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    Blog Cast Special - Perfect Vision

    EXT. ISLAND - TEMPLE PATH - MIDDLE OF THE NIGHTKenji trudges up a long, winding path, up to a temple. Zabefa pops up on his shoulder.ZABEFAKenji, are you sure about this?KENJII told you, I'm going to ...

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    Blog Cast Remake Announcement

    Zabefa jumps on screen.ZABEFAHi, everybody! Zabefa here! I bet you missed me in Humanity's End! Zabefa didn't get an invite. But, I'm here with a special announcement! Power and the others really want...

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    Humanity's End Final Trailer - Heroes

    The Blog Cast logo appears.IN ORDER TO SAVE THE WORLD FROM MADMEN...Akagi sits down at a desk and clasps his hands together.Magnesteel walks over to a tank and places his hand on it.A GROUP OF TEENAGE...