeru - Michael Sinterniklaas

Jerrica - Alexis Tipton

Karame - Newton Pittman

Kurosaki - Troy Baker

Frank Fuchs - Todd Haberkorn

Laila Red - Cherami Leigh

Onsokumaru - Sean Schemmel

Ginjiro Seto - John Swasey

Hank Butler - Eric Vale

Rei Ishii - Caitlin Glass

Jane Smith - Jamie Marchi

Glider Jones - Robert McCollum

Yume Smith - Monica Rial

Ai Smith - Luci Christian


I don't own any parody or reference in this episode.

Shinobu, Kaede, Onsokumaru, Miyabi and Takeru are from Ninja Nonsense, owned by Ryoichi Koga, MediaWorks and Ufotable.

Yasunobu Hattori is from Suzuka, owned by Koji Seo, Kodansha and Studio Comet.

Akagi is from Pokemon, owned by Satoshi Taijiri and Nintendo.

FullMetal Alchemist is owned by Himoru Arakawa, Square Enix and Bones.


Take Back by G B Shelter. Translated lyrics by Bandai.

Shunkan Sentimental by SCANDAL. Translated lyrics by AutumChild.

HERO ~Kibou no Uta~ by Flow. Translaed lyrics from the English Version.

AutumChild's fandub of Shunkan Sentimental can be found here:

One episode to go. Next time, the story of the Double Road Alchemist is put to rest.

Thanks for reading.

Blog Cast Evolution Finale Arc - Episode 8: Warehouse Rhapsody

*A school sits under an orange and blue sky. A 17-year old Power stands by a window in the school and looks out at an unconscious Kaede, who is floating in mid-air. Power jumps out the window and grabs Kaede. Power and Kaede fall towards the ground.*

Power: Three stories is definitely enough to kill someone... Crap! If I can just get myself under her, I can absorb most of the impact. At least keep that beautiful smile from being destroyed. I'll deny that one later, if I live.

*Power squeezes his eyes shut. Power and Kaede land on something green.*

Power: Hm?

*Power slowly opens his eyes and looks down.*

Power: Green, not red. Well, at least I didn't burn in the fiery depths...

*Power looks around and sees a pile of green hands.*

Power: (Talking) Wait a minute. I know these...

*Someone clears their throat. Power looks over and sees Miyabi and Takeru.*

Power: Ah, my savior... and the kid who's tried to kill me twice now.

Takeru: If the second time was at the train tracks, it was simply a way to keep Kuriko from killing you.

Miyabi: Enough! You two can at least agree that right now, you need to stay alive and get Kaede out of here.

Takeru: Well, of course. Our boss wouldn't be happy if we just let Miss Shiranui die. Power, on the other hand, is just lucky he has to be her Prince Charming.

Power: I refuse to kiss her again. Shoot! Let that one slip...

Miyabi: Daisuke left that device on outside. Our group can enter and exit this place. Use this chance and get out of here! And kick that device in here when you're out! We can't risk anyone else getting in.

Power: R-Right... Who's the Brigade Chief again?

*Power runs outside the school grounds. Power looks over and sees Rini. Power and Rini's eyes widen.*

Power: You're still here?!

Rini: I'm not about to turn away from a friend who needs help. But never mind me. What's wrong with Kaede?

Power: That group of yours were gonna drop her to the ground from three stories.

Rini: There's no way they'd do something like that. It had to be a bluff to make you give me the powers.

Power: Doesn't matter. I had to protect my boss. Now they're probably fighting an all-out war in there.

Rini: Boss, huh?

*Rini chuckles as Power sighs.*

Power: Good ol' Rini. You always know how to calm me in a situation.

Rini: I know a place we can hide out while your friends fight Teen and the others, but...

Power: But what?

Rini: you trust me?

Power: Huh?

*Rini looks Power in the eyes.*

Rini: Do you trust me? I could be leading you to a trap again, accident or no.

*Power nods and looks Rini in the eyes.*

Power: I trust you with my life.

Rini: Then come on. There's a warehouse district by here. We can hide out there.


*Power lies on his stomach in a classroom. Power slowly sits up and grabs his head.*

Power: Ugh... What happened? Last think I remember was... getting attacked by Franz...

????: You got knocked out by Franz, and right now, the world is at risk while you rest, letting your mind come to grips with the truth you've been remembering.

Power: Huh?

*Power turns around and sees a 17-year old version of himself sitting at the teacher's desk.

Other Power: Okay, kid. This is where it gets complicated.

(Opening - Take Back)

*Nobuyuki and Kyoko are shown sitting on a couch. Gaston bows as Yasmin stands next to him. A trench coat is pulled off a chair. Hironobu and Yasuko are shown, smiling in front of a house. Kazuo is shown in front of "The darkness is coming" painting. Someone wearing a trench coat is shown walking out a doorway.*

A playful wind swallowed up the darkness...~ *Power, Miyu, Kenji, Eiji, Daisuke, Shinobu and Hotaru are standing in front of the Shimizu Household, while Zabefa, in bird form, is perched on Power's shoulder.* I pondered my unfinished dreams.~ *Power smiles and jumps forward.*

I'm gonna make a miracle that'll revive...~ *Power sits on a couch, watching television and laughing.* heart, which withered in this lonely city.~ *Power turns his head and frowns.*

Why don't we reclaim it all on this journey,~ *Power, Miyu, Kenji and Eiji walk through a desert.*

...even our love,~ *Miyu and Kenji look at each other.*

...which changes with our obligations?~ *Miyu and Kenji smile at each other.*

The sealed-off train tracks that lead to you...~ *Power and Rini stand with their backs to each other in a warehouse, looking back at each other.*

...point to a future that I was about to lose.~ *Power, Miyu, Kenji, Eiji, Daisuke, Shinobu and Hotaru stand on a street, as an army of Lesser Homunculi falls from the sky, as a shadowed figure appears in the sky. Power smirks, throws off his coat and runs towards the Lessers.*

The daybreak that carries my dreams...~ *Power swings a blade on his Automail at a Homunculus, as Eiji shoots his gun at several Homunculi.*

...also has the energy that'll engulf my sadness.~ *The Homunculi fall to the ground. Daisuke and Shinobu run up and swing swords at several Homunculi, cutting them in half.*

The memories that make my heart sing...~ *A 16-year old Power sits in a room with Kaede, Miyabi, Shinobu, and Daisuke, playing a board game with Daisuke.*

...are a story that lets me be with you again.~ *The scene fades, turning into Power, Miyu, Kenji, Eiji, Daisuke, Shinobu and Hotaru sitting at a table, talking, while Zabefa sits on the table, drinking from a sake glass.*

*Todoroki is shown punching a Homunculus, while Jerrica kicks one behind him. Karame is shown striking a Homunculus in the face. GoldPsy is shown lying in bed, breathing heavily. Kurosaki is shown, slapping a Homunculus across the face, while spinning in circles. Miyabi and Takeru are shown holding up their scrolls as lightning hits a Homunculus. People start glowing in a bright light. The Blog Cast Evolution logo is shown.*

(Episode 48 - Warehouse Rhapsody)

*The Other Power stands up.*

Other Power: Class is in session! You'd better pay attention, there will be a test afterwards.

Power: Wh... What?! Who are you?

Other Power: Who am I? You're really that oblivious? I'm you!

Power: Me?

Other Power: Oh, come on! You must have realized it by now! Your dreams since you met up with Rini again.


*Power stands in a warehouse, holding the unconscious Kaede. Rini sits on top of a crate in the warehouse.*

Rini: I don't suppose you have a plan for this?

Power: Plan? The plan was to get your group to forget this whole "give you Kaede's powers" thing. How did it turn out like this?

*Power leans against a crate.*

Rini: You met up with an old friend, who happened to have a group consisting of a magician, samurai and secret agent, just like your own group, the SOK Brigade. They tried to persuade you into giving your old friend the powers that your chief had, and when that didn't work, they got proactive. When you tried to get them to stop, they pulled you into a trap.

Power: Thank you, Captain Recap.

Rini: Hey, I'm just trying to lighten the mood a little.

(Back with Power and the Other Power)

Power: Huh? What do those dreams have to do with any of this?

Other Power: Great... Not only did I pick up Daisuke's philosophizing, but I also got Kaede's thick-headedness.

Power: Hey! Kaede was brilliant! Sure, she wasn't good at academics, but... Wait, that's wrong. She was great at school work. Uh... That isn't right either. Kaede was bad at academics, and only was good when she crammed. But I remember her passing every exam without even trying, when we were in school together.

*Power's eyes widen. The Other Power smirks.*

Power: Wait, we weren't in school together.

*The Other Power sighs. The Other Power walks over to Power and stares him in the eyes.*

Power: This kid... he's acting so grown up, but there's something about him that makes him seem younger... Not just his height either.

Other Power: Oh, you bet there's a reason I've got a younger feel to me!

Power: Must be the lack of blood on your hands.

*The Other Power punches Power in the face.*

Other Power: Would you just shut your mouth with the self hatred for once?!

*Power slides back and grabs his cheek.*


Rini: So, what are the odds both groups will get out alive?

Power: Slim, circling the drain to none. Shinobu might only be able to summon hands, but Daisuke has advanced weaponry. Miyabi is skilled with her scrolls, and that Takeru kid very nearly killed me once.

Rini: Teen will do anything for peace, Kuriko wants money and power, and Yoite just wants to disappear. I don't think they'll stop.

Power: Yeah. Best I can hope for is Shinobu scaring them all half to death by summoning hands out of mid-air.

*Rini chuckles.*

Power: How much time do you think has passed?

Rini: I don't know.

*Power groans.*

Rini: You know...

Power: Hm?

Rini: I wouldn't like it, but right now, there's not much other choice.

Power: What are you talking about?

Rini: Just say the word, Power. Say it and I'll accept those powers and use them to get us out of this situation.

Power: I can't do that. No way! I'm not going to betray my friends feelings like that. You don't want the powers. The Brigade would turn on me if I did that. Kaede would kill me, if Takeru didn't beat her to it. Third times the charm, right? Heck, he'd probably have to go through Miyabi, since she'd be the first to try killing me.

*Rini smiles.*

Rini: Still the hopeful guy I knew.

Power: I'll find a way out of this. Count on it!

(Back with Power and the Other Power)

Other Power: An anime nerd like you? You know entirely what I'm saying!

Power: Just tell me who you are!

Other Power: I'm Power, flunky of the SOK Brigade.

Power: Oh yeah, Kaede's stupid club she made me join. ...Wait a second! That never happened! Our group was the Blog Cast! And Onsokumaru and I formed it!

*Power drops to his knees and grabs his head.*

Power: Two sets of memories... Crap! When I last ran into Lai, she must have put these memories into my mind.

*The Other Power walks over to Power and pulls him up by the neck of his shirt.*

Other Power: Stop lying to yourself.


Power: Hey, you mind if I ask you something?

Rini: Sure. Shoot.

Power: Why do those guys want you to have the powers anyway?

Rini: Like I said, Yoite wants to erase his existence. Kuriko comes from a rich family that wants to secure it's status. Then there's Teen, who was ordered by his adoptive father to get me to create peace.

Power: Peace, huh? Through a war like this? Hate just breeds more hate.

*Rini chuckles.*

Rini: Well, at least you get that. I'm sorry you got roped into this.

Power: I had no choice. Kaede's at the heart of this all, and she's already decided that no matter what, I'm not getting a moment's rest.

*Power chuckles.*

Power: Ever since I first talked to her that day in class.

(Back with Power and the Other Power)

Other Power: You have to realize by now!

Power: Realized what?!

Other Power: Realized that those dreams you've been having? Those familiar feeling dreams? They actually happened! They happened to me. To you.


[Insert - Spica]

Power: Hey, thanks for all of this.

Rini: No need to thank me. It's my fault we're in this situation in the first place.

~Right here and now, I thank you gladly~

Power: Hey, don't go blaming yourself for this. Honestly, it's my fault for falling for that trap.

~For being here with me~

Power: Still, if anyone's to blame, it's that group for trying to kill Kaede.

~I see you~

Rini: I'm sure they wouldn't do it.

~As silent as a bird with no song~

Rini: Teen, Kuriko and Yoite are really good people. I assure you!

*Power chuckles.*

~And somehow I feel inside something's wrong~

Power: Yeah. You're probably right. You know them better than I do.

*Rini looks down at Kaede.*

~Sometimes your face will change in its grace~

*Rini chuckles.*

Power: What's up?

Rini: Sorry. I just think it's cute.

Power: Cute?

~Falling from love into lonely~

Rini: You haven't let go of Kaede once since we ran from the school.

*Power's eyes widen and he blushes.*

Rini: You really care for her, don't you?

~All your kindnesses~

Power: Hey, she's my boss and a friend! That's all!

~Alongside your weaknesses~

Rini: You say that, but the truth is written on your face. You like her.

~I'll memorize them~

Power: It's more than that!

~Please, I pray~

Rini: You're worried about them, aren't you?

~I know you are afraid of what the future holds~

Rini: Your magic user, ninja and secret agent.

Power: Miyabi, Shinobu and Daisuke.

~You're scared to move and scared to lose me~

Power: They're like a family to me at this point.

~Please, I say~

Power: Everyone will come after Kaede now, no matter who wins.

~If I can give you something, let me give~

Power: SOK or your group, allies from the opposite side will just arrive to take over where their comrades fell.

~I only live~

Power: On and on.

~To see that smile shining bright in your eyes~

Power: Eventually people of much higher standing will find out and try to use Kaede for their own purposes. This could all escalate into a war that'll destroy the Earth.

*Rini looks at Power then looks down.*

~The moment when my fingers met yours~

Rini: That offer for me to use the powers to get us out of here is still open.

Power: I said I wouldn't put you through it!

~A stranger strangeness rose~

Power: Besides, then I'd lose the SOK Brigade. And I'm not letting anything happen to this group!

~Yet it seemed~

Rini: You're all great friends.

~That somewhere, once, we two were as one~

Rini: I think you'd meet up again no matter what.

Power: Maybe.

~I taste your name like a spell on my tongue~

Power: But I was once in a place where they weren't around, and it was horrifying. You know what I realized then?

~And words like knives, this hatred, these lies~

Power: I love my life. Every second of it! And I will do whatever it takes to protect my friends!

*Kaede starts to stir in Power's arms as Power looks up.*

~Nothing can break them completely~

Power: Even if all I can do is tell Kaede "I am the Doctor".

*Kaede's eyes open and widen.*

Rini: You've really grown.

~But as fate insists~

Power: Yeah. I was bored with life.

~I'll face them as they exist~

Power: I discarded my dreams of being a hero.

~I'll understand them~

Power: Then I met Kaede and she was so crazy.

~Please, I pray~

Power: Athletic, brilliant, hard to talk to.

~Don't ever hide away the sadness or the joy~

Power: I wished she was normal, that she didn't succeed at everything. I wished for her to be easy to talk to.

~Just take your life and live it fully~

Power: Then she dragged in a magic user, a ninja, and a secret agent into her club.

~Day by day~

Power: I was living a childhood dream!

~I'll find it, wind it up and let it go~

Power: Only I was the spectator forced into all these adventures.

~And this I know~

Power: Simply because Kaede has this odd power to change the world with a thought.

~There's not one memory I won't find again~

Power: And now the world is ending because of Kaede's powers, and I can't do a thing.

Kaede: But I can...

~Just close your eyes (close your eyes)~

Kaede: The one I met that night... That was Power?

~One more time (one more time)~

Kaede: Well, if you want the world to be different...

*A light starts shining from Kaede's chest.*

~Come and hold me tight (hold me tight)~

Kaede: Yeah. You've brought me this far.

*Kaede smiles contently.*

~Wanna reach and rise up with you~

Kaede: Your chief can be kind.

~To begin the world anew~

Kaede: Make this a bright world.

~And start to sing the melody...~

*The light covers Kaede's body.*

Rini: What's that?!

~Soon, I pray~

(Back with Power and the Other Power)

*Power stares at the Other Power, wide-eyed.*

~You'll take me far away; don't wait a minute more~

Other Power: Kaede heard my wish. Our wish. Whether she realized her powers or not...

~Just pick a town and breathe it to me~

Other Power: ...she recreated the world into the world you live in today.

~Please, I say~

Power: But why?

~I need to know the way, so show me fast~

Other Power: Because she was knuckleheaded? Because she was crazy? Because she actually cared and wanted to protect us?

~Firm in your grasp~

Other Power: How should I know? But the point remains.

~Come take my hands, take them both~

Other Power: Kaede recreated the world.

*The Other Power points at Power.*

Other Power: For you.

~Please, I pray~


*The light around Kaede starts shining brighter.*

~I know you are afraid of what our future holds~

Power: What the heck is going on?!

Rini: She must have heard you!

Power: Heard me?!

~But we aren't losing ground; we're winning~

Rini: Saying you wanted a way out and how you imagined the world!

~Now today~

Power: Then this is it?

~The lights ahead may flicker, false and frail~

Kaede: Power, the guy who made me search for the mysterious. If I can repay you...

~But without fail~

Kaede: ...make you a hero, then I will.

~I will forever be close at your side~

Kaede: I just hope we can meet again.

*The light intensifies until Power, Rini and Kaede disappear.*

(Back with Power and the Other Power)

Other Power: You starting to get the picture?

*The Other Power pulls Power closer.*

Other Power: Well?!

*Power pushes the Other Power away.*

Power: Yeah, I get it! I remember it all! The ridiculously fun, illegal club Kaede formed, the whole hassle with the stolen computer, being attacked by Takeru. That baseball game, the vacations we took during summer and winter break. The first time the world was altered, and then that second time when Kaede disappeared. I can remember it all. But so what? What does any of that have to do with me stopping Franz?

Other Power: Do you really think you can win against him on the path you are now? Are you willing to just go along with the plan GoldPsy and the others thought up for you? Even when Kaede and the others forced me into stupid events, I found my own way out! Sure, I'd complain, but I loved it! And this is where the test comes in!

*The Other Power punches Power in the face.*

Other Power: Question 1! When the situation looked in despair, didn't you find a way to get out of it without having to give in to the enemy?!

Power: Yeah! By accident, but...

Other Power: Okay, good. But that was just a warm up. Question 2!

*The Other Power goes to kick Power, who blocks the kick with his arm.*

Other Power: Don't you ever find it within you to want to complain?

Power: Complain? Yeah. I've wanted to! But you know as well as I do that we can't! Other people rely on us being strong! Other people rely on us to hold the rock! We don't have that right!

Other Power: Of course you have the right! YOU'RE A HUMAN BEING! STEP DOWN FROM THE PEDESTAL OF HERO!

*Power growls and goes to punch the Other Power, who blocks the punch.*

Other Power: Question 3! Do you like who you are now?

Power: What are you talking about? I just found out my mistake caused a world to disappear. Of course I-

Other Power: Oh, don't give me that crap!

*Power's eyes widen.*

Other Power: All of reality is ending right now, and you're sitting here worried about a world long lost? You really do just TRY to be depressed, don't you?!

Power: What the crap would you know?!

*Power goes to punch the Other Power, who wraps his arms around Power's arm.*

Other Power: I know this! We never used to wallow in our own misery! Sure, I'd complain all the time, but I never lost myself to my sadness! You have to stand up and beat that crap!

*Power's eyes widen again.*

Other Power: Question 4! Back when you were fighting Akagi and Magnesteel, wasn't that fun? No worries about the deep ramifications of stopping someone's evil plan, but putting an end to their evil! Can you tell me that wasn't fun?!

Power: Fun? Fighting the forces of evil can be fun? How can you even say that?!

Other Power: Millions died at the hands of F-Kira, right?!

Power: Exactly!

*Power goes to punch the Other Power, who leans to the side and knees Power in the stomach.*

Other Power: You really think they want you to focus on their death more than YOUR OWN LIFE?! If the situation were reversed, wouldn't you want them to go on with their lives?!

*Power stumbles back. The Other Power kicks Power in the face.*

Other Power: Well?! Answer?!

Power: How can I ever want a life like that when I've seen the harshest parts of the world?! Tell me that!

Other Power: So you don't want any of it. You're "too good" for it? Then tell me this much, Mr. Double Roads! Why do you hold on so hard to the memories of those times?!

Power: I'm the Double Roads! I have to aim for tomorrow!

Other Power: Double Roads? You don't even understand them anymore! They're taking both the past and the future to make something great! The present! What's better? A life filled with sadness, where you get nothing done, or a life filled with joy, helping people where you can?!

*Power's eyes widen.*

Other Power: Let's get down to the heart of the matter. You didn't have any fun, right?

*The Other Power punches Power.*

Other Power: You were sick of it all! Sick of people! You wanted to escape, to get away from people! To live in your shell of sadness!

*Power growls and kicks the Other Power.*

Power: You callin' me Shinji Ikari?!

Other Power: Of course not. He had more courage than you.

*The Other Power knees Power in the gut.*

Other Power: So tell me this, Hero. Why do you remember those days? After the great Rini appeared before you, you began to remember everything. Why would those memories be triggered at all, if not for the fact you actually cared about those days?!

*The Other Power tackles and pins Power to the floor.*

Other Power: Well? Didn't you have more fun before you went and had to take on the role of the Philosopher?! The Double Road Alchemist?!

*Power growls.*

Power: Isn't it...

*Power's Automail disappears and his left arm appears in its place. Power punches the Other Power.*

Power: ...OBVIOUS?!

*The Other Power flies backwards and slams against the desk. Power stands up.*

Power: Of course I prefered that! Who wouldn't?! Going around, fighting guys who wanted to change the world, guys who wanted to break space and time, fighting alongside a ninja, magician, clone, a guy from a secret agency? Who wouldn't find that fun? And then, there was all the down time! Watching Tsubasa with Daisuke, having Kaede teach me academics to make her feel better, karaoke with Shinobu! You'd have to be stupider than Frank to think that life was worse than a life of discussing the philosophical whatevers with Homunculi! Ask me however many times you want! I'm no fool! I'd take a life of fun over a life of boring philosophizing any day! I loved every moment of it!

*The Other Power smirks and stands up.*

Other Power: RIGHT ANSWER!!!

*Power dusts himself off.*

Other Power: Final question! Those eyes! Do you want them to remain filled with the unspoken sadness you hold deep inside yourself? Or... do you want eyes filled with the hope for tomorrow? Eyes that can spill out the tears that weigh down your soul!

Power: No question! I will beat down sadness and guilt! I'll head towards the joy-filled tomorrow I choose!

*The Other Power smirks.*

Other Power: Right answer! Now go, save the world without anything holding you back!

*Power disappears. The Other Power smiles.*

(In The Original World)

*Frank and Hank walk down a street. A white light engulfs the two.*


*Frank sits in front of a computer, eyes darting back and forth.*


*Hank sits in a classroom.*

(At the Computer Research Society Club Room)

*Sasuke and the others sit at computers, rapidly typing away as a man stands by and nods his head. A white light engulfs the room.*


*Sasuke and the others sit on the floor, flipping through magazines as Onsokumaru peers over their shoulders.*

(In the Future)

*Lemmy stands by a mirror, brushing her hair. A white light engulfs her.*


*Lemmy stand by a mirror, dying her hair.*

(With the SOK Brigade and Takeru)

*Miyabi, Shinobu, Daisuke and Takeru hide behind an overturned desk as gunshots continue to fire at them. Daisuke leans over Shinobu.*

Miyabi: Hey! Watch it, old man! My sister's five years younger than you!

Daisuke: We're being attacked. I'm not letting one of my comrades be injured, and you can take care of yourself. I have faith in your abilities.

Shinobu: Thanks, Daisuke.

Takeru: This is insane. With me on your side, we've got them outnumbered. Why are we hiding?

Shinobu: There is a way out of this, right?

Miyabi: At this rate, it'll take a miracle.

Daisuke: Well, if anyone can create a miracle, it's those two.

*A white light engulfs the four.*


*Miyabi and Takeru stand in a field and hold up scrolls. Miyabi glances over at Takeru and blushes.*


*Shinobu stands outside the Ninja Manor, doing hand signs. Arms start falling out of the sky. One falls in Shinobu's hands. Shinobu tosses the arm away and screams.*


*"Daisuke" struggles, chained to the wall, as a figure holds up a blond hair.*


*Kaede sits in her room, yawning as she reads a book.*


*Power lies on a bed, watching television.*

(Back with the Other Power)

Other Power: Go on, Other Me. Live the life I fought so hard for.

*The Other Power disappears.*

(Ending - Link)

*Power sits in a classroom. Kaede stands up behind him and says something. Power looks back at Kaede in shock.*

Do you remember, ever since we were little,~ *Power and Kaede stand in a school yard with a blue light behind them.*

there was that doorway we couldn't reach, even standing on tiptoe?~ *Power draws chalk lines on a field with a younger Kaede supervising.*

We roamed around until we were spent, forgetting about time,~ *Daisuke points a blaster at a giant cricket.*

and in the end, we always ran into mazes there.~ *Kaede, Shinobu and Miyabi swim in a pool as Power and Daisuke watch from the sides.*

I can't stop looking for your smile before I realize what I'm doing.~ *Power holds a camera, while Shinobu, wearing a cat girl costume, and Miyabi, wearing a witch costume, stand across from each other, as Kaede sits in a folding chair, smirking.*

Not a single thing has changed,~ *Kaede stands on a stage, singing, while Miyabi and two other girls stand behind her, playing instruments.*

and even now, I'm sill running forward.~ *Power and Kaede walk in the rain under an umbrella.*

Even if we are separated by a great distance, there is still...~ *Power stands in a classroom, staring at Takeru is horror, while the rest of the class looks at him confused.*

a link between our hearts.~ *Power sits in the back of a car with Daisuke, glaring at a truck.*

And even if some perverse fate were to befall us,~ *Power, Shinobu, Miyabi and Daisuke hand papers to Kaede.*

that will not be broken.~ *Power stands by the road, shocked, as Rini stands in front of him, while Shinobu, Miyabi and Daisuke stand by, confused, and Kaede glares on angrily.*

I hope that someday, this world reborn will reach your eyes.~ *Power, Daisuke, Shinobu and Kaede sit at a table, talking, in the Blog Cast Manor, while Onsokumaru flees from Miyabi behind the four, and the Sasuke Ninja Squad play a video game, while Frank stands behind them, pointing at the screen and screaming, as Hank just shakes his head.*

(Epilogue - Franz' Dimension)

*Power opens his eyes and slowly stands up.*

Power: Can't a guy get a little rest around here?

*Miyu, Kenji, Eiji and Franz look over at Power.*

Miyu: Power! You're awake!

Power: Yeah! Got myself a nice little rest...

*Power grabs his coat with his right arm.*

Power: ...and now...

*Power pulls his coat off and holds up his left arm.*

Power: ...I feel better than ever!


Miyu: Power's finally back! Even though he's back up, and he has his left arm back, he still can't be a match for Franz, right?! Wait, he's fleeing?! He does realize we only have two episodes left, right? Next time on BCE, "The Blog Cast's Final Battle". Wait, Power ran off so he could...?



Power Falkner - Vic Mignogna

The Other Power - Ian Sinclair

Kaede Shiranui - Kate Oxley

Rini Tsukino - Sugar Beard

Miyabi - Tiffany Grant

Shinobu - Carrie Savage

Daisuke Shimizu - Chris Sabat

Takeru - Michael Sinterniklaas

Miyu Matsumoto - Brina Palencia


I don't own any parody or reference in this episode.

Shinobu, Kaede, Onsokumaru, Miyabi and Takeru are from Ninja Nonsense, owned by Ryoichi Koga, MediaWorks and Ufotable.

Rini is from Sailor Moon, created by Naoko Takeuchi.

Yasunobu Hattori is from Suzuka, owned by Koji Seo, Kodansha and Studio Comet.

Akagi is from Pokemon, owned by Satoshi Taijiri and Nintendo.

FullMetal Alchemist is owned by Himoru Arakawa, Square Enix and Bones.


Take Back by G B Shelter. Translated lyrics by Bandai.

Link by L'Arc En Ciel. Translated lyrics by Funimation.

Spica by Maaya Sakamoto. Translated lyrics by Dearheart42.

Dearheart's lyrics to Spica can be found here:

And thus, the unsuspecting episode answers the questions that have been following this arc, and reveals the biggest secret of all. And next time, the big final battle.

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