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Type 0, Second Son, R6 Seige and Yakuza Kiwami

I've purchased Final Fantasy Type 0 and inFAMOUS Second Son. Both games are fairly cheap now. The thing is, I opted for a physical copy of Type 0 because I like to collect box arts for JRPGs, hence I need to wait for it to arrive in the mail. I opted for a digital version of Second Son.

Second Son is a fun game. It's controls are a lot more fluid and faster than the first inFAMOUS game. However, so far it's mission designs haven't been as fun as in the first inFAMOUS, and Delsin and his brother are really annoying. They act very stupidly and cause the big problems they later need to deal with. And then, when they're in a race against time to save people in their tribe whom are dying, Delsin's brother will be focusing on how to remove Delsin's power, when it's obvious Delsins ability is the only chance of saving the people in their tribe?

I must say, I prefer the first inFAMOUS game, because Cole is a likable character, and it's story presentation is great, and it's gameplay was quite good although it's mechanics aren't as fluid, IMO it's mission designs are more fun.

However, I like how the graphics in Second Son look realistic and crisp. The graphics for the first inFAMOUS game looked a bit ugly, even for PS3 standards.

I also like how the game makes the controller make sounds to make it sound like stuff is happening right next to you. The Wii Controller had this feature, and it's nice it's been brought back again.


I gave Rainbow Six Seige a bit of a play, and while the game has some things going for it, it has some big issues.

No single player campaign. Many online shooter fans will scould me if I complain about a lack of single player campaign, but it's a reality that NOT EVERYONE likes to play multiplayer. I saw on a forum some people had the same complaint as me, and those people got scoulded as if they are snobs or hermits because they don't like to play with other human players.

The game does have some modes which can be played solo, such as situations, which involves rescuing hostages or disarming bombs, but there's only 10 or so of the situations, and they're very short but quite fun.

Terrorist hunt can be played solo, but even veteran FPS gamers have difficulty beating terrorist hunt playing solo because you need to kill 22 enemies whom use very defensive tactics, they guard certain areas and you need to be very good at aiming and shooting to win in this mode because there is no regenerating health.

Terrorist hunt can be played with a total of 5 human players, which means if every human player killed 4.4 enemies, you would easily win. Well, when I play alone, I'm often killing 10+ enemies, so it's not like I'm simply bad at the game, it's just the developers didn't give enough options for single player. I think killing 10 or 15 enemies in solo would be better, because how do they expect 1 person to take on 22 enemies with no regenerating health and dealing with enemies using very defensive tactics.

I do like neat little things about the game such as that robot that has a camera that can roll underneath doors and show you where the enemies are and how they're positioned. This would have made for something good in a story campaign.There's also a rope thing that lets you go onto the roofs of buildings and you can select windows to enter different tactics.

Another thing I hate is you need to have PS Plus to be able to sign this game. I often don't continue my PS Plus subscription because most of the free games they offer are ones I'm not interested in. Anyways, I used a 48 hour trial of PS Plus (even though I've used PS Plus before),to be able to play this game, but I will not pay a monthly fee to play this game.

P.S I just remembered Yakuza Kiwami is a PS Plus game this month, so I made sure I snagged it, and next month when I have time to play Kiwami and other games become available I'll use the PS Plus service again.


I've been playing a bit of Yakuza Kiwami , because I want to see how Kazuma's story begun (I know Yakuza 0 is set before the original Yakuza game, but I want to see events in the original first game). As expected, some emotionally charged events have happened, it shows the honor in Japanese culture, and how they will think about consequences not just for an individual, but also for the individuals family when they make decisons.

I kinda have an idea how the Yakuza story begun, because I watched flashbacks of the first Yakuza game when I played other Yakuza games, but it's nice to see it being presented to me. The other Yakuza games I've played are Y2, Y3 and Y4 . I will say Yakuza 4 is one of my favorite action/adventure games of all time for many reasons, I'm yet to play 5 and 6 , and really want to play 0.

The only thing is, my PS Plus subscription ends tomorrow and I have work tomorrow, but I think I will wait until Decemberto renew my PS Plus subscription so I can pick up PS Plus games for December and January , and plus I still have inFAMOUS Second Son and Final Fantasy Type 0 to keep me busy.

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